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Social Media Plus - Conversational Marketing
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Social Media Plus - Conversational Marketing


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Jason Falls's presentation slides from Social Media Plus - May 25, 2010 - Philadelphia.

Jason Falls's presentation slides from Social Media Plus - May 25, 2010 - Philadelphia.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Let’s Talk The Art of Conversations and Marketing Through Them Social Media Plus May 25, 2010 Philadelphia, Pa.
  • 2. People Are Running From This Image: Miguel Angel Aparicio on
  • 3. They Want This Image: Dr. Starbuck on Flickr
  • 4. Not This Image: Montage of & photos
  • 5. We Must Build Trust Image: Jozef Sedmak on
  • 6. What To Look For In A Sales Manager: “You also want to screen for characteristics such as empathy and loyalty.” John “Grizz” Deal Feature: “Salespeople usually start out by laying out goals, setting up agendas, figuring out how much time they have. I try to keep things relaxed. Let’s just talk.”
  • 7. John “Grizz” Deal Feature: “My role in the beginning of the meeting is to say just enough to get them talking, and once they start taking, I shut up.” “People want to tell you what they care about. All you have to do is give them a way to do it.” “Never worry about how you’re doing … Focus on the other guy.”
  • 8. Sound Familiar? Online Trust Offline Trust by:  Provide Value  Provide Value  Be Honest, Transparent, etc.  Be Inline With Audience Beliefs  Participate  Be Consistent
  • 9. Image: Jim Butler on
  • 10. Conversational Marketing success occurs when our genuine participation (that not motivated by marketing goals) earns our audience’s permission to share information that is. Image: Igumnova Irina on
  • 11. an d AND
  • 12. To Market an d To Contribute AND To Learn To Engage
  • 13. Purposefully avoid pitching Illustrate your expertise, not your catalog Over share that of others Designate a channel for buyers only Offer to inform or help “if they’re interested” Be confident you offer value Make the conversation about them
  • 14. •Jive responds via Twitter •Chris Geier joins JiveSpace •He requests pricing info •K2 becomes a live opportunity
  • 15. Image: Drazen Vukelic on
  • 16. Acknowledge their right to complain Apologize (if warranted) Assert (if warranted) Assess what will help them feel better Act accordingly (if possible) Abdicate (sometimes a turd is a turd)
  • 17. Boingo – Various platforms
  • 18. BioH/Cargill – The Urban Lifestyle
  • 19. Thank You! Email: Twitter: @JasonFalls Jason Falls Phone: 502.509.4763 Principal Web: Social Media Explorer Newsletter: Coming Soon