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  1. 1. Motorola mobility Firefly | 06.04.13 THEDANDYGROUP 2013
  2. 2. What we’ve learned about printed books. Despite growth in e-readership, printed books remain the primary source of revenue for publishers. Studies show people retain more from reading print books than digital devices. The majority of e-book readers continue to read print books. 1
  3. 3. What we know about e-readers. Educational applications are an increasing share of the overall application market. Most parents share their devices with kids, and are receptive to electronic media for children. The mobile industry has yet to invent a tablet or mobile device suited to kids. Tablets are not only designed for reading: games, apps, are distractions. 2
  4. 4. Firefly is not a tablet, an ereader, or even a game. Firefly is a book for the 21st Century. Firefly is a storytelling instrument that looks like a book, but uses new technology that brings words and pictures to life in way. 3
  5. 5. Despite all the digital options, printed books still have real value to consumers. 90% Of e-book readers continue to read physical volumes PEW 2013 11.1b Majority of publishers’ revenue from print Reuters 2011 Readers continue to experience physical problems and decreased performance when reading electronic texts Woody, Daniel & Baker, 2010 Printed books not only allow for greater retention, but they continue to draw readers. 4
  6. 6. A printed book calls to mind a journey that disappears when a digital device is turned off. 5
  7. 7. Printed books offer important experiences more difficult to deliver in e-books. Creative Reading e-books on tablets is distracting. Tablets are constantly demanding your attention, and are designed for multitasking. The experience never becomes immersive. The multitaskers performed no worse than the other people, but they seemed to be on “autopilot.” When asked, they had more trouble recalling what cues they had used to get the right answers. Overall, the multitaskers were less aware of their own thinking processes. Gwen Dewar, Ph.D. Mental Printed books encourage thinking and comprehension skills are that are more difficult to deliver on a tablet. Children who read enhanced e-books recalled significantly fewer narrative details than children who read the print version of the same story. Cooney Center 2012 Personal Figuring out what’s relevant to your life is an active part of reading a printed book. Printed books allow people to imagine themselves in the role of the characters and own the experience. When in situations where there are multiple sources of information coming from the external world or emerging out of memory, they’re not able to filter out what’s not relevant to their current goal. Stanford 2009 6
  8. 8. 33% of kids use their parents devices iyogi With a limited number of devices for kids, the industry currently relies on parents sharing devices, but the experience disappears when the device disappears. 22.9 80% 64.1B 92% Million ipads sold Q1 2013 Top selling paid apps Education category Forecasted game apps downloaded by 2017 Parents open to a different device Apple Cooley Center Juniper iyogi insights Tablets and e-readers were not designed for children. The experiences they deliver present familiar UI with known educational goals like counting or spelling. Firefly offers new and challenging narratives. Every time a parent hands a child an iPad, the mobile industry misses an opportunity to design devices for children, with meaningful content directed at kids. 7
  9. 9. Young readers are one element in an ecosystem driving demand. Marketing Firefly means considering its relevance to each dimension of this ecosystem. Parents Book publishers Firefly Mobile industry Librarians 8
  10. 10. Parents want technology that provides valuable developmental experiences. But an iPad is not a platform intentionally designed to engage children in the most beneficial way. Firefly offers key developmental experiences for children with: – A digital medium specifically designed to engage children. – A unique experience that promotes curiosity. – A liner, but flexible experience that rewards exploration with discovery. 84% 60% Parents want engagements that promote curiosity Start when they are little with technology in moderation and opportunities for mind wandering, creative activities and your child will grow up with solid communication and thinking skills. Do not believe technology necessarily means “unhealthy play” Grunwald 2013 Dr. Larry Rosen Kids Industries 2011 – Library programing. – Social media / Website / Online advertising. – Where Motorola devices are sold. – Holiday pop-up store. 9
