Social Media Strategy


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Allen Mireles's social media strategy deck from the Exploring Social Media Business Summit in Toledo, Ohio, May 18.

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Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. The Strategic Approach To Social Media Exploring Social Media Business Summit ToledoMay 18, 2011
  2. 2. Social Media Today✤ 44 per cent of participating businesses expanded their marketing budgets in 2011 to fund a social media strategy. Source: Nielsen-Community Engine 2011 Social Media Business Benchmarking Study✤ In 2011, four out of five US businesses with 100 or more employees will use social media marketing. Up from just 42% in 2008. Source: eMarketer
  3. 3. Tactics Before Strategy? Risky.•Wasted resources•Failure to engage•Using as a promotional channel•Content that doesn’t interest or is too self promotional•Lack of internal support•Inability to measure success
  4. 4. What is Strategy?✤ A plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal or objective.✤ Your social media strategy is a plan of action designed to use social media to help achieve your business goals and objectives
  5. 5. Where Do You Start?
  6. 6. Evaluate Situation✤ What do you hope to accomplish with social media?✤ What resources do you have to put toward social media?✤ What buy-in do you have from your organization?✤ Does your company have a written social media policy?✤ How will you integrate social media with the other marketing activities?
  7. 7. Identify Goals and Objectives
  8. 8. Define Your Audience
  9. 9. Research/Listening Program✤ Tap into the world’s largest focus group✤ Look for the social insight✤ Where are your customers online?✤ What are they sharing?✤ What are they talking about?✤ What are they not saying?✤ Who are the influential voices?
  10. 10. Levels of Listening (Jeremiah Owyang)1.No objective2.Tracking brand mentions3.Identifying market risk andopportunities4.Improving campaign efficiencies5.Measuring customer satisfaction6.Responding to customer inquiry7.Better understanding customers8.Being proactive and anticipating customers
  11. 11. Listening Tools✤ Search engine alerts✤ Feed readers✤ Facebook✤ Twitter✤ Social search tools✤ Paid services
  12. 12. Create Social Media Strategy ✤ Based on results of your research ✤ Using your overall marketing strategy as your guide ✤ Integrate with existing marketing
  13. 13. Create Social Media Strategy✤ Clearly defined goals ✤ Team and resources✤ Audiences ✤ Key influencers✤ Business-focused, specific, ✤ Content strategy measurable objectives for each goal ✤ Tools✤ Strategies to meet each ✤ Timeframe objective ✤ Metrics for measuring✤ Tactics to accomplish each success strategy
  14. 14. Social Media Metrics for Measurement•Conversions •Updates•Site visits •Tweets and ReTweets•Unique visitors •Fans•Bounce Rate •Followers•Visit frequency •Likes•Page views •Recommends•Time on site •Shares•Registrations •Ratio Following to Followers•Sales •Mentions•Posts •Content Views•Sentiment ratios •Search rankings
  15. 15. Examples of Social Media Strategies✤ Local Social Search✤ Integrate offline and online advertising✤ Using multimedia✤ Adapting and Customizing Content
  16. 16. ✤ Allen Mireles is principal of, a social media marketing PR consultancy based outside of Toledo, Ohio.✤ For more information visit or call 419.740.1262✤✤ @allenmireles on Twitter