Word of Mouth Presentation


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This is a marketing planned developed for a rising DJ using a series of tactics to increase visibility and popularity.

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Word of Mouth Presentation

  1. 1. WOM Final Presentation 14 May 2012
  2. 2. Background:In the last two years in the United States,Electronic Dance Music has risen to prominencequicker than a number of genres in what isconsidered popular music. Now people are usingelectronic music in a number of productions acrossgenres. In the wake of this, DJs have been coinedthe new rock stars of the Social Media generation.
  3. 3.  Electronic Music Shows are now some of the biggest events in the United States.  Ultra Music Festival in Miami this year sold out completely with over 200,000 attendees from 80 countries around the world for 3 days. Tickets started out at $175 and quickly rose to $400 around the time it sold out.  Last year after, Electric Daisy Carnival, the largest festival in the US attracted 230,000 attendees to Las Vegas. It was expanded to 3 days and moved from LA to accompany its rise The festival in years past attracted over 100,000 attendees for 2 days in the LA Memorial Coliseum  Last year at Roseland Ballroom, American Progressive House DJ Kaskade sold out two performances back-to-back for which he made $250,000. Another time, he sent one tweet that he was having a free block party for all his fans in Los Angeles. What was supposed to be a small get together as a “thank you” to fans turned out to be the event that shut-down
  4. 4.  In 2011 David Guetta, A House Music DJ from France was named the number one DJ in the world, a title that Armin van Buuren, a Trance DJ from the Netherlands had held since 2007 The night of the awards, Armin had even remarked that his popularity was made possible not just by his music but by his usage of social media. Guetta was able to gain a majority of the vote by continually engaging his fans both on Facebook and twitter, swaying more and more fans to vote for him. Guetta like many DJs is able to gain popularity not just through his music, but by how often he interacts with his audience
  5. 5.  These days, musicians aren’t just made by what magazines or the radio says. Musicians are made not just by their music, but by the online communities that listen to them and then choose to support their work So, in the wake of this popularity, how does an up and coming DJ build himself up and distinguish himself in a community where anyone can be a producer, DJ or “The Next Big Thing” in the ever so fast growing EDM community?
  6. 6.  DJ/Producer : Mike Saint Jules “The Carl Cox of Trance” Genre: Trance Location: New York 2500 Facebook Fans and 3000 Twitter followers Issue: Great Music and personality but little presence on Social Media networks works against fans not getting to know him as well as they could Needs: More exposure and to both spread music and get his name more known and discover who his fans are. Through more exposure of this kind, create a following and then reach local promoters and gain booking opportunities.
  7. 7.  Objectives  Increase overall social media presence  Increase fan base and listenership  Increase exposure  Get people not only to talk about what’s going on in the scene but how Mike St. Jules is contributing to it as well  Create a loyal fun and interactive fan base  Inspire others to spread the love for music.  In increasing presence in social media, to be able to book more gigs with local /external venues
  8. 8.  Campaign Strategy: Create the Ultimate Shared Experience and meaning through music  Prompt and Engage  Share and promote  Listen  Respond  Apply Feedback  Repeat  Budget : Will be constructed to adequately support the measures above.
  9. 9.  1st tactic  Questions of the Day/ Themed Days (Twitter, Facebook, Flowd)  Reaching out to your audience asking them how music perhaps affects them in their everyday lives, or even reaching out to talk about the things that affect us all everyday can help to develop a rapport between the DJ and the potential listener  Goal: To develop and keep a common ground with the EDM community at large via Social Media networks where interest and personal lives collide/ to gain knowledge from potential listeners and feedback
  10. 10.  2nd tactic –  Podcast/ Radio Show (DI.radio, Soundcloud, iTunes, Flowd, Spotify)  Having a regularly scheduled podcast can help to draw listeners into both your music and your style of DJing by hearing what the latest and best is from the genre. You can also talk to the audience via twitter / or even read email s live on the air.  Goal: Re-establishing ritual and tradition. Gathering to hear a radio show (and of course talking about it) allows listeners to interact with each other, talk about the show, songs and the announcements that the host makes. Listeners can also feel the chance to be connected with the community at large around this event.
