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  1. 1. March 3 - 7 June 9 - 13 October 6 - 10 Milwaukee, WI 2008 PACS Administrator Training
  2. 2. Day 1- Monday - 8:30 am - 4:30 pm PACS Administration as a Profession Introduction to PACS tFundamentals of computers tNetworking and the internet tPACS Architecture tMajor components, CPU, Video card, bus, storage tBinary numbers tBits, bytes and megabytes tSoftware - operating systems, utilities tApplications software Organizing the PACS Workflow tPlanning the film library removal tEngineering workflow sdiagram/flowchart sworklists sdefining Users sinternal/external users tStorage Options sarchiving sbackup tDigitizers and Printers Strategies tManaging paper documents tSpeech recognition Day 2- Tuesday -8:30 am - 7:00 pm System Integration: How does it work? tDICOM Fundamentals- DICOM 3.0 tIHE tHL7 tRIS/HIS Description and roles tRIS/PACS integration Workstations tDefining Viewing Requirements sradiologists sphysicians stechnologists sCRT sLCD tDefining and setting up Users Day 3- Wednesday - 8:30 am - 6:00 pm PACS Quality Control tSystem monitoring tPreserving data integrity tWorkstations QC tDisplay QC tUnread cases tQC process tools Digital Imaging tCR/DR tDigital mammography tOther digital modalities Day 4- Thursday - 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Security tRemote access to patient data and images tHIPAA Problem Management tData backup procedures tManaging downtime tDocumenting and resolving problems tRemote access to patient data and images Users Training tDevelopment of users training programs tTraining the radiologists tTraining the technologists Day 5- Friday- 7:30 am -3:30 pm The Future of Medical Imaging tWeb-based PACS tImage processing and distribution t3D, MPR tTeleradiology tRemote access for primary interpretation (agenda subject to change) Why Attend Objectives Who Should Attend Faculty The deployment of Picture Archiving and Communi- cation Systems (PACS) in radiology is changing the way imaging services are provided. PACS management is a growing challenge for Radiology Administrators, Radiologists, and Radiology Technologists. The emergence of the PACS Administrator role is an answer to the complex- ity of the “digital imaging department” operations. PACS requires knowledge and skills specific to this technology. MTMI’s PACS Administrator course aims at providing par- ticipants with an in-depth understanding of the operations, maintenance, planning and implementation of PACS. This program will assess the advantages and disadvantages of PACS and the challenges of filmless hospital operations. Major topics include: a comprehensive step-by-step guide to DICOM, specialized workstation, web browser technol- ogy in PACS, new digital acquisition devices, integration of the healthcare enterprise & electronic patient records, and teleradiology. This course is designed for imaging professionals who wish to enter the challenging world of PACS. Radiology admin- istrators, RT’s and radiologists who are actively involved in PACS selection, planning and implementation will benefit from this course. Also current PACS Admistrators who wish to update their knowledge will benefit from the blend of med- ical imaging and PACS business content of this course. At the completion of this course, participants will be able to: sUnderstand the practical and operational issues essential to a successful PACS implementation sCompare the relative merits of currently available PACS components and options sDefine strategies, benefits and limitations of enterprise image distribution sDesign and apply operational strategies that will create increased workflow efficiencies sDevelop an effective and efficient PACS QA program sObtain an insight into the latest advances in PACS technology and DICOM Mark Albers, PACS Administrator Ken Compton William Edens Joseph Graczyk, RT(R), MCP Course Schedule Continuing Education Credit This course provides 35.5 Category A continuing education credit for radiologic technologists. A certificate of atten- dance will be provided for each individual upon completion of the course. All attendees must attend the entire course to receive full credit. Credit is awarded for radiologic technol- ogists as ARRT Category A Credit approved by the ASRT, and credit from various licensure states. Joseph L. Marion, MBAs Gary Stevens, Ed. M., RT(R) Alexander Tune, BS, RT(R)
