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Human Resources






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    Human Resources Human Resources Document Transcript

    • Note: the organizational section is listed in alphabetical order by the agency NAME. EACH agency’s listing is in alphabetical order by the city. 10/28/10<br />ABSTRACTERS’ BOARD OF EXAMINERS — 016<br />COLBY — 67701<br />525 La Hacienda Drive785-462-7555<br />Board Member – Gregory S Gordon<br />HUGOTON — 67951-0549<br />521 South Main, Box 549620-544-2311<br />Executive Secretary – Glen R McQueen<br />NEWTON — 67114<br />PO Box 346316-283-5939<br />Board Member – Steve Kimbell<br />PRATT — 67124<br />126 East 3rd620-672-5928<br />Board Member – Jean M Tharp<br />ACCOUNTANCY, BOARD OF — 028<br />See Board of Accountancy<br />ADJUTANT GENERAL — 034<br />ABILENE — 67410-2381<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 1009 NW 8th785-263-1822<br />ATCHISON — 66002-1501<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 405 North 17th913-367-3441<br />AUGUSTA — 67010-2197<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 2115 Moyle316-775-7291<br />BURLINGTON — 66839-1255<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 605 Garrettson620-364-2531<br />CHANUTE — 66720-3210<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 3031 South Santa Fe620-431-1077<br />CHERRYVALE — 67335-8531<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 713 South Liberty620-336-2246<br />CLAY CENTER — 67432-9066<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 208 South 12th785-632-2866<br />COFFEYVILLE — 67337-9241<br />Nat'l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 2069 Perl schemed Dr620-251-6641<br />COLBY — 67701-2902<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 470 South Range785-462-2361<br />CONCORDIA — 66901-9300<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 2115 Blosser Drive 785-243-1153<br />COUNCIL GROVE — 66846-1164<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 1020 East Main620-767-6118<br />DODGE CITY — 67801-2685<br />Nat'l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 2120 1st Street620-227-6322<br />OMS 13-Foreman620-225-6363<br />EMPORIA — 66801-9583<br />1809 Merchant St620-342-0457<br />FORT LEAVENWORTH — 66027-2346<br />35th Infantry Div, 2 Sherman Avenue913-758-5002<br />Battle Command Training Center<br />2 Sherman Avenue, Bldg 1951913-758-5512<br />FORT RILEY — 66442-0345<br />ATEAM, Camp Funston785-239-8151<br />MATES-Foreman, Camp Funston785-239-6077<br />Readiness Sustainment Maintenance Site785-239-8891<br />Jim Shaffer785-239-0982<br />FORT SCOTT — 66701-3141<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 2301 South Horton620-223-2630<br />GARDEN CITY — 67846-6498<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 405 South Main620-275-5452<br />GARNETT — 66032-2302<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 510 North Lake Road785-448-3514<br />GOODLAND — 67735-9271<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Training NCO, 720 Armory Rd785-899-7490<br />GREAT BEND — 67530-9712<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm<br />9571 B-29 Way, Westport Industrial Park620-793-9366<br />HAYS — 67601-4224<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 200 South Main St785-623-6424<br />FMS 1, 200 South Fort785-625-2118<br />HIAWATHA — 66434-2613<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 108 North 1st785-742-5600<br />HOLTON — 66436-1212<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 1003 West 4th785-364-3544<br />HORTON — 66439-2050<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 444 East 5th785-486-2148<br />HUTCHINSON — 67501-5899<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 1111 N Severance620-728-4200<br />FMS 4-Foreman620-728-4280<br />IOLA — 66749-1808<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 1201 North State St620-365-4021<br />FMS 2-Foreman620-365-4042<br />JUNCTION CITY — 66441-4725<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 500 Airport Rd785-238-4049<br />KANSAS CITY — 66102-5668<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 100 South 20th St913-279-7830<br />FMS 7-Foreman913-279-7851<br />KINGMAN — 67068-1960<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 111 South Main St620-532-2271<br />LARNED — 67550-2229<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 303 East 14th St620-285-3061<br />LAWRENCE — 66044-1027<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 201 McDonald Drive785-842-5119<br />LENEXA — 66219-9748<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm<br />18200 West 87th St Parkway913-492-3920<br />LIBERAL — 67901-5105<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 730 Armory Road620-624-4071<br />MANHATTAN — 66503-9795<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 721 Levee Drive785-539-1252<br />FMS 11-Foreman785-776-4438<br />MARYSVILLE — 66508-1688<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 306 North 19th St785-562-2235<br />NEWTON — 67114-2048<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 400 N Grandview St316-283-4848<br />NORTON — 67654-1135<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 1200 North State St785-877-5103<br />OLATHE — 66061-5175<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 1601 West Hwy 56913-782-8876<br />OTTAWA — 66067-3832<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 208 West 17th St785-242-4369<br />FMS 8-Foreman785-242-8754<br />PAOLA — 66071-9171<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 1010 Hedge Ln Rd913-294-3611<br />PHILLIPSBURG — 67661-2122<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 520 South 7th785-543-5512<br />PITTSBURG — 66762-2800<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 1506 North Walnut St620-231-1320<br />PRATT — 67124-2916<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 207 Rochester St620-672-6581<br />RUSSELL — 67665-2465<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 701Fairway Drive785-483-3704<br />SABETHA — 66534-2323<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 16 Main St785-284-3020<br />FMS 5-Foreman785-284-2901<br />SALINA — 67401-4099<br />Nat’l Guard Armory, 1127 Armory Road785-822-7864<br />Nat’l Guard Armory, 2910 Arnold Ave, 67401-8104785-822-5031<br />KS Reg Training Inst/Admin Tech785-822-3296<br />2930 Scanlan Ave, 66401-8128<br />Army Aviation Support Fac #2, 2917 Hein, 67401785-822-3450<br />Smoky Hill ANG Range-Cdr, 67401-9407785-827-9611<br />Civil Air Patrol785-825-0009<br />Commander – COL Bernard S King<br />Director – COL George M Boyd316-684-7158<br />Secretary – June Ferguson785-525-0009<br />SMITH CENTER — 66967-2420<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 101 Armory Rd785-282-3971<br />TOPEKA — 66611-1287<br />Adjutant General’s Department, 2800 SW Topeka Blvd785-274-1000<br />Adjutant General – Maj Gen Tod Bunting785-274-1001<br />Special Assistant – Randy Mettner785-274-1564<br />Secretary – Tracey Talley785-274-1001<br />Comptroller (State) – Janice Harper785-274-1451<br />Accountant – Yolanda Rightmeier785-274-1452<br />Purchasing – Jill Martin785-274-1454<br />State Property Office – Bea Gotschall785-274-1465<br />Emergency Management, Division of785-274-1403<br />Angee Morgan<br />Office Assistant – Tina Fike785-274-1418<br />Response & Recovery Director785-274-1406<br />Communications Leader – Natalie Davis785-274-1409<br />Human Services – Devin Tucking-Strickler785-274-1596<br />Public Assistance Officer – Steve Harsha785-274-1977<br />State Disaster Coordinator – Randy Mettner785-274-1596<br />Fiscal Officer – Dawn Palmberg785-274-1415<br />Accountant – Randy Bradford785-274-1416<br />Administrative Asst – David Epps785-274-1458<br />Homeland Security Program Manager785-274-1404<br />Terri Ploger-McCool<br />Regional Homeland Security Coordinators<br />Kansas City, KS Metro – Keith Yoder913-768-6017<br />Northcentral KS – Dennis Colsden785-820-2869<br />Northeast KS – Bill Brubaker785-274-1493<br />Northwest KS – Toby Prine785-625-3749<br />Southcentral KS – Jim Leftwich316-691-8044<br />Southeast KS – Jackie Miller620-342-0537<br />Southwest KS – Matt Mercer620-338-8726<br />Mitigation & Planning Director785-274-1401<br />Emergency Planner – Brandt Haehn785-274-1431<br />State Hazard Mitigation Officer – Jacob Gray785-274-1973<br />Mitigation Manager – Charlie McGonigle785-274-1421<br />Mitigation Planner – Brad Moeller785-274-1840<br />Mitigation Specialist – Chris Welsh785-274-1923<br />Staff Duty Officer – (24-Hour Emergency Number)785-296-3176<br />Technology Hazards – Jennifer Clark785-274-1402<br />Chemical Risk Planner – Kim Nettleton785-274-1423<br />Chemical Risk Planner – Swapan Saha785-274-1419<br />Accountant – L’Tanya Christenberry785-274-1402<br />Training Officer (State) – Paula Phillips785-274-1413<br />Training Specialist – Isabel Herrera785-274-1412<br />Training Specialist – Mark Stadel785-274-1430<br />Homeland Security, Division785-274-1500<br />Bill Chornyak<br />Infrastructure Coordinator – Dan Hay785-274-1506<br />Vulnerability Assessment Analyst – Ed Holm785-274-1976<br />Vulnerability Assessment Analyst – Seth Mecum785-274-1792<br />Human Resource Office (State) 785-274-1393<br />Deanna Lowe<br />Recruitment785-274-1460<br />Office Specialist – Jo Boswell785-274-1391<br />Office Specialist – Marti Stadler785-274-1392<br />Information Technology (State)785-274-1432<br />Steve Armstrong<br />Network Administrator – Anita Simnitt785-274-1420<br />GIS Coordinator – Jessica Frye785-274-1610<br />GIS Analyst – Nicholas Graf785-274-1878<br />PC Technical – Shawn Quackenbush785-274-1883<br />Public Affairs Office785-274-1192<br />Sharon Watson<br />Assistant – Steve Larson785-274-1194<br />Secretary – Jane Walch785-274-1190<br />Adj Gen Police Supervisor785-274-1461<br />Dawn Lines<br />Office Assistant – Stacie Creech785-274-1480<br />Military Division<br />Nat’l Guard Armory, 2722 SW Topeka Blvd785-274-1536<br />Armed Forces Reserve Center, 6700 SW Topeka Blvd785-861-3919<br />Director of the Joint Staff785-274-1380<br />Brig Gen Deb Rose<br />Chief of the Joint Staff – COL Joe Wheeler785-274-1141<br />Asst Adjutant General (Army)785-274-1554<br />Brig Gen John Davoren<br />Chief of Staff (Army) – COL John Andrew785-274-1011<br />Command Chief Warrant Officer – CW5 Mark Jensen785-861-3863<br />Facilities/Engineering, Dir of – COL Cliff Silsby785-274-1130<br />Facility Designs & Project Mgr – CPT Wade Warner785-274-1156<br />Facility Plans & Project Mgr – LTC Eric Blankenship785-274-1145<br />Electronic Security – Martin Stevenson785-274-1146<br />Environmental – Sam Mryyan785-274-1154<br />Facilities Management (State) – CPT Molly Gillock785-274-1825<br />Human Resource Mgmt, Director of (Federal)785-274-1181<br />Col Kathryn Hulse<br />Employee Relations – Capt Julie Burns785-274-1170<br />Employee Support of the Guard/Reserve785-274-1559<br />Chuck Bredahl<br />Family Programs Coordinator – Tanya VanSickle785-274-1171<br />Labor Relations – SMSgt Keith Guffy785-274-1162<br />Information Management, Dir of785-274-1031<br />Lt Col Chris Stratmann<br />Administrative Services – SSG Debbie Carson785-274-1042<br />Help Desk785-274-1111<br />Network Control Manager – 1LT Brad Mettner785-274-1034<br />Telecommunications – CPT Jeff Howell785-274-1033<br />Legal Advisor – LTC Bruce Woolpert785-274-1027<br />Asst Legal Advisor – Lt Col Ken Gully785-274-1481<br />Logistics Director – Col Mike Dittamo785-274-1942<br />Military Personnel, Dir of – COL Tim Marlar785-274-1061<br />Education Services<br />Maj Troy Price785-274-1081<br />MSG Joel Paige785-274-1068<br />SFC Etoi Purnell785-274-1060<br />Cheryl Molter785-274-1063<br />Enlisted Records – SGM Lawrence Hall785-274-1084<br />Military Archives – Bev Stevenson785-274-1099<br />Officer Records – Maj Shy Warner785-274-1070<br />Recruiting & Retention, 1710 SW Topeka Blvd785-274-1091<br />Commander – LTC Barry Adams<br />Interstate Transfers – SFC Roberta Sprouse785-274-1093<br />Medical Recruiting – MAJ Dave Youngdoff785-861-3954<br />SIDPERS<br />CW2 Ross England785-861-3884<br />MFC Paul Swanson785-861-3976<br />Plans, Operations & Training, Director of785-274-1101<br />COL John Andrew<br />Mobilization Readiness – LTC Les Gelhaus785-274-1193<br />Military Support – LTC (Ret) Duke Hester785-274-1121<br />Training Section785-274-1106<br />Secretary to General Staff (Army)785-274-1003<br />MAJ Paul Gonzales<br />Senior Army Advisor – COL John Towers785-274-1016<br />State Aviation Officer – LTC Dave Leger785-861-1550<br />State Command Sergeant Major (Army)785-274-1006<br />CSM Steve Rodina<br />State Safety Manager – CW3 Martin Terhune785-861-3876<br />Surface Maintenance Management Office795-274-1341<br />LTC Larry Hannan<br />Administrative Asst – Gary Sandell785-274-1340<br />CSMS Supervisor – MAJ Lisa Mullinax785-274-1351<br />Maintenance Manager – CW4 Larry Thomas785-274-1345<br />FMS #9 Shop Chief – CW3 Bill Perry785-274-1370<br />United States Property & Fiscal Office785-274-1201<br />COL Terry Fritzt<br />Assistant USPFO – LTC Gloria Sherrman785-274-1202<br />Kansas Air National Guard Headquarters785-274-1471<br />Asst Adjutant General (Air) – Brig Gen Ed Flora785-274-1470<br />Director of Staff (Air) – LT Col Hans Neidhardt785-274-1472<br />Legal Advisor – Lt Col Fran Oleen785-274-1888<br />Military Personnel Management – 1st Lt Kim Rhoden785-274-1473<br />Recruiting & Retention – SMSgt Troy Kyle785-274-1477<br />KS Air National Guard, Forbes Field, 66619-5370785-861-4791<br />190 Air Refueling Wing785-861-4791<br />Commander – Col Keith Lang<br />Vice Commander – Col Kerry Taylor785-861-4792<br />Accounting/Finance785-861-4719<br />Civil Engineer785-861-4827<br />Logistics Group Commander785-861-4203<br />Operations Group Commander785-861-4667<br />Supply, Chief of785-861-4202<br />Support Group Commander785-861-4209<br />Vehicle Maintenance785-861-4617<br />127 Weather Flight785-274-1730<br />TROY — 66087-0416<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Adm, 530 North Jones785-985-3823<br />WICHITA<br />Nat'l Gd Armory East, 620 N Edgemore, 67208-3602316-681-6200<br />Nat’l Gd Armory South, 3617 S Seneca, 67217-3412316-524-4270<br />Nat'l Gd Armory West, 3535 W Douglas, 67213-2405316-943-4219<br />FMS 3, 1201 S McLean, 67213-4407316-267-7763<br />KS Air National Guard, McConnell AFB, 67221-6225<br />184 Intelligence Wing316-759-7003<br />Commander – Col Michael Foster316-759-7001<br />Vice Commander – COL “Chip” Mattingly316-759-7002<br />Executive Officer – Capt Deb Balentine316-759-7004<br />Accounting/Finance316-759-7060<br />Chief of Supply316-759-7575<br />Civil Engineer316-759-7474<br />Plans316-759-7019<br />Operations Group Commander316-759-7101<br />Contracting316-759-7589<br />Mission Support Group316-759-7401<br />Vehicle Maintenance316-759-7625<br />127th ARW SQ316-759-7161<br />134th Air Control SQ316-759-7951<br />184th Medical SQ316-759-7377<br />WINFIELD — 67156-2329<br />Nat’l Guard Armory – Unit Admin, 407 Harter St620-221-0345<br />ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF — 173<br />See Department of Administration<br />ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINS, Office of— 178<br />See Office of Administrative Hearings<br />AGING, DEPARTMENT ON – 039<br />See Department on Aging<br />AGRICULTURE, DEPARTMENT OF — 046<br />See Department of Agriculture<br />Animal HEALTH DEPARTMENT — 055<br />TOPEKA — 66603-3714<br />708 SW Jackson St785-296-2326<br />Livestock Commissioner – William Brown, DVM<br />FAX785-296-1765<br />Animal Facilities Inspection Dir – Debra Duncan785-296-2326<br />Brand Recording – Pat Schumaker785-296-2326<br />Interstate Div785-296-2326<br />Cattle Permits785-296-2328<br />Swine Permits785-296-2329<br />Public Service Administrator I – Teresa Stephens785-296-2326<br />State-Federal Lab, 1947 NW Topeka Blvd, 66608785-270-1310<br />ATTORNEY GENERAL — 082<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1597<br />2nd Floor, Memorial Hall, 120 SW 10th Avenue785-296-2215<br />Attorney General – Steve Six<br />FAX785-296-6296<br />Administrative Services785-296-2215<br />FAX785-296-6296<br />Toll Free1-888-428-8436<br />Child Death Review Board785-296-7970<br />FAX785-296-6296<br />Civil Litigation785-296-2215<br />FAX785-296-6296<br />Crime Victims Compensation Board785-296-2359<br />FAX785-296-0652<br />Consumer Protection Division785-296-3751<br />FAX785-291-3699<br />Toll Free1-800-432-2310<br />Crime Victims Rights Division785-291-3690<br />FAX785-296-6296<br />Toll Free1-800-828-9745<br />Criminal Litigation Division785-296-2215<br />FAX785-291-3875<br />D A R E Statewide Coordinator785-368-8438<br />FAX785-296-6296<br />Legal Opinions & Government Counsel Division785-296-2215<br />FAX785-296-6296<br />Medicaid Fraud & Abuse Division785-368-6220<br />FAX785-368-6223<br />Toll Free1-866-551-6328<br />BANK COMMISSIONER, OFFICE OF THE STATE — 094<br />TOPEKA — 66603-3796<br />700 Jackson St, Suite 300785-296-2266<br />Bank Commissioner – J Thomas Thull<br />FAX (Division of Banking)785-296-0168<br />FAX (Division of Consumer & Mortgage Lending)785-296-6037<br />Consumer Helpline (Toll Free)1-877-387-8523<br />Administrative Services Director – Louise A Monell<br />Dep Commissioner – Division of Banking – Judi M Stork<br />Dep Commissioner – Div of Consumer & Mortgage Lending<br />Kevin C Glendening<br />General Counsel – Sonya L Allen<br />BARBERING, KANSAS BOARD OF — 100<br />See Kansas Board of Barbering<br />BEHAVIorAL SCIENCES REGULATORY BD — 102<br />TOPEKA — 66603-3817<br />712 South Kansas Avenue785-296-3240<br />Executive Director – Phyllis Gilmore<br />FAX785-296-3112<br />Blind, KANSAS STATE SCHOOL FOR THE — 604<br />See Kansas State School for the Blind<br />Board of ACCOUNTANCY — 028<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1239<br />Suite 556, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson Street785-296-2162<br />Executive Director – Susan L Somers<br />BOARD OF MORTUARY ARTS — 204<br />TOPEKA — 66603-3733<br />700 SW Jackson St, Suite 904785-296-3980<br />Executive Secretary – Mack Smith<br />FAX785-296-0891<br />BOARD OF NURSING — 482<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1230<br />Suite 1051, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St785-296-5752<br />Executive Administrator – Mary Blubaugh, MSN, RN<br />General Information785-296-4929<br />FAX785-296-3929<br />FAX – Licensing785-296-8643<br />Education/Continuing Education785-296-3782<br />Carol Moreland<br />William Anderson<br />Examination/ARNP785-296-2967<br />Endorsements785-296-2240<br />Legal785-296-4325<br />Practice Specialist – Diane Glynn<br />Asst Attorney General – Alma Heckler<br />Investigator – Kathi Chalkley<br />Investigator – Eva Curtis<br />Investigator – Roxanna Uhlig<br />Investigator – Karen Peschka<br />Investigator – Betty Stewart<br />Nursing Practice785-296-4325<br />BOARD OF OPTOMETRY EXAMINERS — 488<br />EMPORIA — 66049<br />512 Commercial620-343-7120<br />Gilan Cockrell, OD<br />LARNED — 67550<br />722 Mann620-285-2105<br />President – Doug Ayre, OD <br />LAWRENCE — 66049<br />3109 West 6th St, Suite B785-832-9986<br />President – Sharon Michel Green, OD <br />Executive Officer – Penny Keelan Bowie<br />Public Member – Lois Churchill <br />MANHATTAN — 66503<br />3246 Kimball Ave785-776-2255<br />Jeanne Klopfenstein, OD<br />WICHITA — 67206<br />8118 East Douglas, Suite 107316-683-8204<br />Joseph Sullivan, OD<br />BOARD OF PHARMACY — 531<br />TOPEKA — 66612<br />800 SW Jackson St, Suite 1414785-296-4056<br />Executive Director – Debra L Billingsley785-296-4056<br />FAX785-296-8420<br />CAPITOL AREA PLAZA AUTHORITY — 173<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1300<br />Member – Duane Goossen785-296-3011<br />CITIZENS UTILITY RATEPAYER BOARD — 122<br />TOPEKA — 66604-4027<br />1500 SW Arrowhead Road785-271-3200<br />FAX785-271-3116<br />Consumer Counsel785-271-3200<br />COMMERCE, DEPARTMENT OF — 300<br />See Department of Commerce<br />COMMISSION ON VETERANS’ AFFAIRS — 694<br />COLBY — 67701-3510<br />Field Representative, 990 South Range, Ste 3785-462-3572<br />EMPORIA — 66801-2972<br />Field Representative, 702 Commercial St<br />Kress Center, Suite 1D620-342-3347<br />FORT DODGE — 67843<br />Kansas Soldiers’ Home<br />714 Sheridan, Unit 128620-227-2121<br />FAX620-225-6331<br />Superintendent620-227-2121 x112<br />Bus Administrator620-227-2121 x115<br />Clinical Director620-227-2121 x146<br />Director of Nursing.620-227-2121 x165<br />Human Resources620-227-2121 x113<br />Information Sys Manager620-227-2121 x120<br />Medical Records620-227-2121 x142<br />Dormitories<br />Lincoln Hall620-227-2121 x136<br />Headquarters620-227-2121<br />Accounts Payable620-227-2121 x116<br />Accouts Receivable620-227-2121 x114<br />Hospital<br />Halsey Hall, 2nd Floor620-227-2121 x123<br />Halsey Hall, 3rd620-227-2121 x121<br />Veterans Service Representative <br />714 Sheridan-Unit 87620-225-4041<br />Veterans’ Cemetery<br />714 Sheridan-Unit 66620-338-8772 <br />GARDEN CITY — 67846-6106<br />Field Representative, 302 Fleming, Ste 4620-276- 3102<br />HAYS — 67601-4146<br />Field Representative, 331 E 8th St785-625-8532<br />HUTCHINSON — 67501-5207<br />Field Representative, 1625 E 30th316-662-7131<br />INDEPENDENCE — 67301-3732<br />Field Representative, 200 ARCO Place, Room 421620-331-0540<br />JUNCTION CITY — 66441-0311<br />Field Representative, Municipal Bldg, 200 W7th785-238-4522<br />KANSAS CITY — 66101-2512<br />Field Representative, National Guard Armory<br />100 S 20th St913-371-5968<br />LAWRENCE — 66044-2371<br />Field Representative, 745 Vermont785-843-5233<br />MARYSVILLE — 66508-1844<br />Field Representative, 1201 Broadway785-562-2581<br />PITTSBURG — 66762-2684<br />Field Representative, 3003 N Joplin, Ste F620-231-5880<br />SALINA — 67401-2514<br />Field Representative, 1410 E Iron785-823-2862<br />TOPEKA — 66603-3758<br />700 SW Jackson St, Suite 701<br />Executive Director785-296-3976<br />FAX785-296-1462<br />Field Representative785-296-3976<br />WICHITA — 67218-1698<br />Quality Assurance Office316-688-6869<br />FAX316-688-6868<br />WINFIELD — 67156-0123<br />KCVA Veteran Service, Field Office620-221-9021<br />1220 North Viking Blvd<br />Kansas Veteran’s Home<br />1220 WWII Memorial Drive620-221-9479<br />Superintendent – Jim Hays620-221-9479 x201<br />FAX620-221-9053<br />Clinical Director620-221-9479 x250<br />Computer Help Desk620-221-9479 x272<br />Business Office620-221-9479 x207<br />FAX620-229-9050<br /> Bleckley Hall, 1110 WWII Memorial Drive<br />Cowan Wing620-221-9479 x330<br />Ferguson Wing620-221-9479 x340<br />Hagemeister Wing620-221-9479 x350<br />Peden Wing620-221-9479 x320<br />Social Worker620-221-9479 x360<br />Donlon Hall, 2420 Vietnam Memorial Drive<br />Robb Wing620-221-9479 x120<br />Schmidt Wing620-221-9479 x130<br />Social Worker620-221-9479 x180<br />Human Resource Services620-221-9479 x222<br />Infection Control620-221-9479 x262<br />Information Resources620-221-9479 x270<br />Maintenance Services620-221-9479 x290<br />Medical Records620-221-9479 x245<br />Nursing Services620-221-9479 x241<br />Reception Area620-221-9479 x213<br />Transportation Services620-221-9479 x242<br />CONSERVATION COMMISSION — 634<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1215<br />Suite 500, Mills Bldg, 109 SW 9th Street785-296-3600<br />Executive Director – Greg Foley<br />FAX785-296-6172<br />CORPORATION COMMISSION — 143<br />CHANUTE — 66720-2551<br />Corporation Commission Conservation<br />Division District Office 3, 1500 West 7th 620-432-2300<br />FAX620-432-2309<br />DODGE CITY — 67801-6014<br />Corporation Commission Conservation<br />Division District Office 1, 210 E Frontview, Suite A620-225-8888<br />FAX620-225-8885<br />HAYS — 67601-2646<br />Corporation Commission Conservation<br />Division District Office 4, 2301 East 13th785-625-0550<br />FAX785-625-0564<br />TOPEKA — 66604-4027<br />Commission Info, 1500 SW Arrowhead785-271-3100<br />FAX785-271-3354<br />Administration<br />Chair Wright785-271-3166<br />Comm Harkins785-271-3350<br />Comm Loyd785-271-3350<br />Susan Duffy785-271-3162<br />Energy Office, 1300 SW Arrowhead<br />State Energy Office785-271-3170<br />FAX785-271-3268<br />Efficiency Kansas785-271-3185<br />Facility Conservation Improvement Program785-271-3152<br />Human Resources785-271-3163<br />Legal Department785-271-3110<br />FAX785-271-3167<br />Office of Public Affairs785-271-3140<br />Transportation Div785-271-3145<br />Kansas Trucking Connection785-271-3145<br />Motor Carrier Safety & Compliance Section785-271-3151<br />Utilities Division785-271-3165<br />FAX785-271-3357<br />WICHITA — 67202-3810<br />Oil & Gas Conservation Div, 130 S Market, Ste 2078316-337-6200<br />FAX316-337-6211<br />Conservation Operator Licensing316-337-6194<br />Natural Gas Porosity Storage 316-337-6231<br />Division District Office 2<br />3450 North Rock Road, Bldg 600, Suite 601316-630-4000<br />FAX316-630-4005<br />CORRECTIONAL INDUSTRIES, KANSAS — 522<br />See Kansas Correctional Industries<br />CORRECTIONS, DEPARTMENT OF — 521<br />Also see individual listings for correctional facilitIES<br />See Department of Corrections<br />COSMETOLOGY, Kansas State BD OF — 149<br />See Kansas State Board of Cosmetology<br />COURT OF APPEALS — 677<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1507<br />Court of Appeals, Kansas Judicial Center<br />Chief Judge – Gary Rulon785-296-6184<br />Judges<br />G Joseph Pierron Jr785-296-5408<br />Henry W Green785-296-5409<br />Christel E Marquardt785-296-6146<br />Thomas E Malone …………………………………785-296-5364<br />Richard D Greene ………………………………785-296-5348<br />Stephen D. Hill………………………………………785-296-5410<br />Patrick D. McAnany…………………………………785-296-0571<br />Nancy L. Caplinger785-296-5411<br />Michael B. Buser785-296-8183<br />Steve Leben785-296-3807<br />Melissa Standridge785-296-3025<br />G. Gordon Atcheson785-296-5405<br />Central Research Staff785-296-2639<br />Terri Bezek<br />Clerk of Appellate Courts785-296-3229<br />Carol G Green<br />Reporter<br />Reporter785-296-3214<br />CREDIT UNIONS, DEPARTMENT OF — 159<br />See Department of Credit Unions <br />DEAF, SCHOOL FOR THE — 610<br />See School for the Deaf<br />DEFERRED COMPENSATION — 173<br />TOPEKA — 66603-3937<br />212 SW 8th Avenue, Suite 100785-296-7095<br />DENTAL BOARD — 167<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1220<br />Room 564S, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St785-296-6400<br />Executive Director – Betty Wright<br />FAX785-296-3116<br />DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATION — 173<br />TOPEKA — 66612<br />Secretary of Administration<br />Suite 500, CSOB, 1000 SW Jackson St, 66612-1368785-296-3011<br />Secretary – Duane Goossen <br />FAX785-296-2702<br />Director of Finance – Marilyn L Jacobson785-296-3011<br />Administrative Officer – Delberta Pfeifer785-296-3011<br />Chief Information Technology Officer<br />Suite 751, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St, 66612-1275785-296-3463<br />Executive Branch CITO – Joe Hennes <br />FAX785-296-1168<br />Information Technology Architecture<br />CITA – Bill Roth785-296-2108<br />Bryan Dreiling785-296-2809<br />Enterprise Project Management Office<br />Director – Mary Grace785-368-7093<br />Carey Brown785-296-7266<br />Linda Eagan785-368-7161<br />Javier Zarazua785-296-3329<br />Enterprise Security Office<br />CISO – Larry Kettlewell785-296-8434<br />Rod Blunt785-296-7440<br />Geographic Info Systems785-296-0257<br />Director – Ivan Weichert<br />Department of Administration Fiscal Section<br />Room 600, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St, 66612<br />Pat Higgins785-296-2145<br />Department of Administration Office of Chief Counsel<br />Room 107, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St, 66612785-296-6000<br />FAX785-296-0043<br />Chief Counsel – Patrick Hurley785-296-6000<br />Staff Attorneys<br />Allison K Burghart785-291-3720<br />Daniel J Carroll785-296-8575<br />Bradley Lane Hemsley785-291-3013<br />Shelley King785-296-6866<br />Regulations Editor – Mary Greb-Hall785-296-2701<br />Department of Administration Personnel Office<br />Room 251, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St, 66612785-296-6496<br />FAX785-368-6610<br />Accounts & Reports, Division of<br />Room 351S, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St, 66612-1248785-296-2311<br />Director – Kent Olson785-296-2314<br />FAX785-296-6841<br />Accounts Receivable/Setoff Team785-296-4628<br />FAX785-296-1477<br />Central Services Team785-296-2311<br />Municipal Services Team785-296-2311<br />FAX785-296-1477<br />Central Accounting Services Section785-296-2311<br />Section Manager – Martin Eckhardt<br />Accounting Systems Team<br />Appropriations/Lease Purchase Team<br />Audit Services Team<br />Financial Integrity Team<br />Payroll Services Section785-296-2311<br />FAX785-291-3399<br />Payroll Processing Team<br />Payroll Systems Team<br />Reconciliation/Remittance Team<br />Budget, Division of the<br />Room 504, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St, 66612-1225785-296-2436<br />Director – Duane Goossen<br />Facilities Management, Division of<br />Room 600N, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St, 66612-1220<br />Building Maintenance and Services, Van Pool, Design & Construction, Parking, Real Estate & Leasing<br />Room 600N, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St, 66612-1220<br />Director – Marilyn L Jacobson785-296-6060<br />FAX785-296-3456<br />Asset Management/Strategic Planning785-296-8424<br />Richard Gaito<br />Staff Attorney – Daniel J Carroll785-296-6000<br />Facilities Operations785-296-8070<br />Architecture & Engineering785-296-8070<br />Randy Riveland, RA<br />George Steele, PE<br />George Werth, PE<br />Ron Wright, PE<br />Facilities Planning, Room 102N, LSOB785-296-8899<br />Gary Hibbs, AIA<br />FAX785-296-8898<br />Planners - Phyllis Fast, RA<br />Ray Smith, RA<br />Mark Wendland, PE<br />Code Compliance – Diana Hutchison<br />Design785-296-8899<br />Coordinator/Senior Architect – Barbara Schilling<br />Design – Don Schultz<br />Coordinator/Senior Engineer – Jim Brooke<br />Design – Frank Burnam<br />Plan Room785-296-8899<br />Administration – Lori Ploude<br />Documents – Gina Hunt<br />Reception – Sharon Knowles<br />Customer Service Center, Room 102N, LSOB785-296-1318<br />Service Requests – Days785-296-3144<br />Maintenance & Housekeeping<br />Emergency Nights785-296-3429<br />Fiscal, Room 600N, LSOB – Colleen Becker785-296-1318<br />Freight Dock, Basement, DSOB785-296-2355<br />Parking Administration, Room 102N, LSOB785-296-5191<br />Real Estate & Leasing, Room 600N, LSOB785-296-1318<br />Information Systems & Communications, Division of (DISC)<br />Suite 751S, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St, 66612-1275785-296-3343<br />State General Information785-296-0111<br />NETWORK CONTROL CENTER785-296-2310<br />DISC HELP DESK785-368-8000<br />Director – Joe Hennes785-296-3463<br />FAX785-296-1168<br />Secretary to the Director785-296-3463<br />Bureau of Administrative Services785-296-3463<br />Deputy Director – Morey Sullivan<br />Accounting Services – Jennifer Sauer785-296-2921<br />Central Mail, Room B44, DSOB – David Lord785-296-32 <br />Bureau of Department of Administration Systems785-296-3343<br />Deputy Director – Becky Kersting785-296-3020<br />FAX785-296-6594<br />Systems Development<br />Sarah Gigous (SHaRP)785-291-3027<br />Cathy Jones785-296-4997<br /> Bureau of Information Systems785-296-3343<br />Deputy Director – Loren Westerdale785-296-6236<br />Data Center Manager – Date Center Hosting Services<br />Marsha Rogers785-296-2699<br />Data Center Facilities Support – John Lowrey785-296-5265<br />Operations Manager – Helen Blattner785-296-4109<br />Computer Operations (24x7)785-296-1830<br />Production Control – Linda Schramek785-296-7864<br />Mainframe Operating Systems Support<br />Tivoli Storage Manager Service<br />Jay Coverdale, Technical Support785-296-3937<br />Web infrastructure, Unix/Oracle Support785-296-4106<br />Phil Collison<br />Bureau of Telecommunications785-296-3343<br />Deputy Director – Jay Coverdale785-296-3937<br />Installation & Service – Rick Willoughby785-296-6069<br />Storeroom785-296-1271<br />Network Analysis – Dave Timpany785-296-6150<br />Network Operations Manager – Dave Timpany785-296-6150<br />Network Control Center (Open 24x7)785-296-2310<br />Lead Technician – John Harper785-368-8296<br />Sr NOC Engineer – Scott Steves785-296-6685<br />Planning & Engineering – William S Kelly785-296-1861<br />Telephone Customer Service for Telephones, Data Connects<br />Service Representatives<br />Tony Appelhanz785-296-6802<br />Dan Glotzbach785-296-2470<br />Dave Kaspar785-296-3222<br />Jerry Senne785-296-0529<br />Constant Readiness Center/Disaster Recovery785-296-7422<br />Dan Swearingen<br />Fiscal Services – Pat Orr785-296-7097<br />Office Services785-296-3343<br />Human Resources – Lisa Smith785-296-5501<br />Bureau of Desktop Customer Support785-296-3343<br />Deputy Director – Jerry Merryman<br />Customer Support Center785-296-4999<br />LAN Support Supervisor785-296-4999<br />LAN/Microcomputer Support785-296-4999<br />Small Agency Technical Support – Kurt Dubach785-296-5901<br />Top Secret & Email Administration785-296-4999<br />Long-Term Care Ombudsman, Office of the State<br />Suite 1041, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St, 66612-1220785-296-3017<br />State Long-Term Care Ombudsman – Belinda Vierthaler<br />Toll-Free1-877-662-8362<br />FAX785-296-3916<br />Regional Long-Term Care Ombudsmen:<br />DODGE CITY – 67801<br />1509 Avenue P620-225-2439<br />Region 5 Long-Term Care Ombudsman – Jan Scoggins<br />HAYS – 67601-4143<br />332 East 8th Street785-628-3121<br />Region 6 Long-Term Care Ombudsman – Velvet Johnson<br />OVERLAND PARK – 66202<br />7700 Shawnee Mission Parkway, Rm 203913-236-9378<br />Region 3 Long-Term Care Ombudsman – Joe Dobson<br />Region 9 Long-Term Care Ombudsman – Phylis Toumberlin<br />PITTSBURG – 66762-5101<br />230 S Broadway620-230-0743<br />Region 8 Long-Term Care Ombudsman – Gina Johnston<br />South Hutchison – 67505<br />600 Andrew Avenue620-728-0180<br />Region 1 Long-Term Care Ombudsman – Lori Myers<br />TOPEKA – 66612-1220<br />Suite 1041, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St785-296-2962<br />Region 2 Long-Term Care Ombudsman – Cynthia Bailey<br />Suite 1041, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St785-296-6017<br />Region 7 Long-Term Care Ombudsman – James Grooms<br />WICHITA – 67202<br />130 South Market, Suite 5063316-337-7379<br />Region 4 Long-Term Care Ombudsman – Gloria Simpson<br />Personnel Services, Division of<br />Room 251, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St, 66612-1251785-296-4278<br />Director – George Vega785-296-2541<br />FAX785-296-6793<br />Human Resource Information/SHARP Information and Customer<br /> Support<br />Agency Services Team785-296-4274<br />Manager – Lois Ryan<br />FAX785-296-0756<br />EEO Administration/AA785-296-4352<br />Employment Information785-368-6496<br />Information Services Team785-296-2573<br />Manager – Connie Guerrero<br />FAX785-291-3715<br />Open Records785-296-4743<br />Policy & Pay Administration Team785-296-4863<br />Manager – Kraig Knowlton<br />FAX785-296-0756<br />Civil Service Board785-296-1082<br />Compensation/Classification785-296-1082<br />FSLA785-296-4383<br />Regulations785-296-1082<br />Printing, Division of<br />201 NW MacVicar, 66606-2499785-296-3631<br />Director – Cheryl Buxton<br />FAX785-291-3770<br />Printing<br />Administration – Steve Lindsay785-296-7408<br />Customer Service785-296-0533<br />Shipping785-296-2012<br />Operations – Dennis Smith785-296-2053<br />Bindery785-296-2798<br />Central Duplicating785-296-3382<br />Composing785-296-2794<br />Plate Room785-296-2797<br />Press Room785-296-2053<br />Maintenance – Mike Medeiros785-296-2796<br />Surplus Property<br />Federal Surplus – 2830 SW Kanza Drive785-296-2351<br />FAX785-296-4060<br />State Surplus Property – 2830 SW Kanza Drive785-296-2334<br />FAX785-296-7427<br />Computer Bulletin Board785-296-0695<br />Purchases, Division of<br />Room 102N, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St, 66612-1286785-296-2376<br />Director – Chris Howe785-296-2374<br />FAX785-296-7240<br />Contracting Section<br />Greg Davis785-296-2770Galen Greenwood785-296-2401<br />Bonnie Edwards785-296-3125<br />Galen Greenwood785-296-2401<br />Linda Gronquist785-296-2375<br />Angela Hoobler785-296-5387<br />John T Lowe785-296-3126<br />Jill Martin785-296-3123<br />Connie Schuessler785-296-1171<br />Tami Sherley785-296-3122<br />Open Records<br />Janet Miller785-296-0002<br />Sunflower FMS Project<br />Room 351S, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St, 66612-1248<br />Director – Kent Olson785-296-2314<br />FAX785-296-6841<br />DEPARTMENT ON AGING – 039<br />TOPEKA — 66603-3404<br />New England Building, 503 South Kansas Avenue785-296-4986<br />FAX785-296-0256<br />TDD785-291-3167<br />Toll-free 800-432-3535<br />Information Services Help Desk 785-296-4987<br />Nursing Facility Complaints800-842-0078<br />Program Help Desk785-368-6686<br />Senior Health Insurance Counseling (SHICK)800-860-5260<br />Office of the Secretary785-296-5222<br />Secretary – Martin Kenedy <br />FAX 785-296-0767<br />Special Assistant to the Secretary – Traci Ward785-296-5222<br />Deputy Secretary - Vacant785-296-6681<br />Public Affairs Director – Barbara Conant785-296-6154<br />Chief Attorney – Joann Corpstein785-368-7228<br />Human Resources – Carmen Evers Sellens785-296-6361<br />Administrative Services Comm – Alice Knatt785-296-6464<br />Accounting and Financial Management Director785-296-4037<br />Bob Parker<br />Budget Director – Heidi Burris785-368-7327<br />Information Services Dir – Mike Branam785-296-4606<br />Program Evaluation Director – Brad Ridley785-296-6455<br />Licensure, Cert and Evaluation785-296-3374<br /> Commissioner – Vacant<br />Licensure and Certification Dir – Greg Reser785-291-3374<br />Long Term Care Program Director785-296-1246<br />Vera VanBruggen<br />Mental Health and Residential Care Director785-296-6029<br />Susan Fout<br />Program and Policy Commissioner – Bill McDaniel785-296-0700<br />Community-Based Services Dir – Joyce Smith785-291-3356<br />Information and Community Resource Director785-368-7331<br />Tina Langley<br />Nursing Home and PACE Dir – Dave Halferty785-296-8620<br />Transitions and CARE Director – Deb Schwarz785-296-3591<br />Policy Analyst – Patsy Samson785-296-0378<br />DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE — 046<br />DODGE CITY – 67801-4945<br />Statistics Program<br />Market News Reporter – Steve Hessman620-227-8881<br />EL DORADO – 67042<br />Meat & Poultry Inspection Program<br />Enforcement Investigation & Analysis Officer316-321-3724<br />Mike Pierce<br />GARDEN CITY – 67846-2804<br />Division of Water Resources<br />2508 Johns St 620-276-2901<br />Water Commissioner – Michael Meyer<br />FAX620-276-9315<br />PARSONS – 67357<br />Division of Water Resources<br />Satellite Office, 300 N 17th St 620-421-2697<br />Morgan Pearman<br />FAX620-421-2742<br />STAFFORD – 67578-0357<br />Division of Water Resources<br />300 South Main, Drawer F620-234-5311<br />Water Commissioner – Jeff Lanterman<br />FAX620-234-6900<br />STOCKTON — 67669-0192<br />Division of Water Resources<br />820 South Walnut785-425-6787<br />Water Commissioner – Scott E Ross<br />FAX785-425-6842<br />TOPEKA<br />4th Floor, Mills Bldg, 109 SW 9th St, 66612-1280785-296-3556<br />FAX785-296-8389<br />Secretary of Agriculture – Josh Svaty<br />Deputy Secretary – Vacant785-296-3902<br />Rural Development and Outreach Coordinator785-296-4172Deputy Secretary – Vacant785-296-3902<br />Sarah Green<br />Environmental – Lab Issues – Katie Howard785-291-3965<br />Chief Fiscal Officer – Mark Heim785-296-3230<br />FAX785-296-0673<br />Chief Legal Counsel – H David Starkey785-296-4623<br />FAX785-368-6668<br />Communications Director – Lisa Taylor785-296-3556<br />Homeland Security Officer – Sandy Johnson785-296-8281<br />Human Resources Director – Dennis Peerenboom785-296-4171<br />FAX785-296-3236<br />Food Safety Policy Director – Erik Wisner785-296-3210<br />ACAP Inspection Program<br />Forbes Field, Bldg 282, PO Box 19282, 66619-0282785-862-2415<br />FAX785-862-2460<br />Program Manager – Tim Tyson<br />Feed/Seed – Ken Bowers785-862-6574<br />Agricultural Statistics Service<br />632 SW Van Buren St, Rm 200, 66603-3718785-233-2230<br />KS AG Statistics Director – Glenda Shepler<br />Dairy Inspection Program<br />109 SW 9th St, 3rd Floor785-296-7020<br />Program Manager – George Blush<br />Food Safety and Lodging Inspection Program<br />109 SW 9th St, 3rd Floor, 66612-1215785-296-2264<br />Program Manager – Steve Moris<br />Grain Warehouse Program<br />PO Box 19282, 66619-0282785-862-2415<br />Program Manager – Tim Tyson<br />Laboratories Program785-862-0108<br />PO Box 19323, 66619-0323<br />FAX785-862-0727<br /> Lab Director – Audry Gile<br />Dairy Lab – Canda Harvey<br />Feed/Fertilizer Lab – Ursula Gage<br />Meat/Poultry Lab – Melissa Maksimowicz<br />Micro Lab – Megan Decker<br />PCR Lab – Sarah DeDonder <br />Pesticide Lab – Delbert Smith<br />Meat & Poultry Inspection Program<br />109 SW 9th St, 3rd Floor, 66612-1215785-296-3511<br />Program Manager – Julie Ehler<br />Training Officer – Lynn Rinkes785-296-3513<br />Pesticide & Fertilizer Program<br />109 SW 9th St, 3rd Floor, 66612-1281785-296-3786<br />Program Manager – Dr Gary Meyer<br />Certification – Jeanne Fox785-296-2265<br />Containment – Ken Silver785-296-4179<br />Enforcement – Dan Tuggle – Jeanne Fox785-296-5395<br />Special Registration – Judy Glass785-296-3454<br />Anhydrous Ammonia/Fertilizer/Soil Amendment/Ag Lime<br />Rick Wiedmann785-296-0672<br />Plant Protection & Weed Control<br />PO Box 19282, 66619-0282785-862-2180<br />Program Manager – Jeff Vogel<br />Plant Pathologist – Jon Appel<br />State Entomologist – Glenn Salsbury<br />State Weed Specialist – Darin Banks<br />Records Center785-296-5193<br />Program Manager – Nancy Anderson<br />Division of Water Resources<br />109 SW 9th St, 2nd Floor, 66612-1283785-296-3717<br />FAX785-296-1176<br />Chief Engineer – David Barfield<br />Assistant Chief Engineer – Paul Graves785-296-2683<br />Water Appropriations Program Manager785-296-0757<br />Lane Letourneau<br />Field Office, Building 282, Forbes Field PO Box 19323<br />Topeka, KS 66619-0323785-862-2300<br />Water Commissioner – Katie Tietsort<br />FAX785-862-9110<br />Water Management Services Program Mgr<br />Christopher Beightel785-296-3830<br />Water Rights – Brent Turney785-296-6081<br />Water Structures Program Mgr – Matt Scherer785-296-2933<br />Weights & Measures Program<br />PO Box 19282, 66619-0282785-862-2415<br />FAX785-862-2460<br />Program Manager – Tim Tyson<br />State Meteorologist – Karl A Herken<br />Meteorologist – Kevin Nutter<br />Technical Specialists– Terry Davis<br />Maureen Henzler<br />Lewis Hutfles<br />DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE — 300<br />ATCHISON — 66002<br />Atchison Workforce Center, 818 Kansas Avenue913-367-4311<br />FAX913-367-4265<br />BELLE PLAINE — 67013<br />Tourist Information Center, 770 North I-35620-326-5123<br />CHANUTE — 66720<br />800 W 14th Street, Room 1191 NeoKan620-717-5713<br />Barbara Chalker<br />FAX620-462-8371<br />COLBY — 67701-3666<br />Kansas Works, 1135 Country Club Dr, Ste 2785-462-6862<br />FAX785-462-8371<br />Office of Rural Opportunity, 107 S Range785-443-3002<br />James Foster<br />DODGE CITY — 67801-1029<br />Kansas Works, 2308 First Ave620-227-2149<br />FAX620-227-9667<br />EL DORADO — 67042-0850<br />Butler County Workforce Center, 2318 West Central316-771-6829<br />FAX316-321-7653<br />EMPORIA — 666801-3934<br />Kansas Works, 512 Market Street620-342-3355<br />FAX620-342-2806<br />GARDEN CITY — 67846-5870<br />Kansas Works, 107 East Spruce St620-276-2339<br />FAX620-276-7306<br />Office of Rural Opportunity, 107 East Spruce St620-755-6738<br />Carol Meyer<br />FAX620276-3249<br />GREAT BEND — 67530-4429<br />Kansas Works, 1025 Main St620-793-5445<br />FAX620-793-3188<br />GOODLAND — 67735-0618<br />Tourist Information Center785-899-6695<br />I-70 East Milepost 7, PO Box 618<br />FAX785-899-2616<br />HAYS — 67601<br />NW Kansas Economic Dev<br />Dan Steffen785-217-3252<br />Linda Hunsicker785-215-4484<br />Kansas Works, 332 E 8th St785-625-5654<br />FAX785-625-0092<br />HUTCHINSON — 67504<br />Kansas Works, 1300 N Plumb620-665-3559<br />FAX620-728-8161<br />INDEPENDENCE — 67301<br />Kansas Works, 200 Arco Place, Suite 101620-332-5915<br />FAX620-332-1668<br />JUNCTION CITY — 66441<br />Junction Workforce Center, 1012 West 6th785-762-8870<br />FAX785-762-3078<br />KANSAS CITY — 66101<br />Kansas City Workforce Center, 552 State Avenue913-281-3000<br />FAX913-342-9676<br />LAWRENCE — 66046<br />Lawrence Workforce Center, 2540 Iowa, Suite R785-840-9675<br />FAX785-865-5465<br />MANHATTAN — 66502<br />Lyle Peterson<br />Mobile785-633-8404<br />Kansas Works, 205 S 4th St Suite M1785-539-1574<br />FAX785-539-5697<br />OVERLAND PARK — 66210<br />NE Kansas Economic Development, 9001 West 110th St, Suite 150<br />Natalie Scharff913-345-8072<br />FAX913-345-8094<br />Mobile913-515-8541<br />Barbara Hake913-345-8347<br />FAX913-345-8548<br />Mobile913-375-5835<br />Overland Park Workforce Center, 9221 Quivira Rd913-577-5900<br />FAX913-642-7260<br />PITTSBURG — 66762<br />SE Kansas Economic Development<br />Craig Van Wey785-633-8407<br />Kansas Works, 105 West Euclid Street620-231-4250<br />FAX620-231-6448<br />SALINA — 67401<br />Kansas Works, 203 North 10th Street785-827-0385<br />FAX785-827-2307<br />STERLING — 67579<br />125 W Cooper Avenue620-204-0855<br />Renee Lippincott<br />FAX620-278-4418<br />Mobile620-204-0855<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1354<br />Suite 100, CSOB, 1000 SW Jackson Street785-296-3481<br />Secretary – William Thornton<br />FAX785-296-5055<br />Business Development Division785-296-2652<br />FAX785-296-3490<br />Film Commission785-296-3490<br />Women/Minority Business785-296-3425<br />Rural Development Division785-296-3737<br />Or785-296-3485<br />FAX785-296-3776<br />Community Dev Block Grants785-296-3004<br />Trade Development Division785-296-4027<br />FAX785-296-3490<br />Travel & Tourism Development Division785-296-2009<br />FAX785-296-6988<br />KANSAS! Magazine785-296-3479<br />Toll Free800-678-6424<br />Topeka Workforce Center785-235-5627<br />1430 SW Topeka Blvd<br />FAX785-233-5899<br />WICHITA — 67202<br />South Central Kansas Economic Development<br />Robert Fettke316-655-7055<br />Wichita Workforce Center<br />150 N Main, Suite 150316-771-6800<br />FAX316-771-6891<br />WINFIELD — 67156<br />Cowley Workforce Center620-221-7790<br />Strother Field, 22215 Tupper Street<br />FAX620-229-8133<br />DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS — 521<br />Also see individual listings for correctional facilitIES<br />DODGE CITY — 67801<br />Parole Office, c/o Western KS Assessment Center<br />PO Box 486620-225-6185<br />EL DORADO — 67042<br />El Dorado Correctional Facility – Central316-321-7284<br />ELLSWORTH — 67439-0107<br />PO Box 107785-472-5501<br />Warden – Johnnie Goddard785-472-5501 x 46202<br />FAX - Administration785-472-6365<br />Deputy Warden – Bill Finke785-472-5501 x 46202<br />Engineer – Bud Hachmeister785-472-5501 x 46313<br />Administrative Legal Advisor – Robert Wasinger785-472-5501 x 76657<br />Business Administrator – David Pelzel785-472-5501 x 46203<br />Accounting785-472-5501 x 46208<br />Administrative Legal Advisor – Robert Wasinger785-472-5501 x 76657<br />Procurement785-472-5501 x 46326<br />FAX - Procurement785-472-5501 x 76657<br />Classification – Marty Sauers785-472-5501 x 46240<br />FAX Classification Office785-472-6366<br />Parole Planning/Re-Entry785-472-5501 x 46234<br />FAX – Re-Entry785-472-6372<br />Correctional Facility Specialist – Todd Britton785-472-5501 x 46209<br />Chaplains Office785-472-5501 x 46212<br />Human Resources 0 Jina Murrell785-472-5501 x 46297<br />FAX785-472-6370<br />Training785-472-5501 x 46271<br />Information Resource Specialist<br />James Johnson785-472-5501 x 46358<br />Major’s Office – Robert Murrell785-472-5501 x 46280<br />Captain’s Office785-472-5501 x 46290<br />Intelligence/Investigation Section785-472-5501 x 46301<br />FAX785-472-6369<br />Records785-472-5501 x 46285<br />FAX785-472-6368<br />EMPORIA — 66801<br />Parole Office, 430 Commercial620-341-3294<br />GARDEN CITY — 67846<br />Parole Office, 601 North Main, Suite A620-272-3878<br />GREAT BEND — 67530<br />Parole Office, 1806 12th620-792-3549<br />HUTCHINSON — 67501<br />Hutchinson Correctional Facility – Central620-662-2321<br />Hutchinson Correctional Facility – East620-662-5304<br />Hutchinson Correctional Facility – South620-662-2321<br />Parole Office, 113 West First620-669-0175<br />INDEPENDENCE — 67301<br />Parole Office, 200 Arco Plaza, Suite 360620-331-4854<br />JUNCTION CITY — 66441-1488<br />Parole Office, 540 Grant Avenue, Suite B785-238-1911<br />KANSAS CITY — 66101<br />Parole Office, 155 South 18th St, Suite 120913-621-1830<br />LANSING — 66043<br />Lansing Correctional Facility – Central/East913-727-3235<br />Parole Office, PO Box 194913-727-3235<br />LARNED — 67550<br />Larned Correctional Mental Health Facility620-285-6249<br />LAWRENCE — 66046<br />Parole Office, 1910 Haskell, Suite 5785-842-2926<br />MANHATTAN — 66502<br />Parole Office, 227 Southwind Place785-770-3452<br />NORTON — 67654<br />Norton Correctional Facility785-877-3380<br />OLATHE — 66061<br />Parole Office, 121 A East Park913-829-6207<br />OTTAWA — 66067<br />Parole Office, 118 West 3rd785-242-6952<br />PAOLA — 66071<br />Parole Office, 501 South Hospital Dr, Suite 200913-294-3028<br />PITTSBURG — 66762<br />Parole Office, 1008 West 4th620-232-9550<br />SALINA — 67401<br />Parole Office, 419 West Ash785-827-2584<br />TOPEKA — 66612<br />DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS – CENTRAL OFFICE<br />4th Floor, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St785-296-3317<br />Office of the Secretary785-296-3310<br />Secretary – Roger Werholtz<br />FAX785-296-0014<br />Public Information Officer – Francis Breyene785-296-5873<br />Staff Asst to the Secretary – Jeremy Barclay785-215-2857<br />Fiscal Services, Director of – Dennis Williams785-296-4838<br />Human Resource Director – Jan Clausing785-296-4495<br />Community & Field Services<br />Deputy Secretary – Keven Pellant785-296-4520<br />FAX785-296-0759<br />Community Corrections – Kathleen Graves785-296-4538<br />Community Corrections – Norma McGill785-296-6077<br />Community Corrections – Ron McVeigh785-296-2942<br />Community Corrections – Tina Waldron785-296-0890<br />Interstate Probation & Parole Compact<br />Administrator – Jerry Bauer785-296-0170<br />Parole – Beth Mechler785-296-4706<br />Parole Services – Chris Rieger785-296-6686<br />Probation – Kim Schwant785-296-8069<br />Warrants & Extraditions785-296-5111<br />Facility Management<br />Deputy Secretary – Chuck Simmons785-296-5187<br />FAX785-296-0250<br />Capital Improvements & Facilities Maintenance785-296-0883<br />Mike Gaito<br />Classification – David Riggin785-296-0269<br />Classification – Jeff Smith785-296-4431<br />Risk Management – Bill Cummings785-296-7071<br />Information Technology<br />Director – Bill Noll785-296-5515<br />Application Development – Cathy Clayton785-296-0171<br />Computer Operations – Gary Bach785-296-3243<br />Micro Computer Support – David Merrill785-296-1714<br />Records – Martha Smith785-296-0521<br />Technical Support – Gary Bach785-296-3243<br />Telecommunications – Norman Bacon785-296-2035<br />Legal Services & Investigations<br />Senior Counsel to Sec – Tim Madden785-296-4508<br />ChiefLegal Counsel – Linden Appel785-296-4508<br />Legal Counsel – Fred Phelps Jr785-296-6534<br />Legal Counsel – Shelly Starr785-296-2673<br />Investigations, Dir of – John Lamb785-296-4508<br />Investigations – Roger Bonner785-296-4508<br />Policy Procedures & Accreditation – Al Thompson785-296-4034<br />Legal Services for Prisoners785-296-8887<br />1430 SW Topeka Blvd. 3rd Floor, 66612<br />Parole Office, 1430 SW Topeka Blvd, 3rd Floor, 66612785-296-3195<br />Programs & Staff Development<br />Deputy Secretary – Roger Haden785-296-0460<br />FAX785-296-0759<br />Academic-Vocational Education – Kathie Harris785-296-6533<br />Correctional Industries Adm – Rod Crawford913-727-3249<br />Medical – Viola Riggin785-296-0045<br />Sex Offender Management – Mark Keating785-296-6532<br />Substance Abuse – Kathie Harris785-296-6533<br />Victim Notification, Director of – Debi Holcomb785-296-7429<br />Victim Notification Coordinator – Renee Horinek785-296-8128<br />Victim Notification Coordinator – Jennie Marsh785-296-4494<br />Victim Notification Coordinator785-296-4488<br />Topeka Correctional Facility<br />Central Unit785-296-7220<br />Reception & Diagnostic Unit785-296-7264<br />WICHITA — 67202<br />Parole Office-Central, 210 North Saint Francis316-262-5127<br />Parole Office-South, 1530 S Oliver, Suite 270, 67218316-682-1018<br />Wichita Work Release Facility316-265-5211<br />DEPARTMENT OF CREDIT UNIONS — 159<br />TOPEKA — 66603-3438<br />400 South Kansas Avenue, Suite B785-296-3021<br />Administrator – John P Smith<br />FAX785-296-6830<br />DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, — 652<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1182<br />120 SE 10th Avenue785-296-3201<br />Commissioner of Education – Alexa Posny<br />FAX785-291-3791<br />Deputy Commissioner – Dale M Dennis785-296-3871<br />Deputy Commissioner – Diane DeBacker785-296-2303<br />Assessment785-296-1978<br />Certification785-296-2288<br />Child Nutrition & Wellness785-296-2276<br />Communications & Recognition Program, Dir of785-296-4961<br />Fiscal Auditing785-296-4976<br />Fiscal Services & Operations785-296-3263<br />Human Resources785-296-3906<br />Information Technology785-296-7931<br />Innovation & Improvement785-296-2306<br />Legal Services785-296-3204<br />Public Information Officer785-296-3723<br />Recognition Programs785-296-4961<br />Research & Evaluation785-296-3604<br />School Architect785-296-2627<br />School Finance785-296-3872<br />Special Education Services785-296-3097<br />Standards & Assessment Services785-296-1978<br />Teacher Education785-296-8012<br />DEPARTMENT OF Labor — 296<br />GARDEN CITY — 67846<br />407 Campus Drive, 67846-0994<br />PO Box 994, 67846-0994<br />Unemployment Tax620-276-0807<br />FAX620-276-4038<br />407 Campus Drive, 67846-6124<br />Workers Compensation620-275-0414<br />FAX620-272-0128<br />GREAT BEND — 67530-0685<br />1025 Main St. PO Box 685<br />Unemployment Tax620-792-2804<br />FAX620-792-2360<br />HAYS — 67601-1515<br />205 E 7th, Ste 200B, PO Box 1515<br />Unemployment Tax785-625-6652, 623-2816 or 628-8834<br />FAX785-623-4819<br />INDEPENDENCE — 67301-3363<br />200 ARCO Pl, Suite 123<br />Unemployment Tax620-331-0938 or 620-331-0982<br />FAX620-331-9046<br />JUNCTION CITY — 66441-1067<br />1012-A West 6th St, PO Box 1067<br />Unemployment Tax785-238-5538<br />FAX785-762-3676<br />KANSAS CITY — 66101<br />Unemployment Insurance Contact Center913-596-3500<br />Toll Free Box 2098, 66110-00981-800-292-6333<br />TTY Toll Free1-877-457-5432<br />UI Rapid Response program for employers913-667-1776<br />Fax 913-667-1779<br />MANHATTAN — 66505-0940<br />205 South 4th, Suite 1J, PO Box 940<br />Unemployment Insurance Perf. Mgmt., Suite 1J785-776-8120<br />Unemployment Tax, Suite 1J785-776-5434 or 785-776-1753<br />FAX785-776-0568<br />OVERLAND PARK — 66212-2727<br />8417 Santa Fe Drive<br />Unemployment Tax, Suite 105913-648-6161<br />FAX913-648-8746<br />Workers Compensation, Suite 208913-642-7650<br />FAX913-642-3364<br />SALINA — 67402-2600<br />901 Westchester Dr., Suite B, PO Box 2207<br />Unemployment Tax785-827-0724<br />FAX785-827-0942<br />Workers Compensation785-827-0724<br />FAX785-827-0942<br />TOPEKA<br />401 SW Topeka Blvd, 66603-3182<br />Information/Administration Switchboard785-296-5000<br />Office of the Secretary785-296-0821<br />Secretary – Jim D Garner<br />Chief Administrative Officer – Dorothy Stites<br />Administrative Asst<br />FAX785-368-6294<br />Industry Safety & Health<br />700 SW Harrison, Room 420, 66603-3929<br />FAX785-296-1775<br />Boiler Safety785-296-4379<br />Occupational Safety/Health785-296-4386<br />Staff Services<br />401 SW Topeka Blvd, 66603-3151<br />Communications/Public Information785-368-6357<br />Graphics785-296-7160<br />FAX785-296-0179<br />Credit Union, (Labor & Commerce Employees only)785-296-5015<br />FAX785-296-8046<br />Employment Standards, 401 SW Topeka Blvd, 66603785-296-4062<br />FAX785-368-6462<br />Fiscal Management/Budget, 401 SW Topeka Blvd785-296-3781<br />Purchasing785-296-6524<br />FAX785-296-0753<br />Facilities Management, 416 SW Jackson785-296-5094<br />FAX785-368-7129<br />Information Technology<br />1309 SW Topeka Blvd, 66612-1816785-296-5042<br />FAX785-296-0008<br />Chief Information Officer785-296-5042<br />Human Resources, 401 SW Topeka Blvd785-296-2667<br />FAX785-296-1926<br />Labor Market Information Services785-296-5000<br />FAX785-296-5286<br />Legal, 427 SW Topeka Blvd, 66603-3151785-296-4902<br />FAX785-296-0196<br />Public Employees Relations Board (PERB)785-368-6224<br />FAX785-296-2749<br />Records Management<br />1309 SE Topeka Blvd, 66612-1816785-296-1796<br />Mail Center, 417 SW Jackson St, 66603-3327785-296-5013<br />Supply Center, 417 SW Jackson St, 66603-3327785-296-5095<br />FAX785-291-3757<br />Unemployment Insurance<br />Unemployment Insurance Contact Center<br />PO Box 3539, 66601-3539785-575-1460<br />FAX785-296-3249<br />Toll Free1-800-292-6333<br />TTY Toll Free1-877-457-5432<br />TTY (local calls)785-368-8022<br />Unemployment Insurance Administration<br />401 SW Topeka Blvd, 66603-3182<br />Director’s Office785-296-2150<br />Unemployment Appeals785-296-1800<br />FAX785-296-4065<br />Toll Free1-800-227-0067<br />Unemployment Benefits 785-296-4903<br />FAX785-296-1858<br />Unemployment Board of Review785-296-1852<br />FAX785-296-4065<br />Unemployment Tax-Administrative 785-296-5027<br />FAX785-291-3425<br />Unemployment Tax-Topeka Field Office785-368-8313<br />FAX785-296-5779<br />Workers Compensation<br />800 SW Jackson St, Suite 600, 66612-1216785-296-3441<br />Ombudsman/Claims Advisory1-800-332-0353<br />Director785-296-4000<br />FAX785-296-0025<br />Administrative Law Judges, <br />401 SW Topeka Blvd, 66603785-296-7012<br />FAX785-296-7096<br />Appeals Board, 401 SW Topeka Blvd, 66603785-296-8484<br />FAX785-296-8499<br />Applications, 800 SW Jackson785-296-8481<br />FAX785-296-8580<br />Coverage & Compliance785-296-6767<br />FAX785-296-4216<br />Fraud Unit785-296-6392<br />FAX785-296-7710<br />Mediation Section785-296-0848<br />FAX785-296-0025<br />Medical Services785-296-0846<br />FAX785-296-0025<br />Ombudsman/Claims Advisory785-296-2996<br />FAX785-296-0025<br />Research785-296-6762<br />FAX785-291-3430<br />Self-Insurance785-296-3606<br />FAX785-296-4216<br />Statistical Services785-296-4120<br />FAX785-296-4216<br />WICHITA – 67202-4026<br />Unemployment Insurance Contact Center316-383-9947<br />Toll Free (Out of Area)1-800-292-6333<br />TTY (Toll Free)1-877-457-5432<br />Unemployment Tax<br />209 E William, Suite 400, 67202-4017<br />PO Box 877, 67201-0877316-771-5099<br />FAX316-303-9892<br />UI Rapid Response program for employers<br />209 E William, Suite 400, 67202-4017<br />PO Box 877, 67201-0877316-771-5088<br />FAX316-303-9892<br />Workers Compensation316-771-5099<br />209 E William, Suite 400, 67202-4017<br />FAX316-303-9923<br />Ombudsman/Claims Advisory1-800-332-0353<br />Department of REVENUE OF — 565<br />SHAWNEE — 66216<br />Automated Refund Status<br />Income, Food Sales, Homestead1-800-894-0318<br />Driver License Examining Stations<br />1951 N 63rd Drive, Kansas City, KS 6102-1101913-287-2900<br />6507 Johnson Drive, Mission, KS 66202-2616913-432-2266<br />1829 S Ridgeview, Olathe, KS 66062-2288913-829-2501<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1588<br />Tax Assistance, 1st Floor, Room 150, DSOB, 915 SW Harrison St<br />In Topeka, call785-368-8222<br />Automated Refund Status<br />Income, Food Sales, Homestead1-800-894-0318<br />Kansas Tax Form Requests (voice mail)785-296-4937<br />Secretary of Revenue<br />Room 230, DSOB, 915 SW Harrison<br />Secretary – Joan Wagnon785-296-3041<br />Auto Dealer & Salesperson Licenses, Room 155785-296-3621<br />Civil Tax Enforcement785-296-6124<br />Dealer Licensing785-296-3621<br />Driver Control – License Suspensions, MVR<br />Records, Ins Compliance, Room 100785-296-3671<br />Driver's License Chief Examiner's Office, Room 130785-296-3963<br />Driver's License Exam Station<br />3907 SW Burlingame Rd, 66609-1219785-266-7380<br />Driver's License Hearings785-296-6911<br />Drug Tax Enforcement785-296-7015<br />Legal Services Bureau785-296-2381<br />Liquor Enforcement785-296-7015<br />Alcoholic Beverage Control<br />Media Relations785-296-3041<br />Motor Carrier Property Tax785-296-4510<br />Motor Carriers / Kansas Trucking Connection<br />1500 SW Arrowhead Rd785-271-3145<br />Central Permit785-271-3145<br />Personnel, Room 191785-296-3077<br />Policy and Research785-296-3081<br />Property Valuation Division <br />Real & Personal, Room 400785-296-2365<br />Purchasing785-296-2331<br />Social Security See US Social Security Administration<br />Tax Appeals See your County Appraiser<br />Hearing Impaired Assistance785-296-6461<br />Tax Appeals Hearing Section785-296-8460<br />Tax Fraud Enforcement785-250-0898<br />Tax Operations, Director785-296-6431<br />Underage Tobacco Enforcement785-296-7015<br />Vehicles, Director Office, Room 162S785-296-3601<br />Vehicle Tags & Taxes – See your County Treasurer<br />Vehicle Titles & Registration, Room 155785-296-3621<br />WICHITA — 67202-4002<br />Automated Refund Status<br />Income, Food Sales, Homestead1-800-894-0318<br />Driver's License Examining Stations<br />Andover Square Shopping Center<br />111 W Central, Andover316-733-0106<br />Twin Lakes Shopping Center<br />1823 West 21st N Suite 42-A316-821-9920<br />Tax Assistance, 1st Floor, Room 150, DSOB, 915 SW Harrison St, Topeka, KS 66612 785-368-8222<br />Department of SOCIAL & REHABILITATION Services — 629<br /> SEQ CHAPTER h r 1ABILENE — 67410-2729<br />505 NW 3rd Street785-263-4140<br />FAX785-263-2767<br />ATCHISON — 66002-0246<br />410 Commercial, PO Box 246913-367-5345<br />FAX913-367-1927<br />CHANUTE — (SOUTH EAST REGION) 66720-2914<br />1500 West 7th620-431-5000<br />FAX620-431-5055<br />Region Customer Service Contact620-431-5000 X202<br />Fax620-431-5052<br />COLBY — 67701-2313<br />180 West 5th785-462-6760<br />FAX785-462-6985<br />COLUMBUS — 66725-1510<br />215 East Maple620-429-3014<br />FAX620-429-2466<br />CONCORDIA — 66901-2613<br />1501 E 6th St785-243-4671<br />FAX785-243-1802<br />DODGE CITY — 67801-0019<br />1509 Avenue P620-227-8508<br />FAX620-227-6498<br />EL DORADO — 67042-3185<br />410 North Haverhill Road316-321-4200<br />FAX316-321-1230<br />EMPORIA — (SOUTH CENTRAL REGION) 66801-6147<br />1701 Wheeler620-342-2505<br />FAX620-342-2808<br />Region Customer Service Contact620-342-2505 X207<br />FAX620-342-2808<br />FORT SCOTT — 66701<br />108 West 2nd St620-223-4010<br />FAX620-223-0168<br />GARDEN CITY — 67846-2777<br />1710 Palace Drive620-272-5800<br />FAX620-272-5830<br />GARNETT — 66032-0276<br />504 West Redbud785-448-5459<br />FAX785-448-3611<br />GOODLAND — 67735-0928<br />104 West Hwy 24785-899-5661<br />FAX785-899-3216<br />GREAT BEND — 67530-1245<br />1305 Patton Road620-792-5324<br />FAX620-792-5373<br />GREENSBURG — 67054<br />608 E Grant620-723-3321<br />FAX620-723-2085<br />HAYS — 67601-0549<br />3000 Broadway785-628-1066<br />FAX785-628-8106<br />Region Customer Service Center620-272-5835<br />FAX620-272-5835<br />HIAWATHA — 66434-2275<br />810 Oregon St785-742-7186<br />FAX785-742-2929<br />HUTCHINSON — 67504-297867505<br />600 Andrew Ave, S Hutchinson, PO Box 2978 620-663-5731<br />FAX620-663-7868<br />INDEPENDENCE — 67301-2822<br />200 Arco Place, Suite 220620-331-0350<br />FAX620-331-7667<br />IOLA — 66749-0670<br />406 North Buckeye620-365-2164<br />FAX620-365-5244<br />JUNCTION CITY — 66441-2430<br />1012 North Jefferson Street785-762-5445<br />FAX785-762-5062<br />KANSAS CITY — 66117-0248<br />Gateway I Building, 400 State Ave913-279-7000<br />FAX913-279-7701<br />TTY – VR Unit Answer913-279-7703<br />Region Customer Service Contact785-832-3710<br />FAX785-832-3710<br />Rainbow Mental Health Facility, Superintendent<br />2205 West 36th Ave, Kansas City, KS 66103-2198913-789-5800<br />LARNED — 67550<br />Service Center<br />Larned State Hospital, Chapel Building<br />PO Box 47785-456-4630<br />FAX785-456-4633<br />Larned State Hospital<br />301 KS HWY 264620-285-2131<br />LAWRENCE — 66044-0590<br />1901 Delaware, PO Box 590785-832-3700<br />FAX785-843-0291<br />LEAVENWORTH — 66048-4495<br />515 Limit, Suite 100913-651-6200<br />FAX913-651-2131<br />LIBERAL — 67901-3893<br />615 North Kansas620-626-3700<br />FAX620-626-3702<br />LYNDON — 66451-0130<br />715 Washington, PO Box 130785-828-4491<br />FAX785-828-3137<br />LYONS — 67554-0027<br />217 East Ave North620-257-5101<br />FAX620-257-5634<br />Child Support Enforcement (Newton)620-283-6389<br />MANHATTAN — 66505-2935<br />2709 Amherst785-776-4011<br />FAX785-776-7722<br />MARYSVILLE — 66508-1497<br />406 North 3rd Street, Suite 2785-562-5338<br />FAX785-562-3057<br />McPherson — 67401-0305<br />218 East Kansas, PO Box 305620-241-3802<br />FAX620-241-0710<br />NEWTON — 67114-0895<br />411 Washington Rd., PO Drawer C316-283-3015<br />FAX316-283-6835<br />OSAWATOMIE<br />Service Center<br />616 Brown, 6064-9757913-755-2162<br />FAX913-755-4228<br />Osawatomie State Hospital<br />500 State Hospital Drive, PO Box 500<br />Osawatomie, 66064-0500913-755-7000<br />OSBORNE — (CONTACT PHILLIPSBURG SRS)<br />784 Fourth St. Phillipsburg, KS 67661-1916785-543-5258<br />FAX785-543-5283<br />Child Support Enforcement (Hays)785-628-1068<br />OSKALOOSA — (CONTACT TOPEKA SRS)<br />500 SW Van Buren, PO Box 1424,<br />Topeka, KS 66601-1424785-296-2500<br />FAX785-296-5895<br />TTY785-296-5889<br />OTTAWA — 66067-0717<br />2215 South Main, PO Box 717785-229-8600<br />FAX785-242-5532<br />OVERLAND PARK — 66214-3228<br />8915 Lenexa Drive, Overland Park913-826-7300<br />FAX – Administration Services913-826-7528<br />TTY – VR Unit Answer913-826-7444<br />PARSONS<br />Service Center<br />400 North 32nd St, 67357-0914620-421-4500<br />FAX620-421-9581<br />Parsons State Hospital & Training Center<br />2601 Gabriel Avenue, 67357620-421-6550<br />FAX620-421-3623<br /> PHILLIPSBURG — 67661-1916<br />111 E HYW 36785-543-5258<br />FAX785-543-5283<br />PITTSBURG — 66762-0402<br />320 South Broadway620-231-5300<br />FAX620-231-1921<br />PRATT — 67124-2633<br />802 South Main620-672-5955<br />FAX620-672-9391<br />SALINA — 67401-7441<br />901 Westchester785-826-8000<br />FAX785-825-2519<br />TOPEKA — 66612<br />Children’s Trust Fund/Children’s Cabinet<br />Room 152, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St785-368-7044<br />FAX785-296-8694<br />Toll Free1-877-204-5171<br />Executive Director – Jim Redmon785-291-3233<br />Program Consultant II – Dyogga Adegbore785-368-7044<br />Early Childhood Dir – Jane Weiler785-296-4536<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1505<br />Kansas Council On Development Disabilities<br />Room 141, DSOB, 915 SW Harrison St785-296-2608<br />Kansas Neurological Institute785-296-5389<br />3107 SW 21st St, Topeka, 66604785-296-5389<br />Chapel785-296-5421<br />Community Support Project785-296-5377<br />Engineering785-296-5311<br />Food Service785-296-5355<br />Foster grandparent Program785-296-5474<br />Medical Unit785-296-5401<br />Personnel785-296-5341<br />Purchasing785-296-5356<br />Residential Lodges –<br />Cottonwood Lodge785-296-5471<br />Flinthills Lodge785-296-5431<br />Honeybee Lodge785-296-5306<br />Meadowlark Lodge785-296-5391<br />Sunflower Lodge785-296-5491<br />Security785-296-5404<br />Superintendent785-296-5301<br />Volunteer Services Coordinator785-296-8346<br />STATE OFFICES<br />Docking State Office Building, 915 SW Harrison St, 66612-1505<br />General Information785-296-3959<br />Secretary’s Office & Administration<br />DSOB, 915 SW Harrison St, 66612-1505785-296-3271<br />FAX785-296-4685<br />Communications785-296-3271<br />Governmental Affairs785-296-3271<br />Public Policy785-296-3271<br />Administration<br />Deputy Secretary785-296-3271<br />Accounting & Administrative Operations 785-368-6358<br />Records Center and Warehouse<br />406 SE Jefferson, 66607785-235-8248<br />Audit & Consulting Services785-296-2973<br />Disability & Behavioral Health Services<br />Deputy Secretary785-296-3773<br />Addiction & Prevention Services785-296-6807<br />Community Supports & Services785-296-3561<br />Forensic Services785-296-1809<br />Mental Health785-296-7272<br />Toll Free1-888-582-3759<br />Operations785-296-6999<br />Institutions:<br />Kansas Neurological Institute785-296-5389<br />Larned State Hospital620-285-2131<br />Osawatomie State Hospital913-755-7000<br />Parsons State Hospital & Training Center620-421-6550<br />Rainbow Mental Health Facility 913-789-5800<br />Human Resources<br />Director785-296-3777<br />State ADA Coordinator785-296-1389<br />Information Technology Services<br />503 S. Kansas Avenue, 66603<br />Deputy Secretary785-296-3877<br />Help Desk785-296-4357<br />Integrated Service Delivery<br />Deputy Secretary785-296-3271<br />Regional Offices<br />Kansas City Metro913-279-7000<br />Northeast Region785-296-2500<br />South Central Region620-342-2505<br />South East Region620-431-5000<br />West Region785-628-1066<br />Wichita Region316-337-6314<br />Children & Family Services785-296-4653<br />Child Support Enforcement785-296-3237<br />Child/Adult Abuse Hotline1-800-922-5330<br />Economic Employment Support785-296-6750<br />Rehabilitation Services785-368-7112<br />Client Assistance Program1-877-776-1541<br />Disability Determination Services<br />2820 Fairlawn Road, Suite 100, 66614784-267-0440<br />TTY785-267-0722<br />or Toll Free1-800-685-0122<br />Kansas Commission f/t Deaf and Hard of Hearing785-368-8034<br />Or Toll Free1-800-432-0698<br />Kansas Services f/t Blind and Visually Impaired<br />2601 SW East Circle Drive North, 66606785-296-3311<br />Or Toll Free1-800-547-5789<br />Rehabilitation Center Dormitory785-296-3311<br />Operations785-368-6353<br />Legal Services<br />General Counsel785-296-3967<br />Chief of Litigation785-296-3967<br />HIPAA Director785-296-3967<br />Strategic Development<br />Deputy Secretary785-296-3271<br />SRS Learning Center<br />2600 SW East Circle Drive South, 66606785-296-4327<br />Topeka Service Center (NORTHEAST REGION)<br />500 SW Van Buren, PO Box 1424, 66601-1424785-296-2500<br />FAX785-296-5895<br />TTY785-296-5889<br />Region Customer Service Contact785-296-8768<br />Toll Free1-866-335-0099<br />Child/Adult Abuse1-800-922-5330<br />Child Support Enforcement1888-757-2445 <br />Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP)785-296-2649<br />FAX785-296-5937<br />Rehabilitation and Blind Services785-296-1000<br />FAX785-296-3329<br />Temporary Assistance to Needy Families785-296-1000<br />Personnel Operations, Director of785-296-3777<br />State Hospitals & Facilities<br />Larned State Hospital, Superintendent620-285-4360<br />RR 3, Box 89, Larned, 67550-9365<br />Osawatomie State Hospital, Superintendent913-755-7073<br />RR 1, PO Box 500, Osawatomie, 66064-0500<br />Parsons State Hospital & Training Center, Supt620-421-6550<br />2601 Gabriel Ave, PO Box 738, Parsons, 67357-0738<br />Rainbow Mental Health Facility, Superintendent913-789-5800<br />2205 West 36th Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66103-2198<br />FAX913-755-2637<br />WAMEGO — 66547-1442<br />902 West 5th St785-456-2057<br />FAX785-456-2491<br />WELLINGTON — 67152-3423<br />1116 West 8th St, PO Box 248620-326-7439<br />FAX620-326-8547<br />WICHITA — (WICHITA REGION) 67201-1620<br />230 East William, PO Box 1620<br />General Information316-337-7000<br />FAX316-337-6441<br />TDD316-337-6344<br />Region Customer Service Contact316-337-7601<br />FAX316-337-6441<br />WINFIELD — 67156-0735<br />1809 South Main, PO Box 735620-221-6400<br />FAX620-221-0698<br />DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION — 276<br />ATCHISON — 66002-0345<br />Field Construction Supervisor, 313 Woodlawn Ave913-367-6565<br />FAX913-367-1596<br />ATWOOD — 67730-0156<br />US 36 East785-626-3258<br />FAX785-626-3185<br />BELLEVILLE — 66935-0068<br />US 81 North785-527-2520<br />FAX785-527-5218<br />CHANUTE — 66720-0498<br />District Four Office, 411 West 14th St620-431-1000<br />District Engineer – Mike Stringer<br />FAX620-431-4406<br />CLAY CENTER — 67432-0334<br />US 24 West785-632-3108<br />FAX785-632-3337<br />DODGE CITY — 67801-0729<br />US 50 & US 154620-227-6122<br />FAX620-227-2537<br />EL DORADO — 67042-0888<br />205 Oil Hill Rd316-321-3370<br />FAX316-321-1702<br />ELLSWORTH — 67439-0147<br />K 14 & K 140 West785-472-4447<br />FAX785-472-4676<br />EMPORIA — 66801-6232<br />Construction Engineer, 1205 Graphic Arts Rd620-342-0077<br />FAX620-342-1415<br />GARDEN CITY — 67846- 0619<br />District Six Office, US 50 & Campus Dr620-276-3241<br />District Engineer – Larry Thompson<br />FAX620-276-2333<br />GARNETT — 66032- 0325<br />Junction US 59 & K 31785-448-5446<br />FAX785-448-2486<br />GREAT BEND — 67530-0086<br />US 56 East620-793-5408<br />FAX620-793-6216<br />HAYS — 67601-0760<br />1811 West Frontier Rd785-625-9718<br />FAX785-625-3846<br />HORTON — 66439-0151<br />Area Engineer Office, 1686 East 1st785-486-2142<br />FAX785-486-3788<br />HUTCHINSON — 67501-0769<br />District Five Office, 500 North Hendricks620-663-3361<br />District Engineer, Robert Cook<br />FAX620-663-1804<br />INDEPENDENCE — 67301-0884<br />US 75 West620-331-3760<br />FAX620-331-7017<br />IOLA — 66749-0366<br />1720 North State620-365-2161<br />FAX620-365-2402<br />JUNCTION CITY — 66441-3834<br />Area Supervisor, 2915 South US 77785-238-4900<br />FAX785-238-6255<br />LAWRENCE — 66044-0074<br />Field Construction Engineer, US 59 & US 24 E785-842-0299<br />FAX785-842-5476<br />LIBERAL — 67901-0324<br />US 83 North620-624-4451<br />FAX620-624-2824<br />MANKATO — 66956-0220<br />US 36 East785-378-3166<br />FAX785-378-3800<br />MARION — 66861-3717<br />Cedar St North620-382-3717<br />FAX620-382-2339<br />NORTON — 67654-0350<br />District Three Office, 312 South 2nd785-877-3315<br />District Engineer – Chriss McDiffett<br />FAX785-877-2531<br />OAKLEY — 67748-0516<br />Junction US 83 & US 40785-672-3113<br />OLATHE — 66061-5355<br />1290 South Enterprise913-764-0987<br />Field Engineering Adm, 1290 South Enterprise913-764-4525<br />OSAGE CITY — 66523-0212<br />Area Engineer, K 170 & Ellinwood785-528-3128<br />FAX785-528-3803<br />PHILLIPSBURG — 67661-0268<br />Junction US 36 & US 183785-543-2163<br />PITTSBURG — 66762-0104<br />K 126 West620-231-7560<br />FAX620-231-1149<br />PRATT — 67124-0409<br />309 Iowa620-672-7494<br />FAX620-672-7678<br />SALINA — 67401-0857<br />District Two Office, 1006 N 3rd785-823-3754<br />District Engineer – Randy West<br />FAX785-823-1649<br />SYRACUSE — 67878-0080<br />North Main620-384-7822<br />Construction Coordinator620-384-7821<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1568<br />General Information for Department of Transportation<br />Eisenhower State Office Building, 700 SW Harrison785-296-3566<br />Toll free KDOT Connection.1-877-550-5368<br />– (See Department of Revenue for Drivers License and Titles)<br />Secretary of Transportation, 2nd Floor – West Wing<br />Secretary – Deb Miller785-296-3461<br />Special Asst to the Sec/Director of Public Affairs785-296-3276<br />Julie Lorenz<br />Chief Counsel, Office of, 3rd Floor – West Wing<br />Chief Counsel, Vicky Johnson785-296-3831<br />FAX785-296-0119<br />Deputy Secretary for Engineering and State Transportation Engineer<br />Jerry Younger785-296-3285<br />Deputy Secretary for Finance and Administration<br />Joe Erskine785-296-3461<br />Inspector General, Office of, 3rd Floor – West Wing<br />Gene Robben785-296-5231<br />Administration, Division of, 2nd Floor – Tower785-296-2279<br />Director – Bob Stacks<br />Computer Services, Bureau of, 8th Floor – Tower785-296-3727<br />FAX785-296-6222<br />Administrative Support785-296-4259<br />CPMS Support785-296-0941<br />Engineering Support785-296-4250<br />Enterprise Database Admin.785-296-1810<br />Enterprise Platform Support785-296-0322<br />Fiscal Services, Bureau of, 7th Floor – Tower785-296-3545<br />Chief – Rhonda Seitz<br />Information Resource Planning785-296-2775<br />Infrastructure Solutions785-296-0321<br />Operations Support785-296-4258<br />Planning Support785-296-1793<br />FAX785-296-7927<br />Support Services, Bureau of, 1st Floor – Tower785-296-7907<br />FAX785-291-3714<br />Aviation, Division of, 2nd Floor – Tower785-296-2553<br />FAX785-296-3833<br />Engineering & Design, Division of, 12 th Floor – Tower785-296-2270<br />Director – Dan Scherschligt<br />Asst to the Director – Neil Rusch785-296-0930<br />CADD/CAM Manager – Gary Mutschelknaus785-296-1899<br />Design, Bureau of785-296-3525<br />Chief – Jim Kowach<br />FAX785-296-6946<br />Environmental Services Section785-296-3531<br />Bridge Section785-296-3761<br />Coordinating Section785-296-3531<br />Design Contracts Section785-296-3901<br />Road Section785-296-3901<br />Surveys785-296-5100<br />Local Projects, Bureau of, 10th Floor – Tower785-296-3861<br />Chief – Ron Seitz<br />Right of Way, Bureau of, 14th Floor – Tower785-296-3501<br />Chief – William Vicory<br />FAX785-296-0009<br />Operations, Division of, 8th Floor – Tower785-296-2235<br />Director – Mark Morrison<br />Staff Asst to Director – Carla Mumma <br />Construction & Maintenance, Bureau of785-296-3576<br />Chief – Roy Rissky<br />FAX785-296-6944<br />Asst Bureau Chiefs785-296-3576<br />Change Order Section785-296-3663<br />Contract Compliance785-296-3576<br />Contract & Proposal785-296-3706<br />Equipment Engineer785-296-3662<br />Materials & Research, Bureau of, 8th Floor – Tower785-296-3711<br />Chief – Rick Kreider<br />FAX785-296-6665<br />Chemical Test Section785-296-2231<br />Engineer of Tests785-296-2231<br />Geology Section785-296-3008<br />Geotechnical Engineer785-296-3008<br />Geotechnical Unit785-296-3008<br />Materials Test Unit, 2300 Van Buren785-296-2231<br />FAX785-296-2526<br />Pavement Section785-296-3008<br />Physical Test Section785-296-2231<br />Research Unit785-296-7410<br />Soils Section785-296-3008<br />Engineer of Research – Richard L McReynolds785-296-7410<br />Traffic Engineering, Bureau of, 6th Floor – Tower785-296-3618<br />Chief<br />FAX785-296-3619<br />Lighting Section785-296-3618<br />Traffic Section785-296-3618<br />Sign Shop785-296-2341<br />Special Permits Section785-296-7400<br />Personnel Services, Bureau of, 1st Floor – Tower785-296-3721<br />FAX785-296-0145<br />Management & Budget, Office of, 2nd Floor – Tower785-296-3597<br />Chief – Marcia Ferrill<br />FAX785-296-1543<br />Planning & Development, Div of, 2nd Floor - Tower785-296-2252<br />Director – Dennis Slimmer<br />Program Management, Bureau of, 2nd Floor – Tower785-296-3526<br />Chief – Rosemary Ingram<br />Traffic Safety, Bureau of, 3rd Floor – Tower785-296-3756<br />Chief – Pete Bodyk<br />FAX785-291-3010<br />Transportation Planning, Bur of, 2nd Floor – Tower785-296-3841<br />FAX785-296-7173<br />Public Affairs, Division of, 2nd Floor – Tower785-296-3276<br />Transportation Info785-296-3585<br />Public Information Officer – Steve Swartz<br />FAX785-296-0287<br />District One Office, 121 West 21st St, 66605785-296-3881<br />District Engineer – Clay Adams<br />FAX785-296-1162<br />Area Engineer, I-70 & Gage, 66606785-296-2291<br />Area Maintenance Office, 66606785-296-2291<br />District Administrative Officer785-296-3881<br />District Construction Engineer785-296-3881<br />District Maintenance Engineer785-296-3881<br />District Materials Engineer785-296-3881<br />Field Construction Office, 101 Gage Blvd, 66606785-296-3986<br />Metro Engineer, I-70 & Gage, 66606785-296-2291<br />ULYSSES — 67880-0362<br />Area Office620-356-1531<br />FAX620-356-4361<br />WAMEGO — 66547-0080<br />Area Engineer Office, US 24 West785-456-2353<br />FAX785-456-9851<br />Construction Engineer785-456-2353<br />WICHITA — 67220-1432<br />3200 E 45 St N316-744-1271<br />Metro Engineer – Benny Tarverdi<br />FAX316-744-3064<br />Construction Engineer316-744-1271<br />Construction Engineer, 2431 S Young, 67215-1226316-942-1489<br />WINFIELD — 67156-0639<br />US 160 West620-221-3370<br />FAX620-221-1633<br />EDUCATION, DEPARTMENT OF — 652<br />See Department of Education<br />EL DORADO CORRECTIONAL FACILITY — 195<br />EL DORADO — 67042-0311<br />1737 SE Highway 54, RR 3, PO Box 311316-321-7284<br />Warden316-322-2020<br />FAX316-322-2018<br />Deputy Warden Operations316-322-2022<br />Deputy Warden Programs316-322-2020<br />Deputy Warden Support Services316-322-2022<br />El Dorado Correctional Facility – North Unit316-321-5100<br />1385 NE Shady Creek Access Rd, 67042-8655<br />FAX316-321-0620<br />El Dorado Correctional Facility – East Unit620-637-2943<br />172 Highway 105, Toronto, 66777<br />FAX620-637-2389<br />Attorney316-322-2007<br />Business Administrator316-322-2008<br />Classification Administrator316-322-2005<br />Compliance Officer316-322-2009<br />Human Resource Director316-322-2053<br />Major316-322-2060<br />Physical Plant Supervisor316-322-2091<br />ELLSWORTH CORRECTIONAL FACILITY — 177<br />ELLSWORTH — 67439-0107<br />PO Box 107785-472-5501<br />Warden – Johnnie Goddard785-472-5501 x404<br />FAX – Administration785-472-3639<br />Deputy Warden – Bill Finke785-472-5501 x404<br />Engineer – Bud Hachmeister785-472-5501 x460<br />FAX785-472-4834<br />Administrative Legal Advisor – Robert Wasinger785-472-5501 x409<br />Business Administrator – David Pelzel785-472-5501 x405<br />Accounting785-472-5501 x511<br />Chaplain’s Office785-472-5501 x449<br />Clinical Services785-472-5501<br />Procurement785-472-5501 x471<br />FAX – Procurement785-472-5719<br />Classification – Marty Sauers785-472-5501 x318<br />FAX – Classification Office785-472-5284<br />Parole Planning785-472-5501 x315<br />Correctional Facility Specialist – Todd Britton785-472-5501 x427<br />Human Resources – Jina Murrell785-472-5501 x428<br />FAX785-472-6063<br />Training785-472-5501 x335<br />Information Resource Specialist – James Johnson785-472-5501 x572<br />Major’s Office – Robert Murrell785-472-5501 x402<br />Captain’s Office785-472-5501 x418<br />Intelligence/Investigation Section785-472-5501 x436<br />FAX785-472-6062<br />Records785-472-5501 x438<br />FAX785-472-4667<br />EMERGENCY MEDICAL Services Board — 206<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1228<br />Room 1031, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St785-296-7296<br />Administrator – Robert Waller785-296-7296<br />FAX785-296-6212<br />EMPORIA STATE UNIVERSITY — 379<br />EMPORIA — 66801-5087<br />1200 Commercial620-341-1200<br />FAX620-341-5073<br />President – Michael R Lane620-341-5551<br />FAX620-341-5553<br />Residence – 1522 Highland, 66801620-341-5500<br />Academic Affairs<br /> Provost/Vice President – Tes Mehring620-341-5171<br />FAX620-341-5686<br />Administration & Fiscal Affairs620-341-5173<br />Vice President – Ray Hauke<br />FAX620-341-5553<br />Accounting & Computer Information Systems620-341-5346<br />Interim Chair – Alexis Downs<br />Admissions620-341-5465<br />Director – Laura Eddy<br />Affirmative Action Officer – Judy Anderson620-341-5379<br />Alumni Relations620-341-5440<br />Director – Vacant<br />Art620-341-5246<br />Interim Chair – Cynthia Patton<br />Assessment620-341-5103<br />Director – Anthony Ambrosio<br />Athletic Director – Kent L Weiser620-341-5350<br />FAX620-341-5603<br />Athletic Development – Shane Shivley620-341-6988<br />Attorney – Tracy Greene620-341-5255<br />Band Director – Gary Ziek620-341-5431<br />Biological Sciences620-341-5311<br />Chair – R Brent Thomas<br />Bookstore, Memorial Union620-341-5214<br />Manager – Mike McRell<br />FAX620-343-5844<br />Budget Office620-341-5304<br />Director – Diana Kuhlmann<br />FAX620-341-6014<br />Building Custodial Services620-341-5331<br />Director – Bill Hartman<br />Bulletin Office620-341-5201<br />Business Administration & Education620-341-5345<br />Chair – Jack Sterrett<br />Business School<br />Dean – Joseph Wen620-341-5274<br />Associate Dean – John Rich620-341-5225<br />FAX620-341-5892<br />Butcher Preschool (See Early Childhood Education Center)<br />Career Services620-341-5407<br />Director – June Coleman-Hull<br />Communication & Theatre620-341-5256<br />Chair – Stephen Catt<br />Community Counseling Services620-341-5789<br />Competency Examination Program620-341-5103<br />Computing & Telecommunications Services<br />(See Technology & Computing Services)<br />Conference Scheduling Center, Memorial Union620-341-5443<br />Director – Ed Franks<br />Controller – Mary Mingenback620-341-5413<br />Counseling Services620-341-5221<br />Asst Director – Sally Crawford-Fowler<br />Diagnostic/Tutorial Programs – Bob Goltra620-341-5421<br />Disability Services620-341-6637<br />Director – Shanti Ramcharan<br />Distance Learning620-341-5081<br />Drug/Alcohol Abuse Resistance Training620-341-5221<br />Coordinator – Donna Drake<br />Early Childhood Education Center620-341-5290<br />Director – Keely Persinger<br />Early Childhood/Elementary Teacher Education620-341-5750<br />Chair – Jean Morrow<br />Economic Education Center620-341-5678<br />Director – Robert Catlett<br />Education – The Teachers College620-341-5367<br />Dean – J Phillip Bennett<br />Associate Dean – Ken Weaver<br />Jones Institute for Educational Excellence620-341-5372<br />Executive Director – Larry Clark<br />Professional Education Services620-341-5447<br />Director – K Sue Peterson<br />Resource Center620-341-5292<br />Director – Janice Romeiser<br />FAX620-341-5785<br />School Leadership/Middle & Secondary Tchr Ed620-341-5776<br />Chair – Jerry Will<br />Teacher Certification – Shannon Hall620-341-5412<br />Word Processing Center620-341-5253<br />Educational Theatre Co620-341-5256<br />English, Modern Languages & Journalism 620-341-5216<br />Interim Chair – Marie Miller<br />Enrollment Management620-341-5254<br />Associate Provost – Jim Williams<br />Facilities Planning620-341-5331<br />Director – Bobbi Pearson<br />Facilities, University Physical Plant620-341-5331<br />Director – Mark Runge<br />FAX – Stormont Maintenance Center620-341-5094<br />Faculty Senate620-341-5058<br />President – Carol Russell<br />Financial Aid620-341-5457<br />Director – M Elaine Henrie<br />FAX620-341-6088<br />Foundation620-341-5440<br />President – Judith Heasley<br />FAX620-341-6635<br />Graduate Studies620-341-5403<br />Dean – Gerrit Bleeker <br />Great Plains Studies, Center for620-341-5574<br />Director – Jim Hoy<br />Greek Life620-341-5481<br />Coordinator – Jason Bosch<br />Health Center, Memorial Union620-341-5223<br />Health Physical Education, & Recreation 620-341-5945<br />Chair – Kathy Ermler<br />Honors Program620-341-5899<br />Director – William Clamurro<br />Human Resources620-341-5379<br />Director – Judy Anderson<br />ID Card Center620-341-5859<br />Coordinator – Greg Larson<br />Institutional Research620-341-6839<br />Sr Research Analyst – Mingchu (Neal) Luo<br />Instructional Design & Technology 620-341-5829<br />Chair – Marcus Childress<br />Intensive English Program620-341-5922<br />Asst Director – Roy Briggerman<br />Internal Auditor – John Dougherty620-341-5741<br />International Education620-341-5374<br />Asst Vice President – James Harter<br />Inventory620-341-5413<br />Journalism (See English, Modern Languages & Journalism)<br />Judicial Affairs620-341-5901<br />Coordinator – Stacey Braun<br />Liberal Arts & Sciences College620-341-5278<br />Dean – Steven F Brown<br />Interim Assoc Dean – Gary Wyatt<br />FAX620-341-5681<br />Library, William Allen White620-341-5205<br />Dean – Joyce Davis620-341-5208<br />FAX620-341-6208<br />Library & Information Management, School of620-341-5203<br />Dean – Gwendolyn J Alexander<br />FAX620-341-5233<br />Marketing620-341-5454<br />Director – Brad Goebel<br />Mathematics, Computer Science, & Economics620-341-5281<br />Chair – Larry Scott<br />Mathematics Lab – James Telfer620-341-5342<br />Media Relations620-341-5454<br />Memorial Union620-341-5901<br />Director – David W Hendricks<br />FAX620-341-5844<br />Conference/Scheduling Center620-341-5443<br />Finance & Accounting620-341-5906<br />Programming620-341-5481<br />Service Center620-341-5291<br />Metro Learning