  11. 11. Librarians are looking for ways to leverage digital media to scale efforts. In the wake of the recession, library attendance grew 83%. Librarians scale their efforts for reaching out to the public by using technology. 8,951 libraries Children’s materials account for 34% of total circulation 297.6 Million visitors in 2010 U.S. ALA ALA Librarians are looking for ways to combine the journey books represent while leveraging digital media. While the journey of an e-book ends when a tablet is switched off, Firefly bridges traditional storytelling in books with next generation technology, making them ideal evangelists. – Educational guides. (Endorsed by NPR librarian Kee Malesky) – Library discount to parents. (email sign in used to track conversion) 10
  12. 12. Book publishers want new ways to profit from digital platforms. Profit has shifted from traditional books to e-books. However, e-books have limited value in a digital format due to a ceiling in terms of the interactivity they can offer. Evolution of the profit pool of book publishing U.S. 469.2 Consumers are increasingly demanding rich digital content that print obviously cannot deliver. Mequoda If the industry wants to retain its place as the stronghold of learning, it must build such symbols anew, symbols adapted to the digital age. Million children’s and young adult E-book sales 2012 BookStats Bain analysis O’Reilly Tools of Change Firefly preserves the traditional concept of storytelling intrinsic to the soul of a printed book, but builds on the best assets of an e-book with a breakthrough digital experience. – Scholastic partnership to endorse to online retailers. – Social media. (Including assets from Robert Sabuda) 11
  13. 13. Children are part of the mobile industry. 33% of parents share their iPad with their children. Gaming units account for the majority of available hardware, and 80% of the top iOS Apps are educational. But every time a parent passes an iPad to their child the mobile industry has missed an opportunity to design a device especially for children. We have yet to see a mobile device fit for children. “We will see remarkable technological change in 2013, and in the years to come.” Dr. Jason T. Cassibry, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at The University of Alabama in Huntsville “If you look at a smartphone, every single one in the world is pretty much a single slab of black glass. There’s not much space for hardware differentiation there, so your ability to make a superior return just by innovating in hardware is getting more and more difficult” The buying public has certain basic expectations of what needs to be in smartphones. Those may have been reached as much as two years ago. ZDNet Dr. Richard Windsor, founder of the mobilefocused blog Radio Free Mobile and a former tech analyst at Nomura Firefly is not an e-reader, or a tablet, or a gaming unit. It’s a book designed for the 21st century that combines the advantages of print medium with rich content enabled by advanced technology. – Social Media. – Presence at key industry events. 12
  14. 14. So what can Firefly do that printed books and e-readers can not? Firefly looks and feels like a book, but leverages advanced technology to make words, pictures, and content come alive. Firefly content is dynamic and interactive - readers can dive into art and explore the unseen corners of a picture, text might warp and adapt itself to the reader’s behavior or environment. Firefly unites the wonder of technology with the imagination of the written word. Firefly is a narrative medium which bends and breaks the frame between reader and story. 13
  15. 15. What Firefly means to parents looking for quality digital engagements for their kids. Firefly is a new storybook designed for children. Firefly takes all the aspects of curiosity, choice, and imagination from the journey of a printed book, and uses new technology to brings words and pictures to life. Firefly allows children to enlarge text, or move it out of the way to closely explore the details of an image. Children navigate through a story set across a fully interactive landscape where they continually discover new content and engagements such as videos or songs. to create this innovative storytelling experience. Firefly transforms time a parent hands a iPad to their child as a distraction, into new and meaningful time they would spent with a book. 14
  16. 16. Potential reach ago 22,071 18M 390 | Memp r 8, hi s 619 | Bky 85, 8,951 Libraries 297.6m visitors 2012 34% total circulation children’s materials n 30, 38 8 Amazon 502,989 132,241,681 unique monthly visitors hulu 4m subscribers 394,090 f 8 ,65 10 | La 7,912 | Kc 6,1 61 | 343,227 2.6M Likes Weather Channel over 100m homes NPR 26m weekly listeners Scholastic 71,511 975 stations 19m monthly visitors 14,117 18 86,192 |S ve en D 874,446 c ny 2, 6 45 hic |C 1,796,900 1.5M Likes 54m unique monthly visitors No. 1 mobile content destination No. 2 most-downloaded iPad app 583,000