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Feed Me! How RSS Can Change You & Your Business
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Feed Me! How RSS Can Change You & Your Business


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How RSS and RSS Feeds Can Change You & Your Business

How RSS and RSS Feeds Can Change You & Your Business

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Feed Me!
  • Transcript

    • 1. FEED ME! How RSS Feeds Help You And Your Business February 15, 2008
    • 2. What Is RSS?
      • Definition
        • Really Simple Syndication is a unit of dynamic information taken from a website that contains either a summary of, or the full content from that site.
        • RSS Readers display content from a feed (or multiple feeds) in one place.
        • RSS makes it possible for people to find what’s new on their favorite web sites without having to go there.
    • 3. What Is RSS?
      • Explanation
        • Headlines From All Your Favorite Websites In Once Place
    • 4. Why Use RSS?
      • Personal-Professional Productivity
        • Surf Smarter
        • Stay Informed
        • Stay On Top Of Industry
        • Minimize Time Waste
        • Get More Done
        • More Time For Sudoku, Scrabulous or Online Poker
    • 5. Let’s Set You Up!
      • Tools
        • RSS Feed Reader
          • Google Reader (
          • NetVibes (
        • Knowing Where To Look
          • Symbols
          • Feed-Friendly Browsers
    • 6. It’s All About Content
      • “ This is a content is king world.” – John Jantsch, Author, Duct Tape Marketing
      • “ Internet users are spending more than half their time online visiting content as opposed to communicating.” – Center for Media Research
    • 7. How Can Brands Use It?
      • Make your website RSS-friendly
        • Your content is easy to follow
        • It’s opt-in! (No Spam)
        • Promotes active website use, not passive
        • Messages reach more captive audience more frequently
        • Users don’t have to remember to come back
        • Users and aggregators can share and republish your content
        • RSS can be processed to SMS (mobile) content easily
    • 8. More Business Benefits …
      • Make your website more enriching and dynamic
    • 9. More Business Benefits
      • Manipulate feeds to aggregate news and content
        • Automatic
          • Mash feeds together to produce singular feeds.
        • Manual
      • Pull UGC without users
        • Flickr Tags
        • YouTube Tags
    • 10. How Can RSS Drive Business?
      • Subscribers are your core audience
      • These are your brand fans and loyalists apt to share
      • Strategic, targeted messages reach your true influencers
      • Our challenge is to provide content they want to share
    • 11. What Does It All Mean?
      • RSS Makes You Smarter And More Efficient
      • RSS Gives Your Website Users The Content They Want Regularly
      • RSS Can Make Your Website More Dynamic & Content Rich
      • RSS Can Be A Powerful Activation Tool
    • 12. So, Go Ahead! FEED ME! Jason Falls Social Media Explorer Doe Anderson [email_address]