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iWave info for research and profiling.

iWave info for research and profiling.

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  • 1. Want more fundraising moments like this? 800 655 7729
  • 2. Prospect Research Online (PRO), by iWave Information Systems is a subscription based, cost effective, easy to use Web research tool that helps nonprofits identify and qualify potential funders in 3 key areas: Individual Giving, Corporate Giving and Foundation Giving. Whether you are a one person development office or one of the world's largest noprofit organizations, our database is integral to your prospect development efforts. Prospect Research Online data providers include ZoomInfo's PowerSearch, NOZA's world's largest database of charitable gifts, Guidestar's Grant Explorer, Infinata's High Net Worth Alert, HEP Development's database of matching gift companies called GiftPlus Online, Larkspur Data database of wealthy people called Prospects of Wealth, our own form 990 search tool called Foundation Finder, PRO data and more. Prospect Research Online's innovative bundling of data providers allows develop- ment and fundraising professionals to gather philanthropic information on foundations, individuals, and corporations in a very cost effective and timely manner. Prospect Research Online subscribers include organizations from every state in the US, 10 provinces in Canada, the UK and Australia. Increase your Fundraising Success: · Identify new sources of foundation funding. · Identify corporate matching gift programs · Combining a group of data providers in one service · Identify employees of matching gift companies · Find lost alumni · We help to identify who to ask for financial support · Find out who is funding similar organizations to yours · Track insider transactions of your prospects · We help to identify when to ask for financial support · Receive email alerts on your prospects · Be notified of a prospect’s promotion · We help to identify how much to ask when seeking financial support · Determine a company’s eligibility requirements for matching employees’ gifts · Research the charitable giving history of your donors · Find new individual, corporate or foundation donors · Identify new grant proposal opportunities · Create a list of founders/CEO’s for your next event · Identify wealthy individuals in your zip code · Search for your alumni in a particular state · Find a company’s matching gift request form · Identify companies in specific revenue ranges · Identify key people at foundations and companies ...and so much more!
  • 3. ZoomInfo Powersearch is a subscription service that provides access to a database of over 50 million people and 5 million companies. Customers search ZoomInfo using a diverse range of criteria, such as job title, education, employment history, company name, location and company description. The Product The Technology Searches can be broad or narrow depending In order to deliver this amazing capability, the on the criteria users enter. Clicking on a ZoomInfo engineering team has developed person's name displays a profile containing three different technologies: Natural Language that person's contact information, employment Extraction, Artificial Intelligence Algorithms, history, board memberships, educational and Information Integration. background and other details - as well as information about the companies that they Using Natural Language Extraction tools, their have worked for. There's even a link that lets computers are able to read English sentences you find other people who may know your ("Steve Jobs co-founded Apple Computers prospect. with...") and understand what they mean. With this understanding, they are able to extract ZoomInfo's unique system continuously relevant pieces of information about the people crawls the Internet and reads millions of discussed in these sentences, such as the websites, press releases, electronic news companies they work for and their job titles. services, SEC filings and other online sources. Using sophisticated natural language process- Artificial Intelligence Algorithms allow ing tools, it then extracts information about ZoomInfo's computers to analyze a website people and the companies that they work for, and extract information based on an under- and combines them into an easily searchable standing of how the website is constructed. In on-line tool. this way, ZoomInfo's systems can deduce that a specific paragraph describes the company ZoomInfo is one of the most sophisticated behind the website, or that a specific address automatic content generation systems in the contains the location of the company head- world. Every piece of data in our system is quarters. extracted and compiled by computer, with no human intervention. Using ZoomInfo is like After Zoomlnfo's computers have extracted having a huge team of researchers working for information using the above tools, their you around the clock, collecting information Information Integration logic then sifts through about people and companies, and providing the data and organizes it. The biographies of immediate answers for just about any question people found on different web pages are you might happen to ask. assembled into profiles, and inconsistencies in the information are interpreted and resolved.
