Controlled Sessions Art4


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Controlled Sessions Art4

  1. 1. In the Art4 Controlled Sessions You should be aiming to complete the following: Final prints Introduction for your sketchbook Artist statement (print one copy for your sketchbook and one to hand in with your final prints) Evaluation Stretch and challenge form if it’s incomplete.
  2. 2. Saving your work for printing Save your final images into a folder of your name on your memory stick labelled as follows: Folder name: Jaskirt Boora (use your name) Than label each print as follows: Final print1 A4 Final print2 A4 When on the mac printer copy your folder into either A2 E block or A2 G block
  3. 3. Introduction (first page of sketchbook) Your introduction needs to detail what your aims are, what we should expect to see in your final work and how you got to that point briefly. This is different to your artist statement, your introduction needs to detail your process and development and works as a clear starting point so that the examiner will be clear on what to expect from your work. This needs to be mounted on the first page of your sketchbook – it should be the first thing the examiner reads in your sketchbook. i.e. My chosen exam question is ___________. Initially I experimented with ideas on ______ but soon decided to specifically focus on the concept of ________ (e.g. natural light and its effect on the landscape) because… I came to this decision because… (discuss how it is personal to you, discuss the depth and meaning behind your concept and contextualise your work within specific genres of photography and your artist research) My artist research on __________ gave me the idea to experiment shooting at different times of day and using filters, slow shutter speeds etc. By making my work personal and having the focus of _________ this has enhanced my photography work by…. Overall I have shown my development by _____ and my ideas have progressed by _______.
  4. 4. Artist Statement (see blog for examples) Answer the following questions: What is the concept of your body of work? Why are you producing it? How is it personal to you and your life? Use contextual information and writing style to raise interest in this subject matter. Using past experiences or stories engages people. Use facts and statistics that justify and further explain or enhance your concept. You have defined the subject as personally interesting to you, the concept might be alien to the audience but your artist statement should ensure the person reading it will desire to explore your images and subject matter further.
  5. 5. Evaluation What was your initial aim for your Art4 and what did you learn? How did your ideas develop and change from your starting point and WHY? What do you feel you did well (your strengths) and why? What do you feel you could improve on and why? How and why did you connect your final images to your research? Summarise how you’ve applied the 2 years worth of skills you’ve learnt into this final project. Remember to discuss key technical skills /lighting / use of composition and how you applied these well/not well to your concept and final images
  6. 6. Stretch and challenge 1. A5 label stick on front page 2. Stretch and challenge forms handed in  Centre Name: King Edward VI Form College  Centre Number: 31190  Candidate number: - Jaskirt will give individually On the reverse of each final print you need to write the following:  Full name  A2 Photography  Art4 Controlled Assignment  Block E/G