Center913-338-4378<br />8400 W 110th Street, Suite 150, Overland Park, KS 66210<br />Asst Director – Jan Farwell<br />Modern Languages (See English, Modern Languages, & Journalism) <br />Multicultural Affairs620-341-5481<br />Director – Barbara Baker<br />Music 620-341-5432<br />Interim Chair – Allan Comstock<br />National Teachers Hall of Fame620-341-5660<br />Director – Jenny Harder<br />FAX620-341-5912<br />Non-Traditional Student Services – Stacey Braun 620-341-5738<br />Nursing Division620-343-6800<br />Chair – Judith Calhoun<br />Pharmacy620-341-5867<br />Photography, University – Dick Garvey620-341-5395<br />Physical Sciences 620-341-5330<br />Chair – DeWayne Backhus<br />Police & Safety620-341-5337<br />Captain – Chris Hoover<br />President’s Office620-341-5551<br />President – Michael Lane<br />FAX620-341-5553<br />Printing Services620-341-5396<br />Manager – Tony Hall<br />Project Challenge/Project Success620-341-5097<br />Director – Trudi Benjamin<br />Psychology, Art Therapy, Rehab, & Mental Health<br /> Counseling.620-341-5317<br />Interim Chair – Brian Schrader<br />Public Relations620-341-5454<br />Director – Marjorie Werly<br />Reading Lab620-341-5495<br />Director – Nelda Epp<br />Registration Office620-341-5147<br />Registrar – M Elaine Henrie<br />Recreational Services620-341-5944<br />Director – JoLanna Kord<br />Rehabilitation Programs620-341-5317<br />Research & Grants620-341-5351<br />Residential Life620-341-5264<br />Director – Cass Coughlin<br />Sauder Alumni Center620-341-5440<br />FAX620-341-6635<br />School Leadership/Middle & Secondary Teacher Ed620-341-5776<br />Chair – Jerry Will<br />Science & Mathematics Education Center620-341-5636<br />Director – Linda Kay Landis<br />Sexual Assault Prevention Program620-341-5221<br />Social Sciences 620-341-5462<br />Chair – Ellen Hansen<br />Sociology, Anthropology, & Crime/Delinquency Studies620-341-5321<br />Chair – Nathaniel Terrell<br />Sodexho Campus Food Services620-341-5277<br />General Manager – Jeff McCullough<br />Special Education & School Counseling620-341-5790<br />Interim Chair – Jean Morrow<br />Sports Information – Don Weast620-341-5526<br />Sports Promotion & Marketing – Tim Callahan620-341-6988<br />Strategic Partnerships620-341-5254<br />Vice President – Jim Williams<br />FAX620-341-5686<br />Student Activities & Greek Life620-341-5481<br />Student Advising Center620-341-5421<br />Director – Bob Goltra<br />Student Government Office620-341-5481<br />ASG President –Jonathan Krueger<br />Student Life620-341-5267<br />Asst Vice President – Lynn Hobson<br />FAX620-341-5884<br />Student Memorial Union620-341-5901<br />(See Memorial Union)<br />Student Wellness620-341-5223<br />Director – Jaqueline Schmidt<br />Talking Books – Toni Harrell620-341-6280<br />Technology & Computing Services (TCS)620-341-6100<br />Associate Vice President – Michael Erickson<br />FAX620-341-5894<br />Theatre620-341-5256<br />Director – Jim Bartruff<br />Theatre Box Office620-342-5374<br />Union Activities Council, Memorial Union620-341-5481<br />University Advancement620-341-5440<br />Executive Director – Judith Heasley<br />Upward Bound – Emporia (Project Success)620-341-5097<br />Director – Trudi Benjamin<br />Upward Bound – Leavenworth (Project Focus)913-682-3217<br />Director – James H Smith<br />Veterans Info – Marilyn Buchele620-341-5267<br />Writing Center620-341-6370<br />Director – Theresa Mix<br />OVERLAND PARK — 66210<br />Metro Learning Center913-338-4378<br />8400 W 110th Street, Suite 150<br />Asst Director – Jan Farwell<br />FAIR, KANSAS STATE — 373<br />See Kansas State Fair<br />FIRE MARSHAL — 234<br />TOPEKA — 66603-3714<br />700 SW Jackson St, Suite 600785-296-3401<br />FAX785-296-0151<br />State Fire Marshal – Daniel McLaughlin<br />Fiscal Officer– Becky Bahr785-296-0657<br />Legal Counsel – JaLynn Copp785-296-3401<br />Chief Deputy SFM – 785-296-3401<br />Chief HazMat Division – Dan Thompson785-296-4239<br />Chief Investigation Division – Rose Rozmiarek785-296-4199<br />Chief Prevention Division – Brenda McNorton785-296-0656<br />Information Systems – Brent Helm785-296-7144<br />FORT HAYS STATE UNIVERSITY — 246<br />HAYS — 67601-4099<br />600 Park Street785-628-4000<br />Toll-Free1-800-628-FHSU<br />Academic Advising785-628-5577<br />Administration & Finance<br />Vice President785-628-4251<br />Asst Vice President785-628-4250<br />Admissions785-628-5666<br />Affirmative Action Officer785-628-4033<br />Agriculture Department785-628-4196<br />Alumni Association/Governmental Relations785-628-4430<br />Arts & Sciences, College of785-628-4234<br />Art785-628-4247<br />Chemistry785-628-5321<br />Communication785-628-5365<br />Journalism785-628-5365<br />Theatre Box Office785-628-4225<br />English785-628-4285<br />Geosciences785-628-5389<br />History785-628-4248<br />Information Networking & Telecommunications785-628-5373<br />Mathematics & Computer Science785-628-4240<br />Modern Language785-628-4244<br />Music785-628-4533<br />Philosophy785-628-4249<br />Physics785-628-4271<br />Political Science & Justice Studies785-628-4425<br />Psychology785-628-4405<br />Sociology & Social Work785-628-5840<br />Asst Provost785-628-4531<br />Athletics785-628-4050<br />FAX785-628-4383<br />Sports Info785-628-5513<br />Audit, Internal785-628-4445<br />Budget & Planning785-628-4513<br />Bldg Maintenance785-628-4259<br />Business and Leadership, College of785-628-5339<br />FAX785-628-5398<br />Accounting & Information Systems785-628-4121<br />Economics & Finance785-628-5805<br />Leadership Studies785-628-4303<br />Management & Marketing785-628-4201<br />Small Business Development Center785-628-6786<br />Business Office785-628-5948<br />Career Counseling785-628-5577<br />Career Services785-628-4260<br />Center for Teaching Excellence & Learning Tech785-628-4194<br />FAX785-628-4043<br />Audio Visual Center785-628-4194<br />Photo Lab785-628-4202<br />Computing & Telecommunication Center785-628-4235<br />Applications Programming785-628-4047<br />Configuration Control785-628-4067<br />Data Communications785-628-4038<br />Information Center785-628-5819<br />Internet Dial-up HelpDesk785-628-5276<br />Telecommunication Services785-628-4488<br />Custodial Services785-628-4297<br />Disabled & International Student Services785-628-4276<br />Docking Institute of Public Affairs785-628-4197<br />Education, College of785-628-5866<br />Educational Administration & Counseling785-628-4283<br />Reading Service Center785-628-4204<br />Special Education785-628-4212<br />Student Teaching785-628-5828<br />Teacher Admissions/Certification785-628-4542<br />Teacher Education785-628-4204<br />Technology Studies785-628-4211<br />Employee Relations785-628-5805<br />Endowment785-628-5620<br />FAX785-628-5625<br />Facilities Planning785-628-4424<br />Faculty Senate785-628-4536<br />Farm785-628-4196<br />Beef Unit785-628-8045<br />Crop and Shop785-628-8713<br />Dairy785-628-8615<br />Sheep & Swine (Farrowing House)785-628-8730<br />Financial Aid785-628-4408<br />Loans & Grants785-628-4022<br />Scholarship Services785-628-4419<br />Work Study Office785-628-5227<br />Food Service785-628-4476<br />Forsyth Library785-628-4431<br />Fort Hays Educational Development Center785-628-4382<br />Foster Grandparent Program785-628-5809<br />Garage785-628-4270<br />Graduate School785-628-4236<br />Grounds785-628-4279<br />Hays Language Institute785-628-4325<br />Health Center785-628-4293<br />Health & Life Sciences, College of785-628-4200<br />Agriculture/Farm785-628-4196<br />Allied Health785-628-5678<br />Biological Sciences785-628-4214<br />Communication Disorders785-628-5366<br />Health & Human Performance785-628-4376<br />Nursing785-628-4498<br />International & Disabled Student Services785-628-4276<br />Jobs for Tigers785-628-4260<br />Journalism, Area of785-628-5365<br />University Leader (Newspaper)785-628-5301<br />Kelly Center785-628-4401<br />Drug/Alcohol/Wellness Network785-628-4401<br />Supplemental Instruction785-628-4401<br />Testing Services785-628-4401<br />Library, Forsyth785-628-4431<br />FAX785-628-4096<br />Mail Center785-628-4400<br />Medical Diagnostic Imaging785-628-5678<br />Museum, Sternberg785-628-4286<br />Off-Campus Programs785-628-4291<br />Personnel785-628-4462<br />Photography785-628-4202<br />Physical Plant785-628-4424<br />Power Plant785-628-4238<br />President’s Office785-628-4231<br />Asst to the President785-628-4232<br />Printing Services785-628-5310<br />Provost785-628-4241<br />Purchasing785-628-4251<br />Radio/TV Station (KFHS)785-628-4198<br />Registrar785-628-4222<br />Residence Halls<br />Agnew Residence Hall785-628-5400<br />Custer Residence Hall785-628-5700<br />McMindes Residence Hall785-628-4900<br />Wiest Residence Hall785-628-4600<br />Senior Companion Program785-628-5809<br />Scheduling785-628-4241<br />Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic785-628-5366<br />Sternberg Museum of Natural History785-628-4286<br />Student Affairs785-628-4277<br />Student Government Association785-628-5311<br />Student Health Center785-628-4293<br />Student Residential Life785-628-4245<br />Student Union (Memorial Union)785-628-5305<br />Accounting785-628-5308<br />Book Store785-628-4417<br />Dining Service785-628-5396<br />Student Activities785-628-5305<br />Student Service Center785-628-5306<br />Tiger Tots Nurtury Center785-628-4101<br />University Police785-628-5304<br />University Relations785-628-4206<br />Virtual College (Continuing Education)785-628-4291<br />Warehouse785-628-4239<br />GOVERNMENTAL Ethics COMMISSION — 247<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1287<br />109 SW 9th Street, 5th Floor785-296-4219<br />Executive Director – Carol Williams<br />FAX785-296-2548<br />Auditors –Kelly Cochran<br />Alyssa Miller<br />General Counsel – Judy Moler<br />Computer Systems Supervisor – Kelly Cochran<br />Investigator – William Beightel<br />Local Campaign Finance Supervisor – Jana Atchison<br />Office Manager – Donna Williams<br />GOVERNOR — 252<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1590<br />Room 241-S, Capitol Bldg, 300 SW 10th Avenue785-296-3232<br />Governor – Mark Parkinson<br />FAX785-296-7973<br />Office of Chief of Operations785-296-4052<br />Chief of Operations – RaeAnne Davis<br />Administrative Assistant – Hope Burns<br />FAX785-368-8117<br />Office of Appointments785-296-4052<br />Director – Melissa Gregory<br />Special Assistant – Pam Balch<br />FAX785-368-8117<br />Office of the Chief Counsel785-368-8767<br />Chief Counsel – JaLynn Copp<br />Deputy Chief Counsel – John Yeary<br />FAX785-368-8901<br />Office of Communications785-368-8500<br />Director, Press Secretary – Amy Jordan Wooden<br />Deputy Communications Director – Rachel Reeves<br /> FAX785-368-8788<br />Office of Constituent Services785-296-6240<br /> Director – Elissa Jones<br />Constituent Service Liaison – Miranda Metcalf<br />FAX785-368-8788<br />Office of the First Lady785-296-3636<br />Chief of Staff – Judyanne Somers <br />Assistant – Jennifer Somers<br />Office of Policy and Governmental Affairs785-368-8500<br />Director – John Polzar<br />Energy Coordinator – Jennifer Knorr<br />Assistant – Penny Letourneau<br />FAX785-368-8788<br />Scheduling785-296-3232<br />Director – Becky Sabel<br />Operations Coordinator – Roxie Ortiz<br />Receptionist – Larry Howell<br />FAX785-296-7973<br />African American Affairs Commission785-296-4874<br />Room 100, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St<br />Director – Mildred Edwards<br />Special Assistant (part-time) – Kathy McLaughlin<br />Governor’s Grants Office785-291-3205<br />Room 304, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St<br />Administrator – Juliene Maska <br />Financial Officer – Jill Stewart<br />Specialist – Kim Gerety<br />Analyst – Connor Sabel<br />Erin Powell<br />Lori Jensen<br />Amy Kramer<br />Kay Stewart<br />Program Manager – John Cronister<br />E911 Analyst – Jamie Bowser<br />E911 Coordinator – Michael Webb<br />Attorney (part time) – Erica Haas<br />Training Coordinator – Tracy Khounsavanh<br />FAX785-291-3204<br />Hispanic & Latino American Affairs Commission785-296-3465<br />Room 101, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St<br />Director – Shala Perez<br />Special Assistant (part-time) – Kathy McLaughlin<br />HEALING ARTS, STATE BOARD OF — 105<br />TOPEKA — 66603-3068<br />235 South Topeka Blvd785-296-7413<br />Toll Free1-888-886-7205<br />Executive Assistant, Cathy Brown785-296-3680<br />Human Resources Contact, Barbara Montgomery785-296-3680<br />FAX785-296-0852<br />FAX785-368-7102<br />HEALTH & ENVIRONMENT, Dept OF — 264<br />CHANUTE — 66720-9701<br />SE District Office, 1500 W 7th620-431-2390<br />FAX620-431-1211<br />DODGE CITY — 67801-6098<br />SW District Office, 302 W McArtor Rd………………….620-225-0596 <br />FAX620-225-3731 <br />FRONTENAC — 66763-1418<br />Surface Mining Section, 4033 N Parkview Drive620-231-8540<br />FAX620-231-0753<br />HAYS — 67601-2651<br />NW District Office, 2301 E 13th Street785-625-5663<br />FAX785-625-4005<br />LAWRENCE — 66046-4417<br />NE District Office, 800 W 24th785-842-4600<br />FAX785-842-3537<br />SALINA — 67401-7699 <br />NC District Office, 2501 Market Place, Suite D785-827-9639<br />FAX785-827-1544<br />TOPEKA — 66612<br />General Information785-296-1500<br />Secretary of Health & Environment, CSOB<br />1000 SW Jackson St, Suite 540785-296-0461<br />Secretary – Roderick L Bremby<br />FAX785-368-6368<br />Budget Services, Suite 570785-296-0461<br />Director – Aaron Dunkel<br />FAX785-296-8465<br />Human Resources Management, Suite 580785-296-1290<br />Director – Jessica Abel<br />FAX – (Human Resources)785-296-1108<br />FAX – (Service Quality)785-296-8465<br />Information Systems, Suite 010785-296-0462<br />Director – Norma Jean Schaefer<br />FAX785-368-7033<br />Legal Services, Suite 560 785-296-5334<br />Director – Yvonne Anderson<br />FAX785-291-3607<br />Public Information, Suite 540785-296-5795<br />Director – Kristi Pankratz<br />FAX785-296-6231<br />Environment, Division of, Suite 400 785-296-1535<br />Director – John Mitchell<br />FAX785-296-8464<br />Air, Bureau of, Suite 310785-296-6024<br />Director – Rick Brunetti<br />FAX – (Air Operating Construction & Compliance)785-291-3953<br />FAX – (Asbestos, Right to Know, Air Monitoring)785-296-7455<br />Environmental Field Services, Bureau of, Ste 430785-296-6603<br />Director – Leo Henning<br />FAX785-291-3266<br />Environmental Remediation, Bureau of, Suite 410 785-296-1660<br />Director – Gary Blackburn<br />FAX785-296-1686<br />FAX – (Assessment & Restoration)785-296-4823<br />FAX – (Remedial)785-296-7030<br />FAX – (Storage Tank)785-296-6190<br />Waste Management, Bureau of, Suite 320785-296-1612<br />Director – William Bider<br />FAX 785-296-8909<br />FAX – (Solid Waste Permit/Haz Waste Permit)785-296-1592<br />FAX – (Waste Compliance)785-296-8909<br />FAX – (Compliance & Enforcement)785-296-8642<br />Water, Bureau of, Suite 420785-296-5500<br />Director – Karl Mueldener<br />FAX785-296-5509<br />Health, Division of, Suite 300785-296-1086<br />Director – Jason Eberhart-Phillips MD<br />FAX785-296-1562<br />Child Care Lic & Hlth Fac, Bureau of, Suite 200785-296-1226<br />Director – Joe Kroll<br />FAX – (Health Facilities)785-296-1266<br />Child Care Licensing Section785-296-1270<br /> FAX – (Child Care Licenses)785-296-7025<br />Health Occupations Credentialing Section785-296-1281<br /> FAX785-296-3075<br />Disease Control & Prevention, Bureau of – Suite 210785-368-6427<br />Director – Brenda Walker<br />HIV………………………………………………………...785-296-6174<br />FAX785-296-4197<br />Immunization785-296-5591<br />FAX785-296-6510<br />Sexually Transmitted Diseases785-296-5596<br />FAX785-296-5590<br />Tuberculosis785-296-2547<br />FAX785-291-3732<br />Environmental Health, Office of, Suite 300785-296-5606<br />Director – Tom Langer<br />Family Heath, Bureau of, Ste 220785-291-3368<br />Director – Linda Kenney<br />FAX785-296-8626<br />FAX – (Children’s Developmental Services)785-296-8626<br />FAX – (Children & Families)785-296-4166<br />FAX – (Nutrition & WIC)785-296-1326<br />FAX – (Special Health Services)785-296-8616<br />Health Promotion, Office of, Suite 230785-296-8126<br />Director – Paula Clayton<br />FAX785-296-8059<br />FAX – (Injury/Disability)785-296-8645<br />Local & Rural Health, Office of, Suite 340785-296-1806<br />Director – Richard Morrissey<br />FAX785-296-1231<br />Oral Health, Office of, Suite 300785-296-6536<br />Director – Katherine Weno, MD<br />Public Health & Information, Bureau of, Suite 110785-296-1415<br />Interim Director – Elizabeth Saadi, PhD<br />FAX785-296-8869<br />Health Assessment, Office of, Suite 130785-296-8627<br />Director – Elizabeth Saadi, PhD<br />FAX785-296-8869<br />Vital Statistics, Office of, Suite 120785-296-1423<br />Director – Donna Calabrese<br />FAX785-296-8869<br />Customer Service (Vital Statistics)785-296-1400<br />FAX785-296-8075<br />Public Health Preparedness, Bureau of, Suite 330785-296-8605<br />Director – Minde Reece<br />FAX785-296-2625<br />Surveillance & Epidemiology, Office of, Suite 210785-296-1059<br />Interim Director – Charlie Hunt<br />FAX785-291-3775<br />Emergency Reporting – (After 5PM & Weekends)<br />Infectious Diseases877-427-7317, Option 5<br />Health & Environment Lab, Forbes 740, 66620785-296-1620<br />Interim Director – Dennis Dobson<br />FAX785-296-1641<br />WICHITA — 67202-3802<br />South Central District Office, 130 S Market, Rm 6050316-337-6020<br />FAX316-337-6023<br />HEALTH CARE stabilization funD — 270<br />TOPEKA — 66603-3912<br />300 SW 8th Avenue, 2nd Floor785-291-3777<br />Executive Director – Charles Wheelen<br />Chief Attorney – Rita L Noll785-291-3407<br />Compliance Section<br />Compliance Supervisor – Lorie Anderson785-291-3411<br />FAX785-291-3550<br />HEALTH Policy Authority, KANSAS — 171<br />See Kansas Health Policy Authority<br />HEARING instruments DISPENSERS, BoarD OF EXAMINERS — 266<br />WICHITA — 67201-0252<br />PO Box 252316-263-0774<br /> Executive Officer – Sherry DuPerier<br />FAX316-264-2681<br />HIGHWAY PATROL — 280<br />CHANUTE — 66720-2801<br />Troop H Office, 301 West 14th620-431-2100<br />FAX620-431-2110<br />Troop H Commander – Capt Richard Wilson<br />GARDEN CITY — 67846<br />Troop E Office, 2222 East Hwy 50620-276-3201<br />FAX620-276-2386<br />Troop E Commander – Capt Robert Maier<br />HAYS — 67601-0876<br />Troop D Office, PO Box 876785-625-3518<br />FAX785-625-8766<br />Troop D Commander – Capt Mike Murphy<br />OLATHE — 66061-5355<br />Troop A Office, 1220 South Enterprise913-782-8100<br />FAX913-782-0429<br />Troop A Commander – Capt Dek Kruger<br />SALINA — 67401-3406<br />2019 East Iron Ave, Troop C Office785-827-3065<br />FAX785-822-1767<br />Troop C Commander – Capt Jason DeVore<br />Central Dispatch785-827-4437<br />FAX785-822-1799<br />Communications/KCJIS/NCIC785-827-3065<br />Troop M Commander – Capt Randy Moon<br />Central Supply785-820-9550<br />FAX785-823-8541<br />Training Academy (Troop J), 2025 East Iron Ave785-822-1700<br />FAX785-823-7253<br />Troop J Commander – Capt Dennis Gassman<br />SRT/Police Service Dog Unit785-827-3065<br />Commander – Capt Rick Peters<br />TOPEKA <br />Capitol Police, DSOB, 915 SW Harrison, 66612-1505785-296-3420<br />Capt Marc McCune<br />Emergency785-296-1111<br />Administration785-296-4204<br />Central Monitoring785-296-1818<br />Dispatch785-296-3420<br />FAX785-296-0725<br />Guard Stations<br />Capitol Bldg785-368-8484<br />Docking State Office Bldg785-368-8074<br />Judicial Center785-296-2654<br />Landon State Office Bldg785-368-8036<br />Memorial Bldg785-368-8037<br />General Headquarters, 122 SW 7th St, 66603-3847785-296-6800<br />Superintendent 785-296-5961<br />Col. Terry Maple<br />Asst Superintendent 785-296-5959<br />Lt. Col. Robert Ladner<br />Administration, Director of785-296-8084<br />Herman T Jones<br />Records Department785-296-5992<br />Mary Parmentier<br />Public and Gov. Affairs785-296-5958<br />Maj. Mark Bruce<br />Capt Art Wilburn 785-296-4518<br />East Region Commander 785-296-5961<br />Maj. Mark A Goodloe<br />Homeland Security 785-296-5985<br />Capt. John Eichkorn<br />Fiscal Management 785-296-5966<br />Sheryl Weller<br />Accounting Department 785-296-5983<br />Kim Torrey<br />FAX785-368-8069<br />Purchasing Department – Richard Oliva785-296-5964<br />Richard Oliva<br />FAX785-368-8069<br />Governor’s Security 785-296-6800<br />Capt. Eric Sauer<br />Human Resources Administrator785-296-5995<br />Karen Holzmeister<br />Chief Legal Counsel 785-296-5986<br />Lisa Janati<br />Information Technology 785-368-8077<br />Mark Thurman<br />FAX785-368-7085<br />Professional Standards Unit 785-296-7014<br />Capt. Dan Brown<br />MCSAP Unit785-296-6800<br />Troup I Commander – Capt Dan Meyer<br />Professional Standards Unit – Capt Dan Brown785-296-7014<br />Aircraft Operation/Emergency Operations785-291-3972<br />Capt Eric Pippin<br />Fleet Maintenance, 930 NE Strait Ave, 66616785-296-8535<br />Lt Bradley Bernhardt<br />FAX785-368-6459<br />Hwy Patrol Troop B Office, 220 Gage Blvd, 66606-2022785-296-3102<br />FAX785-296-0726<br />Troup B Commander – Capt. Steve Zeller<br />WICHITA<br />Troop F Office, 3200 E 45 N, 67220316-744-0451<br />FAX316-744-8008<br />Troop F Commander – Capt. Dennis Marten<br />West Region Comander – Maj. Alan Stoecklein<br />Troop G (Turnpike), 9401 E Kellogg, 67207316-682-4537<br />HISTORICAL SOCIETY, STATE — 288<br />COUNCIL GROVE — 66846-1433<br />Kaw Mission, 500 North Mission620-767-5410<br />EMPORIA — 66801<br />William Allen White House, 927 N Exchange St620-342-2800<br />FAIRWAY — 66205-2654<br />Shawnee Indian Mission, 3403 West 53rd913-262-0867<br />FORT RILEY — 66442-0122<br />First Territorial Capitol, PO Box 2122, Ft Riley Grounds785-784-5535<br />HANOVER — 66945-8901<br />Hollenberg Pony Express Station, 2889 23rd Rd. 785-337-2635<br />HIGHLAND – 66035-4191<br />Iowa and Sac & Fox Mission, 1737 Elgin Rd785-272-8681 x 211<br />HAYS — 67601-9212<br />Fort Hays, 1472 Hwy 183 Alt785-625-6812<br />KANSAS CITY — 66111-3208<br />Grinter Place, 1420 South 78th913-299-0373<br />LECOMPTON — 66050<br />Constitution Hall, PO Box 198, 319 Elmore785-887-6520<br />MANHATTAN — 66502-3539<br />Goodnow House, 2309 Claflin Rd785-565-6490<br />PLEASANTON — 66075-9549<br />Mine Creek Battlefield, 20485 Kansas Hwy 52913-352-8890<br />OSAWATOMIE — 66064-0275<br />John Brown Cabin, PO Box 37913-755-4384<br />PAWNEE ROCK <br />Pawnee Rock 785-272-8681 x 211<br />PLEASANTON <br />Marais Des Cygnes Massacre Park 913-352-8890<br />REPUBLIC — 66964-9618<br />Pawnee Indian Museum, 480 Pawnee Trail785-361-2255<br />STUDLEY — 67740-9326<br />Cottonwood Ranch, 14432 E US Hwy 24785-272-8681 x 211<br />TOPEKA — 66615-1099<br />6425 SW 6th Avenue785-272-8681<br />FAX785-272-8682<br />TTY785-272-8683<br />Administration Division<br />Executive Director – Jennie Chinn785-272-8681 x205<br />Fiscal Operations – Debbie A White785-272-8681 x207<br />Maintenance – Douglas Wadsworth785-272-8681 x412<br />Personnel – Debbie A White785-272-8681 x207<br />Public Information Officer – Bobbie Athon785-272-8681 x262<br />Purchasing – Susan Ditch785-272-8681 x172<br />Cultural Resources Division785-272-8681 x217<br />Director – Patrick Zollner<br />Archeology Office785-272-8681 x240<br />Historic Preservation Office785-272-8681 x240<br />Education Outreach Division785-272-8681 x417<br />Director – Mary Madden<br />Capitol Tour Center785-296-3966<br />Program Scheduling785-272-8681 x414<br />Facilities Scheduling785-272-8681 x438<br />Historic Sites Division785-272-8681 x210<br />Director – Terry Marmet<br />Sites Program & Events Info785-272-8681 x211<br />Library & Archives Division785-272-8681 x270<br />Director – Patricia Michaelis<br />Records Management – Scott Leonard785-272-8681 x288<br />Reference Desk785-272-8681 x116 & x117<br />State Archives785-272-8681 x117<br />State Archivist785-272-8681 x271<br />State Records Center785-232-1123<br />Museum of History, Kansas785-272-8681 x418<br />Director – Robert Keckeisen<br />HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES — 428<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1504<br />Capitol Bldg, 300 SW 10th Avenue <br />Speaker, Room 380W785-296-2302<br />Majority Leader, Room 384W785-296-7662<br />Minority Leader, Room 281W785-296-7630<br />Speaker Pro Tem, Room 330N785-291-3500<br />Chief Clerk, Room 477W785-296-7633 <br />HOUSING Resources Corp, Div of KDFA — 175<br />See Kansas Housing Resources Corp, Div of KDFA<br />Human Rights Commission, Kansas — 058<br />See Kansas Human Rights Commission<br />HUTCHINSON CORRECTIONAL FACILITY — 313<br />HUTCHINSON — 67504-1568<br />500 S Reformatory, PO Box 1568620-662-2321<br />Warden – Sam Cline620-728-3338<br />FAX – Central Unit620-662-8662<br />FAX – East Unit620-662-5864<br />Admin Office/PIO620-728-3363<br />Administrator-East & South Units620-738-3290<br />Business Manager620-728-3308<br />Accounting620-728-3304<br />Purchasing620-728-3379<br />Deputy Warden – Support Services620-728-3340<br />Physical Plant Supervisor620-728-3374<br />Deputy Warden, Operations620-728-3363<br />Major’s Office620-728-3368<br />Captain’s Office – Central Unit620-728-3357<br />Captain’s Office – East Unit620-728-3207<br />Intelligence/Investigation Section620-728-3358<br />Deputy Warden, Inmate Management620-728-3336<br />Classification620-728-3314<br />Clinical Services – Central Unit620-728-3319<br />Clinical Services – East Unit620-728-3228<br />Computer Systems620-728-3329<br />Education Programs620-728-3397<br />Academic620-728-3342<br />Vocational620-728-3396<br />Legal Services for Prisoners, Inc620-728-3324<br />Parole Planning620-728-3356<br />Pastoral Care620-728-3323<br />Records620-728-3309<br />FAX620-663-2584<br />SATP620-728-4517<br />Transfer Coordinator620-728-3314<br />Work Release/South Unit620-728-3345<br />Human Resources620-728-3254<br />Staff Development620-728-3239<br />FAX620-662-0596<br />Kansas Correctional Industries – East Unit620-728-3296<br />Legal Counsel620-728-3210<br />State Transportation/Admission Coordinator620-728-3369<br />INDIGENTS’ DEFENSE Svcs, STate BD OF — 328<br />CHANUTE — 66720-2402<br />SE Kansas Public Defender, 10 South Highland620-431-3796<br />GARDEN CITY — 67846-5412<br />Western KS Regional Public Defender, 113 Grant Ave.620-276-8137<br />HUTCHINSON — 67501-5268<br />Reno County Public Defender<br />129 West 2nd Ave., Suite D620-664-5055<br />JUNCTION CITY — 66441-2942<br />Public Defender, 715 North Washington785-762-5077<br />INDEPENDENCE – 67501-0116<br />SE Kansas Public Defender<br />200 Arco Place, Box 116, 67301-0116620-626-5467<br />OLATHE — 66061-3464<br />10th Judicial District Public Defender<br />115 E. Park, Suite 1913-829-8755<br />SALINA — 67401-2354<br />Public Defender, 234 North 7th Suite A785-827-9961<br />TOPEKA<br />Administrative Office<br />714 SW Jackson St, Suite 200, <br />Jayhawk Walk, 66603-3750785-296-4505<br />Executive Director – Patricia A Scalia<br />Appellate Defender Office<br />700 SW Jackson St, Suite 900, 66612-3733785-296-5484<br />Death Penalty Defense Unit<br />714 SW Jackson St, Suite 200<br />Jayhawk Walk, 66603-3750785-291-3976<br />NE Kansas Conflict Office<br />700 SW Jackson St, Suite 1001, 66603-3774785-296-4402<br />Public Defender, 3rd Judicial District<br />701 SW Jackson St, 3rd Floor, 66603-3759785-296-1833<br />WICHITA — 67202-3695<br />Death Penalty Defense Unit<br />115 N. Market, Suite 820, 67202-1822316-264-2605<br />South Central Public Defender<br />604 N Main, Suite D, 67203-3672316-264-8700<br />Sedgwick County Conflict Office<br />150 N. Main St. Suite 410, 67202-1312316-267-1847<br />INFORMATION NETWORK OF KANSAS — 330<br />TOPEKA — 66603-3434<br />632 SW Van Buren785-296-4277<br />Executive Director – Jim Hollingsworth<br />Alternate Number1-800-452-6727<br />FAX785-296-5563<br />Customer Relations785-296-5059<br />General Manager – Lisa Counts785-296-5275<br />Marketing – Shayne Meyers785-296-7717<br />Development – Michael Cook785-296-5059<br />INSURANCE DEPARTMENT — 331<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1603<br />420 SW 9th Street785-296-3071<br />Commissioner of Insurance – Sandy Praeger<br />Assistant to the Commissioner – Karen Rippel<br />FAX785-296-7805<br />Assistant Commissioner – Robert Tomlinson785-296-3071<br />Accident & Health Division785-296-7850<br />Director – Linda Sheppard<br />Actuarial Services785-296-3071<br />Chief Actuary – Larry Bruning<br />Administrative Services Division<br />Financial Services785-291-3800<br />Director – Sabrina Wells<br />Human Resources785-296-8711<br />Director – Deann Tiede<br />Information Technology785-296-3898<br />Director – Neil Woerman<br />Anti-Fraud Division785-296-3918<br />Director – Ted Clark<br />Consumer Assistance Division785-296-7829<br />Director – James Welch<br />Consumer Hotline1-800-432-2484<br />TTY/TDD1-877-235-3151<br />Financial Surveillance Division785-296-7820<br />Director – Ken Abitz<br />Government and Public Affairs Division785-296-7803<br />Director – Cindy Hermes<br />Public Information Officer – Bob Hanson<br />Legal Division785-296-7062<br />General Counsel – John Campbell<br />Workers Compensation Fund785-296-2189<br />Life Division785-296-2710<br />Director – Marlyn Burch<br />Producers Division785-296-7862<br />Director – Dave McKee<br />Property & Casualty Division785-296-7844<br />Director – Dick Cook<br />INVESTIGATION, KANSAS BUREAU OF (KBI) — 083<br />See Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI)<br />JUDICIAL BRANCH — 677<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1507<br />Kansas Judicial Center<br />Supreme Court785-296-5322<br />Chief Justice – Lawton R. Nuss<br />Court of Appeals785-296-6184<br />Chief Judge – Gary Rulon<br />Clerk of Appellate Courts785-296-3229<br />Carol G Green<br />Disciplinary Administrator785-296-2486<br />Stan Hazlett<br />Judicial Administrator785-296-4873<br />Howard Schwartz<br />Law Library785-296-3257<br />Kansas Reports785-296-3257<br />Reporter of Appellate Courts (Decisions)785-296-3214<br />Richard Ross<br />JUDICIAL COUNCIL — 349<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1507<br />Room 140, Kansas Judicial Center, 301 SW 10th Ave785-296-2498<br />Executive Director – Randy Hearrell<br />FAX785-296-1035<br />Juvenile Justice Authority — 350<br />Also see individual listings for each Juvenile Correctional Facility.