  • 4. High Net Worth Alert is a WebCrawler that specializes in tracking the daily activities of nearly 2 million high net worth individuals and the companies they work for. What is most exciting about this data set is the “push” or “tracking” features that are available. It is not just another data provider for Prospect Research Online but an enhanced service for our subscribers. Imagine the power of being alerted via email about such events as when someone in your area sells a half million dollars worth of stock, when a prospect is promoted, a merger/acquisition is announced (and you can use ZoomInfo to see who benefits i.e. founder, president, etc), political contribution history, etc. Find Qualified Major Gift Prospects! Identify Referral Opportunities. Identifying new major gift prospects starts with intelligent planning. HNW Alert provides you with the ability to segment through the database of high net worth individuals to find prospects that you can turn into donors! -Identify high net worth prospects in your area to target for special events. Utilize the mailing list feature to instantly create a mailing list for these individuals. -Segment the database to organize your prospecting efforts. Keep apprised as new prospects that meet your criteria are added to the database. -Find the colleagues of your existing clients – an excellent referral source. The HNW Alert database provides both company and prospect information so you can keep digging until you find opportunities that will translate into new business. Access Unparalled Content HNW Alert has the depth of information on high net worth prospects and retirement plans that will give you a competitive edge. The database is updated daily to give you the advantage of timely information. Details on high net worth individuals such as companies they work for and retirement plans are pulled together so you get a 360 degree view of your prospecting angles. Know more about each individual including biography, educational background, salary, insider holdings, etc. The more you know about a prospect the better chance you have at turning that person into a donor. Be Alerted as Changes are Occuring! The email alert feature of HNW Alert allows you to track the wealth creating events in the lives of the high net worth individuals in our database. This allows you to make timely contact that will translate into new major gifts! On a daily basis, track: Mergers/Acquisitions New Financings (public & private) High Net Worth People who have been promoted or changed jobs Executives that are retiring Receive Daily Money in Motion Events including: Sales of Private Companies Venture Financing New Appointments Press Releases Promotions Resignations Elections to Corporate Boards Insider Trading Speaking Engagements Search the database on: Alma-mater/education Compensation (Salary/bonus) Insider Holdings Geographic Location Title, Age Retirement Assets 401K Provider Political Contributions Money in Motion indicators including promotions, job changes, and retirements HNW Alert covers: Private Companies Public Companies Venture Financed Companies Accounting Firms Law Firms Venture Capitalists ….and many more
  • 5. Grant Explorer is the most comprehensive source of on-line grant information available. Whether you're a grantmaker looking to analyze the funding of current and potential grant recipients or a grant seeker looking for potential sources of support, Grant Explorer can provide you with the tools you need to make the most informed decisions possible. If you want to review historical grant activity, evaluate funding for similar organizations, or benchmark grant giving, Grant Explorer provides several ways for you to accomplish these tasks. Search for funders, grantees, or specific people in the philanthropic community using a wide variety of criteria. Grant Explorer is a comprehensive grant resource Grant Explorer allows you to access information on 4.13 million grants made by more than 56,800 of the nation's largest foundations. "The interconnectedness is great." ~ Waddy Thompson, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Grant Writing Grant Explorer is timely Grant Explorer's information is dynamic! We update the Grant Explorer database weekly to provide you with the most up-to-date grant information. Grant Explorer is versatile Whether you're looking for data on private foundations that give grants or public charities that receive them, Grant Explorer allows you to navigate seamlessly between funder and grantee organizations. Grant Explorer offers easy, flexible, and affordable search options Grant Explorer's simple navigation tools give you quick access to the information you need. You can search by funder, grant recipient, grant size, grantmaking location, and grant-recipient NTEE code. Our People Search allows you to find leaders in the philanthropic funding community. Grant Explorer features: - Versatile, seamless navigation between foundations and public charities. - An easy, flexible search interface. - A simple navigation tool that quickly gets you to the information you need. - A special 'people' search finds the leaders within the funding community. When you choose to view more detailed information about a funder you can expect to find the following fields of information: . Organization name . Address . EIN . Total assets . Total grants awarded . Average grant size . Dollar amount approved for future payment . Officers-board members . Guidelines-contact name, application format, submission deadlines . State Breakdown-percentage of grant money by state . Program Breakdown-percentage of grant money according to the 8 major NTEE codes . Grants - a listing of all grants awarded, arranged alphabetically within each fiscal year