  11. 11.  3rd tactic  Free Downloads, Free Listening sets, Playlists (Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Twitter, Facebook, Flowd Dubset, Spotify)  Music is expensive. Free downloads are a way of showing not only your arsenal of music but even your appreciation of the people who listen to it. It’s a piece of you they can have for themselves.  Goal: Create a reputation and with it a legacy. Get known for both appreciating your fans with cool bootlegs or remixes that they can’t get anywhere else. Be exclusive. It also gives the DJ a chance to hear (free) feedback from fans on their productions. This s also keeps the conversation going about the DJ and allows him to experiment and react to listeners. The platforms used here also allow the listeners to share immediately.
  12. 12.  4th tactic  Photos (share via Instagr.am / Flow’d)  Photos are a way to visually represent yourself and to finally give “color” to what it is that you do/story that you tell. You give people the feeling as though they are/were there with you seeing you.  Goal: Creating conversation in a different space. This allows you to build an anthology. Creating the on-the- go conversation. Creating a digital footprint that with (hash) tags can lead to more listeners who then turn into fans. You can also drive them back to the hubs where you keep your content.
  13. 13.  5th Tactic  Discussion Threads/ Open Forums  Allow the community to engage with you on a variety of music related topics, everything from venue experience, to beat making or even just a hot topic of the day. This can happen in either social media or on the webpage. Regularly scheduled discussions can bring draw more fans. Also both long/short conversations can happen here.  Goal: this provides the fan with a more direct outlet to the DJ and allows for a different perhaps more concentrated correspondence. In the case of a forum it is much easier to weed through hecklers, spammer and stay on topics of your choice. It is also a digital ear to the ground.
  14. 14.  6th tactic  Meet and greet  Still, nothing beats the fan experience like a physical interaction.. Getting to meet the DJ after a gig can be really refreshing. It puts a real experience to the person that the fan has been listening to all this time. It’s also a great way to give out physical music  Goal: Show that you do in fact exist and that you also like meeting the fans outside of how they interact with you digitally. You can also see how different people react to your music and even make a different kind of impact in a small group with free giveaways.
  15. 15.  7th tactic  Video:  Share new music previews via YouTube. Also share video recaps/ highlights of gigs that you either performed at or where your tracks were played., And interviews that you’ve had with various news sources. You can either share your own or good ones from fans . It’s also a great way to answer questions from the fans.  Goal: Creating an anthology. Let fans get to know you via this channel . You in turn get to know your fans by seeing what they react to, what’s most popular and even what to build on the next time you’re making a track or even playing.
  16. 16.  8th tactic  Blogging  Home base, what goes on from day to day. The master collection of all your details, comings, going, music and updates for the public. Great way to keep people updated and informed and also ask question that you may not want to ask on the site. You can also answer fans requests and questions here too.  Goal: Credibility. A lively blog gives more insight into the process of what DJs go through from travels, to release compilations. The blog allows for a more long-form communication. You establish an even more human –digital aspect with your fans, and it displays your personality more than the other social media pages can.
  17. 17. Building a DJ’s ReputationMeasurement Tools• Sysomos, How Sociable and Radian 6 - These both allow us to identify keywords and conversations that wewant to monitor . These tools also allow u to measure sentiment of a conversation andfigure out who the most vocal fans are where our strongest fan vibes come from.• Hootsuite - Hootsuite not only allows us to manage multiple social mediaaccount at once, but you can also measure the number of tweets, link click throughs.Also you can see who’s been sharing your content from where, how many time and seefollower growth also.Photos• Statigr.am - Statigr.am allows us to see the interaction that occurs on photosyou’ve uploaded. You can se everything to your most popular photo to mostcommented and most used/ interacted hashtag. It’s also good for letting you knowwhen the more engagement happens on photos when you upload them and whatgenerates the most comments.
  18. 18.  Facebook Insights  Provides demographics,, for number of likes, reach and how many people are talking about you and where the conversation is happening YouTube insights  Provides demographics, likes, number of views and where your video has the most engagement. Dubset/ Soundcloud  Internet Radio and promotion platform. Has metrics on how many people have listened to your mixes, how many people add them to their favorites and how many people have shared them.
  19. 19.  With this blend of conversational and sharing techniques across a variety of social networks. We can garner responses and encourage sharing by engaging with our audience directly and simultaneously making a DJ more and more popular. From this we can reach more key influencers and promoters to book more and more shows.