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    Ready, Set, GO! Ready, Set, GO! Document Transcript

    • Ready, Set, GO! SOCIETY OF RADIOLOGY PHYSICIAN EXTENDERS, INC. September Update September 2, 2010Special points ofinterest: Ramped up Grass Roots Full Court Press; Plan B Initiated! Continued on page 5 Plan B As the new legislative session is Act to (1) direct the Secretary RPA/RA under radiologist’s getting ready to start, the SRPE of Health and Human Services direct supervision. State Legislation legislative envoy is gearing up to modify the Medicare rules for another big push for com- governing the supervision of Much debate has gone into the Constituent Letter name of the bill also. Upon di- prehensive legislation that will enable the RPE to per- rection from the lobbying Unification group it was noted that the form and bill for services Unification that we were designed to title should be as minimalis- perform. With a new lob- tic as possible. SRPE asked Unification bying team hired by ARRT, for the usage of the quite a few hours of work “Radiology Physician Ex- RA Chapter Delegates have gone into maximizing tender” moniker and it was and streamlining our “ask” finally agreed and seconded while maintaining a minimal by SRPE that the introduc- tion of an entirely new amount of wording. moniker would cause confu- The new bill draft entitled sion amongst lawmakers. InInside this issue: the bill itself, the Radiology “Treatment of Services Practitioner Assistant and of a Qualified Radiolo- Radiologist Assistant are gist Assistant Under both independently defined andFull Court Press 1 Supervision of a Radiolo- diagnostic tests to allow direct physician supervision of diagnos- equally represented into the gist” would give the Radiologist Assistant (RA) and Radiology tic tests performed by the RPA/ “ask”. Practitioner Assistant (RPA) RA which they are legally au- The SRPE legislative envoy willGrass Roots 2 statutory authority for payment thorized to perform under state be making another appearanceTransmittal for services furnished by the law; and (2) reduce the profes- on Capitol Hill in the second RPA or RRA. This bill, if passed, sional component reimburse- week of September in which we would amend the Social Security ment to 85% for those tests and will start the process again toConstituent 3 procedures performed by aLetter Continued on page 5Message from the 4President Radiologist Assistant Delegate Chapter The American Society of SRPE extends a congratula-Full Court Press; 5 Radiologic Technologists tions to these members. ThisContinued house of delegates approved certainly shows the rele- the formation of the Radiol- vance that Radiology Extend- ogist Assistant delegate ers have in the community chapter in July. SRPE mem- and also highlights the efforts bers Eric Burd RPA/RRA will these members have placed serve as Chairman, and Tra- for their chosen profession. cy Ferrara RRA will serve as Vice-Chair.
    • Page 2 GRASS ROOTS Ready, Set, GO! Transmittal Everyone has been extremely anxious to initiate the new Grass Roots effort. After weeks of negotiations and bi-weekly strategy sessions with ACR, ARRT, ASRT, and members of the SRPE Board, we have developed a grass roots letter that will serve as the template to the community to contact their congressional representatives. As per prior efforts, it is important for members of the RPE community to get involved and to assist us in positively influencing Senators and Congressmen to support or even sponsor this revised legislation. The legisla- tion that is being proposed defines the Radiologist Assistant as follows: “A radiologist assistant is an individual who is nationally certified by the Certifica- tion Board for Radiology Practitioner Assistants as radiology practitioner assistants or by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists as a radiologist assistant.” The board agrees that this statement will no-doubt spark debate amongst the RPA community . SRPE has been involved in this development process from the begin- ning and feels that what is being recommended is the easiest way to diminish confu- sion with lawmakers. The title and definition has also been strongly recommended An idea not by the experienced lobbying firm being employed to guide this process.coupled with Attached is a draft letter that can be edited with personal information and sent to action will individual Senators and Representatives. This process should be started as soon asnever get any possible. To help you determine who your Senators or District representatives are, I have provided the following web addresses for you to locate this information. The bigger than websites also give you the address in which to send this letter. This letter can be sentthe brain cell by anyone who employs, works along with, is a student, or is themselves an RPE. it occupied. www.senate.govArnold H. Glasow www.house.gov SRPE Board members will make themselves available to assist you in this process and answer any questions you might come up with. As always, please remember to forward any responses received by congressional staff to the SRPE board so that we can monitor the progress and forward to our lobbying group. If the response re- ceived from the congressional staffers requests more information, please contact Jason Barrett as soon as possible and we will follow up and provide the requested information. If they ask for a teleconference call, SRPE will gladly provide the call— in information and arrange the meeting with the congressional staff, members of the board, and the constituent. This is not just a member benefit but a community effort. Even if you are not a member of the SRPE, we urge you to assist us in this process.
