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  • 1. Top 10 Google Tips
    For Educators
  • 2. 10. Never forget to attach a file
    This Google Labs product searches your emails for any mention of an attachment. If no attachment is found, you will get prompted to attach one.
    This is a great way to make sure you never forget to attach a document.
    Ask your students to use this to ensure you will receive the attachment.
  • 3. 9. Google Books
    Google Books lets you search and preview millions of books
    Works with iPhones, Android Phones, and PC’s
    Lets you get a sample of book before you buy
    This is a great way to get your students to read more book. If they can preview the book, they might find they like it and actually want to read it.
  • 4. 8. Convert Units
    Convert Units is a tool that allows you to convert units by typing into the Google Search Bar.
    Converts liters to quarts and more
    Converts currency with the latest exchange rate
    A great way for students to check their work when working on converting units
  • 5. 7. Google Code University
    Google Code University provides sample content and tutorials for Computer Science classes.
    Find sample code and exercises
    Find entire courses that students can work through
    View videos and lectures from other universities
  • 6. 6. Google Docs Right Click Save As
    Right Click Save As is a tool in Google Docs that lets you save your Google Docs projects on your computer.
    Lets you have a personal copy of your Google Docs
    Access you content even while offline
    Your students should always have a back up plan. If the document is always saved locally, you have a failsafe.
  • 7. 5. Consolidate Email Accounts
    Google lets you consolidate all of your email accounts into one.
    No need to check multiple email accounts
    Don’t miss important assignments because they were sent to an email address that you didn’t check
  • 8. 4. Save as PDF
    Save As PDF is a bookmarklet to save any page as a PDF.
    Works on Google Chrome, Safari and more
    No need to print
    View your pages offline
    Save content for later use
    Many students could find this very useful. They can save the file as a PDF then save it to their jump drive for later use.
  • 9. 3. Google Sketchup
    Sketchup is a tool that lets you create 3d models
    Downloadable product
    Use offline
    Easily share your 3d models with your friends, co-workers and teachers
    This would be a great tool for physic students. Tools like this used to cost thousands of dollars.
  • 10. 2. Google Custom Search Engine
    Google Custom Search Engine lets you set up a custom search environment.
    Search only the sites specified
    Keep Children safe from adult content
    Easy to create and share
    This is a great idea for students. It’s very easy to set up. This could help younger students because you could weed out sites that didn’t have the results you were looking for.
  • 11. 1. Google Scholar
    Google Scholar is a specialized search that lets you view academic articles, theses, peer reviews and more.
    Makes finding relevant info for research easier thus saving time.
    Pages are ranked differently helping to eliminate results that aren’t useful for research.
    Google scholar is an excellent source for students of all ages. It gives students an easy way to find material that is useful for research.