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Georgia Georgia Presentation Transcript

  • Introductions• Name - Profession/Student. Where?• A food you like. LIKE = enjoy, have a preference for, am partial to, find/take pleasure in, appreciate, love, adore, relish I adore carrots. - I love eggplant. - I enjoy eating cake.• A food you dislike. DISLIKE = find distasteful, have an aversion to, have no liking/taste for, hate, detest, loathe, abhor, despise, be unable to bear/stand, shrink from, shudder at, find repellent I shudder at the notion of eating ketchup. - I loathe mustard. I find mayonnaise repellent.• Predict the first snowfall in Kremenchuk. Guess what day will we have first snow this fall/winter.
  • Swastika• The swastika is an equilateral cross with its arms bent at right angles. – equilateral - having all its sides of the same length.• The swastika is still used in Indian Religions, specifically in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, as a sacred symbol of good luck.• Swastikas have also been used in other ancient civilizations around the world.
  • Swastika• Earliest archaeological evidence of swastikas dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization in India. – Indus - river in southern Asia, about 1,800 miles (2,900 km) long, that flows from Tibet to the Arabian Sea. – The Indus Valley Civilization flourished from c. 2600 to 1760 bc.
  • Swastika• The swastika was used as a symbol of the Nazi Party of Germany in 1920.• During the 1930s, a swastika was incorporated into the Nazi party flag, which was made the State Flag of Germany.
  • Swastika• Now, the Swastika is associated with Nazism and White Supremacism since the 1930s in the western world and is now stigmatized. – Stigmatize - worthy of disgrace or great disapproval• It is outlawed in Germany if used as a symbol of Nazism.• Modern political extremists and Neo-Nazi groups use swastikas or similar symbols.
  • GeorgiaMotto: Dzala ertobashia - "Strength is in Unity”
  • Capital (and largest city)Tbilisi is thecapital andlargest city inGeorgia.Kiev is thecapital andlargest city inUkraine.PresidentialPalace
  • Georgian GovernmentUnitary semi-presidential republicunitary: country is governed as a single unitsemi-presidential: president and prime minister“share” powerrepublic: people retain power over the government -people elect representativesUkraine is a unitary semi-presidential republic.Most Eureopean governments are unitary semi-presidential republics.
  • Modern Statehood- Independence from Russian Empire - May 26, 1918- Independence from the Soviet Union Finalized - December 25, 1991
  • Area - 69,700 km2 (120th) - 26,911 sq mi• Ukraine is 46th largest country. (View of Tbilisi).
  • Population -~ 4,636,400 (121st).Ukraine has~ 45,706,126 and isthe 29th most populasnation.Tbilisi after dark.
  • An aside….Population• China (1st) - 1,339,724,852• India (2nd) - 1,210,193,422• USA (3rd) - 312,162,00• Ukraine (29th) - 45,706,126• Georgia (121th) - 4,636,400
  • Ethnic Groups83.8% Georgian,6.5% Azeri,5.7% Armenian,1.5% Russian,2.5% othersUkraine77.8% Ukrainian,17.3% Russian,4.9% Other
  • Official language• GeorgianOther languages• 71% Georgian• 9% Russian• 7% Armenian• 6% Azeri• 7% others.
  • Religion83.9% OrthodoxChristianity3.9% ArmenianChristians9.9% Muslims0.8% Roman CatholicsSameba (Trinity)Cathedral in Tbilisi.Construction lasted 18years - 1995-2003.
  • Georgian Christianarchitecture is knownas the Georgiancross-dome style.Cross-domearchitecturedeveloped in Georgiaduring the 9thcentury.Sameba (Trinity)Cathedral in Tbilisi.
  • Andrea and James’ Excellent Adventure
  • Photos courtesy ofAndrea Zimmerman.
  • Our traveling companion and fellow PCV - Yeri
  • On our way to Telavi.
  • Telavi
  • Home stay
  • Sighnavi a fortress in themountains. In thedistance, Azerbaijan hills.
  • During its history, Sighnavi has neverbeen captured or take over by anenemy. In the distance, Azerbaijan hills.
  • Near Telavi - Monastery in the hills.
  • Restoration of frescos.
  • Ancient university and monastery underrenovation. Note: The center for tourists and updated road.
  • BBQ in the hills near Telavi.
  • In Georgia, there is aseries of approximately32 toasts.
  • Our host. In Georgia, women drink red wine and men drink white.
  • Near Gori is the cave town ofUplistsikhe. From the 4thcentury BC until 4th century ADit was the cultural center of EastGeorgia.
  • During the best of times, 20,000people lived in Uplistsikhe.
  • During the middle ages,Uplistsikhe was a stop on thesilk route from Byzantium andIndia.
  • View from Uplistsikhe.More ruins. The cave town is carved into soft stone.
  • TbilisiBaratashvili Bridge(Bridge of Peace)spans the MtkvariRiver.
  • The averagetemperature during ourstay 42C (107F). Freedom Square
  • People lived in thesebuildings Buildings near the Presidential Palace and Sameba (Trinity) Cathedral.
  • Nariqala - principalfortress of the city from4th - 18th century.
  • Dancing water fountain in the parkbelow the presidential palace.
  • The fortress, Nariqala, at night. A scary looking Mother Georgia.
  • Mother Georgia…
  • The new business center.
  • Tbilisi has a richcafé culture. All three of the people in this picture have been to Kremenchuk.
  • …and now we’re back in Kremenchuk.