  • 6. NozaSearch is the world’s largest searchable database of charitable donations. NOZA works as a web crawler (similar to ZoomInfo and High Net Worth Alert) that crawls non-profit sites and extracts donor lists from annual reports, etc. There is also a human quality control element to the process but what’s exciting about the technology is that they are growing their database by about 1 Million records a month! At present, they have accumulated 45 million searchable records. All of the charitable information in NOZA's database is collected from publicly available sources using NOZA's proprietary technology. NOZA is the first searchable database to provide nonprofits with immedi- ate, affordable snapshots of individual, corporate and foundation giving. Each full record contains the following 12 fields of information: o Recipient organization state/province o Donor name o Recipient organization ZIP/postal code o Dollar range of donation o Recipient organization website address o Gift category o Recipient organization geographic program scope o Year that gift was received by recipient organization o Recipient organization activity category o Recipient organization name o Hyperlink to internet location where data was found o Recipient organization city NOZA Database Statistics -- Sept 2009 Who should use this service? NOZA's statistics are updated monthly. Any nonprofit organization that needs to raise money The following is a brief breakdown of the NOZA’s from individuals, foundations or businesses will find Database: NOZA extremely valuable. Start-up and early stage NOZA Total U.S. Donation Records: 45,250,386 nonprofits will benefit from finding new sources of Last Insert: 528,867 U.S. Donation Records seed funding, while larger established institutions will benefit from finding new major gift prospects from NOZA Total Canadian Donation Records: 1,793,782 within their ranks of existing annual donors. Last Insert: 25,118 Canadian Donation Records Organizations planning for capital campaigns can use NOZA to create customized prospect lists to U.S. Donation Records: 43,443,702 • U.S. Foundation Donation Records: 1,364,400 assist in solicitation planning. • U.S. Donation Gift Records Over $1 Million: 55,353 • U.S. Donation Gift Records Where does the data come from? Over $10 Thousand: 1,594,147 NOZA’s database is comprised of detailed charitable • U.S. Cities: 3,734 gift information that has been collected from publicly • Number of U.S. Data Sources: 47,400 available internet locations, all of which are acces- sible on the open web (or they were once available Canadian Donation Records: 1,793,782 • Canadian Donation Gift Records but have since been removed or updated). Data Over $1 Million: 3,885 comes from Internet-based annual reports, newslet- • Canadian Donation Gift Records ters, campaign honour rolls, press releases, event Over $10 Thousand: 117,084 sponsor lists, etc. NOZA`s proprietary technology • Canadian Cities: 180 locates, isolates and converts unstructured data from • Number of Canadian Data Sources: 2,335 the open Web into a searchable, relational database. How often is information updated in NOZA? NOZA gathers 50,000 new records per day on average. Given the fact that there are more than a million nonprofits in the U.S. alone; the data from NOZA should be viewed as a cross-section of philanthropic data.
  • 7. HEP Development's premier database of matching gift companies: GiftPlus Online Identifying corporate matching gift programs is a great way to have your donations doubled or even tripled! GiftPlus is the most widely used and trusted database of matching gift companies available. The database contains authoritative pro-files on more than 15,000 companies and subsidiaries that match gifts to non-profit organizations. GiftPlus data is now updated over the WEB! More than 1,200 parent companies go on-line to provide HEP with changes in their matching policy. With more than 2,000 clients also assisting with their local expertise on their top matching gift companies, your institution is guaranteed the most accurate data possible. “HEP now profiles companies that match volunteer time, including dollars per year!”
  • 8. Prospects of Wealth opens the door to over 4.5 million of America's most affluent individuals. This unique searchable database will help you reach your target market! "Prospects of Wealth" by Larkspur Data is included in your subscription to Prospect Research Online. "Prospects of Wealth" or POW contains approximately four and a half million high net worth individuals located throughout the United States. This database is compiled from over 70 sources including the SEC, IRS (Keogh Retirement Plans), FAA, Coast Guard, DMV, and many other public sources of information. In order to be included in "Prospects of Wealth", a person must have multiple evidences of wealth. The product is positioned for the financial industry as it specifically targets individuals who have liquid assets to invest. People who may be wealthy in your area may not be included in this database as they may not possess multiple public sources of wealth indicators. Such things as bank balances, real estate holdings, etc would not qualify an individual for "Prospects of Wealth" as either the information is not public or their assets are not liquid. In order for Larkspur Data to determine multiple evidences of wealth, they go to such sources as the SEC to locate Corporate Insiders that have filed Section 144 Documents for transfers of large blocks of stock. The IRS is an excellent source for information on business owners with Keogh Retirement Plans. The FAA makes available information on individuals that own private aircraft. The Coast Guard has public information on individuals that own yachts in excess of 40 feet. The Department of Motor Vehicles has information on people who register vehicles with a value in excess of $100,000. The list of sources is quite varied but it is based on public sources of information. "Prospects of Wealth" serves as a great lead list to identify new prospects that have the financial means to contribute to your cause. Many Prospect Research Online users utilize our ZoomInfo database product to further their research on individuals identified in "Prospects of Wealth".
