Art2 timetable 2013 14


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Art2 timetable 2013 14

  1. 1. ART2 Controlled Assignment Overview (40% of AS Photography) Week 1 Dates rd 3 Feb Content Get to know exam paper, develop ideas for 2-3 stimulus’s in sketchbook via brainstorms of thought process. Begin to find research artists that share similar concepts you your final idea. Begin to collect images for mood boards and visual influence. Collect information and ideas in sketchbooks rather than in your head. Evidence! Shooting plan of ideas for first shoot – to be completed over half term. 2 th 10 Feb PARIS TRIP The search for inspirational artists continues both conceptually and technically/visually. You will need to complete a 1000-1500 word artist case study, this can include comparing and contrasting two different photographers. Shooting Plan for Photoshoot 1. th Photoshoot 1 – photograph initial ideas on one or two of your first ideas. Research artist one and two should now be chosen. The artists chosen clearly links and informsstudent’s concept idea, which clearlylinks to the chosen exam stimulus. th DEADLINE: sketchbooks should have brainstorm of ideas, visual mood boards and photoshoot 1 complete. 3 17 Feb (Half term) 4 24 Feb Editing Photoshoot 1 – mount and annotate best 2-4 images and evaluate shoot. Cleary identify strengths and weakness of the best images and sets future targets for next shoot. DEADLINE:First draft of your 1000-1500 word artist comparison, showing strong contextual understanding, handed in this week. Shooting plan for Photoshoot 2 – complete photoshoot 2 and annotate, evaluate. 5 rd 3 March Final draft 2 of artist research completed and handed in. corrections are made and completed in your sketchbook.Photo-shoot reflections/Developing ideas, perfecting technical practice for final piece. Shooting plan for next photoshoot. th Photo-shoot reflections/Developing ideas, perfecting practice for final piece. th Photo-shoot reflections/Developing ideas, perfecting practice for final piece. Research corrections are made post assessment. Presentation planning and mock ups - Students should consider and research inventive methods to present their work for a final piece. Be as ambitious as possible. Remember you have 8 hours in your final exam. 6 10 March 7 17 March 8 24 March 9 31 March 10 7 April th st th EXAMS - see checklist for exam dates. th EXAMS – last exam for AS Photography on Monday 7 April.