<br />LARNED — 67550- 9365<br />Larned Juvenile Correctional Facility620-285-0300<br />Superintendent – Kyle Rohr<br />TOPEKA — 66618-1499<br />Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex785-354-9800<br />Superintendent – Michael Fitzgerald<br />TOPEKA — 66603-3757<br />JUVENILE JUSTICE AUTHORITY – CENTRAL OFFICE<br />714 SW Jackson St, Suite 300785-296-4213<br />FAX785-296-1412<br />Office of the Commissioner785-296-4213<br />Commissioner – J Russell Jennings785-296-0042<br />Chief Legal Counsel – Lisa Mendoza785-296-4213<br />Deputy Legal Counsel – Jeff Cowger785-296-4213<br />Director of Fiscal Services – Keith Bradshaw785-296-4213<br />Director of Human Resources – Craig Kibbe785-296-4213<br />Information Resource Manager – Kelby Marsh785-296-4213<br />Information System Helpdesk785-268-7309<br />Public Information Officer – Bill Miskell785-296-4213<br />Operations Division<br />Director of Operation – Keith Bradshaw785-296-4213<br />Prevention and Community Programs Division<br />Deputy Commissioner – Dennis Casarona785-296-4213<br />kANSAS ARTS COMMISSION — 359<br />TOPEKA — 66603-3761<br />700 SW Jackson St, Suite 1004785-296-3335<br />Executive Director – Llewellyn Crain<br />FAX785-296-4989<br />Toll Fre866-433-0688<br />KANSAS BOARD OF Barbering — 100<br />TOPEKA — 66603-3742<br />700 SW Jackson St, Suite 1002785-296-2211<br />Administrative Officer – HR (Rocky) Vacek<br />KANSAS BOARD OF REGENTS — 561<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1368<br />Suite 520, CSOB, 1000 SW Jackson St785-296-3421<br />President and CEO – Andy Tompkins<br />FAX.785-296-0983<br />FAX - Academic785-296-4526<br />FAX – GED785-368-8314<br />FAX – Career and Technical Education.785-296-3957<br />FAX – Kan-ed.785-296-7052<br />Academic Affairs – Gary Alexander785-296-3666<br />Executive Asst – Connie Bollig785-296-1237<br />Facilities – Eric King785-296-3421<br />Finance and Administration – Diane Duffy785-296-3421<br />Financial Assistance – Diane Lindeman785-296-3517<br />General Counsel – Julene Miller785-296-3689<br />Government Relations and Communications785-296-1486<br />Kip Peterson<br />Data Research and Planning – Dawn Ressel785-296-3421<br />KAN-ED – Brad Williams785-296-0843<br />KANSAS BoarD OF VETERINARY EXAMINERS — 700<br />WAMEGO — 66547-0242<br />PO Box 242785-456-8781<br />Executive Director – Dirk Hanson DVM<br />KANSAS BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION (KBI) — 083<br />GREAT BEND — 67530-5442<br />West Region Office, 625 Washington620-792-4353<br />FAX620-792-1850<br />Evidence Receiving/Storage<br />Investigation Division<br />Laboratory<br />Special Operations Division<br />KANSAS CITY — 66112-3003<br />7250 State Ave913-288-0080<br /> FAX913-288-0086<br />Evidence Receiving/Storage<br />Laboratory<br />OVERLAND PARK — 66202-3078<br />7700 West 63rd St, Suite 12913-671-2040<br />FAX913-671-2042<br />PITTSBURG — 66762-3906<br />821 North Broadway<br />KDETF620-230-5826<br />FAX620-230-5835<br />Laboratory620-230-5810<br />FAX620-230-5822<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1837<br />State Hq-Admin/Info, 1620 SW Tyler785-296-8200<br />FAX785-296-0915<br />Director – Bob Blecha785-296-8204<br />Associate Director 785-296-8205<br />Deputy Director 785-296-8290<br />Agency Counsel-Asst Attorney General785-296-8207<br />Asst Dir – Field Investigations Division785-296-8219<br />Asst Dir – Special Operations Division785-296-8218<br />Business Manager785-296-8249<br />Chief Information Officer785-368-6437<br />Criminal History Records Unit785-296-2454<br />Communications Unit785-296-8262<br />Document Processing Unit785-296-8276<br />Human Resources785-296-8200<br />Identification Unit785-296-4038<br />Incident Based Reporting Unit785-296-8279<br />Information Services Division, Admin785-296-7404<br />Fax785-296-6781<br />Kansas Offender Registry785-296-2841<br />KCJIS Help Desk785-368-6382<br />Laboratory785-296-8305<br />FAX785-368-6564<br />Toll Free888-452-4522<br />Lab Director785-296-8300<br />Evidence Receiving/Storage785-296-8311<br />Missing Person Clearinghouse785-296-8244<br />Private Detective Licensing785-296-4436<br />WICHITA — 67202-3850<br />130 South Market316-337-6100<br />FAX316-337-6099<br />Investigation Division316-337-6100<br />Special Operations Division316-337-6100<br />KANSAS CORRECTIONAL INDUSTRIES — 522<br />LANSING — 66043<br />PO Box 2913-727-3249<br />FAX913-727-2331<br />Customer Service913-727-3254<br />Operations, Director of – Rod Crawford913-727-3249<br />Business Manager – Teresa Lee913-727-3249<br />TOPEKA — 66619<br />Sales Representative, Forbes Field, Bldg 344785-296-1152<br />Gary McCoy<br />Kansas DEPARTMENT OF WILDLIFE & PARKS — 710<br />BLUE RAPIDS & TUTTLE CREEK WILDLIFE AREA — 66411<br />801 South Main785-363-7316<br />Public Land Manager – Keith Salmans<br />CEDAR BLUFF STATE PARK & WILDLIFE AREA — 67637-0076<br />Park Manager – Christopher Smith785-726-3212<br />Public Land Manager – Kent Hensley785-726-3212<br />CHANUTE — 66720-0777<br />Region #5 Office, 1500 West 7th, PO Box 777620-431-0380<br />Law Enforcement Supervisor – Mike Little<br />Fisheries/Wildlife Supervisor – Larry Tiemann<br />Public Lands Supervisor – Lance Hedges<br />CHENEY STATE PARK — 67025-8487<br />Park Manager – Jody Schwartz316-542-3664<br />CHENEY WILDLIFE AREA — 67570<br />Public Land Manager – Stuart Schrag620-459-6922<br />CLINTON STATE PARK & WILDLIFE AREA — 66049-9707<br />Park Manager – Jerry Schecher785-842-8562<br />Public Land Manager – Chris Lecuyer785-887-6882<br />CRAWFORD STATE PARK — 66734-4045<br />Park Manager – Dave Goble620-362-3671<br />CROSS TIMBERS STATE PARK (see Fall River)<br />DODGE CITY — 67801-6024<br />Region #3 Office, 1001 W McArtor620-227-8609<br />Fisheries/Wildlife Supervisor – Scotty Baugh<br />Law Enforcement Supervisor – Marvin Jensen<br />Public Land Supervisor – Mark Sexson<br />EISENHOWER STATE PARK — 66523-9046<br />Park Manager – Dale Schwieger785-528-4102<br />EL DORADO STATE PARK & WILDLIFE AREA — 67042-8643<br />Park Manager – Doug Lauxman316-321-7180<br />Public Land Manager – Brent Konen620-767-5900<br />ELK CITY STATE PARK & WILDLIFE AREA — 67301-0945<br />Park Manager – Chris Hammerschmidt620-331-6295<br />Public Land Manager – Darin Porter620-331-6820<br />EMPORIA — 66801-1525<br />Research & Species Mgmt Office<br />1830 Merchant, PO Box 1525620-342-0658<br />FALL RIVER/CROSS TIMBERS STATE PARK & FALL RIVER WILDLIFE AREA — 66777-9715<br />Park Manager – Doyle Niemeyer620-637-2213<br />Public Land Manager – Brian Meiwes620-583-6783<br />GLEN ELDER STATE PARK & WILDLIFE AREA — 67446-0298<br />Park Manager – Kurt Reed785-545-3345<br />Public Land Manager – Mike Nyhoff785-781-4884<br />HAYS — 67601-0338<br />Region #1 Office, 1426 Hwy 183 Alt, PO Box 338785-628-8614<br />Fisheries/Wildlife Supervisor – Steve Price<br />Public Land Supervisor – Bruce Taggart<br />Law Enforcement Supervisor – Mel Madorin<br />Parks Supervisor – Troy Brown<br />HILLSDALE STATE PARK & WILDLIFE AREA — 66071-9254<br />Park Manager – Gary Lucas913-783-4507<br />Public Land Manager – Tim Schaid913-783-4507<br />KANOPOLIS STATE PARK & WILDLIFE AREA — 67464-9604<br />Park Manager – Rick Martin785-546-2565<br />Public Land Manager – Eli Markings785-546-2279<br />KANSAS CITY DISTRICT OFFICE — 66215<br />14639 W 95th, Lenexa 913-894-9113<br />Office Secretary – Jean Gatlin<br />KAW RIVER STATE PARK — 66606<br />Park Manager 785-273-6740<br />LOVEWELL STATE PARK & WILDLIFE AREA — 66970<br />Park Manager – Rick Cleveland785-753-4971<br />Public Land Manager – Rob Unruh785-753-4971<br />MARAIS DES CYGNES WILDLIFE AREA — 66075-9607<br />Public Land Manager – Karl Karrow913-352-8941<br />MEADE STATE PARK — 67864-9801<br />Park Manager – Mark Goldsberry620-873-2572<br />MELVERN WILDLIFE AREA — 66868<br />Public Land Manager – Don Patton620-699-3372<br />MILFORD NATURE CENTER — 66441-8369<br />3115 Hatchery Drive, Junction City785-238-5323<br />Info/Education Representative – Pat Silovsky<br />MILFORD STATE PARK — 66514<br />Park Manager – Mike Harris785-238-3014<br />MILFORD WILDLIFE AREA — 67487<br />Public Land Manager – Mark Mohler785-461-5402<br />MINED LAND WILDLIFE AREA — 66762-9588<br />Public Land Manager – Rob Riggin620-231-3173<br />NEOSHO WILDLIFE AREA — 66771<br />Public Land Manager – Monte Manbeck620-449-2539<br />PERRY STATE PARK — 66070-9802<br />Park Manager – Larry Cadoret785-246-3449<br />Public Land Manager – Brad Rueschhoff785-945-6615<br />POMONA STATE PARK — 66543-9162<br />Park Manager785-828-4933<br />PRAIRIE DOG ST PARK & NORTON WILDLIFE — 67654-0431<br />Park Manager – Steve Mathes785-877-2953<br />Public Land Manager – Cris Mulder785-877-2953<br />PRATT — 67124-8174<br />Operations Office, 512 SE 25th Ave620-672-5911<br />FAX620-672-6020<br />Administrative Services – Cindy Livingston620-672-0754<br />Asst Secretary Ops – Keith Sexson620-672-0701<br />Commission Secretary – Sheila Kemmis620-672-0702<br />Data Processing – Randy Oiler620-672-0713<br />Environmental Services – Murray Laubhan620-672-0744<br />Engineering Services – Mike Fairleigh620-672-0762<br />Finance & Accounting – Don Dilling620-672-0755<br />Fisheries Management Specialist – Kyle Austin620-672-0794<br />Fisheries & Wildlife Division – Joe Kramer620-672-0790<br />Fisheries Management Section – Doug Nygren620-672-0793<br />Hunter Education – Wayne Doyle620-672-0768<br />Kansas WILDLIFE & PARKS Editor - Mike Miller620-672-0765<br />Law Enforcement Division – Kevin Jones620-672-0705<br />License & Revenue – Karen Beard620-672-0735<br />Parks Division – Jerry Hover620-672-0740<br />Payroll – Heather Rice620-672-0733<br />Personnel – Shannon Swafford620-672-0704<br />Planning – Laurel Yasui620-672-0799<br />Private Land Coordinator – Brad Simpson620-672-0760<br />Procurement620-672-0715<br />Public Information Section – Bob Mathews620-672-0719<br />Public Lands – Robert Barbee620-672-0786<br />Wildlife Management – Mike Mitchener620-672-0796<br />Wildlife Education – Mike Rader620-672-0708<br />SCOTT STATE PARK — 67871-1075<br />Park Manager – Rick Stevens620-872-2061<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1327<br />1020 South Kansas Avenue, Room 200785-296-2281<br />Secretary – Mike Hayden<br />FAX785-296-6953<br />Asst Secretary-Admin – Richard Koerth785-296-6026<br />Budget Section – John Spurgeon785-296-3885<br />Engineering Section – Norm Davis785-296-3859<br />Federal Grants – Carl Magnuson785-296-1618<br />Legal Section – Chris Tymeson785-296-1032<br />Natural Resources Coordinator – Steve Adams785-296-0019<br />Planning – Terry Denker785-296-2734<br />Region #2 Office, 300 SW Wanamaker, 66606785-273-6740<br />Fisheries/Wildlife Supervisor – Roger Wolfe<br />Law Enforcement Supervisor – Rob Ladner<br />Park Supervisor – Bill Porter<br />Public Land Supervisor – John Silovsky<br />TORONTO STATE PARK (see Fall River)<br />TUTTLE CREEK STATE PARK & WILDLIFE AREA — 66502-8812<br />(Wildlife Area see Blue Rapids)<br />Park Manager – Todd Lovin785-539-7941<br />Public Land Manager – Keith Salmans785-363-7316<br />WICHITA — 67220<br />Region #4 Office, 6232 E 29th St N316-683-8069<br />Fisheries/Wildlife Supervisor – Tom Swan<br />Park Supervisor – Alan Stark<br />Public Land Supervisor – Randy Clark<br />Law Enforcement Supervisor – Val Jansen<br />Great Plains Nature Center<br />Public Information Rep – Marc Murrell316-683-5499<br />WEBSTER STATE PARK & WILDLIFE AREA — 67669-8834<br />Park Manager – Zach Kesler785-425-6775<br />Public Land Manager – Mike Zajic785-425-6775<br />WILSON STATE PARK & WILDLIFE AREA — 67481-9502<br />Park Manager – Jeremy Zimmerman785-658-2465<br />Public Land Manager – Greg Nichols<br />Kansas DEVELOPMENT FINANCE AUTHORITY — 176<br />TOPEKA — 66603<br />555 South Kansas Avenue, Suite 202785-357-4445<br />President – Steve Weatherford<br />FAX785-357-4478<br />Executive Vice President – Rebecca Floyd<br />Financial Analyst – Todd Frazier<br />Kansas guardianship program — 261<br />MANHATTAN — 66503-0353<br />3248 Kimball Avenue785-587-8555<br />Executive Director – M Jean Krahn<br />Kansas HEALTH Policy Authority — 171<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1220<br />Suite 900, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St785-296-3981<br />Executive Director – Andrew Allison, PhD<br />Deputy Director – Doug Farmer<br />FAX785-296-4813<br />Benefits Administration785-296-6280<br />FAX785-368-7180<br />Group Health Insurance785-296-6280<br />Health Care Commission785-296-6280<br />Health Quest785-296-4304<br />Non-State Employee Group Health Plan785-296-6280<br />State Employee Worker Compensation Adm785-296-2364<br />FAX785-296-6995<br />Medical Policy/Medicaid785-296-3981<br />FAX785-296-4813<br />Customer Assistance1-800-766-9012<br />HealthWave1-800-792-4884<br />Provider Assistance1-800-933-6593<br />Kansas HOUSING Resources Corp, Div of KDFA — 175<br />TOPEKA — 66603<br />611 South Kansas Avenue, Suite 300785-296-5865<br />President – Steve Weatherford785-357-4445<br />Executive Director – Gary Allsup785-296-8609<br />Deputy Director – Norma Phillips785-296-2954<br />Controller – Susan James785-291-3120<br />FAX785-296-8985<br />Housing Information Line1-800-752-4422<br />Asset Management Division785-296-6625<br />Director – Barbara Porter785-296-1932<br />Homeownership Division785-296-2686<br />Director – Brad Reiff785-296-3649<br />Housing with Supportive Services Division785-296-2065<br />Director – Alfanzo Dorsey785-296-2262<br />Rental Housing Division785-296-6847<br />Director – Fred Bentley785-296-3724<br />Kansas Human Rights COMMISSION — 058<br />DODGE CITY — 67801<br />100 Military Plaza, Suite 220620-225-4804<br />Special Investigator – Roma Merza Valencia<br />INDEPENDENCE — 67301<br />200 Arco Place, #311620-331-7083<br />Special Investigator – Lin Gillen<br />TOPEKA — 66612<br />Suite 568S, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St785-296-3206<br />Director – William V Minner<br />Asst Director – Ruth Glover<br />Chief Legal Counsel – Joseph P. Mastrosimone<br />Investigative Administrator, Topeka – Bill Wright<br />Office Manager – Beth Montgomery<br />Racial and Other Profiling Administrator – Rick Fischli<br />Senior Legal Counsel – Catherine Walter<br />Topeka Investigative Administrator – Orie Kirksey<br />Administrative Hearings, Room 568S, LSOB785-296-3206<br />WICHITA — 67202-3802<br />130 S Market, Suite 7050316-337-6270<br />Senior Legal Counsel – Judy Fowler<br />Special Investigator – Jane Neave<br />KANSAS, INC — 360<br />TOPEKA — 66603-3718<br />632 SW VanBuren, Suite 100785-296-1460<br />President – Stan Ahlerich<br />FAX785-296-1463<br />Kansas JUVENILE CORRECTIONAL Complex — 352<br />TOPEKA — 66618-1499<br />1430 NW 25th Street785-354-9800<br />Superintendent – Michael Fitzgerald<br />FAX – Superintendent785-354-9878<br />FAX – Human Resources785-354-9878<br />FAX – Business Office785-354-9878<br />Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex East - Male785-354-9800<br />Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex West - Female785-354-9800<br />Superintendent – Katrina Pollet<br />Lawrence Gardner High School785-354-9880<br />Kansas LOTTERY — 450<br />GREAT BEND — 67530-4295<br />3007 West 10th, Region II620-792-5363<br />FAX620-792-5367<br />TOPEKA — 66603-3638<br />128 North Kansas Avenue785-296-5700<br />Executive Director – Ed VanPetten785-296-5703<br />Executive Secretary – Mary Metzler785-296-5703<br />FAX785-296-5712<br />Asst Attorney General – Stephen Durrell785-368-8320<br />Gaming Facilities, Director of – Keith Kocher785-296-5706<br />Security – Gary Herman785-296-5714<br />Enterprise Security, Director of – Joe Sellens785-368-7207<br />DP Security & Surveillance – Jerry Oliver785-296-5715<br />Sales, Director of – Randy Shields785-296-5768<br />State Sales Coordinator – Lori Koepsel785-296-5798<br />Topeka Regional Manager – Steve Slimmer785-296-5772<br />Great Bend Regional Manager – Pollie Unruh620-792-5363<br />Region I785-296-5774<br />Retail Accounts Manager – Mike Todd785-296-5757<br />Information Technology, Director of – Bill Cavalieri785-296-5782<br />Telecommunications Manager – Steven Crabtree785-296-5784<br />Marketing, Director of – Colleen O’Neil785-296-5710<br />Communications, Director of – Sally Lunsford785-296-5708<br />Sales Auditor and Procurement – Pat Scott785-296-1220<br />Human Resources, Director of – Gail Kennedy785-296-5741<br />Finance, Director of – Carolyn Brock785-296-5781<br />Autoship and Warehouse, Director of – Jim Giordono785-296-5709<br />Instant Ticket Product Manager – J O Walker785-296-5790<br />Kansas NEUROLOGICAL INSTITUTE (KNI) — 363<br />TOPEKA — 66604-3298<br />3107 West 21st St785-296-5389<br />Superintendent785-296-5301<br />FAX785-296-7923<br />Accounting785-296-3166<br />Business Manager785-296-5336<br />Chaplaincy Department785-296-5421<br />Clerical Supply & Duplicating785-296-2899<br />Clothing Store785-296-5315<br />Community Support Project785-296-5378<br />Customer Accounts785-368-7422<br />Dental Clinic785-296-2234<br />Emergency785-296-5404<br />Engineering Department785-296-5311<br />Power Plant785-296-1465<br />Fire & Safety785-296-5404<br />Food Services785-296-5355<br />Foster Grandparent Department785-296-5474<br />Habilitation Services785-296-5300<br />Information Systems785-296-5451<br />Medical Records Department785-296-5366<br />Medical Services Director785-296-1342<br />Medical Unit785-296-5401<br />Nursing Department785-296-1342<br />Personnel Department785-296-5341<br />Personnel Health Department785-296-5374<br />Pharmacy785-296-5396<br />Program Direction785-296-5382<br />Psychology Department785-296-5492<br />Purchasing785-296-5356<br />Risk Management785-296-3371<br />Security785-296-5404<br />Speech Pathology785-296-5452<br />Supply785-296-5430<br />Training & Career Development785-368-6600<br />Treatment Team Areas<br />Flint Hills785-296-5184<br />Honey Bee785-296-2176<br />Work Activity Center785-296-5459<br />Volunteer Services785-296-3866<br />X-Ray Department785-296-2229<br />kansas PAROLE BOARD — 523<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1220<br />Admin, Room 452S, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St785-296-3469<br />FAX785-296-7949<br />KPERS (Kansas PUBlic EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT SYSTEM) — 365<br />TOPEKA — 66603-3869<br />611 South Kansas Ave, Suite 100<br />Benefit and Retirement Information<br />KPERS Information (Info) Line Toll Free1-888-275-5737<br />In Topeka785-296-6166<br />General Information785-296-6666<br />Administrative Division<br />Executive Director – Glenn Deck785-296-1019<br />Communication Officer – Kristen Basso785-296-1759<br />FAX – Administrative Division785-296-2422<br />Deferred Compensation Manager – Faith Loretto785-296-1019<br />General Counsel – Laurie McKinnon785-296-6059<br />Staff Attorney – Kathleen Billings785-296-6963<br />Human Resources Manager – Julie Baker785-296-1476<br />Fiscal Services Division<br />Chief Fiscal Officer – Leland Breedlove785-296-1020<br />Asst Chief Fiscal Officer – Judy McNeal785-296-1024<br />FAX – Fiscal Services785-296-6057<br />Information Resources Division<br />Chief Information Officer – John Oliver785-296-0991<br />Infrastructure Support785-296-1827<br />Manager – Max Williams<br />FAX – Information Resources785-296-6057<br />Investment Division785-296-1018<br />FAX – Investments785-296-1489<br />Member Services Division<br />Member Services Officer – Mary Beth Green785-296-6885<br />Asst Member Services Officer – Renae Forque785-296-7178<br />FAX – Member Services785-296-6638<br />kaNsas RACING & GAMING COMMISSION — 553<br />TOPEKA — 66603-3754<br />700 SW Harrison St, Suite 500785-296-5800<br />Interim Executive Director – Patrick D Martin<br />FAX785-296-0900<br />Animal Health785-296-5800<br />Application Developer – Steve Mumert785-296-8369<br />Assistant Attorney General – Patrick D Martin785-296-5800<br />Chief Audit Officer – David Schultz785-296-8353<br />Chief Fiscal Officer – Neysa Thomas785-296-0386<br />Director of Administration – Don Cawby785-368-6563<br />Director of Audit & Electronic Security785-296-5800<br />Acting Director of Racing – Charles LaBoy<br />Director of Communications & Responsible Gaming785-296-5800<br />Michael Deines<br />Directory of Security – Don Brownlee785-296-5800<br />Human Resources Manager – Brenda Kelly785-296-8364<br />State Gaming Agency (Tribal Gaming)<br />420 SE 6th Street, Suite 3000, Topeka 66607785-368-6202<br />Interim Executive Director – Richard Baldwin<br />FAX785-291-3798<br />Director of Enforcement & Compliance785-368-6202<br />Jamie Nickoley<br />KANSAS SENTENCING COMMISSION — 626<br />TOPEKA — 66603-3757<br />Suite 501, Jayhawk Tower, 700 SW Jackson St785-296-0923<br />Executive Director<br />FAX785-296-0927<br />Kansas State Board OF COSMETOLOGY — 149<br />TOPEKA — 66603-3714<br />714 SW Jackson St, Suite 100785-296-3155<br />Executive Director – Mary Lou Davis<br />FAX785-296-3002<br />Kansas State FAIR — 373<br />HUTCHINSON — 67502-5598<br />2000 North Poplar. 620-669-3600<br />General Manager – Denny Stoecklein<br />Asst Manager – Lori Mulch620-669-3607<br />FAX620-669-3640<br />Competitive Exhibits Director – Debbie Anderson 620-669-3614<br />Finance Director – Amy Craig620-669-3613<br />Maintenance Supervisor – Debbus Luebbers 620-669-3630<br />Non-Fair Events Director620-669-3608<br />Physical Plant Manager – Keith Schroeder620-669-3633<br />Space Sales Dir/Public Serv Admin620-669-3612<br />Special Events Director – Mary Holmes620-669-3610<br />KANSAS STATE SCHOOL FOR THE BLIND — 604<br />KANSAS CITY — 66102-4411<br />1100 State Avenue913-281-3308 x307<br />Superintendent – Madeleine Burkindine<br />Administrative Asst913-281-3308 x306<br />FAX913-281-3104<br />Finance Manager913-281-3308 x304<br />Instructional Resource Center Director913-281-3308 x417<br />Outreach Director913-281-3308 x360<br />Personnel Director913-281-3308 x308<br />Residential Services Dir913-281-3308 x309<br />KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY (KSU) — 367<br />MANHATTAN — 66506<br />Kansas State University Directory Assistance785-532-6011<br />Toll Free Directory Assistance1-800-232-0133<br />Academic Assistance Center785-532-6492<br />Academic/Career Information Center785-532-7494<br />Academic Personnel, Office of785-532-4392<br />Websitehttp://k-state.edu/academicpersonnel/<br />Academic Services & Technology785-532-6520<br />Activity Center785-532-7305<br />Administration & Finance785-532-6226<br />Admissions, Office of785-532-6250<br />Adult Student Services785-532-6434<br />Advanced Manufacturing Institute Center of Excellence785-532-7044<br />Toll Free800-292-4186<br />Emailinfo@amisucess.com<br />Websitehttp://www.amisucess.com<br />Affirmative Action, Office of785-532-6220<br />Agricultural Economics785-532-6702<br />FAX785-532-6925<br />Agricultural Economics Ext785-532-5823<br />Agricultural Mediation Services, Kansas785-532-6958<br />Toll Free1-800-321-3276<br />Animal Sciences (Call Hall)785-532-5654<br />Animal Sciences (Weber Hall)785-532-6533<br />Agriculture, College of785-532-6147<br />FAX785-532-6563<br />Agricultural Economics, Department of785-532-6702<br />Animal Sciences & Industry, Department of785-532-6533<br />Entomology, Department of785-532-6154<br />Grain Science & Industry785-532-6161<br />Horticulture, Forest & Rec Resources, Department785-532-6170<br />Student Services Graduate785-532-7190<br />Student Services Undergraduate785-532-6923<br />Units Office Campus<br />Agricultural Research Center-Hays785-625-3425<br />NW Research-Ext Center, Colby785-462-6281<br />SW Research-Ext Center, Garden City620-275-9164<br />Agronomy, Department of785-532-6101<br />FAX785-532-6094<br />Teaching Office785-532-7258<br />Alcohol & Drug Services785-532-6927<br />Alumni Association785-532-6260<br />American Ethnic Studies785-532-5738<br />Architecture, Planning & Design, College of785-532-5950<br />FAX785-532-6722<br />Architecture, Department of785-532-5953<br />Interior Architecture & Product Design, Dept of785-532-5992<br />Landscape Arch/Regional & Community Planning785-532-5961<br />Student Services785-532-5047<br />Arthur Capper Cooperative Center785-532-5823<br />Art, Department of785-532-6605<br />Arts & Sciences, College of785-532-6900<br />FAX785-532-7004<br />Aerospace Studies785-532-6600<br />American Ethnic Studies785-532-5738<br />Art785-532-6605<br />Biochemistry785-532-6121<br />FAX785-532-7278<br />Biotech Core Facility785-532-5956<br />High Field Protein NMR Facility785-532-2345<br />Biology, Division of785-532-6615<br />Chemistry785-532-6665<br />Communications, Department of785-532-5804<br />FAX785-532-5633<br />Agriculture Education785-532-5804<br />Agriculture Journalism785-532-5804<br />Distribution Center785-532-5830<br />Duplicating Center785-532-5816<br />Information & Education Technology785-532-6270<br />Marketing785-532-1160<br />News Media Services785-532-5851<br />Publications785-532-5805<br />Economics785-532-7357<br />FAX785-532-6919<br />English785-532-6716<br />Geography785-532-6727<br />Geology, Department of785-532-6724<br />History785-532-6730<br />Journalism & Mass Communications785-532-6890<br />Kinesiology785-532-6765<br />Mathematics785-532-6750<br />Military Sciences785-532-6754<br />Modern Languages785-532-6760<br />Music785-532-5740<br />Band785-532-3816<br />Philosophy785-532-6758<br />Physics785-532-6786<br />Political Science785-532-6842<br />Psychology785-532-6850<br />Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work785-532-6865<br />Statistics785-532-6883<br />Women Studies785-532-5738<br />Assessment Office785-532-5712<br />FAX785-532-2120<br />Athletics, Department of Intercollegiate785-532-6910<br />Academic Student Services785-532-3563<br />Auditorium, McCain785-532-6425<br />FAX785-532-5870<br />Box Office785-532-6428<br />Beach Museum of Art785-532-7718<br />Email beachart@k-state.edu<br />FAX785-532-7498<br />Website http://www.k-sstate.edu/bma<br />Biosecurity Research Institute785-532-1333<br />FAX785-532-0973<br />Websitehttp://bri.k-state.edu<br />Bramlage Coliseum785-532-7600<br />FAX785-532-7655<br />Box Office785-532-7606<br />Event Info785-532-7609<br />Budget Office785-532-6767<br />FAX785-532-6748<br />Business Administration, College of785-532-6180<br />FAX785-532-7024<br />Accounting, Department of785-532-6184<br />FAX785-532-5959<br />Finance, Department of785-532-6892<br />Management, Department of785-532-6296<br />Marketing, Department of785-532-6008<br />Student Services, Undergraduate & Graduate785-532-6180<br />Career & Employment Services785-532-6506<br />Center for the Advancement of Teaching & Learning785-532-7828<br />Center for Engagement & Community Development785-532-6868<br />Center on Aging785-532-5945<br />FAX785-532-5946<br />Websitehttp://www.humec.k-state.edu/aging/<br />Chemical Engineering, Department of785-532-5584<br />Email che@k-state.edu<br />FAX785-532-7372<br />Website http://www.che.k-state.edu/<br />Chemistry, Department785-532-6665<br />Child Development Center (KSU)785-532-3700<br />FAX785-532-2036<br />Collegian, K-State785-532-6555<br />Communications, Department785-532-5804<br />FAX785-532-5633<br />Agricultural Journalism785-532-5804<br />Information & Educational Technology785-532-6270<br />KKSU-AM 580785-532-5851<br />NEWS785-532-5806<br />Production Services785-532-5830<br />Publications785-532-5805<br />Television785-532-7692<br />Weather Data Library785-532-7019<br />Community Health Institute785-532-7750<br />Community Service Program785-532-5701<br />Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews Lab785-532-5510<br />Computing & Telecommunications Services785-532-7001<br />Continuing Education, Division of785-532-5644<br />FAX785-532-5637<br />Administrative Section785-532-5854<br />Conference & Learning785-532-5575<br />Information & Registration785-532-5566<br />Program Development & Mktg785-532-5635<br />UFM785-539-8763<br />Controller's Office<br />Website http://www.k-state.edu/controller<br />Administration785-532-6210<br />FAX785-532-6612<br />Office University Controller<br />Accounts Payable785-532-6206<br />FAX785-532-1305<br />Financial Reporting & Inventory785-532-6525<br />FAX785-532-5577<br />Fund Balancing785-532-7089<br />FAX785-532-1305<br />Purchasing785-532-6214<br />FAX785-532-5577<br />Sponsored Project Accounting785-532-6207<br />FAX785-532-5577<br />Student Services785-532-3350<br />FAX785-532-6454<br />Systems785-532-2048<br />FAX785-532-1305<br />Counseling Services, University785-532-6927<br />Credit Union, KSU Federal785-776-3003<br />Dean of Student Life785-532-6432<br />Development, Directors of<br />College of Agriculture785-532-7571<br />College of Architecture Planning & Design785-532-7510<br />College of Arts & Sciences785-532-7524<br />College of Business & Administration785-532-7512<br />College of Education785-532-7578<br />College of Engineering785-532-7542<br />College of Human Ecology785-532-7592<br />College of Veterinary Medicine785-532-4465<br />Basic Cancer Research, Center for785-532-6705<br />Human Resources785-532-7570<br />Information Services, Network Admin785-532-7589<br />K-State at Salina785-826-2609<br />Planned Giving785-532-7521<br />Real Estate & Investments,785-532-7572<br />Research785-532-7544<br />Scholarship Relations785-532-7557<br />Stewardship785-532-7557<br />Disabled Student Services785-532-6441<br />Diversity & Dual Career Development785-532-6276<br />Douglas, Lou, Lecture Series785-539-8763<br />Early Childhood Lab785-532-5662<br />Education, College of785-532-5525<br />FAX785-532-7304<br />Education Leadership785-532-5535<br />Elementary Education, Department of785-532-5550<br />Graduate Studies785-532-5595<br />Catalyst Center785-532-5926<br />Midwest Equity Asst Center785-532-6408<br />NACADA (Nat’l Academic Advising Association)785-532-5717<br />Rural & Small Schools, Center for785-532-5886<br />Science Education, Center of785-532-6294<br />Secondary Education, Department of785-532-5904<br />Spec Ed, Counseling & Student Affairs, Dept of785-532-5541<br />Student & Professional Services, Center for785-532-5524<br />Educational Advancement, Office of785-532-7828<br />Educational Communications Center785-532-7041<br />Educational Innovation & Evaluation785-532-5930<br />Educational & Personal Development Programs785-532-7305<br />Educational Supportive Services785-532-5642<br />Electronics Design Lab785-532-7826<br />Employee Asst Program785-532-6277<br />Engineering, College of785-532-5590<br />FAX785-532-7810<br />Architectural Eng & Const Science785-532-5964<br />FAX785-532-3556<br />Biological & Agricultural Engineering, Dept of785-532-5580<br />Chemical Engineering, Department of785-532-5584<br />FAX785-532-7372<br />Civil Engineering, Department of785-532-5862<br />FAX785-532-7717<br />Computing & Information Sciences785-532-6350<br />Electrical & Computer Engineering, Dept of785-532-5600<br />Industrial Manufacturing Sys Eng, Dept of785-532-5606<br />Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering, Dept of785-532-5610<br />FAX785-532-7057<br />National Gas Machinery Laboratory785-532-2617<br />FAX785-532-3744<br />Engineering Computer Center785-532-6392<br />Engineering Experiment Station785-532-5844<br />Engineering Ext Program785-532-6026<br />Engineering Magazine, K-State785-532-6026<br />Engineering Programs, Multicultural785-532-5949<br />Engineering Research Council785-532-5844<br />Institute Environmental Research785-532-5620<br />FAX785-532-6642<br />English Language Program785-532-7324<br />Entomology, Department of785-532-6154<br />FAX785-532-6232<br />Extension, K-State Research and785-532-5820<br />Agricultural Economics785-532-5823<br />Agricultural Mediation Services, KS785-532-6958<br />Toll Free800-321-3276<br />Agriculture & Natural Resources785-532-5838<br />Agronomy785-532-5776<br />Animal Sciences & Industry, Call Hall785-532-5654<br />Animal Sciences & Industry, Weber Hall785-532-6131<br />Apparel, Textiles & Interior Design785-532-6993<br />Biological & Agricultural Engineering785-532-5813<br />Communications see Communications, Department of<br /> Community Health785-532-7750<br />Entomology785-532-5891<br />FAX785-532-6258<br />Family & Consumer Sciences785-532-5510<br />Family Studies & Human Services785-532-5773<br />4-H Youth Development785-532-5800<br />Grain Science785-532-6161<br />Horticulture785-532-6173<br />Human Nutrition785-532-5782<br />Local Government, Office of785-532-2643<br />Operations785-532-5790<br />Planning & Reporting785-532-6775<br />Plant Pathology785-532-5810<br />PRIDE785-532-5840<br />Facilities Mgmt, Division of785-532-5967<br />Facilities Planning Office785-532-6377<br />Faculty Senate785-532-6053<br />Family Center785-532-6984<br />FAX785-532-6523<br />Family Studies & Human Services, School of785-532-5510<br />FAX785-532-5505<br />FFA, Kansas785-532-6424<br />Finance, Department of785-532-6892<br />First Tee785-532-5352<br />Fort Riley Degree Program785-532-5689<br />Foundation, 4-H, Kansas785-532-5881<br />Foundation, KSU785-532-6266<br />Accounting, Office785-532-7553<br />Administrative Services785-532-7567<br />Annual Giving785-532-7523<br />Communications785-532-7564<br />Constituent Department785-532-7540<br />Controllers Office785-532-7551<br />Corporate & Foundation Relations785-532-7734<br />Gear Up Program785-532-6497<br />Geology, Department of785-532-6724<br />Graduate & Professional Admissions Examinations785-532-6492<br />Graduate School785-532-6191<br />Admissions Information1-800-651-1816<br />Grain Science & Industry785-532-6161<br />Grants & Contracts785-532-6207<br />Great Plains/Rocky Mountain<br />Haz Substance Res Center785-532-6519<br />Hazardous Substance Research, Center for785-532-6519<br />FAX785-532-5985<br />Hoeflin Stone House Child Care Center785-532-3536<br />Hospitality Management & Dietetics, Dept of785-532-5521<br />FAX785-532-5522<br />Housing & Dining Services, Department of785-532-6453<br />Website www.housing.k-state.edu<br />Toll Free1-888-568-5027<br />FAX785-532-6855<br />Derby Academic Resource Center785-532-2646<br />FAX785-532-4805<br />Derby Dining Center785-532-6483<br />FAX785-532-0429<br />Food Store785-532-7042<br />FAX785-532-2713<br />Jardine Apartment Complex Office785-532-3790<br />FAX785-532-3793<br />Kramer Academic Resource Center785-532-3491<br />Kramer Dining Center785-532-6482<br />FAX785-532-0639<br />Maintenance Shop785-532-6466<br />FAX785-532-6467<br />Van Zile Dining Center785-532-6484<br />FAX785-532-2288<br />Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Dev785-532-7690<br />FAX785-532-7036<br />Human Ecology, College of785-532-5500<br />FAX785-532-5504<br />Apparel, Textiles & Interior Design, Department of785-532-6993<br />FAX785-532-3796<br />Employment Info785-532-6271<br />Family Studies & Human Services, School of785-532-5510<br />Human Nutrition, Department of785-532-5508<br />Email hnmail@k-state.edu<br />FAX785-532-3132<br />Human Resources, Division of785-532-6277<br />FAX785-532-6095<br />ID Center (Issue Faculty, Staff, Student ID's)785-532-6399<br />Information Counter, K-State Union785-532-6592<br />Information Systems, Office of785-532-6281<br />FAX785-532-6284<br />Information Technology Assistance Center785-532-4918<br />FAX785-532-3199<br />Campus Training785-532-4920<br />Equipment Checkout for Faculty785-532-4918<br />Graphic Design785-532-4921<br />InfoCommons Help Desk785-532-7722<br />Technology Class Rooms785-532-4919<br />University InfoTech Help Desk785-532-7722<br />Institutional Advancement785-532-5942<br />FAX785-532-6108<br />Holton Hall Business Office785-532-6491<br />Interfraternity Council785-532-5546<br />Student Life Office, Dean of785-532-6237<br />University Relations785-532-6269<br />Internal Audit785-532-7308<br />International Agricultural Programs785-532-4057<br />International Programs785-532-5990<br />International Student Center785-532-6448<br />Intersession Program, Office of785-532-5687<br />Intramural Hotline785-532-6292<br />IN-VIEW, KSU (Publication)785-532-6415<br />Journalism Education Association785-532-5532<br />Journalism & Mass Communications785-532-6890<br />KAPE (Kansas Association of Public Employees)800-232-5273<br />KCCTO (Kansas Child Care Training Opportunities)785-532-7197<br />KKSU, Broadcast Station785-532-5851<br />KSDB-FM, Broadcast Station785-532-2232<br />KS Artificial Breeding Service Unit785-539-3554<br />KS Center for Ag Resources785-532-7419<br />KS Crop Improvement785-532-6118<br />KS Forest Services785-532-3300<br />FAX785-532-3305<br />KS Quarterly (Magazine)785-532-6716<br />KS Water Resources Research Institute785-532-7419<br />K-State Research & Ext785-532-6147<br />KONZA Prairie Headquarters785-539-1961<br />Office785-537-0441<br />Laboratory Medicine, Department of785-532-5674<br />Lafene Health Center785-532-6544<br />Administration785-532-7755<br />Leadership Studies & Programs785-532-6085<br />Library Administrative Services785-532-7400<br />FAX785-532-7415<br />Binding785-532-0621<br />Branch Libraries<br />Math/Physics Library785-532-6827<br />Veterinary Medical Library785-532-6006<br />Weigel Library of Architecture & Design785-532-5968<br />Circulation785-532-7425<br />Collection Management785-532-7437<br />Computing & Network Services785-532-4941<br />Consumer Movement Archives785-532-7456<br />Fiedler Engineering Library785-532-3764<br />Friends of the Library785-532-5671<br />General Info785-532-3014<br />Government Publications785-532-7449<br />Interlibrary Loan Services785-532-7440<br />K–State at Salina785-826-2636<br />Rare Books785-532-7455<br />Reference Assistance, Sciences785-532-0548<br />Reference Assistance, Social Sciences & Humanities785-532-7421<br />Reserves785-532-7406<br />Special Collections Department785-532-7456<br />Technical Services785-532-7444<br />University Archives785-532-7456<br />MacDonald Laboratory785-532-6782<br />McNair Scholars Program785-532-6137<br />Marriage & Family Therapy Clinic785-532-6984<br />Minority Research Center785-532-7453<br />Music785-532-5740<br />Band785-532-3816<br />National Institute Land Mgmt Training785-532-2100<br />FAX785-532-2110<br />New Student Services785-532-7091<br />News Services785-532-6415<br />Nichols Theater – Box Office785-532-6428<br />Northeast Area Extension Office785-532-5833<br />FAX785-532-5887<br />NW Research Extension Office785-462-6281<br />FAX785-462-2315<br />PATH Project (Personal Actions to Health)785-532-0685<br />FAX785-532-0699<br />Philosophy785-532-6758<br />Photographic Services785-532-6304<br />Planning & Analysis, Office of785-532-5712<br />FAX785-532-2120<br />Plant Pathology785-532-6176<br />Political Sciences, Department of785-532-6842<br />President, Office of the785-532-6221<br />Printing Services785-532-6308<br />Provost, Office of785-532-6224<br />Psychology, Department of785-532-6850<br />Email psych@k-state.edu<br />FAX785-532-5401<br />Website http://www.k-state.edu/psych/home/index.htm<br />Public Safety, Division of785-532-5856<br />Environmental Health & Safety785-532-5856<br />Fire Safety Inspections785-532-3473<br />Fire Safety785-532-6159<br />Parking Services785-532-7275<br />Police785-532-6412<br />Radiation Safety785-532-5856<br />Sanitation785-532-5856<br />Recreational Service, Department of785-532-6980<br />Refuse Control785-532-6446<br />Registrar, Office of785-532-6254<br />Fax785-532-5599<br />Emailregistrar@k-state.edu<br />Research Foundation785-532-5720<br />Research & Sponsored Programs785-532-6195<br />Preaward Services785-532-6804<br />Rocky Ford Experimental Field785-532-2923<br />ROTC, Air Force785-532-6600<br />ROTC, Army785-532-6754<br />Royal Purple Yearbook785-532-6557<br />Sensory Analysis Center785-532-5980<br />Shuttle Services for Disabled Students785-532-6441<br />South Asia Center785-532-3409<br />Speech Communication, Theater & Dance785-532-6875<br />Speech & Hearing Center785-532-6879<br />Sports Information785-532-6735<br />Student Activities785-532-6541<br />Student Financial Assistance785-532-6420<br />Student Governing Association785-532-6541<br />Student Publications Incorporated785-532-6555<br />Student's Attorney785-532-6541<br />Summer School785-532-5712<br />FAX785-532-2120<br />TELENET (Kansas Regent Network)785-532-5995<br />TRIGA Mark 11<br />Nuclear Reactor Facility785-532-6657<br />Union, K-State785-532-6591<br />United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)<br />Administrative Office785-776-2737<br />Biological Research785-776-2704<br />Director's Office785-776-2701<br />Engineering Research785-776-2726<br />Grain Quality Research785-776-2757<br />Plant Pathology Research Laboratory785-532-6168<br />US Grain Marketing Res Lab, 515 College Ave785-776-2700<br />Wind Erosion Laboratory785-537-5559<br />University Archives785-532-7456<br />University Attorneys785-532-5730<br />University for Man785-539-8763<br />University Publications785-532-6419<br />Upward Bound Math & Science Program785-532-6374<br />Upward Bound Program785-532-6497<br />Veterans Office785-532-7061<br />Veterinary Medicine, College of785-532-5660<br />FAX785-532-5884<br />Anatomy & Physiology, Department of785-532-5666<br />Clinical Sciences, Department of785-532-4890<br />Diagnostic Med/ Pathobiology785-532-4401<br />Food Animal Health & Mgmt Center, Department of785-532-4255<br />Instructional Technology Center, Department of785-532-5696<br />Medical Library785-532-6006<br />Student Admissions785-532-5660<br />Toxicology785-532-5679<br />Veterinary Teaching Hospital785-532-5708<br />Business Office785-532-4303<br />Small Animal785-532-5690<br />Large Animal785-532-5700<br />Vice Provost for Research785-532-5110<br />Weather Data Library785-532-7019<br />Women's Center785-532-6444<br />Women's Studies785-532-5738<br />SALINA — 674018058<br />(See K-State at Salina)785-826-2601<br />KSU RESEARCH & EXT FIELDS — 367<br />COURTLAND — 669399701<br />KSU Agronomy, N Central KS & Irrigation Research Field<br />1300 60 Rd7853352836<br />GREAT BEND — 675304017<br />Barton County, Courthouse, 1800 12th St620-793-1910<br />HESSTON — 67062<br />Harvey Co Research Field, 704 W Hickory620-3272547<br />HUTCHINSON — 67501<br />South Central KS Research Field, 10620 S Dean Rd3166629021<br />OTTAWA — 66067<br />KSU Agronomy, East Central KS Research Field<br />2149 Montana Road7852425616<br />SAINT JOHN — 67576<br />KSU Agronomy, Sandyland Research Field<br />Box 247620-5493345<br />TOPEKA — 66618<br />KSU Agronomy, Kansas River Valley Research Field<br />6347 NW 17th7853547236<br />WICHITA — 67233<br />Hort Research Center, 1901 East 95th St South3167880492<br />FAX3167883844<br />KSU Research & Extension Offices – 367<br />ALLEN COUNTY<br />Iola – l North Washington, P O Box 845, 66749-0845620 365-2242<br />ANDERSON COUNTY<br />Garnett – 411 South Oak, P O Box 423, 66032-0423785-448-6826<br />ATCHISON COUNTY<br />Effingham – 405 Main, P O Box 109, 66023-0109913 833-5450<br />BARBER COUNTY<br />Medicine Lodge – 118 East Washington, 67104-1452620 886-3971<br />BARTON COUNTY<br />Great Bend – 1800 12th St, 67530-4500620 793-1910<br />BOURBON COUNTY<br />Fort Scott – 210 South National Ave, 66701-1330620 223-3720<br />BROWN COUNTY<br />Hiawatha – 601 Oregon, 66434-2288785-742-7871<br />BUTLER COUNTY<br />El Dorado – 206 North Griffith, 67042-2039316-321-9660<br />CHASE COUNTY<br />Cottonwood Falls – Courthouse Square<br />PO Box 100, 66845-0100620 273-6491<br />CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY<br />Sedan – Courthouse, 67361-1326620 725-5890<br />CHEROKEE COUNTY<br />Columbus – 124 West Country Rd<br />PO Box 148, 66725-0148620 429-3849<br />CHEYENNE COUNTY<br />St Francis – 212 East Washington<br />PO Box 667, 67756-0667785-332-3171<br />CLARK COUNTY<br />Ashland – 913 Highland, PO Box 488, 67831-0488620 635-2811<br />CLAY COUNTY<br />Clay Center – 322 Grant Avenue, 67432-2804785-632-5335<br />CLOUD COUNTY<br />Concordia – 811 Washington, 66901-3415785-243-8185<br />COFFEY COUNTY<br />Burlington – 110 South 6th, 66839-1798620-364-5313<br />COMANCHE COUNTY<br />Coldwater – 201 South New York, PO Box 577,<br />67029-0577620 582-2411<br />COWLEY COUNTY<br />Winfield – 311 East 9th, PO Box 538, 67156-0538620 221-5450<br />CRAWFORD COUNTY<br />Girard – 120 East Buffalo, 66743-1547620-724-8233<br />DECATUR COUNTY<br />Oberlin – 120 East Hall, PO Box 207, 67749-0207785-475-8121<br />DICKINSON COUNTY<br />Abilene – 712 South Buckeye Ave, 67410-3210785-263-2001<br />DONIPHAN COUNTY<br />Troy – Courthouse, Main St, PO Box 487,<br />66067-0487785-985-3623<br />DOUGLAS COUNTY<br />Lawrence – 2110 Harper, 66046-3242785-843-7058<br />EDWARDS COUNTY<br />Kinsley – 212 East 6th St, 67547-1110620-659-2149<br />ELK COUNTY<br />Howard – 130 South Pennsylvania PO Box 647,<br />67349-0647620-374-2174<br />ELLIS COUNTY<br />Hays – 601 Main, Suite A, 67601-4230785-626-9430<br />ELLSWORTH COUNTY<br />Ellsworth – 210 North Kansas, 67439-3118785-472-4442<br />FINNEY COUNTY<br />Garden City – 501 South 9th, PO Box 478,<br />67846-0478620-272-3670<br />FORD COUNTY<br />Dodge City – 100 Gunsmoke, 67801-4456620-227-4542<br />FRANKLIN COUNTY<br />Ottawa – 1418 South Main, Suite 2, 66067-3543785-229-3520<br />GEARY COUNTY<br />Junction City – 119 East 9th, PO Box 28, 66441-0028785-238-4161<br />GOVE COUNTY<br />Gove – 520 North Washington, 67736-0158785-938-4480<br />GRAHAM COUNTY<br />Hill City – 410 North Pomeroy, 67642-1645785-421-3411<br />GRANT COUNTY<br />Ulysses – 204 East Grant, 67880 - 2513620-356-1721<br />GRAY COUNTY<br />Cimarron – 17002 West Hwy 50, PO Box 248,<br />67835-0248620-855-3821<br />GREELEY COUNTY<br />Tribune – 616 Second St, PO Box 578, 67879-0578620-376-4284<br />GREENWOOD COUNTY<br />Eureka – 311 North Main, 67045-1321620-583-7455<br />HAMILTON COUNTY<br />Syracuse – 520 North Hamilton, PO Box 629620-384-5225<br />HARPER COUNTY<br />Anthony – 201 North Jennings, 67003-2799620-842-5445<br />HARVEY COUNTY<br />Newton – Courthouse, PO Box 583, 67114-0583316 284-6930<br />HASKELL COUNTY<br />Sublette – 300 S Inman, PO Box 580, 67877-0580620-675-2261<br />HODGEMAN COUNTY<br />Jetmore – 500 Main, PO Box 38, 67854-0038620-357-8321<br />JACKSON COUNTY<br />Holton – 400 New York, 66436-1791785-364-4125<br />JEFFERSON COUNTY<br />Oskaloosa – Courthouse, PO Box 326, 66066-0326785-863-2212<br />JEWELL COUNTY<br />Mankato – 307 North Commercial, 66956-2511785-376-3174<br />JOHNSON COUNTY<br />Olathe – 13480 South Arapaho Dr, 66062-1553913 764-6300<br />KEARNY COUNTY<br />Lakin – 218 North Main, PO Box 85, 67860-0085620-355-6551<br />KINGMAN COUNTY<br />Kingman – 125 North Spruce, 67068-1659620-532-5131<br />KIOWA COUNTY<br />Greensburg – 211 East Florida, 67054-2297620-723-2156<br />LABETTE COUNTY<br />Altamont – 528 Huston St, PO Box 38, 67330-0038620-784-5337<br />LANE COUNTY – WALNUT CREEK DISTRICT<br />Dighton – 144 South Lane, PO Box 487, 67839-0487620-397-2806<br />LEAVENWORTH COUNTY<br />Leavenworth – 500 Eisenhower, 66048-4969913-250-2300<br />LINCOLN COUNTY – POST ROCK DISTRICT<br />Lincoln – Courthouse, PO Box 8, 67455-2056785-524-4432<br />LINN COUNTY<br />Mound City – 115 South 6th, PO Box 160, 66056-0160913 795-2829<br />LOGAN COUNTY<br />Oakley – 710 West 2nd, 67748-1233785-672-3245<br />LYON COUNTY<br />Emporia – 618 Commercial, 66801-3902620-341-3220<br />MARION COUNTY<br />Marion – PO Box 178, 66861-0178620-382-2325<br />MARSHALL COUNTY<br />Marysville – 1201 Broadway, 66508-1844785-562-3531<br />McPHERSON COUNTY<br />McPherson – 600 West Woodside, PO Box 308,<br />67460-0308620-241-1523<br />MEADE COUNTY<br />Meade – 407 East Rainbelt, PO Box 369, 67854-0369620-873-8790<br />MIAMI COUNTY<br />Paola – 20 South Gold, 66071-1403913-294-4306<br />MITCHELL COUNTY – POST ROCK DISTRICT<br />Beloit – 115 South Hersey, 67420-3230785-738-3597<br />MONTGOMERY COUNTY<br />Independence – 410 Peter Pan Rd, Ste B,<br />67301-9372620-331-2690<br />MORRIS COUNTY<br />Council Grove – 501 West Main, 66846-1796620-767-5136<br />MORTON COUNTY<br />Elkhart – 625 Colorado, PO Box 798, 67950-0798620-697-2558<br />NEMAHA COUNTY<br />Seneca – 604 Nemaha, Suite 201, 66538-1763785-236-2184<br />NEOSHO COUNTY<br />Erie – 100 South Main, 66733-1301620-244-3826<br />NESS COUNTY<br />Ness City – 202 West Sycamore, 67560-1558785-798-3921<br />NORTON COUNTY<br />Norton – 100 South Norton, 67654-2197785-877-5755<br />OSAGE COUNTY<br />Lyndon – 717 Topeka Ave, PO Box 400, 66451-0400785-628-4438<br />OSBORNE COUNTY<br />Osborne – 113 North 1st, 67473-2001785-346-2521<br />OTTAWA COUNTY<br />Minneapolis – 307 North Concord, Ste 190,<br /> 67467-2140785-392-2147<br />PAWNEE COUNTY<br />Larned – 715 Broadway, 67550-0350620-285-6901<br />PHILLIPS COUNTY<br />Phillipsburg – 784 Sixth St, 67661-1915785-543-6845<br />POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY<br />Westmoreland – 612 East Campbell, PO Box 429,<br />66549-0127785-457-3319<br />PRATT COUNTY<br />Pratt – 300 South Ninnescah, PO Box A, 67124-1101620-672-6121<br />RAWLINS COUNTY<br />Atwood – 406 State St, 67730-0179785-626-3192<br />RENO COUNTY<br />South Hutchinson – 2 West 10th, 67506-1331620-662-2371<br />REPUBLIC COUNTY<br />Belleville – 1815 M St, PO Box 429, 66935-2799785-527-5084<br />RICE COUNTY<br />Lyons – 701 East Main, PO Box, 67554-0410620-257-5131<br />RILEY COUNTY<br />Manhattan – 110 Courthouse Plaza, 66502-0111785-537-6350<br />ROOKS COUNTY<br />Stockton – 115 North Walnut, 67669-1663785-425-6851<br />RUSH COUNTY – WALNUT CREEK DISTRICT<br />LaCrosse – 702 Main, PO Box 70, 67548-0070785-222-2710<br />RUSSELL COUNTY<br />Russell – 401 North Main, 67665-2758785-483-3157<br />SALINE COUNTY<br />Salina – 300 West Ash, PO Box 5040, 67402-5040785-309-5850<br />SCOTT COUNTY<br />Scott City – 303 Court St, 67871-1157620-872-2930<br />SEDGWICK COUNTY<br />Wichita – 7001 West 21st St N, 67205-1759316-722-7721<br />SEWARD COUNTY<br />Liberal – 1081 Stadium, 67901-5116620-624-5604<br />SHAWNEE COUNTY<br />Topeka – 1740 SW Western Avenue, 66604-3095785-232-0062<br />SHERIDAN COUNTY<br />Hoxie – 929 9th St, PO Box 107, 67740-0107785-675-3268<br />SHERMAN COUNTY<br />Goodland – 813 Broadway, 67735-0002785-899-4880<br />SMITH COUNTY<br />Smith Center – 218 South Grant, PO Box 287,<br />66967-0287785-282-6823<br />STAFFORD COUNTY<br />St. John – 209 North Broadway, PO Box 398,<br />67576-0398620-549-3502<br />STANTON COUNTY<br />Johnson – 201 North Main, PO Box L, 67855-0330620-492-2240<br />STEVENS COUNTY<br />Hugoton – 200 East 6th St, 67951-2699620-544-4359<br />SUMNER COUNTY<br />Wellington – 320 North Jefferson, 67152-3987620-326-7477<br />THOMAS COUNTY<br />Colby – 350 South Range, Suite 16, 67701-2901785-462-4582<br />TREGO COUNTY<br />WaKeeney – 216 Main St, 67672-2189785-743-6361<br />WABAUNSEE COUNTY<br />Alma – 215 Kansas, PO Box 248, 66401-0248785-765-3821<br />WALLACE COUNTY<br />Sharon Springs – 313 Main St, PO Box 189,<br />67758-0189785-852-4285<br />WASHINGTON COUNTY<br />Washington – 214 C St, 66968-1928785-325-2121<br />WICHITA COUNTY<br />Leoti – 206 South 4th, PO Box S, 67861-0995620-375-2724<br />WILSON COUNTY<br />Fredonia – 615 Madison, 66736-1383620-378-2167<br />WOODSON COUNTY<br />Yates Center – 105 West Rutledge, 66783-1471620-625-3113<br />WYANDOTTE COUNTY<br />Kansas City – 9400 State, 66112-1592913-299-9300<br />KSU RESEARCH & EXT RESEARCH CtrS — 367<br />COLBY — 677011697<br />NW Research – Ext Center, RR 2, Box 8307854627575<br />GARDEN CITY — 678469132<br />SW Research – Ext Center, 4500 East Mary620-2768286<br />HAYS — 676019228<br />Fort Hays Branch, RR 27856253425<br />PARSONS — 673570316<br />SE KS Branch, Box 316620-4214826<br />K-STATE at SALINA — 367<br />SALINA — 67401-8058<br />2310 Centennial Rd7858262601<br />Associate Dean7858262963<br />FAX785-826-2998<br />Development785-826-2609<br />Public Relations/Alumni785-826-2642<br />Academic Departments<br />Arts, Sciences & Business785-826-2696<br />FAX785-826-2627<br />Aviation785-826-2972<br />FAX785-826-2934<br />Aviation Maintenance785-826-2682<br />Professional Flight785-826-2970<br />Technology785-826-2677<br />FAX785-826-2941<br />Computer Science785-826-2671<br />Construction785-826-2670<br />Electronics785-826-2673<br />Mechanical785-826-2629<br />Bookstore785-826-2923<br />College Advancement785-826-2643<br />Admissions785-826-2640<br />FAX785-826-2938<br />Career Services785-826-2623<br />FAX785-826-2948<br />Financial Aid785-826-2638<br />Registrar785-826-2607<br />Student Life785-826-2610<br />Continuing Education785-826-2617<br />FAX785-826-2632<br />Media Services785-826-2628<br />Facilities & Planning-Maintenance785-826-2947<br />FAX785-826-2935<br />Fiscal Affairs785-826-2613<br />Director785-826-2613<br />Accounts Payable785-826-2962<br />Cashier Student Accounts785-826-2614<br />Personnel, Payroll, Benefits785-826-2611<br />Student Flight Accounts785-826-2690<br />FAX785-826-2936<br />Food Service785-826-2922<br />Information Systems785-826-2664<br />FAX785-826-2916<br />Library785-826-2616<br />FAX785-826-2937<br />Public Safety785-826-2903<br />Security785-826-2903<br />FAX785-826-2985<br />Student Government Association785-826-2950<br />Student Life Center785-826-2667<br />KANSAS SOLDIERS’ HOME — 694<br />FORT DODGE — 67643<br />714 Sheridan, Unit 128620-227-2121<br />Superintendent620-227-2121 x112<br />(See Veteran’s Affairs, Commission on for Additional Information) <br />KANSAS TECHNOLOGY ENTERPRISE CORP — 371<br />TOPEKA — 66612<br />109 SW 9th Street, Suite 508785-296-5272<br />FAX785-296-1160<br />Accountant – Kim Mason785-296-4490<br />Administrative Asst – Wendi Lucero785-296-5237<br />Administrative Asst – Julie Masilionis785-296-1159<br />Administrative Asst – Teresa Merrifield785-296-5604<br />Chief Investment/Operations Officer – Michele Weigand785-296-1235<br />Communications Director – Kathy Busch785-296-3686<br />Investment Analyst – Taylor Clauson785-296-1025<br />Investment/University Programs Manager - Wade Wiebe785-296-8586<br />President & CEO – Kevin Carr785-296-5862<br />Kansas Veterans Home — 694<br />WINFIELD — 67156-0123<br />1220 WWII Memorial Drive620-221-9479<br />Superintendent – Jim Hays<br />(See Veteran’s Affairs, Commission on for Additional Information) <br />KANSAS WATER OFFICE — 709<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1210<br />901 South Kansas Ave785-296-3185<br />FAX785-296-0878<br />Authority Members785-296-3185<br />Director785-296-3185<br />Labor, DEPARTMENT OF — 296<br />See Department of Labor<br />LANSING CORRECTIONAL FACILITY — 400<br />LANSING — 66043-0002<br />Hwy 73 & Kansas Avenue913-727-3235<br />Warden – David R McKune913-727-3235 x7210<br />FAX913-727-2675<br />Administration Offices913-727-3235 x7210<br />Academic Education Dir – Larry Cyrier913-727-3235 x7521<br />Business Manager – David Ferris913-727-3235 x7035<br />Accounting – Connie Alexander913-727-3235 x7045<br />Purchasing – Monna Jenkins913-727-3235 x7033<br />Chaplain – Don Almond913-727-3235 x7244<br />Chief Engineer – Gene Myracle 913-727-3235 x7056<br />Telecommunication – Capt John Kozer913-727-3235 x7370<br />Classification Admin – Phillip Tinder913-727-3235 x7354<br />East Unit Adm – Wm Shipman913-727-3235 x7950<br />Food Svc General Manager – Dale Banker913-727-3235 x7122<br />Health Serv Adm – Ellen Bartz913-727-3235 x7169<br />Human Resources – Cathy Higley913-727-3235 x7027<br />Institutional Attorney – Matt Donnelly913-727-3235 x7277<br />Legal Service for Prisoners913-727-3235 x7385<br />Charles Cavenee<br />Intelligence Inv Sect – Marcelle Cappel913-727-3235 x7232<br />Major – Ron Baker913-727-3235 x7240<br />Control Center913-727-3235 x7220<br />Mental Health Unit – Cynthia Hendry913-727-3235 x7336<br />Operations, Deputy Warden of – Rex Pryor913-727-3235 x7260<br />Policy & Compliance Manager913-727-3235x7276 <br />Programs, Deputy Warden – Kyle Deere 913-727-3235 x7377<br />Public Information Officer – Brett Peterson913-727-3235 x7276<br />Staff Training – Claude Wiedower913-727-3235 x7287<br />Support Services913-727-3235<br />Deputy Warden – Colette Winkelbauer<br />Kansas Correctional Industries913-727-3249 x7559<br />Director – Rod Crawford913-727-3235 x7550<br />Business Offices913-727-3235 x7550<br />Larned CORR MENTAL HLTH FACILITY — 408 <br />LARNED — 67550-9304<br />Route 3, Box 30620-285-6249<br />Warden – Karen Rohling620-285-8039<br />FAX620-285-8070<br />Deputy Warden – Ray Reno620-285-8037<br />Public Information Officer – Cindy Stejskal620-285-8008<br />CCS – Melinda Sproul620-285-5057<br />Information Technology – Tim Lane620-285-8027<br />Physical Plant Supervisor – Kevin Reece620-285-8170<br />Supply Procurement Officer – Dan Hunter620-285-8172<br />Personnel Director – Patricia Hassman 620-285-8000<br />Programs<br />Chaplin – Steve McKiearnan620-285-8073<br />Education Director – Reva Preeo 620-285-8080<br />Library Director – Jody Eller620-285-8105<br />Medical Clinic – Cherie Shaver, RN, DON620-285-8058<br />Mental Health Clinic620-285-8050<br />Security – Major James Graham, Chief of Security 620-285-8041<br />Captain’s Office620-285-8040<br />Classification Administrator – Cindy Meadows620-285-8025<br />FAX620-285-8023<br />Unit Team Manager – Central – Randy Green<br />Unit Manager – West – David Brown<br />Intelligence & Investigation Section – Lt Rich Hooton620-285-8164<br />Staff Development – Kent Schmidt620-285-8078<br />Support Services<br />Business Administrator – John R Lampe620-285-8035<br />Accounting – June Loomis620-285-8034<br />Food Service Director – Janice Becker620-285-8108<br />Larned juvenile corrEctional FACILITY — 412<br />LARNED — 67550-9365<br />1301 KS HGWY 264620-285-0300<br />Superintendent – Kyle Rohr620-285-0300 x112<br />Deputy Superintendent – Wendy Leiker620-285-0300 x131<br />FAX620-285-0301<br />Business Administrator – Rob Manry620-285-0300 x108<br />Human Resource Mgr – Sheila Edwards620-285-0300 x107<br />FAX620-285-0302<br />Juvenile Corrections Director620-285-0300 x122<br />Program Director – Anita Ellison620-285-0300 x111<br />Staff Development620-285-0300 x109<br />LARNED STATE HOSPITAL — 410<br />LARNED — 67550-9365<br />RR 3, Box 89620-285-2131<br />TDD620-285-2131<br />FAX620-285-4359<br />Administration<br />Superintendent620-285-4360<br />Accounting Department620-285-4390<br />Chief Accountant620-285-4392<br />Canteen620-285-4865<br />Dietary Department620-285-4476<br />Chief Dietitian620-285-4477<br />Central Cafeteria Dining Area620-285-4474<br />Central Cafeteria Kitchen620-285-4471<br />Clinical Dietitians Office620-285-4375<br />Jung Kitchen620-285-4269<br />Patients