  • 9. Search Form 990'S with an Advantage with Foundation Finder Although there are other sources of U.S Foundation Form 990-PF information available on the internet, Foundation Finder offers a key advantage over these services. Using the latest OCR (optical character recognition) technology we have digitally-captured over one million pages of data from over 90,000 private U.S. foundation tax forms. Our technology allows you to search within the Form 990-PF of which is in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. You are able to select from search criteria such as: EIN, Foundation Name, Tax Year, State, zip code and Total Assets (including ranges of assets) to find relevant information. Prospect Research Online has obtained this information directly from the United States Internal Revenue Service. With our search technology, you are able to search for a specific name or organization within the form 990. Imagine the power and time savings when looking through a return from a foundation such as The Wal-Mart Foundation. Their return in is excess of 1800 pages in length. Simply search for "American Cancer Society" and Foundation Finder will notify you that the first occurrence of the American Cancer Society on the Wal-Mart return is on page 223. Or, simply enter in an organization similar to your own, your state and see what Foundations are supporting similar causes. Verify the level of giving received, etc. Many 990 search products on the market limit your search results to grants greater than $5000. With Foundation Finder you can search for grants of all sizes and tap into funds you may have otherwise missed. The possibilities are endless and Foundation Finder maximizes both your results and most importantly, your time. Start searching with an ADVANTAGE today!
  • 10. PRO Data The PRO Data section provides our subscribers with research on corporations, foundation and individuals. The research team for Prospect Research Online combines multi-sourced philanthropic information on corporations, foundations, executives and much more into detailed profiles delivered in one easy to use system for prospect researchers. The information is invaluable for your organization when sourcing major gifts. Prospect Research Online includes all of PRO Data’s information plus access to the numerous other data providers. Other features of PRO Data Include: • Trends and Ideas - Articles written by Prospect Research Online's team of industry writers. Full of great ideas and advice! • Grant Writer's Handbook - View examples of winning grant proposals. • Special Event Planning - A guide to help plan your next event. • Special Event Archive - Search events by name or interest category. • Research Links - Information sources our research staff use for special requests. • Common Grant Applications & Other Links • Regional Associations of Grantmakers Index • Canadian Media Contacts • US Media Contacts
  • 11. About iWave iWave is a privately owned research company that provides detailed information to specialized business markets. Over the past fifteen years, iWave has developed very efficient methods for the collection, analysis and online packaging of information for markets that depend on access to timely and accurate information to succeed. Originally Rainforest Publications Inc., iWave Information Systems, Inc. has provided research to fundraising professionals since 1991. The company experienced tremendous growth upon the introduction of its web based product, Prospect Research Online (PRO) in 1996. About Prospect Research Online Prospect Research Online is a comprehensive online database created solely for non profit organizations. Prospect Research Online provides detailed information on individuals, foundations and corporations, information that is invaluable for your organization when sourcing major gifts. Prospect Research Online includes all of PRO's Tools PLUS the access to ZoomInfo’s PowerSearch, Grant Explorer by GuideStar, High Net Worth Alert, NozaSearch, and Prospects of Wealth by Larkspur Data. Prospect Research Online represents the best value by bundling all of these services in your one subscription. Prospect Research Online is an essential tool for those sourcing financial donations in the multi-billion dollar fundraising industry. Contact Us 28 Hillstrom Ave., West Royalty Business Park Charlottetown, PE ClE 2C5 Canada Telephone: 1 800 655 7729 Fax: 902 894 2659 Email: Web: