Advanced Media Management Drupal 7 / Drupal 8 - DrupalCamp Finland


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DrupalCamp Finland presentation about Media Management and its future. Featuring Scald and other media management module options for Drupal 7 and discussing the future of Drupal 8.

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Advanced Media Management Drupal 7 / Drupal 8 - DrupalCamp Finland

  1. 1. © Tieto Corporation Internal ©TietoCorporation Internal Advanced Media Management From Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 Antti Alamäki & Jarkko Oksanen Tieto Oyj, Customer Experience Management
  2. 2. © Tieto Corporation Internal Who we are Antti Alamäki SW Architect aalamaki Jarkko Oksanen SW Developer souless
  3. 3. © Tieto Corporation Internal We will focus on • Where do we stand now? • What options do we have? • What does the future look like? Media management
  4. 4. © Tieto Corporation Internal What is Media? 2013-09-09 Hmm. Videos Images Sound flash Other entities DocumentsFiles Twitter Facebook Soundcloud Social Media Youtube Alfresco
  5. 5. © Tieto Corporation Internal Media solutions in Drupal 7 Scald Mediabox Media/File entity Asset
  6. 6. © Tieto Corporation Internal Asset • Quick and easy to use UI • Easy to find content • Wysiwyg Drag’n Drop integration • Scald resembles Asset in many ways
  7. 7. © Tieto Corporation Internal Mediabox ● Easy to use user interface ● Bulk upload functionality ● Inline Cropping ● Still in DEV phase
  8. 8. © Tieto Corporation Internal ● Easy installation, configuration and permissions ● Drag’n Drop interface with WYSIWYG integration ● Display modes ● Inline editing and configuring assets ● SOLR support for indexing the assets Radio France ARTE Le Figaro Africa 24 Tieto Oyj Usability Some Scald Users France Info Sante Magazine
  9. 9. © Tieto Corporation Internal Asset holds METADATA • Alternative tags • Title tags • Description tags • Captions • Related content • Site wide Possibility to create custom fields that contain whatever metadata you want!
  10. 10. © Tieto Corporation Internal Support for: ● Video: YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion ● Sound: Audio, Soundcloud now a separate project (Scald: Soundcloud) ● Image: standard image files ● Tweet: Twitter now a separate project (Scald: Twitter) ● Flash: SWF files ● Multiple data providers ● The power of CTools ● Extensible core with API interface for creating new providers ● Separate entities for Scald (scald atoms) Developers perspective Scald Users Radio France ARTE Le Figaro Africa 24 Tieto Oyj France Info Sante Magazine
  11. 11. © Tieto Corporation Internal Custom Scald Providers Scald providers by Tieto: ● Scald RSS Channel ● Scald Facebook Channel ● Scald Twitter Channel ● Scald File Provider ● Scald Title Link ● Scald Webpage
  12. 12. © Tieto Corporation Internal (back to)The Future
  13. 13. © Tieto Corporation Internal Media Entity • Combine the best properties of management systems • Provide a rich UI (entity_browser) to manage content • Best devs in the community working on a solution
  14. 14. © Tieto Corporation Internal Media Entity Entity that can be referenced into a node or another entity. Media Bundle Inception “An entity within an entity?” Fields-Image / Video / File -Title -Caption -Other metadata or fields “My” bundle An entity is created or upd Theory: In action:
  15. 15. © Tieto Corporation Internal Entity Browser A browser and a library for the entities created by Media entity. Will try to have a “Scald like” UI, with many improvements Our “Inception” entity Entity Browser library Any place that allows references
  16. 16. © Tieto Corporation Internal Result: ?? “An entity within an entity?”
  17. 17. © Tieto Corporation Internal Going from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 Upgrade path will be available from Scald to Media Entity DRUPAL 7 DRUPAL 8 Scald_atom Drag’n Drop Scald_dnd_library Media entity Entity Browser Backend: UI/Front-end:
  18. 18. © Tieto Corporation Internal Status right now “I'm sure that Media Entity worked last weekend, didn't work a week before, and I don't know if it still works now :-/” -Jcisio ● Google SoC Sprints ● There is ALOT of discussion ● Entity Browser far from done ● Many question marks
  19. 19. © Tieto Corporation Internal How you can help? Contact one of the guys: • jcisio • slashrsm • andypost Get in with the discussion in: •
  20. 20. © Tieto Corporation Internal Now we know. Media management • Where do we stand now • What options do we have • What does the future look like Conclusions & Questions?
  21. 21. © Tieto Corporation Internal ©TietoCorporation Internal First Last name Title Tieto, Business unit