    • Page 3 Sample Form Letter Ready, Set, GO! Dear Representative/Senator ______________: [Add brief description of your title, where you work, and any other information that helps establish a constituent link to the Congressman/Senator.] One of the challenges of health reform implementation will be ensuring that we have an adequate supply of medical professionals to meet the increased demand for ser- vices. One area of particular concern is medical imaging. The rising demand and clinical need for timely medical imaging services and the increased complexity of radiologic studies already have placed unsustainable pressure on our health care delivery system, and the delays and backlogs will worsen. These issues will adverse- ly affect quality of care and patient outcomes. Fortunately, collaboration between the American College of Radiology (ACR), the American Society of Radiologic Tech- nologists (ASRT), the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), and the Society of Radiology Physician Extenders (SRPE) has produced a viable, cost- effective solution. I am writing to request your support and assistance. Several years ago, the above organizations developed the concept of a radiologist assistant (RA) – a radiographer with additional advanced radiologic and medical ed- ucation, specialized clinical training, and advanced certification. RAs are qualified to perform many assessments and procedures (excluding interpretations) that tradi- Government is not tionally are performed by a radiologist. Today, 13 universities offer education and reason; it is not training for the RA, and 28 states license, certify, or otherwise recognize the profes- sion. A radiologist assistant is an individual who is nationally certified by the Certifi- eloquent; it is cation Board for Radiology Practitioner Assistants as radiology practitioner assis- tants or by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists as a radiologist assis-force. Like fire, it is tant. In order to make effective use of RAs, Medicare policy must be changed to allow RAs a dangerous to perform radiologic procedures under the direct supervision of a radiologist to the servant and a extent permitted by state law. Current Medicare rules require a more stringent level of radiologist supervision that is inconsistent with the RA’s level of education and fearful master. experience and makes it extremely difficult for RAs to assist the radiologist in deliv- ering timely, quality care to beneficiaries.George Washington Attached is a document that describes this issue in greater detail and outlines the parameters of a legislative solution. According to an independent analysis, the legis- lation, which would apply a 15% reduction in reimbursement to the radiologist for professional services performed by an RA, is expected to have no federal budgetary impact. I hope I can count on you to introduce or cosponsor this urgently-needed and noncontroversial legislation. Sincerely, Your Name RPA/RRA 124 Frustrated Way Somewhere, Near Hear 01234
    • September Update Page 4State Licensure: California and BeyondWith state licensure on the do not currently have licensure cation and organization of statemind of so many RPEs, it is in place. It will certainly take level RPEs, efforts such as licen-important that efforts be made the efforts of the current resi- sure will more easily be accom-to get the remaining states on dents also. plished. The formation of statepar with the other 28. With societies for RPEs is a goodfederal billing legislation being In California, a draft licensure has been shared with all the way to start that process.brought to the table, billingcapabilities will most likely be current residents and alsotied to whether or not states some that are planning on mov-statutes allow RPEs to perform ing back to California. Thestudies in which their radiolo- overall support has been posi- tive and the hope is that a finalgists are billing for. draft can be evaluated by theAs is happening in California, chosen lobbyist and distributedSRPE will collaboratively work amongst the RPEs in the statewith ASRT to get appropriate before October.legislation moving in states that SRPE also feels that with unifi-Message from the President: Election Time! It is imperativeBy now, most of the SRPE office hold a voting SRPE order to completely serve the that we, as amembers should have re- membership continually for community as the “Unifiedceived an official notification three years before being con- Voice of Radiology Physician community,of the proposed by-law sidered