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Summer Project a picture a day
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Summer Project a picture a day


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Published in: Art & Photos, Sports
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  • 1. Summer Project Students organised and planned their own exhibitions, in groups or individually. Students exhibited their work in local coffee shops, the British Heart Foundation and a local florists shop. Some students even sold their work through the exhibitions.
  • 2. Summer Project Homework Your Stop Motion and Summer Project are starting points to help inspire your Art3 Personal Investigation. • The main part of your summer project homework is to SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT!!!! • Base your ideas around a genre of photography you would like to pursue in your Art3 personal investigation. You will than have two weeks to plan, organize and hold your Summer Project exhibition in the Autumn term.
  • 3. Summer Project Exhibition in Autumn Term The summer project is an exciting opportunity for you to exhibit your work and start A2 Photography. You should be concentrating on a particular genre or personal starting point that will help to inform your Art3 Personal Investigation. • This will be exhibited once you return and you need to arrange this, it could be in a coffee shop/home/gallery. Be as ambitious as you wish. • You will exhibit your work and document that people have viewed your exhibition. • Over the Summer try and see as many exhibitions in galleries as you can for first hand research. Remember to log this in your sketchbook too!
  • 4. Creating promotional material, flyers or invites Need to include the following: • Date of exhibition and time of private view • Venue • Title of work • Artist statement • Image from work
  • 5. Exhibition promotional material My example from Everyday Olympian exhibition
  • 6. Examples of student work Ben Smith’s project 48 Faces of Summer
  • 7. KEC group exhibition at The British Heart Foundation • Students sold their work • Spoke of the exhibitions in their personal statement for university
  • 8. Working with local businesses Jaspreet exhibited her work at Bloomers, a local florist
  • 9. Anonymity Project by Kate
  • 10. Tom - exhibited in St Peter’s Church
  • 11. Destination Sustainability project by Ben Gardiner
  • 12. Sophie Graney - exhibition
  • 13. In a local coffee shop
  • 14. Sophie Graney – shooting strangers
  • 15. Artist Research • Some examples of 365 projects (a picture day) • You can be more genre specific or start from a an idea instead of a random set of photographs • Remember if your stuck just KEEP SHOOTING!!
  • 16. Alex Stoddard
  • 17. Alex Stoddard A talented 18-year-old photographer who has already drawn much attention for his creative works, many of which can be found in his 365 project. Day after day, the teen has produced a variety of incredibly surreal images, all while balancing his academic studies. On top of playing the roles of student and photographer, Stoddard has also posed as the subject in most of his shots, managing to give a remarkably powerful performance in each of his wildly imaginative photos. • stoddard/sets/72157624050180762/
  • 18. (365) Days of Tumblr by Aaron Christopher Judd
  • 19. (365) Days of Tumblr by Aaron Christopher Judd • (365) Days of Tumblr is a project by Ontario- based graphic designer Aaron Christopher Judd that features a series of breathtaking images superimposed with inspirational words. The combination of the photo, often an awe-inspiring landscape, and the overlain message within each frame of the artist’s series works in beautiful harmony. •
  • 20. Kyle Thompson
  • 21. Kyle Thompson
  • 22. Kyle Thompson is a 20-year-old photographer who, like Alex Stoddard, finds himself both behind and in front of the lens as his own subject. His 365 project began nearly a year ago and has received quite a bit of attention ever since for his striking self-portraits. Looking through his portfolio, it’s hard to believe that Thompson began the project as an amateur, only having picked up photography a few months prior. 7629281608333/
  • 23. Lissy Elle Laricchia Lissy Laricchia, aka Lissy Elle, is a Canadian photographer who relishes in displaying her magical sense of creativity within each frame of her body of work. The photographer makes her darkest and most child-like imagination come to life in her 365 project by visually capturing an alternating series of scenes. /sets/72157618331899237/
  • 24. Lissy Elle Laricchia
  • 25. Stormtroopers 365
  • 26. Stormtroopers 365 is a whimsical photo series that reveals what the fictional Galactic Empire soldiers from Star Wars do on their days off. Stéfan, the creator of the project, simply places his two 12cm Hasbro action figures in a myriad of adventures that range from a day at the beach and a game of hide-and-seek to taking a bath and riding a horse. •
  • 27. 365 – a picture a day tips Key tips: • Bring Your Camera Everywhere (can be a compact/dslr/phone) • Tell a Story • Have a focus • Get your camera techniques right • Think about your compositional skills Some more helpful tips and advice: a-photo-a-day/
  • 28. A Photo a day challenges (some inspiration)
  • 29.
  • 30. Flickr Group – some inspiration • A group with over a 27000 members •