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Social Media Best Practices in the Hospitality Industry
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Social Media Best Practices in the Hospitality Industry


Hotels and the Hospitality industry as a whole has undergone some changes due to the rise and growth of social media. This presentation provides some practical approaches for hoteliers to leverage …

Hotels and the Hospitality industry as a whole has undergone some changes due to the rise and growth of social media. This presentation provides some practical approaches for hoteliers to leverage social media marketing.

Published in Technology , Business , Travel
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  • Social Media Best Practices in the Hospitality Industry
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  • 1. Social Media Best Practices Nov 2010 Chinese Hospitality Sector
  • 2. Topics •  Fast Facts- SinoTech Group •  Social media matters in hospitality! •  What can hoteliers do to get the most from social media •  What do we measure? Can social media give me insights about my property? sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 3. SinoTech Group - Fast Facts •  Heritage in software development •  95 employees •  Global reach •  Travel & Hospitality Focused •  Offices in Beijing, Shanghai & Hong Kong sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 4. Consumer Insight Our research has shown us that consumers have been inundated with news and information about hotel destinations. Social Media can selectively connect with travelers and develop emotional connections with the hotel and hotel brand. Further, the strategic embracing of a social media plan can provide the hotelier with prompt feedback on the guests stay; facilitating improved hotel operations or used to amplify the positive experiences of the guest. sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 5. Online travel in China is big business • Estimated Online Travel Booking in 2010 is RMB5.47 Billion ($.75 Billion) •  he number of citizens taking internet as the T main channel to get tourism information accounted for 66.7% of China’s total, •  itizens who have made a hotel reservation by C internet amounted to 70.2% of China’s total, •  itizens who have booked air tickets by internet C accounted for 70.7% of China’s total, •  itizens who have booked holiday products by C internet amounted to 20.3% of China’s total (Data Center of China Internet, 2010) sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 6. And online discussions are very influential 81% check online comments before purchasing a product. 56.3% of users said that they “got to know brands” through online channels. 58.7% actually made purchase decisions based on user- generated online info (compared to only 19% in U.S.). Even when not making a purchase, 89.9% of users still pay attention to online comments. sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 7. and…. is growing as an online Influencer Over the next 2 years Chinese will be significantly more influenced by online discussions Source: Forrester Research sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 8. Chinese are active content creators… we like to share Portion of Internet users who have published blogs, web pages, articles, stories, videos or audio/content on social technologies Source: Forrester Research sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 9. Social Media Marketing sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 10. A social media framework for getting started Identify Identify audience, set objectives, success measures and your timeframe Design Leverage a social media program that meets your intended objectives. Remember no one size fits all in social media. Execute Drive engagement through every touch point Amplify Stimulate sharing of the experiences (remember to use video, photos and personal commentary) Evolve sinotechgroup.com.cn Adapt approach based on key learning's
  • 11. A framework will help avoid common pitfalls •  Rush to action without a plan •  Lack of objectives and measurement •  No distribution and content strategy •  Poorly targeted approach •  Limited reach sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 12. Identify who you want to reach •  Business travelers (corporate accounts, sales, service professionals, international) •  Leisure travelers •  Travel agents •  Associations, civic groups, conference organizers, event planners •  Influencers: travel magazines, travel sites, travel bloggers •  Competition sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 13. Design your program Your program will be different depending on what you are trying to achieve. As a hotelier you may want any number of the following types of outcomes. •  Monitoring customer feedback. •  Channel for response to customer feedback. •  Increase property awareness and brand sentiment •  Manage reputation and identify negative media. •  Medium for suggestions on how to improve customer service from customers. •  Channel to monitor competitor activities sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 14. Execute Depending on your social media plan you will have selected a number of channels to develop in order to reach your desired audience Make sure you also have a communication plan that includes the themes and topics for your program sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 15. Execute: Developing Fan Pages Each message from the fan page or group will be delivered to the fans’ homepage. If feeding well, it will build the habits of fans viewing the news about your brand. Growing the follows on your fan page will lead to greater engagement Images are used for higher impact in social feeding Fans also surf other websites, which will provide insights on the target audience and the related interests sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 16. Execute: Promoting the Fan Pages ‘Sharing’ and ‘Liking’ are important indicators for a hotel to understand how feel about the property Important for expressing intent about the hotel sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 17. Execution: Micro-blogging Service Months after Twitter was blocked, Chinese Twitter clones such as Fanfou, Digu, Zuosha and Sina started their own "micro-blogging service” sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 18. Execute: Using Location Based Services Common Elements Address/Venue Check in & Points Promotion Friends Tips & Comments sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 19. Execution: rules to remember   Don’t ignore bad reviews – they are seen by hundreds, even thousands of people   Acknowledge the good – respond to positive reviews as well as negative ones. This shows customers that you care enough to listen to what they are saying   Be honest – if something needs to be addressed, then admit it and address it   Be relevant – if someone complains about the quality or service of the breakfast, don’t talk about new bedspreads   Don’t blame others – take responsibility and say how you are working to fix it   Always be courteous   Welcome guests back to your hotel/brand   NEVER argue with the customer!   