API managment providers from NYCAPIGroup Meetup in NYC
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API managment providers from NYCAPIGroup Meetup in NYC



Slides for NYC API Group 1st Meetup event about API Managment Providers. - by Jason M Sherman

Slides for NYC API Group 1st Meetup event about API Managment Providers. - by Jason M Sherman



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    API managment providers from NYCAPIGroup Meetup in NYC API managment providers from NYCAPIGroup Meetup in NYC Presentation Transcript

    • NYC API Group Type: Meetup Version: 1.0 Topic: API Management Providers Presenter : Jason M Sherman Date: 7/10/2013 nycapigroup.com
    • NYCAPIGroup: Who am I? • Name: Jason M Sherman • Title: Sr. Development Manager • Employer: XO Group Inc. • Experience: 15 years • Website: about.me/jasonmsherman • HairType: Bald nycapigroup.com
    • NYCAPIGroup: Who are we? : NYCAPIgroup.com : @NYCAPIGroup : /groups/NYC-API-Group-5047709 nycapigroup.com
    • API Management Providers: who are they? (some key players) nycapigroup.com layer7tech.com apify.co apigee.com mashery.com 3scale.net wso2.com
    • API Management Providers: User Roles nycapigroup.com
    • API Management Providers: Components nycapigroup.com
    • API Management Providers: How do they integrate with your APIs? Gateway Cloud-based Plug-in • A hardware appliance or software that would sit on premise on top of your infrastructure. • Examples: Layer 7, Intel, Mashery-local component • A cloud service that intercepts all traffic and forwards to your APIs via routes. • Examples: 3scale, IBM, Mashery, WS02, APIfy • A software solution that you integrate into your code and deploy to your existing servers. • Examples: 3scale nycapigroup.com Let me count the ways….1, 2, 3!
    • API Management Providers: what do they do? 1. API Proxy : initial implementation & config setup 2. API Lifecycle : managing your api after they are live 3. Developer Portal : engaging your users and brand nycapigroup.com
    • API Management Providers: API Proxy • Transformation : SOAP to REST, XML to JSON, vice versa • Rate Limiting : traffic prioritization, response caching, limit based on user, ip, region • Access Control : SSO, Oauth, LDAP, etc • Threat Protection : DOS, SQL injection, etc • Alerts & Monitoring: via email, push notifications nycapigroup.com
    • API Management Providers: API Lifecycle • Management : centralize all APIs, real-time dashboard, versioning, rollback • Policies : Who gets access to what apis • Reporting : Performance by developer, application, IP; throughput, response time, latency reports nycapigroup.com
    • API Management Providers: Developer Portal • Account Management : Registration, groups, authorization • Key Management : API key distribution, suspend/revoke keys, associate keys to apps • API Plans : Paid vs Free, access by user/key, per API method, integrate with billing • CMS : Build you brand presence, links to docs, forums, interactive calls • Reports: Usage per application, key nycapigroup.com
    • API Management Providers: Resources (Provider Dev Portals are a wealth of good info) • http://apigee.com/about/api-best-practices • http://www.layer7tech.com/library/385 • http://www.apiacademy.co (Layer7/Apify) • http://www.mashery.com/resources • http://www.3scale.net/resources • http://wso2.com/library • Forrester Report on API Providers (forms.layer7tech.com/FW-API13, via Layer7 but free!) nycapigroup.com
    • API Management Providers: Questions? • Can I get those slides? Sure! http://www.slideshare.net/JasonMSherman/api- managment-providersnycapigroup Also posted on nycapigroup.com in Files section nycapigroup.com
    • API Management Providers: Conclusion Thank you for joining! Hang out, Ping-Pong anyone? nycapigroup.com