  3. 3. Registration Form PACS Course Please Print Clearly - This is how your name will appear on your certificate. Name:_____________________________________________________ degree/title______________________ Home Address___________________________________ City_ _____________________________________ State__________________ Zip code________e-mail_______________________________________________ Day phone ( )_ _________________Eve. phone ( )__________________ FAX ( )_ _________________ Credit Card Number_________________________________________________ rMaster Card rVisa Expiration Date___________Signature _________________________________________________________ Please enclose payment to MTMI: r $42.50 Yes! Enroll me in an Annual MTMI membership (discount effective immediately) Regular price: r $2895 (MTMI members $2875) - within 21 days of course Advance price: r $2695 (MTMI members $2675) - more then 21 days before course I am a r Radiologist; r Radiology Administrator; r PACS Administrator; r IT Professional; r RT; r other ________________________________ PACS system used: ___________________________________________________________ Are you registered/certified by: r ABR r ARRT r MDCB Return to: MTMI t P.O. Box 26337 t Milwaukee, WI 53226-0337 800-765-MTMI(6864) or 262-717-9797 or fax 262-717-9171 or e-mail Your satisfaction with MTMI programs is guaranteed, a guarantee we are confident you won't need to use. Registration Membership Location & Accomodations Membership in the Medical Technology Management Institute includes: tdiscounts on MTMI services tbiennium reminders tweb access to MTMI records tyearly transcripts tmember newsletter tspecial benefits throughout the year exclusive to members Joining MTMI with this registration qualifies you for the member discount. Indicate your interest in membership on the registration form or call MTMI. Annual member- ship dues for technologists are $42.50. Discount effective immediately. Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield 375 South Moorland Road Brookfield, WI 53005 262-364-1100 $93 single/$98 double (Please ask for the MTMI discounted room rate.) Includes: s Complimentary airport transportation. s Complimentary breakfast buffet each morning in Alfiere restaurant. s Major shopping mall next door, as well as many restaurants. At 4:30pm on Day 1 of each course, the Sheraton will host a reception for all course participants. To register for this course, go to or complete the registration form and: wsend it with your tuition to MTMI, or wcall (800) 765-6864 using MasterCard or Visa, or wfax (262) 717-9171 the form with credit card information wRefunds, minus a $50 fee, will be granted for cancellations received prior to 3 days before the course. wCancellations received within 3 days of the course will receive a credit toward a future MTMI course, minus the $50 processing fee. No refunds will be made after the course begins. MTMI reserves the right to cancel any scheduled program because of low advance registration or other reasons. MTMI’s liability is limited to a refund of any program tuition paid. MTMI recommends that attendees use refundable airline tickets for travel to seminars. In case of cancellation of a seminar for any reason, MTMI is not responsible for travel costs incurred by attendees including non-re- fundable airline tickets. Tax Deduction: The expense of continuing education, when taken to maintain and improve professional skills, is tax deductible. Please contact your accountant for details. Call 800-765-6864 2 weeks before the seminar if you have special needs. e-mail address used for notification of future programs date of course: #
  4. 4. P.O. Box 26337 n Milwaukee, WI 53226-0337 PACS Administrator Training March 3 - 7 June 9 - 13 October 6 - 10 Milwaukee, WI PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID MILWAUKEE, WI PERMIT NO. 4185 Please Route to: o Department Head o Chief Technologist o Facility Manager o Section Supervisor o Radiology Manager o Staff Technologist PACS18 @2008, Medical Technology Management Institute, Inc. Prepare for the CIIP certification exam! x Learn the practical and operational issues essential to a successful PACS implementation. x Compare the relative merits of currently available PACS component and options. x Define strategies, benefits and limitations of enterprise image distribution. x Design and apply operational strategies that will create increased workflow efficiencies. x Develop and effective and efficient PACS QA program x Obtain an insight into the latest advances in PACS technology.