ALWAYS run a spell check over your response. Responses should look professional and reflect the amount of time you have put into composing them. sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 20. Amplify delicious - Share your content through bookmarking. Great way to share with teams Some sites to help you amplify Slideshare - Upload your PowerPoint presentations for all to see. your hotel’s social media YouTube - The #1 video sharing site. program. Youku- an alternative to YouTube Tubemogul - Distribute your video to them and they'll spread it to other video sharing sites for you. StumbleUpon - Randomly generates content for users by interest area. Digg.com - Content sharing site (great for tech and news). Marketwire/PRWeb - Distribute your content using social media online news releases. Scribd - Share original writings with others Tweetdeck- my favorite multipurpose Flickr - Share/upload/find photos platform for sharing sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 21. Evolve No (successful) social media program is static and you should consider it a living program. Just as you would feed and water a plant you need to constantly feed and grow your social media program. Leverage your measurement platform and constantly evaluate what is working and what is not. This is about long term engagement sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 22. Social Media Analytics sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 23. The evolution from listening to understanding v1.0 Monitoring  v2.0 Mining  v3.0 Analy3cs  Volume  Word counts/tag cloud  Sen4ment  Bench Marking  Entry 4meline  Topics and themes  Scorecards  High‐level topics  Key influencers  Forecas4ng  Venue analysis  Geo ‐ Loca4ons  Predic4ng  Influence  Drill‐down to entries  sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 24. What are the things I should measure •  Analysis of audience feedback for neutral, positive and negative attitudes and emotions (Sentiment) •  Analysis of keywords that people use to discuss your hotel •  Analysis of the authors that are influencing the online discussions •  Analysis of the social media sites being used. •  Customer reviews •  Location of the media (where in the world are they talking about you) sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 25. Automatically understand the sentiment of your hotel This hotel saw a number of sentiment fluctuations around the time of their new renovations. Some of the underlying comments related to the noise of the work and others about the nicer environment sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 26. Who is saying what & where Social Channels Authors sinotechgroup.com.cn SinoTech Group Confidential
  • 27. Map Overlay Where are people talking about us ? The map overlay identifies the location of the media source. The larger the marker, the greater the number of hotel mentions from this location. sinotechgroup.com.cn SinoTech Group Confidential
  • 28. Brand Sentiment Indexing Chengdu has the greatest online brand sentiment in China vs. other Chinese cities You can benchmark and trend to determine where you rank sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 29. Dynamic score cards Score card can give you a great insight about your performance against your competitors You need to evaluate your brand position sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 30. Consumer Review Analysis Hoteliers can simply and quickly review what is being said about their property (or that of their competitors) You need to listen and understand what is being said. sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 31. Social Media Analytics SinoBuzz™ is the leading social media analytics platform; a powerful tool for monitoring and managing online brand, measuring public awareness, sentiment, influence, and tracing authoritative sources. sinotechgroup.com.cn 31
  • 32. What the experts are saying about social media… “As the online travel market matures, users are no longer content just to find the lowest price or read destination information written by marketers. Now more sophisticated online users are looking to take control and identify the perfect trip. Along with the rise in popularity of social networking websites like MySpace and Facebook, and the virtual-reality site Second Life, the travel industry is spawning a slew of 2.0 websites specifically designed for travel discussion forums and information exchange …” David Grossman, Business Traveler columnist, USA Today ___________________________________________________________________ “Lots of brands are finding out the hard way that there are plenty of conversations taking place about them online. For good or bad. Many brands choose to ignore this. But hope is not a strategy.” Paul Dunay, Marketing Profs ___________________________________________________________________ “…mediums like consumer-generated media put customers in the driver’s seat. No longer can hotel companies expect to just talk to customers; today they must facilitate – and influence – conversations.” Karyn Strauss, Senior Editor, Hotels ___________________________________________________________________ sinotechgroup.com.cn 3 2
  • 33. My parting thought “Our research prompted us to develop this presentation for hoteliers to understand that the era of social media is upon us and that it is not coming … but is here. The choice to participate or not in social media is still being debated by many hotel groups but my message to you is don’t wait. This is not a passing fad and the longer you delay, the further behind your hotel competitors you fall. Dr Mathew McDougall CEO, SinoTech Group Follow the simple principles outlined in this presentation, set realistic, measurable goals and time frames then you will soon be on your journey”. sinotechgroup.com.cn
  • 34. Thank you - Dr Mathew McDougall | @sinotechian sinotechgroup.com.cn | @sinotechgroup sinotechgroup.com.cn