as a candidate for Extenders”, it is imperativechanges and notification of office. Considering the com- that we as a community take take the finalofficer elections. plex nature of upholding the steps to organize and become values and mission of the one. steps toIn an effort to complete the SRPE, it is imperative that Secondly, between Septemberunification process that my candidates show commitment 1st and September 30th, organize andpredecessor initiated by to the Society and demon- 2010, the Board will acceptchanging the name of the strate the ability to promote nominations for the Vice- become one!society from National Society President and Secretaryof Radiology Practitioner As- board seats. The candidatessistants to the current name On the Vegas strip! will be notified and given anSociety of Radiology Physi- opportunity to accept or de- Come join uscian Extenders, I have asked for another cline the nomination. Thethe board to consider chang- voting will take place at the year at Har-ing two key components of same time as the proposed by rah’s Hotel andthe by-laws. The first change -law changes. Voting will endwould be to allow Radiologist on October 31st and nomi- Casino AprilAssistants (RRA) registered 28th—May nees will be notified via theby the American Registry ofRadiologic Technologists to website within 24 hours of 1st, 2011. voting deadline. Clare Bradyhold office with the SRPE. The will be running as the incum-board overwhelming agrees bent Secretary. If you havethat this is a needed change any questions about the elec-and recommended that it be tion process or have someoneplaced before the member- in mind for one of theship for discussion and ulti- electable seats, feel free tomately for vote as is required the mission statement de- contact me or another boardby the current Society by- signed for both the RPA and member.laws. The second proposed RRA. This requirement ischange would be to require standard for most member-that candidates running for ship societies to hold office. In
    • The Unified Voice of Radiology Physician Extenders SOCIETY OF RADIOLOGY PHYSICIAN EXTENDERS, INC. 3662 Sussex Lane Philadelphia, PA 19114-1816 Phone: 508-393-9510 Cell: 479-619-8581 E-mail: homegrown20@msn.com “The Society of Radiology Physician Extenders (SRPE) is a non-profit organization for the RPA and RRA sharing a common bond within the global mid-level radiology profession and medical community in gen- eral. The society holds an annual conference conducting seminars and presentations. The SRPE is an active participant with other We’re on the web! health care professionals and organizations to educate and promote www.srpeweb.org the role of the mid-level radiology extender. Our organization is com- mitted to fostering the highest values and promoting superior life- long success both personally and professionally.” 12th Annual SRPE Educational Conference April 28—May 1st, 2011 Full Court Press; Plan B Initiated! 24 A or A+ CME Credits gain support for the bill while Another tool that SRPE will be Lastly, it is extremely important ACLS Recertification also finding Senate sponsorship. utilizing will be to hold telecon- that this effort be accomplished 3rd Annual Evening Social This trip is coordinated with ference calls with congressional in a unified and consistent man- Radiology Extender the lobbying firm Polsinelli- staffers in conjunction with ner so as not to confuse or (RPA,RRA) Exam Review Shughart and will mark the first SRPE members who are con- distance ourselves from our On-site Vendors with Prod- dedicated push for legislation stituents of the respective Sen- elected officials. ucts and Devices with the new lobbying firm. ators and Congressmen. This Annual Business Meeting Your membership dues go and Open Forum The community is again asked towards these efforts and to assist in making this issue relevant with Congressional advocacy. staffers. Attached to this up- date will be a form letter devel- Legislative Envoy oped by the SRPE and reviewed by the joint workgroup of Jason Barrett RPA/RRA ACR, ASRT, ARRT, and Polsi- President nelli-Shughart. Members are asked to input their personal Wade Carrington RPA information in place of the Past-President “red” text and send it in to the Senator and Congressmen that Eric Burd RPA/RRA represent them in their state Past-President and district. As per usual pro- tool has been used in the past Leeanne Langston tocol, SRPE will be glad to as- and seems to have made an RPA/RRA sist in any dialogue to further Executive Advisory Comm. impact. clarify the request for help.