Dining Area620-285-4472<br />Production Area620-285-4949<br />Security Hospital Kitchen620-285-4026<br />Engineering620-285-4880<br />Physical Plant Supervisor620-285-4880<br />Carpentry Department620-285-4971<br />Electrical Department620-285-4889<br />Grounds Department620-285-4850<br />Motor Pool Department620-285-4970<br />Paint Shop Department620-285-4898<br />Plumbing Department620-285-4886<br />Power Plan620-285-4975<br />Environmental Services620-285-4364<br />Human Resources620-285-4386<br />Human Resources Director620-285-4380<br />Payroll620-285-4383<br />Job Line620-285-4388<br />Information Resources620-285-4324<br />Director of Information Resources620-285-4354<br />Laundry Department620-285-4893<br />Laundry Manager620-285-4891<br />Post Office620-285-4375<br />Purchasing & Supply Department620-285-4942<br />Procurement Officer620-285-4944<br />Clothing Supply620-285-4959<br />General Supply620-285-4942<br />Inventory Control620-285-4950<br />Print Shop620-285-4955<br />Purchasing620-285-4940<br />Quality Management Department620-285-4565<br />Accreditation Officer620-285-4568<br />Safety Officer620-285-4860<br />Reimbursement Department620-285-4500<br />Chief Reimbursement Officer620-285-4392<br />Inpatient Accounts Receivable620-285-4500<br />Patient Trust Fund620-285-4505<br />Safety & Security620-285-4490<br />Safety & Security Chief620-285-4492<br />Switchboard620-285-4490<br />Clinical Services<br />Clinical Director620-285-4580<br />Activity Therapy Department620-285-4308<br />Activity Director620-285-4306<br />Beauty Shop620-285-4243<br />Greenhouse620-285-4855<br />Patients Library620-285-4303<br />Patients Work Coordinator620-285-4302<br />Volunteer Service620-285-4870<br />Chaplaincy<br />All Faith Chapel620-285-4870<br />Catholic620-285-4870<br />Clinical Information Management620-285-4130<br />Directors Office620-285-4172<br />Census Clerk620-285-4145<br />Psychiatric Peer Review620-285-4138<br />Customer Relations620-285-4872<br />Legal Services620-285-4595<br />FAX620-285-4579<br />Forensic Department620-285-4590<br />Risk Management620-285-4599<br />Medical Services<br />Central Supply620-285-4167<br />Clinic620-285-4169<br />Dental Office620-285-4170<br />EEG & EKG, X-Ray Department620-285-4192<br />Infection Control620-285-4569<br />Laboratory620-285-4160<br />Pharmacy620-285-4176<br />Nursing Administration<br />Director of Nursing620-285-4572<br />Central Nursing Office620-285-4570<br />Psychology Department620-285-4560<br />Chief of Psychology620-285-4563<br />Social Service620-285-4551<br />Director of Social Services620-285-4834<br />Union Office620-285-4440<br />Westside School<br />Director620-285-4900<br />Westside Vocational Center620-285-4853<br />Psychiatric Services Program<br />Program Director620-285-4552<br />Admissions Unit Hospital Building<br />CIM Office620-285-4100<br />Admitting Office620-285-4109<br />Nurse Station620-285-4152<br />Nurse Manager620-285-4229<br />Physician620-285-4155, 4120<br />Psychologist620-285-4116<br />Social Worker620-285-4117, 4113, 4120<br />Adult Treatment Center South<br />CIM Office 620-285-4896<br />Nursing Station620-285-4284<br />Nursing Manager620-285-4282<br />Physician620-285-4847<br />Psychologist620-285-4846<br />Social Worker620-285-4844, 4845<br />Adult Treatment Center West<br />CIM Office 620-285-4899<br />Nursing Station620-285-4332<br />Nursing Manager620-285-4227<br />Physician620-285-4576, 4828<br />Psychologist620-285-4829<br />Social Worker620-285-4830, 4831<br />Forensic Services Program<br />Program Director620-285-4066<br />Forensic Admitting Office620-285-4590<br />Forensic Evaluation Unit<br />CIM Office 620-285-4031<br />Nursing Station620-285-4060<br />Nursing Manager620-285-4274<br />Physician620-285-4085<br />Psychologist620-285-4063, 4068<br />Social Worker620-285-4062<br />Dillon East I<br />CIM Office620-285-4072<br />Nursing Station620-285-4020<br />Nursing Manager620-285-4057<br />Physician620-285-4022<br />Psychologist620-285-4254<br />Social Worker620-285-4023<br />Dillon East II<br />CIM Office620-285-4075<br />Nursing Station620-285-4050<br />Nursing Manager620-285-4077<br />Physician620-285-4081<br />Psychologist620-285-4254<br />Social Worker620-285-4011<br />Jung Female<br />CIM Office620-285-4050<br />Nursing Station620-285-4030<br />Nursing Manager620-285-4209<br />Physician620-285-4206<br />Psychologist620-285-4021<br />Social Worker620-285-4255<br />Jung SBU<br />CIM Office620-285-4031<br />Nursing Station620-285-4052<br />Nursing Manager620-285-4213<br />Physician620-285-4114<br />Psychologist620-285-4275<br />Social Worker620-285-4053<br />Sexual Predator Treatment Program:<br />Program Director620-285-4730<br />SPTP Offices620-285-4730<br />SPTP West I<br />Nursing Station620-285-4750<br />SPTP West II<br />Nursing Station620-285-4010<br />SPTP Annex III<br />Nursing Station620-285-4760<br />SPTP Annex IV<br />Nursing Station620-285-4772<br />Youth Services Adolescents<br />CIM Office620-285-4839<br />Nursing Station620-285-4296<br />Nursing Manager620-285-4247<br />Physician620-285-4837<br />Psychologist620-285-4836<br />Social Worker620-285-4840, 4831, 4406<br />Youth Services Children<br />CIM Office620-285-4839<br />Nursing Station620-285-4417<br />Nursing Manager620-285-4247<br />Physician620-285-4837<br />Psychologist620-285-4836<br />Social Worker620-285-4840, 4831, 4406<br />LEGISLATIVE ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES — 422<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1504<br />Room 551S, Capitol Bldg, 300 SW 10th Avenue785-296-2391<br />Director – Jeffrey M Russell<br />FAX785-296-1153<br />TTY785-296-8430<br />LEGISLATIVE Coordinating COUNCIL — 422<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1502<br />Capitol Bldg, 300 SW 10th Avenue, Room 24E785-296-2321<br />Secretary – Mary Torrence<br />FAX785-296-1153<br />TTY785-296-8430<br />LEGISLATIVE DIVISION OF POST AUDIT — 540<br />TOPEKA — 66612-2212<br />800 SW Jackson St, Suite 1200785-296-5180<br />Legislative Post Auditor, Scott Frank<br />FAX785-296-4482<br />Deputy Post Auditor – Justin Stowe785-296-3792<br />Administrative Auditor – Rick Riggs785-296-3179<br />Audit Manager – Chris Clarke785-296-6502<br />Audit Manager – Julie Pennington785-296-5140<br />Administrative Officer – Stacie Thurman785-296-3793<br />LEGISLATIVE RESEARCH DEPARTMENT — 425<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1504<br />Capitol Bldg, 300 SW 10th Avenue, Rm 68W785-296-3181<br />LEGISLATURE — 428<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1504<br />Government Info, (including Legislature)785-296-0111<br />Capitol Bldg, 300 SW 10th Avenue<br />House Chief Clerk, Room 272W, Capitol Bldg785-296-7633<br />House Majority Leader, Room 372W, Capitol Bldg785-296-7662<br />House Minority Leader, Room 359W, Capitol Bldg785-296-7630<br />House Speaker, Room 370W, Capitol Bldg785-296-2302<br />House Speaker Pro Tem, Room 352S, Capitol Bldg785-291-3500<br />Secretary of Senate, Room 325E, Capitol Bldg785-296-2456<br />Senate Majority Leader, Room 330E, Capitol Bldg785-296-2497<br />Senate Minority Leader, Room 345S, Capitol Bldg785-296-3245<br />Senate President, Room 333E, Capitol Bldg785-296-2419<br />FAX785-296-6718<br />Legislative Admin Services, Room 551S, Capitol Bldg785-296-2391<br />Director – Jeffrey M Russell785-296-2391<br />Legislative Coordinating Council785-296-2321<br />Legislative Division of Post Audit785-296-3792<br />800 SW Jackson St, Suite 1200, 66612-2212<br />Legislative Research Dept, Room 68W, Capitol Bldg785-296-3181<br />Director – Alan D Conroy<br />Revisor of Statutes Dept, Room 24E, Capitol Bldg785-296-2321<br />Revisor of Statutes – Mary Torrence<br />LIBRARY, STATE — 434<br />See State Library<br />LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR — 446<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1514<br />State Capitol, 252 - South, 300 SW 10th Avenue785-296-2213<br /> Lieutenant Governor – Troy Findley<br />FAX785-296-5669<br />EmailLt.Governor@ks.gov<br />Toll Free1-800-748-4408<br />Executive Assistant / Scheduler – Rhonda Arnold785-296-2213<br />Special Assistant – Andrea White785-296-2213<br />LOng Term Ombudsman, Office of State<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1220<br />Suite 1041, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St785-296-3017<br />Toll-Free1-877-662-8362<br /> (See Department of Administration for Additional Information)<br />LOTTERY, KANSAS — 450<br />See Kansas Lottery<br />MORTUARY ARTS, BOARD OF — 204<br />See Board of Mortuary Arts<br />NEUROLOGICAL INSTITUTE, KS (KNI) — 363<br />See Kansas Neurological Institute (KNI)<br />NORTON CORRECTIONAL FACILITY — 581<br />NORTON — 67654-0546<br />PO Box 546, RR 1785-877-3389<br />FAX785-877-3972<br />Warden – Jay L Shelton785-877-3301 x421<br />Deputy Warden – Robert Perdue785-877-3301 x421<br />Attorney – Robert Wasinger785-877-3301 x421<br />ACA – Kathy Wilmot785-877-3301 x210<br />Accounting785-877-3301 x403<br />Anise Gill785-877-3301 x404<br />Business Manager – Kerri Ray785-877-3301 x403<br />Classification & Records – Joel Hrabe 785-877-3301 x409<br />Correctional Industries, Kansas785-877-3301 x231<br />Tammy Girard<br />Engineering – Evan Whitney785-877-3301 x323<br />Human Resources – Mary Stanton785-877-3301 x212<br />Information Technology – Rod Maddy785-877-3301 x422<br />Majors Office – Patrick Douglas785-877-3301 x401<br />Payroll/Benefits785-877-3301 x211<br />Staff Development – April Karnopp785-877-3301 x252<br />Supply/Procurement – Rhonda Jacques785-877-3301 x304<br />NURSING, BOARD OF — 482<br />See Board of Nursing<br />ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINS, Office of— 178<br />Administrative Hearings, Office of<br />1020 South Kansas Avenue, 66612-1327785-296-2433<br />Director – Tracy Diel<br />FAX785-296-4848<br />Civil Service Board785-296-2433<br />Office of the State BANK COMMISSIONER — 094<br />See Bank Commissioner, Office of The State<br />Office of State LOng Term Ombudsman<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1220<br />Suite 1041, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St785-296-3017<br />Toll-Free1-877-662-8362<br /> (See Department of Administration for Additional Information)<br />OPTOMETRY EXAMINERS, BOARD OF — 488<br />See Board of Optometry Examiners<br />OSAWATOMIE STATE HOSPITAL — 494<br />OSAWATOMIE — 66064-9757<br />Box 500913-755-7000<br />Superintendent913-755-7073<br />FAX<br />Administration Building913-755-2637<br />Court Liaison913-755-7413<br />Facility Services913-755-7414<br />Human Resources913-755-7408<br />Lab913-755-7043<br />Sedriks Bldg913-755-2794<br />Supply Bldg913-755-2881<br />Business Services<br />Business Administrative913-755-7071<br />Accounting913-755-7080<br />Cashier/Post Office913-755-7224<br />Chief Accountant913-755-7228<br />Coffee Shop913-755-7234<br />Management Information Services913-755-7412<br />Patient Accounts913-755-7369<br />Post Office913-755-7224<br />Supply/Purchasing913-755-7184<br />Dietary Department<br />Biddle Kitchen913-755-7338<br />Chief Dietitian913-755-7471<br />Engineering/Maintenance<br />Fire/Security913-755-7300<br />Director of Safety & Environment913-755-7324<br />Grounds Department913-755-7316<br />Physical Plant Supervisor913-755-7281<br />Power Plant913-755-7251<br />Property Control913-755-7058<br />Warehouse913-755-7191<br />Human Resources<br />Director913-755-7106<br />Office913-755-7107<br />Laundry Department913-755-7317<br />Library Services<br />Professional Library913-755-7212<br />Reading Center913-755-7140<br />Medical Director913-755-7083<br />Clinical Program Director913-755-7321<br />Clinical Services<br />Activity Therapies<br />Director913-755-7193<br />Auditorium (Music Therapy)913-755-7242<br />Gymnasium (Recreation Therapy)913-755-7222<br />Swimming Pool (Recreation Therapy)913-755-7216<br />Chaplaincy913-755-7131<br />Ancillary Services<br />Dental Clinic913-755-7220<br />Infection Control913-755-7168<br />Laboratory/Clinical913-755-7403<br />Laboratory – EEG/EKG913-755-7112<br />Pharmacy913-755-7213<br />Nursing Department<br />Director913-755-7293<br />Nursing Education913-755-7381<br />Psychiatric Services Adult Services 913-755-7371<br />Ward AC1913-755-7493<br />Ward AC2913-755-7126<br />Ward AC3913-755-7420<br />Ward CS2913-755-7231<br />Director – C Bldg – East Biddle913-755-7259<br />Ward CS1913-755-7250<br />Ward CCU913-755-7386<br />Psychology Department<br />Director913-755-7180<br />Testing Lab913-755-7053<br />Risk Management/Accreditation/Corporate Compliance913-755-7366<br />Admissions Office913-755-7276<br />Health Information Services913-755-7095<br />Medical Records913-755-7076<br />Social Service Department913-755-7391<br />Volunteer Services913-755-7140<br />Service Coordinator913-755-7347<br />PAROLE BOARD, KANSAS — 523<br />See Kansas Parole Board<br />PARSONS ST HOSPITAL & TRAINING CTR — 507<br />PARSONS — 67357-0738<br />2601 Gabriel, PO Box 738620-421-6550<br />Superintendent620-421-6550 x1720<br />FAX620-421-3623<br />TDD620-421-8367<br />Accountant, Chief620-421-6550 x1789<br />Adult Education/Vocational Svcs Director620-421-6550 x1664<br />Applications Software Development Project620-421-6550 x1739<br />Attorney620-421-6550 x1652<br />Business Admin620-421-6550 x1717<br />Chaplain620-421-6550 x1830<br />Clinical Director620-421-6550 x1829<br />Computer Services620-421-6550 x1748<br />Dental620-421-6550 x1732<br />Dietitian, Chief620-421-6550 x1745<br />Dual Diagnosis Treatment & Training Services620-421-6550 x1614<br />Engineer, Chief620-421-6550 x1690<br />Human Resources620-421-6550 x1721<br />KU Institute for Life Span Studies620-421-6550 x1885<br />Assistive Technology for Kansans620-421-6550 x1783<br />FAX620-421-0954<br />Media Laboratory620-421-6550 x1734<br />University Center On Developmental Disabilities620-421-6550 x1859<br />Laboratory620-421-6550 x1744<br />Laundry620-421-6550 x1774<br />Medical Records620-421-6550 x1756<br />Medical Services620-421-6550 x1827<br />Nursing Service620-421-6550 x1676<br />Payroll620-421-6550 x1861<br />Pharmacy620-421-6550 x1820<br />Physical Therapy620-421-6550 x1770<br />Program Director620-421-6550 x1912<br />Program Director620-421-6550 x1835<br />FAX620-421-1532<br />Property Control620-421-6550 x1743<br />Psychology620-421-6550 x1752<br />Purchasing620-421-6550 x1743<br />Radiology620-421-6550 x1737<br />Reimbursement620-421-6550 x1780<br />Risk Manager620-421-6550 x1674<br />Security620-421-6550 x1778<br />Social Work620-421-6550 x1788<br />Special Purpose School620-421-6550 x1868<br />Director620-421-6550 x1753<br />FAX620-421-4971<br />Staff Development620-421-6550 x1825<br />Training Director620-421-6550 x1835<br />Transportation620-421-6550 x1749<br />Volunteer Services620-421-6550 x1726<br />PHARMACY, BOARD OF — 531<br />See Board of Pharmacy<br />PITTSBURG STATE UNIVERSITY — 385<br />PITTSBURG — 66762-5880<br />1701 S Broadway620-231-7000<br />President – Steven A Scott620-235-4100<br />FAX620-235-4080<br />Administrative Assistant to the President620-235-4101<br />Joan Cleland<br />Assistant to the President620-235-4100<br />University Counsel – Darron Farha620-235-4136<br />Facilities Planning, Director of – Paul Stewart620-235-4130<br />Intercollegiate Athletics, Director of – Chuck Broyles620-235-4389<br />Administration & Campus Life, Vice President for620-235-4107<br />John D Patterson<br />Human Resource Services, Director – Michele Sexton620-235-4188<br />Human Resource Services620-235-4191<br />Payroll620-235-4096<br />Business Office, Controller – Barbara Winter620-235-4152<br />FAX (Business Office)620-235-6001<br />Accounting & Reporting620-235-4153<br />Accounts Payable, Vouchering620-235-4158<br />Cashiers620-235-4092<br />Financial Assistance620-235-4240<br />Campus Life & Aux. Services...620-235-4246<br />Assoc. Vice President – Steve Erwin<br />Information Services, Director of – Jerry Smith620-235-4614 <br />Computing Center620-235-4603<br />Printing & Postal Services620-235-4427<br />Telecommunications Officer620-235-4199<br />Physical Plant620-235-4777<br />FAX620-235-4227<br />Purchasing, Director of - Jim Hughes620-235-4154<br />FAX620-235-4166<br />University Police & Parking Services, Director of620-235-4624<br />Mike McCracken<br />Academic Affairs, Provost & Vice President for620-235-4113<br />Interim – Lynette Olson<br />Admission & Enrollment, Director of620-235-4251<br />Melinda Roelfs<br />Analysis, Planning & Assessment, Director of620-235-4132<br />Robert Wilkinson<br />Arts & Sciences, College of, Dean of620-235-4683<br />Art620-235-4302<br />Biology620-235-4732<br />FAX620-235-4194<br />Chemistry620-235-4748<br />Communication620-235-4716<br />English620-235-4689<br />Family & Consumer Sciences620-235-4457<br />Modern Languages620-235-4709<br />History620-235-4312<br />Mathematics620-235-4400<br />Military Science620-235-4859<br />FAX620-235-4862<br />Music620-235-4466<br />Nursing620-235-4431<br />Physics620-235-4391<br />Social Science620-235-4325<br />Barns & Noble University Bookstore620-231-1930<br />Business, College of, Dean of620-235-4590<br />Interim Dean – Richard Dearth<br />Accounting620-235-4561<br />Computer Science-Information Systems620-235-4536<br />Economics, Finance & Banking620-235-4547<br />Management & Marketing620-235-4588<br />Business & Technology Institute, Director of620-235-4920<br />Steve Robb<br />Grants & Special Projects620-235-4920<br />Kansas Dept of Commerce & Housing620-235-4998<br />KTEC Center for Design, Development & Prod620-235-4114<br />Mid-America Certified Development Company620-235-4920<br />Mid-America Manufacturing Tech Center Regional620-235-4114<br />Small Business Development Center620-235-4920<br />Career Services, Director of – Mindy Cloninger620-235-4142<br />Continuing Studies, Dean of – Peggy Snyder620-235-4179<br />Education, College of, Dean of – Andy Tompkins620-235-4518<br />Curriculum & Instruction620-235-4508<br />Health, Human Performance & Recreation620-235-4665<br />Psychology & Counseling620-235-4523<br />Special Services & Leadership Studies620-235-4487<br />Equal Opportunity, Director of – Janea Anderson620-235-4185<br />Graduate Studies, Dean of – Peggy Snyder620-235-4223<br /> FAX620-235-4219<br />International Student Programs & Services, Dir of620-235-4681<br />Chuck Olcese<br />Intensive English Program, Director of620-235-4676<br />Christine Mekkaout<br />FAX620-235-4026<br />Overman Student Center, Director of – Jeff Steinmiller620-235-4790<br />Student Financial Assistance, Director of620-235-4240<br />Tammy Higgins<br />Student Wellness Center, Director of620-235-4452<br />Donald Holsinger MD<br />Teaching,Learning, & Technology, Director of620-235-4243<br />Brenda Frieden<br />University Housing – Connie Malle620-235-4245<br />Learning Resources, Dean of – Robert Walter620-235-4878<br />Leonard H Axe Library620-235-4879<br />FAX620-235-4090<br />Circulation620-235-4882<br />Collection Development620-235-4885<br />Gov Documents620-235-4889<br />Interlibrary Loans620-235-4890<br />Periodicals620-235-4884<br />Reference620-235-4894<br />Special Collections620-235-4883<br />Special Services620-235-4888<br />Technical Services620-235-4895<br />Registrar – Debbie Greve620-235-4205<br />Degree Checking – Janet Hoyer620-235-4211<br />Scheduling & Veterans Counseling620-235-4202<br />Technology, College of, Dean of – Bruce Dallman620-235-4365<br />Engineering Technology620-235-4350<br />FAX (ETEX)620-235-4004<br />Graphics & Imaging Technology620-235-4419<br />FAX (GRAPHAX)620-235-4413<br />Technical Education620-235-4632<br />Technology Studies620-235-4371<br />University Advancement, Vice Pres for – Brad Hodson620-235-4757<br />Alumni Relations &Constituent Services, Director of620-235-4761<br />Johnna Schremmer<br />Donor Relations, Director of – Jolene Selvey620-235-4756<br />Development, Director of – Scott Roberts620-235-4769<br />University Marketing, Director of – Kim Carlson620-235-6177<br />Other Offices<br />Collegio620-235-4815<br />Herbarium620-235-4867<br />Housing Maintenance620-235-4771<br />Kanza620-235-4900<br />KRPS-FM Radio620-235-4288<br />Marriott Food Service620-235-4995<br />MailRm620-235-4772<br />Midwest Quarterly620-235-4369<br />Quick Print Services620-235-4272<br />Special Education620-235-4963<br />Student Government Assoc620-235-4810<br />Ticket Office620-235-4796<br />POOLED MONEY INVESTMENT BOARD — 671<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1220<br />Room 209, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St785-296-3372<br />Director of Investments – Elizabeth Miller<br />FAX785-296-1085<br />Accounting Manager – Karen Stattelman785-296-3701<br />Financial Reports – Breanne Bullock785-296-1221<br />Investment Officer – Scott Miller785-296-7053<br />PUBLIC BROADCASTING COUNCIL — 173<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1275<br />Suite 751S, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St785-296-3463<br />RACING & GAMING COMMISSION, KANSAS — 553<br />See Kansas Racing & Gaming Commission<br />RAINBOW MENTAL HEALTH FACILITY — 555<br />KANSAS CITY — 66103-2198<br />2205 West 36th Avenue913-789-5800<br />Superintendent913-789-5836<br />FAX:Admissions913-789-5858<br />Human Resources913-789-5860<br />Director’s Office913-384-1948<br />Medical Records913-384-9446<br />Nursing Office913-677-4457<br />Superintendent913-755-2637<br />Administrative Division913789-5815<br />Maintenance/ Engineering Services913-789-5823<br />Human Resources913-789-5820<br />Risk Management913-789-5867<br />Volunteer Services913-789-5827<br />Clinical Services Division913-789-5801<br />Activity Therapies Services913-789-5818<br />Admissions Services913-789-5817<br />Dietary Services913-789-5846<br />Health Information Management Services913-789-5834<br />Nursing Services913-789-5850<br />Psychology Services913-789-5835<br />Social Work Services913-789-5826<br />REAL ESTATE APPRAISAL BOARD — 543<br />TOPEKA — 66603<br />Jayhawk Tower, 700 SW Jackson, Ste 1102785-296-6736<br />Executive Director – Sally Pritchett<br />FAX785-368-6443<br />REAL ESTATE COMMISSION — 549<br />TOPEKA — 66603-3511<br />#3 Townsite Plaza, 120 SE 6th Ave, Suite 200785-296-3411<br />Executive Director – Sherry C Diel<br />FAX785-296-1771<br />REGENTS, KANSAS BOARD OF — 561<br />See Kansas Board of Regents<br />RETIREMENT SYSTEM, KS Pub Emp (KPERS) — 365<br />See KPERS (Kansas Public Employees Retirement System)<br />REVENUE, DEPARTMENT OF — 565<br />See Department of Revenue<br />REVISOR OF STATUTES — 579<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1592<br />Room 010-E, Capitol Bldg, 300 SW 10th Avenue785-296-2321<br />Reviser of Statues – Mary Torrence<br />EMAIL Revisor’sOffice@rs.state.ks.us<br />FAX785-296-6668<br />SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF — 610<br />OLATHE — 66061-5497<br />Stanley D Roth Administration Bldg, 450 East Park St913-791-0573<br />Superintendent – Madeleine Burkindine<br />Website: www.ksdeaf.org<br />Assistant Superintendent – Luanne Barron913-791-0513<br />Business Manager – Jeanette Magathan913-791-0570<br />Director of Admissions and Related Services913-324-0600<br />Joan Macy<br />Director of Human Resources & Capt Improvements913-791-0500<br />Theresa Chandler<br />Director of Operations – John Martello913-791-0580<br />Elementary Principal – Dr Petra Horn-Marsh913-791-0520<br />Secondary Principal – Kevin Milner, Sr.913-791-0506<br />SECRETARY OF STATE — 622<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1254<br />First Floor, Memorial Hall, 120 SW 10th Ave785-296-4564<br />Secretary of State – Chris E. Biggs<br />Executive Asst – Debbie Martin785-296-4564<br />Asst Secretary of State – Tim Graham785-296-2034<br />Chief of Staff – Nancy Bryant785-296-3033<br />Administration785-296-4564<br />Deputy Asst Secretary of State<br />KS Register/Publications (Except Law Books)785-296-3489<br />Nancy Reddy<br />Business Services785-296-4564<br />Deputy Asst Secretary of State – Stephanie Mickelsen<br />Business Entities (Corporation)785-296-4564<br />FAX785-296-4570<br />Uniform Commercial Code785-296-4564<br />FAX785-296-3659<br />Communications, Director of – Abbie Hodgson785-296-4580<br />Elections/Legislative Matters785-296-4561<br />Deputy Asst Secretary of State – Brad Bryant<br />FAX785-291-3051<br />Law Book & State Flag Sales – Bobbie Broadbent 785-296-4557<br />Electronic Government Services785-296-4564<br />Deputy Asst Secretary of State – Kathy Sachs<br />Human Resources Officer – Mike Brassel 785-291-3603<br />Legal Counsel785-296-4801<br />Deputy Asst Secretary of State – Diane Minear<br />SECURITIES COMMISSIONER OF KANSAS — 625<br />TOPEKA — 66603-3804<br />109 SW 9th, Suite 600785-296-3307<br />Commissioner – Marc S. Wilson<br />FAX785-296-6872<br />Toll Free1-800-232-9580<br />Toll Free1-888-40-SCAMS<br />WICHITA — 67202-4003<br />230 East William, Suite 7080<br />Securities Investigation Division316-337-6280<br />Asst Director of Enforcement – Richard York<br />FAX316-337-6282<br />SENATE — 428<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1504<br />Capitol Bldg, 300 SW 10th Avenue <br />President, Room 359E785-296-2419<br />FAX785-296-6718<br />Majority Leader, Room 356E785-296-2497<br />Minority Leader, Room 347N785-296-3245<br />Secretary of Senate, Room 360E785-296-2456<br />SENTENCING COMMISSION, KANSAS — 626<br />See Kansas Sentencing Commission<br />SOCIAL & REHABILITATION Svcs, DEPT OF — 629<br /> SEQ CHAPTER h r 1See Department of Social & Rehabilitation Services<br />STATE BoarD OF TECHNICAL PROFESSIONS — 663<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1257<br />Suite 507, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St785-296-3053<br />Executive Director – Jean Boline<br />STATE LIBRARY — 434<br />EMPORIA — 66801-5087<br />Talking Books Service, 1200 Commercial620-343-7124<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1593<br />Room 169W, Capitol Bldg, 300 SW 10th Avenue785-296-3296<br />Hours – M-F, 8:00AM – 5:00PM<br />Information785-296-3296<br />State Librarian – Joanne Budler785-296-5466<br />Administrative Specialist – Ruth Appelhanz785-296-4254<br />Deputy State Librarian Marc Galbraith785-291-3963<br />FAX785-296-6650<br />Business Office – Debra Damman785-291-3081<br />FAX785-368-7291<br />Communication Specialist – Janie Rutherford785-291-3230<br />Continuing Education Consultant – Cindi Hickey785-296-2146<br />Human Resources – Allison Conklin785-296-8193<br />Information Technology – Roderick Cody785-296-2610<br />Kansas Center for the Book – Roy Bird785-296-4105<br />Reference<br />Interlibrary Loan – Tom Roth785-296-4326<br />Legislative Reference<br />Kim Harp785-296-2149<br />Public Services – Cindy Roupe785-296-5437<br />Technical Services – Bill Sowers785-296-0265<br />State Data Center – Peter Haxton785-296-2008<br />Statewide Resource Sharing<br />(Vacant)785-296-3875<br />Talking Book Services – Toni Harrell620-341-6287<br />1200 Commercial, Emporia, KS 66801-5087<br />FAX620-341-6289<br />State TREASURER — 670<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1235<br />Room 201N, LSOB, 900 SW Jackson St785-296-3171<br />State Treasurer – Dennis McKinney<br />FAX785-296-7950<br />Asst State Treasurer – Aaron Otto785-296-4163<br />Chief of Staff – Phil Stevenson785-296-3342<br />Director of Communications – Kaelyn Seymour785-296-2565<br />Bond Services785-296-4148<br />FAX785-296-6976<br />Cash Management785-296-4151<br />FAX785-296-2014<br />Computer Systems and Technology785-296-3171<br />Human Resources785-296-2155<br />Learning Quest College Savings Program785-296-5317<br />Unclaimed Property785-296-4165<br />FAX785-291-3172<br />SUPREME COURT — 677<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1507<br />Supreme Court, Kansas Judicial Center<br />Chief Justice<br />Lawton R. Nuss785-296-5322<br />Justices<br />Marla J. Luckert ……………………………785-296-4900<br />Carol A. Beier ……………………………………785-296-5412<br />Eric S. Rosen785-296-6290<br />Lee A. Johnson785-296-5407<br />Dan Biles785-368-6212<br />Vacant ……………………………………785-296-4898<br />Clerk of Appellate Courts 785-296-3229<br />Carol G Green<br />Disciplinary Admin 785-296-2486<br />Stan Hazlett<br />Judicial Admin 785-296-4873<br />Howard Schwartz<br />Law Library – Fred Knecht785-296-3257<br />Reporter785-296-3214<br />Richard Ross<br />TAX APPEALS, Court of — 562<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1505<br />Room 451, DSOB, 915 SW Harrison St785-296-2388<br />Chairman – Bruce Larkin<br />FAX785-296-6690<br />Secretary to the Board785-296-2388<br />TECHNICAL PROFESSIONS, STATE BD OF — 663<br />See State BD of Technical Professions<br />TECHNOLOGY ENTERPRISE CORP, KANSAS — 371<br />See Kansas Technology Enterprise Corp<br />TOPEKA CORRECTIONAL FACILITY — 660<br />TOPEKA — 66607-2363<br />Central Unit, 8th & Rice Road785-296-3432<br />FAX785-296-0184<br />Control Center, 3401 SE 6th Street785-296-7268<br />Administration<br />General Administration785-296-3432<br />Warden785-296-7211<br />Deputy Warden Operations785-296-6969<br />Business Manager785-296-7258<br />Training & Staff Development785-296-1814<br />Classification & Records<br />Classification Admin & Correctional Counselors785-296-7205<br />Records Clerk – Central Unit785-296-7214<br />Clinical Chaplain785-296-7253<br />Health Services<br />Director785-291-3621<br />Human Resource Manager785-296-6214<br />General Number785-296-6646<br />Mechanical Services<br />Physical Plant Supervisor785-296-7267<br />Security<br />Admissions & Discharge785-296-3464<br />Central Unit, 8th & Rice Rd785-296-7220<br />Chief of Security785-296-6966<br />Security Access Control785-296-7260<br />Intelligence & Investigation785-296-4194<br />Testing & Psychiatric Evaluation<br />Psychologist – John Sander785-296-7297<br />Psychologist – Larry Zimmerman785-296-4184<br />Warehouse<br />Storekeeper – GSB785-296-7274<br />TRANSPORTATION, DEPARTMENT OF — 276<br />See Department of Transportation<br />TREASURER, OFFICE OF THE STATE — 670<br />See State Treasurer<br />UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS (KU) — 682<br />HUTCHINSON — 67504-0647<br />Continuing Education, PO Box 647<br />Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center620-694-1400<br />KANSAS CITY — 67103-2918<br />Child Research Field Labs, Bureau of<br />Juniper Gardens Childrens Project<br />650 Minnesota, 2nd Floor, 66101913-621-1712<br />University of Kansas Medical Center, Directory Assistance<br />39th & Rainbow913-588-5000<br />– (See University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) Listings)<br />Chancellor, Executive Vice, Office of (KC Campus)<br />KUMC913-588-1433<br />Donald Hagen MD<br />Hearing Clinic, Department of Otorhinolaryngology913-588-6702<br />Hearing Clinic, Hearing & Speech Department913-588-5937<br />Medicine, School of – Kansas City913-588-5287<br />Patient Financial Services<br />Hospital Billing913-588-5820<br />Children’s Rehabilitation Unit913-588-5900<br />LAWRENCE — 66045-0000<br />Directory Assistance785-864-2700<br />Adams Alumni Center, 1266 Oread785-864-4760<br />Admissions & Scholarships, 1502 Iowa St………………785-864-3911<br />African & African-American Studies, 9 Bailey785-864-3054<br />Peter Ukpokodu<br />Air Force ROTC (AFROTC), 109 Military Science785-864-4676<br />Airplane, University, Airport785-843-8925<br />Reservations785-864-4694<br />Allied Health School of, KUMC913-588-5235<br />American Studies, 213 Bailey785-864-4011<br />Cheryl Lester<br />Animal Resources, B-054 Malott785-864-5587<br />James F Breshnan<br />Anthropology, Department of, 622 Fraser785-864-4103<br />Jim Mielke<br />Anthropological Research & Cultural, Spooner785-864-4245<br />Applied English Center, 204 Lippincott785-864-4606<br />Architecture & Urban Design, School of, 206 Marvin785-864-4281<br />John C Gaunt<br />Architecture Programs785-864-4365<br />Urban Planning Program785-864-4184<br />Army ROTC (AROTC), 203 Military Science785-864-3311<br />Astronomical Observatory, 500 Lindley785-864-3166<br />Astronomy, Physics and, 1082 Malott785-864-4626<br />Athletics, Intercollegiate, 205 WSAC785-864-3355<br />Lew Perkins<br />Baseball, 220 Allen785-864-4196<br />Basketball, Men’s, 250 WSAC785-864-7929<br />Basketball, Women’s, 280 PAC785-864-4938<br />Football, 220 WSAC785-864-3142<br />Golf, Men’s785-842-1907<br />Golf, Women’s785-864-4122<br />Media Relations, 104 Allen785-864-3474<br />Rowing, 115 Allen785-864-3557<br />Soccer, 275 Allen785-864-3556<br />Softball, 275 PAC785-864-4737<br />Swimming, 250 AFH785-864-4177<br />Tennis, 275 PAC (Women’s)785-864-7992<br />Ticket Info, 108 Allen785-864-3141<br />Track, Men’s & Women’s, 150 Allen785-864-3486<br />Volleyball, 275 PAC785-864-5077<br />Audio-Reader, Baehr785-864-4600<br />Biological Sciences, Division of, 2045 Haworth785-864-4301<br />Chris Haufler<br />Biology, Undergraduate, 2045E Haworth785-864-5883<br />Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, 2041 Haworth785-864-5887<br />Molecular Biosciences, 2034 Haworth785-864-4631<br />Biological Survey, State of KS, 108 Higuchi785-864-1500<br />Director – Edward A Martinko<br />Bookstore, Kansas Union785-864-4640<br />Oread Books785-864-4431<br />Budget Mgmt & Fiscal Serv, Director of, 345 Strong785-864-3136<br />Burge Union (KU Bookstore)785-864-5697<br />Business, School of, 203 Summerfield785-864-3795<br />Bill Fuerst<br />Center for Bioanalytical Research, 785-864-3996<br />See Higuchi Biosciences Center<br />John Stobaugh<br />Center for Biomedical Research, 785-864-5140<br />See Higuchi Biosciences Center<br />Elias Michaelis<br />Center for Design Research795-864-3254<br />Lance Rake<br />Center for Drug Delivery Research, 785-864-5158<br />– (See Higuchi Biosciences Center)<br />Center for East Asian Studies, 201 Bailey785-864-3849<br />Center for Economic Education, 331 JRP785-864-9682<br />Center for Educational Testing & Evaluation, 735 JRP785-864-3537<br />Center for Indigenous Nations Studies, 105 Lippincott….785-864-2660<br />Center for International Business785-864-3125<br />Center for Management of Education785-864-7581<br />Center for Multicultural Leadership785-864-3990<br />Center for Neurobiology & Immunology Research785-864-7339<br />Center for Research, Inc (KUCR) 101 Youngberg785-864-3441<br />Robert Barnhill<br />Center for Research on Learning, 517 JRP785-864-4780<br />Center for Science Education, 121 JRP……………….785-864-2270<br />Center for Teaching Excellence, 135 Budig785-864-4199<br />Center of Latin American Studies, 107 Lippincott785-864-4213<br />Chancellor, Office of, 230 Strong785-864-3131<br />Robert Hemenway<br />Executive Asst to the Chancellor – Mary Burg<br />Asst to the Chancellor – Jeff Weinberg<br />Chancellors Emeriti, 230 Strong785-864-3131<br />Delbert Shankel<br />General Counsel, 245 Strong785-864-3276<br />James Pottorff<br />University Architect785-864-4868<br />Warren Corman<br />Chief Business/ Financial Planning Officer, 230 ST785-864-4868<br />Theresa Klinkenberg<br />Chemistry, Department of, 2010 Malott785-864-4670<br />Jeff Heppert<br />Child Language Program, 3031 Dole785-864-4570<br />Classics, Department of, 2099 Wescoe785-864-3153<br />College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, 200 Strong785-864-3661<br />Communication Studies, 102 Bailey785-864-3633<br />Robert Rowland<br />Comptroller, 224 Carruth785-864-3066<br />Bursar’s Office785-864-3322<br />Purchasing Services785-864-5970<br />Central Accounting Services785-864-3790<br />Perkins Loans785-864-5932<br />Payroll, 149 Carruth785-864-4385<br />Computing Services, Computer Center785-864-0100<br />Continuing Education, Division of, 1515 St Andrews785-864-4790<br />Frederick W Pawlicki<br />Continuing Medical Education, KUMC913-588-4488<br />Continuing Nursing Education, KUMC913-588-1695<br />Fire Service Training, 1515 St Andrews785-864-4790<br />Marketing & Communications, 1515 St Andrews785-864-4790<br />Regional Centers<br /> KS Law Enforcement Training Center,<br />Hutchinson, PO Box 647620-694-1400<br />Counseling & Psych Svc, 2100 Watkins Health Center785-864-2277<br />Pam Botts<br />Credit Union, KU Federal, 3400 W Sixth St785-749-2224<br />Dean of Students, 133 Strong785-864-4060<br />Design & Construction Management, 114 Carruth785-864-3431<br />James Modig<br />Dole Institution of Politics785-864-4900<br />East Asian Languages & Cultures, 2118 Wescoe785-864-3100<br />Keith McMahon<br />Economics, Department of, 213 B Summerfield785-864-3501<br />Joseph Sicilian<br />Education, School of, 208 JRP785-864-3726<br />Health Sport, & Exercise Sciences, 104 Robinson785-864-0784<br />Recreation Info785-864-3491<br />Psychology & Research in Education, 621 JRP785-864-3931<br />Special Education, 521 JRP785-864-4954<br />Student Teaching, 241 JRP785-864-9601<br />Undergraduate Records, 218 JRP785-864-9606<br />Edwards Campus913-897-8400<br />66213 Quivira, Overland Park<br />Vice Chancellor – Robert M Clark<br />Emily Taylor Women's Resource Center785-864-3552<br />400 Kansas Union<br />Employment Svc, Part-Time Student, 110 Burge785-864-4725<br />Endowment Association, KU Endowment Bldg785-832-7400<br />Dale Seuferling<br />Engineering, School of, 4010 Learned785-864-3881<br />Dean – Stuart Bell<br />Aerospace, 2120 Learned785-864-4267<br />Chemical & Petroleum, 4132 Learned785-864-4965<br />Civil, Environment, & Architectural, 2150 Learned785-864-3766<br />Diversity Programs, 4010 Learned785-864-3620<br />Electrical & Computer Science, 2001 Eaton785-864-4620<br />Engineering Management, 125 Edwards Campus785-864-8561<br />Engineering Physics, 3077 Malott785-864-4626<br />Mechanical, 3138 Learned785-864-3181<br />English, Department of, 3114 Wescoe785-864-4520<br />Dorice Williams Elliott<br />Enrollment Center,150 Strong785-864-5462<br />Environment, Health & Safety, 140 Burt785-864-4089<br />Equal Opportunity Office, Director of, 313 Strong785-864-3686<br />Executive Vice Chancellor for University Relations<br />Office of Janet Murguia……………………………...785-864-7100<br />Facilities Operations, Department of785-864-4770<br />Director – Doug Riat<br />Vehicle Rental785-864-3902<br />Fine Arts, School of, 446 Murphy785-864-3421<br />Steven K Hedden<br />Art Department of, 300 Art & Design785-864-4401<br />Bands, 128 Murphy785-864-3561<br />Brass & Percussion, 120 Murphy785-864-4457<br />Box Office – Theatre, 311 Murphy785-864-3982<br />Box Office – Lied Center785-864-2787<br />Box Office – SUA785-864-3477<br />Campanile785-864-3835<br />Design, Department of, 300C Art & Design785-864-4401<br />Midwestern Music Camp, 124D Murphy785-864-4730<br />Music & Dance Department, 460 Murphy785-864-3436<br />Music Education & Music Therapy, 448 Murphy785-864-4784<br />Musicology, 334 Murphy785-864-9716<br />Music Library, 240 Murphy785-864-3496<br />Music Theory & Composition, 222 Murphy785-864-4514<br />Orchestra, 126 Murphy785-864-4499<br />Organ & Church Music,346 Murphy785-864-9744<br />Piano, 310 Murphy785-864-9643<br />Strings, 316 Murphy785-864-9659<br />Voice & Opera, 306 Murphy785-864-9617<br />Woodwinds, 202 Murphy785-864-4476<br />Fire Service Training, 1515 St Andrews785-864-4790<br />French & Italian, Department of, 2103 Wescoe785-864-4056<br />Freshman-Sophomore Advising Center, 126 Strong785-864-2834<br />Fulbright, 300 Strong785-864-6161<br />General Counsel, 245 Strong785-864-3276<br />Geography, Department of, 213 Lindley785-864-5143<br />Terry Slocum<br />Geological Survey, State of Kansas, 305 Moore785-864-3965<br />William Harrison<br />Publication Sales, 324A Hambleton785-864-2157<br />Geology, Department of, 120 Lindley785-864-4974<br />R H Goldstein<br /> Germanic Languages & Literatures, 2080 Wescoe785-864-4803<br />William Keel<br />Gerontology Center, 3090 Dole785-864-4130<br />Government, Division of, 504 Blake785-864-3523<br />Graduate School, 300 Strong 785-864-6161<br />Guest House, 1525 Louisiana785-843-8175<br />Hall Center for the Humanities785-864-4798<br />Haskell Mentor Program, 126 Strong……………………...785-864-2834<br />Higuchi Biosciences Center, 103 Smissman785-864-5140<br />Elias Michaelis<br />Hilltop Child Dev Center, 1605 Irving Hill Rd785-864-4940<br />History, Department of, 3001 Wes – Thomas Lewin785-864-3569<br />History of Art, Department of, 209 Spencer Museum785-864-4713<br />Linda Stone-Farrier<br />Honors Program, Nunemaker Center785-864-4225<br />Housing Office, Student – Kenneth Stoner785-864-4560<br />Human Development & Family Life, 4001 Dole785-864-4840<br />Edward Morris<br />Clinical Child Psychology Program785-864-4226<br />Child Development Center, 4001 Dole785-864-0502<br />Humanities & Western Civilization, 308 Bailey785-864-3011<br />James Woelfel<br />Human Resources & Equal Opportunity785-864-4946<br />103 Carruth<br />Ola Faucher<br />Indigenous Nations Studies Program, 105 Lippincott…785-864-2660<br />Info & Telecom Technology Center, 203 Nichols785-864-4896<br />Information Center, Kansas Union785-864-3506<br />Information Services, 223 Strong785-864-4999<br />Information Technology, 202 Computer Center785-864-0100<br />Institutional Research & Planning, 339 Carruth785-864-4412<br />Deborah J Teeter<br />Instructional Development & Support, 4 Budig785-864-2600<br />Insurance, 50 Carruth785-864-4946<br />Health, Staff Benefits785-864-4946<br />Group Life, 50 Carruth785-864-4946<br />Unemployment Compensation, 103 Carruth785-864-4946<br />Workers Compensation, 103 Carruth785-864-4946<br />Internal Audit, 351 Strong785-864-3975<br />Int Center for Ethics in Business, 310 Summerfield785-864-7580<br />International Programs, 300 Strong785-864-6161<br />International Student & Scholar Services, 2 Strong785-864-3617<br />Journalism, School of, 200 Stauffer-Flint785-864-4755<br />Ann Brill<br />Kansan, University Daily<br />Advertising, 121 S-F785-864-4358<br />News Room, 111 S-F785-864-4810<br />Kansas Alumni Magazine, Adams Alumni Center785-864-5397<br />Kansas Applied Remote Sensing Program,785-864-7725<br />KANU Radio, Broadcasting Hall785-864-4530<br />KJHK Office, 472 Kansas Union785-864-2422<br />Law, School of, 202 Green – Stephen McAllister785-864-4550<br />Libraries, University, 502 Watson – Stella Bentley785-864-3956<br />Anschutz Library785-864-4928<br />Art, Spencer Art Museum785-864-3020<br />Cataloging, Level 2 Watson785-864-3038<br />Copy Service, Level 3 Watson785-864-4209<br />Engineering785-864-3866<br />Law Library, 200 Green785-864-3025<br />Map Library, Level 1 Anschutz785-864-4420<br />Retrieval Service, Level 2 Watson785-864-3535<br />Spencer Research Library785-864-4970<br />Lied Center Box Office785-864-2787<br />Life Span Studies, Institute for, 1052 Dole785-864-4295<br />Stephen Warren<br />Linguistics, 427 Blake – Sara Rosen785-864-3450<br />Mathematics, 405 Snow – Jack Porter785-864-3651<br />Max Kade Ctr for German-American Studies, Sudler785-864-7342<br />Mental Retardation Research Center, 1052 Dole785-864-4295<br />Frank Baron<br />Midwestern Music Camp, 400 Murphy785-864-4730<br />David Bushouse<br />Multicultural Affairs, Office of, 145 Strong785-864-4351<br />Multicultural Resource Center785-864-4350<br />Museums, Campus<br />Anthropology, Spooner785-864-4245<br />Art, Spencer Art Museum785-864-4710<br />Entomology, 357 Snow785-864-3065<br />Invertebrate Paleontology, 121 Lindley785-864-3338<br />Natural History, Dyche785-864-4540<br />Wilcox Classical, 103 Lipp785-864-3170<br />Natural History Reservation, 2060 E 1600 Rd785-843-3612<br />Henry S Fitch<br />Naval ROTC (NROTC), 115 Military Science785-864-3161<br />Networking & Telecom Services, 1736 Engel Rd.785-864-9300<br />John Louis785-864-9304<br />News & Public Issues, University Relations Center785-864-3256<br />New Student Orientation, 213 Strong785-864-4270<br />Ombudsman, 34 Carruth O’Leary785-864-7261<br />Paleontological Institute, 121 Lindley785-864-3338<br />Roger L Kaesler<br />Parking & Transit, 1501 Irving Hill Rd785-864-7275<br />Pharmacy, School of, 2056 Malott785-864-3591<br />Medicinal Chemistry, 4070 Malott785-864-4495<br />Pharmaceutical Chemistry785-864-5736<br />Pharmacology & Toxicology, 5064 Malott785-864-4001<br />Pharmacy Practice, 6050 Malott785-864-4881<br />Philosophy, 3090 Wescoe785-864-3976<br />Physics & Astronomy, 1082 Malott785-864-4626<br />Stephen J Sandars<br />Placement Offices<br />Business School785-864-5591<br />Career & Employment Services785-864-3624<br />Engineering Career Services Center785-864-3891<br />Journalism, School of785-864-7648<br />Law School Career Services785-864-4377<br />Portuguese, Spanish, 3062 Wescoe785-864-3851<br />Printing Services, 2425 W 15th St – John Sayler785-864-4341<br />David E Shulenburger<br />Psychology, Dept of, 426 Fraser – Gregory Simpson785-864-4131<br />Public Safety, Carruth-O’ Leary – Ralph V Oliver……785-864-5900<br />Purchasing Office, 7 Carruth – Barry Swanson785-864-3416<br />Religious Studies, 109 Smith785-864-4663<br />Research, 212 Youngberg Hall785-864-7298<br />Office for the Vice Provost<br />Reserve Officers, Training Corps (ROTC)<br />Military Science Bldg<br />Air Force, 108 Military Science Bldg785-864-4676<br />Army, 203 Military Science Bldg785-864-1105<br />Navy, 115 Military Science Bldg785-864-3161<br />Residence Halls<br />K K Amini, 1318 Louisiana785-312-3182<br />Margaret Amini, 1312 Louisiana785-312-3423<br />Battenfeld, 1425 Alumni Place785-312-3158<br />Corbin, 420 W 11th785-864-4182<br />Dennis E Rieger, 1323 Ohio785-312-3710<br />Douthart, 1345 Louisiana785-312-1787<br />Ellsworth, 1734 Engel Rd785-864-4190<br />Grace Pearson, 1335 Louisiana785-312-1772<br />GSP, 500 W 11th785-864-4884<br />Hashinger, 1632 Engel Rd785-864-4390<br />Lewis, 1530 Engel Rd785-864-4750<br />McCollum, 1800 Engel Rd785-864-4860<br />Miller, 1518 Lilac Lane785-312-1980<br />Oliver, 1815 Naismith785-864-4911<br />Pearson, 1426 Alumni Place785-312-1700<br />Sellards, 1443 Alumni Place785-312-1756<br />Stephenson, 1404 Alumni Place785-312-1727<br />Stouffer Place, 1603 W 15th785-864-8305<br />Templin, 1515 Engel Rd785-864-4470<br />Watkins, 1506 Lilac Lane785-312-3138<br />Residence Life (Student Housing)785-864-4560<br />Room Reservations, 150 Strong785-864-5123<br />Russian & East European Studies, 320 Bailey785-864-4236<br />Erik Herron<br />Self Graduate Fellowship, 222 Strong785-864-7249<br />Senate, University785-864-5169<br />Senate, Student, 410 Kansas Union………………………785-864-3710<br />Senate, Unclassified785-864-5169<br />Services for Students with Disabilities, 135 Strong785-864-2620<br />Silversmithing Studio, 330 A & D785-864-4417<br />Slavic Lang & Lit, Department of, 2133 Wescoe785-864-3313<br />Marc Greenberg<br />Social Welfare, School of – Ann Weick785-864-4720<br />Sociology, Department of, 716 Fraser785-864-4111<br />Spanish & Portuguese, Department of, 3062 Wescoe785-864-3851<br />Vicky Unruh<br />Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic, 2101 Haworth785-864-4690<br />Jane Wegner<br />Speech-Language-Hearing, Sciences & Disorders<br />3001 Dole785-864-0630<br />Hugh Catts<br />Speech-Language-Hearing TDD785-864-0667<br />Student Development Center, 22 Strong785-864-4064<br />Mary Ann Rasnak<br />Student Financial Aid, 50 Strong785-864-4700<br />Student Housing785-864-4560<br />Student Involvement & Leadership Center,<br />400 Kansas Union785-864-4861<br />Study Abroad, 108 Lippincott785-864-3742<br />Supportive Educational Services, 7 Strong785-864-3971<br />Tertiary Oil Recovery Project, 4146 Learned785-864-3001<br />Don W Green<br />G Paul Willhite<br />Theatre & Film Department, 356 Murphy785-864-3511<br />Trademark Licensing, 306 Burge785-864-4650<br />Transportation Center, 2160 Learned785-864-5658<br />Travel, 36 Carruth785-864-3151<br />University Animal Resources, B054 Malott785-864-5587<br />University Ombudsman785-864-4665<br />University Press of Kansas, 2501 W 15th785-864-4154<br />Fred Woodward<br />University Registrar, 121 Strong – Richard Morrell785-864-4422<br />University Relations, 225 Strong…………………………..785-864-7100<br />Executive Vice Chancellor<br />University Relations, Office of, Univ Relations Center785-864-3256<br />University Theatre, 317 Murphy785-864-3381<br />Box Office, 311 Murphy785-864-3982<br />Veteran Certification, 123 Strong785-864-5426<br />Watkins Health Center785-864-9500<br />Women’s Studies, 213 Bailey785-864-4012<br />OVERLAND PARK — 66225-5936<br />University of Kansas, Edwards Campus<br />12600 Quivira, PO Box 25936913-897-8400<br />PARSONS — 67357-0738<br />Bureau of Child Research Field Office620-421-6550 x1891<br />University of Kansas Affiliated Program620-421-6550 x1859<br />TOPEKA — 66612-1617<br />KU Public Management Ctr, KNEA Bldg, 715 W 10th785-296-2353<br />WICHITA<br />Geological Survey Field Office<br />Well Sample Library, 4150 Monroe, 67209316-943-2343<br />UNIV OF KANSAS MEDICAL CTR (KUMC) — 683<br />GARDEN CITY — 67846-6165<br />SW Kansas Area Health Education Center<br />1501 Fulton, Ste. #1620-275-0259<br />HAYS — 67601-3650<br />NW Kansas Area Health Education Center<br />217 East 32nd785-628-6128<br />KANSAS CITY — 66160<br />3901 Rainbow913-588-5000Administration<br />Office of Executive Vice Chancellor913-588-1440<br />Chief Executive Officer913-588-1270<br />Chief of Staff913-588-1200<br />Vice Chancellor Administration913-588-1400<br />Hospital Executive Office913-588-1270<br />Associate Vice Chancellor for Research913-588-1261<br />Research Administration913-588-5238<br />Health Careers Pathways Program913-588-1236<br />Legal Counsel913-588-7281<br />University Relations (Medical Center)913-588-5240<br />Accounting<br />Controller913-588-1121<br />Accounts Payable913-588-5335<br />Control & Reporting913-588-5366<br />Grant Accounting913-588-5361<br />Payroll913-588-5100<br />Property Accounting913-588-5271<br />Student Financial Accounting913-588-2590<br />Travel Audit913-588-5348<br />Administrative Services 913-588-7342<br />Graphic Services.913-588-7163<br />Instructional Services913-588-7326<br />Mail Services913-588-7966<br />Photo Services913-588-7217<br />Printing Services913-588-7095<br />Admitting, Hospital913-588-7431<br />Information Desk913-588-5800<br />Manager913-588-7471<br />Alumni Center913-588-1255<br />Anatomy Department913-588-7000<br />Anesthesiology Department913-588-6670<br />Billing Offices<br />Hospital Billing<br />Inpatient/Outpatient913-588-5820Biochemistry Department913-588-7008<br />Biomedical Technologies913-588-2194<br />Biometry Department913-588-5566<br />Bookstore913-588-2537<br />Budget Office913-588-5225<br />Burn Center913-588-6540<br />Cancer Center (See Kansas Cancer Institute)913-588-4700<br />Cardiology (See Medicine Department)913-588-6015<br />Cardiothoracic Surgery913-588-2840<br />Center on Aging913-588-1203<br />Chapel (or Call Page Operator at 5155)913-588-5033<br />Catholic Chaplain913-588-5034<br />Protestant Chaplain913-588-5033<br />Clinical Laboratories913-588-1710<br />Blood Bank913-588-1760<br />Administration913-588-1710<br />Clinical Trials913-588-1242<br />Community Nutrition Div913-588-2792<br />Computing Services, Office of913-588-4900<br />Production Control913-588-1235<br />Analysis & Programming913-588-4824<br />Document Management913-588-7086<br />Computer Operations (Answered 24 Hours)913-588-4855<br />Continuing Education, Division of913-588-4488<br />Courtyard Cafe913-588-2525<br />Credit Union913-588-5375<br />Dietetics & Nutrition Department913-588-7681<br />Ear-Nose-Throat Department<br />Audiology/Hearing Clinic913-588-6706<br />Chairman913-588-6719<br />Office913-588-6728<br />Outpatient913-588-6701Education913-588-5355<br />Nutrition Info913-588-5350<br />EEG Lab913-588-6732<br />Emergency Service Director913-588-6504Emergency Rm913-588-6500<br />Endowment Association913-588-5249<br />Environmental Services – University913-588-7205<br />Equal Opportunity Office913-588-1206<br />Facilities Management<br />Facilities Administration913-588-7900<br />Customer Service913-588-7928<br />Facility Reservations913-588-7326<br />Faculty Affairs 913-588-4875<br />FAX913-588-5242<br />Faculty & Staff Respiratory Care Education913-588-4632<br />FAX913-588-4631<br />Family Medicine913-588-1908<br />Administration913-588-1908<br />Appointments913-588-1908<br />Gastroenterology913-588-6019<br />Gift Shop913-588-5495<br />Graduate Studies913-588-1258<br />Health Information Management913-588-2423<br />Department Chairman913-588-2423<br />Health Service913-588-6512<br />Health & Technology Outreach913-588-4488<br />NW KS Area Health Education Center-Hays785-628-6128<br />SE KS Area Health Education Center-Pittsburg620-235-4040<br />SW KS Area Health Education Center-Garden City620-275-0259<br />Hearing & Speech Department913-588-5937<br />Hartley Family Center913-588-5750<br />Hearing (Audiology)913-588-5730<br />Hearing Clinic, Department of Otolaryngology913-588-6701<br />Speech-Language Clinic913-588-5937<br />History of Medicine (Clendening Library)913-588-7040<br />Hospital Executive Office913-588-1270<br />Hospital Financial Reporting913-588-5827<br />Hospital Information Systems913-588-4892<br />Housing Office (Students)913-588-6580<br />Human Resources – University913-588-5080<br />Benefits913-588-5087<br />Dial-A-Job913-588-5122<br />Employment913-588-5086<br />Training & Development913-588-5099<br />Information Resources<br />Associate Vice Chancellor & CIO913-588-7301<br />Internet Development Unit913-588-7387<br />Institute for Child Development913-588-5900Internal Audit913-588-7214<br />Interpreter Services913-588-1286<br />Kansas Cancer Institute<br />Non-Clinical913-588-4700<br />Cancer Information Service1-(800) 4-CANCER<br />Clinical Research Programs913-588-4709<br />Division of Behavioral & Social Sciences913-588-4703<br />Division of Etiology & Prev of Hormonal Cancers913-588-4742<br />Kansas Cancer Registry913-588-2744<br />Wilkinson Cancer Research Laboratory913-588-7747<br />Outpatient Service<br />Receptionist/Registration913-588-3974<br />Radiation Oncology Chairperson913-588-3609<br />Nursing Director913-588-3600Medical Records913-588-2454<br />Pharmacy913-588-2321<br />Radiation Oncology913-588-3609<br />FAX913-588-3663Kirmayer Fitness Center<br />Office 913-588-1532<br />FAX913-588-7710KU School of Nursing – Student Affairs913-588-1619<br /> School of Nursing G020, 66160-7501<br /> Business Office913-588-1603<br />Laboratory Animal Resources913-588-7015<br />Library, Dykes913-588-7166Circulation Desk913-588-7166<br />Instructional Technology Center913-588-7118<br />Academic Technology913-588-3678<br />Instructional Technology Center (Lab)913-588-7155<br />Reference Desk913-588-5070<br />Test Scoring Service913-588-5177<br />Lipid & Arteriosclerosis Clinic913-588-3878<br />Marion Merrell Dow Labs for Viral Pathogenesis913-588-5575<br />Marketing & Public Relations913-588-1291<br />Medical Records Department913-588-2454<br />Medical Technology Education Department913-588-5220<br />Department913-588-6000<br />Administration913-588-6001<br />Billing Office913-588-6085<br />General Medicine913-588-6005<br />Allergy & Immunology913-588-6008<br />Adult913-588-6008<br />Child (See Pediatric Department)913-588-6377<br />Cardiology913-588-6015<br />Clinical Oncology913-588-6029<br />Clinical Pharmacology913-588-6060<br />Lipid Arteriosclerosis Prevention Clinic913-588-6061Dermatology913-588-6028<br />Gastroenterology913-588-6019<br />Genetics913-588-6048<br />Geriatrics913-588-6005<br />Hematology913-588-6077<br />Infectious Disease913-588-6035<br />Metabolism & Endocrinology913-588-6022<br />Nephrology913-588-6074<br />Dialysis Unit913-588-6065Home Dialysis Training913-588-6069<br />Occupational Medicine913-588-3958<br />Outpatient Clinic913-588-3974<br />Pulmonary913-588-6044<br />Rheumatology913-588-6009<br />Mental Retardation Research Center913-588-5970<br />Molecular & Integrative Physiology913-588-7025<br />Morgue913-588-7272<br />Neurology<br />Administration913-588-6970<br />Chairman913-588-5436Nurse Anesthesia Education913-588-6612<br />Nursing Department913-588-6550<br />Nutrition Information Service913-588-5350<br />Obstetrics & Gynecology<br />Administrative Office913-588-6268<br />Appointments913-588-6268<br />Occupational Therapy Education913-588-7195<br />Ophthalmology<br />Administration913-588-6600Outpatient913-588-6600Orthotics & Prosthetics913-588-6548<br />Pain Management913-588-3143<br />Parking Services913-588-5175<br />Pastoral Care<br />Catholic Chaplain913-588-5034<br />Protestant Chaplain913-588-5033<br />Pathology & Laboratory Medicine913-588-7070<br />Autopsy Ste913-588-7272Cytology Diagnosis913-588-1179Surgical Pathology913-588-1180<br />Patient Affairs<br />Director913-588-1290Interpreter Services913-588-1286<br />Pastoral Care913-588-5033<br />Patient Relations913-588-5866<br />Volunteer & Ambassador Services913-588-6507<br />Patient Financial Services913-588-5801<br />Patient Accounting913-588-5820<br />Cashier913-588-5849<br />Director, Patient Accounting913-588-5801<br />Follow Up & Collections913-588-5870<br />Patient Billing913-588-5820<br />Manager913-588-5801KCCC Desk913-588-5834Medicaid913-588-5872Medicare913-588-5853Renal Dialysis Coordinator913-588-6065<br />Pediatric Department<br />Administration913-588-6301<br />Allergy913-588-2238<br />Ambulatory913-588-5908<br />Behavioral Psychology913-588-6323<br />Business Office913-588-6301<br />Critical Care913-588-6311<br />Chairman's Office913-588-6339<br />Cystic Fibrosis913-588-6377<br />Endocrinology913-588-6326<br />Growth & Development913-588-5908<br />Hematology/Oncology913-588-6340<br />Lab913-588-6399Neonatology913-588-6337<br />Nephrology913-588-6031<br />Neurology913-588-6371<br />Outpatient913-588-6399<br />Sexual Abuse913-588-7339<br />Pharmacy Administration913-588-2330<br />Drug Information Center913-588-2328Inpatient913-588-2321<br />Outpatient913-588-2371<br />Pharmacy Education913-588-2330<br />Physical Therapy & Rehab Sciences913-588-1587<br />Physician Consultation & Referral Service913-588-1227<br />Plastic Surgery913-588-2000<br />Sutherland Institute913-588-2000<br />Poison Control Center913-588-6633<br />Toll Free (KS)1-800-332-6633<br />Police, University913-588-5030<br />Preventive Medicine913-588-2774<br />MPH Kansas913-588-2720Psychiatry/Behavioral Sciences Department913-588-6400<br />Information913-588-6400<br />Biofeedback/Psychology913-588-6463Chairman's Office913-588-6401Outpatient Clinic913-588-1300Recreational Therapy913-588-6422Purchasing Department913-588-1100<br />Administration913-588-1100Receiving/Shipping913-588-1104Store Rm913-588-1103Radiation Safety Office913-588-5161<br />Radiation Oncology913-588-3600<br />Radiology Department913-588-6800<br />Office913-588-6800<br />Nuclear Medicine Staff Offices913-588-6817<br />Radiologic Sciences Div913-588-6820<br />Radiology Scheduling913-588-6804<br />Rehabilitation Medicine Department913-588-6795<br />Chairman913-588-6795Office913-588-6795<br />Occupational Therapy General Clinic913-588-6945<br />Physical Therapy913-588-6790<br />Research Administration913-588-5238<br />Research Institute913-588-1261<br />Clinical Trials913-588-1249<br />Technology Transfer913-588-5721<br />Respiratory Care913-588-3335<br />Shift Manager913-588-1577<br />Respiratory Therapy 913-588-4634<br />Safety Office913-588-6126<br />Ruth Schukman-DakotasRobert Bornkessel<br />Nhiep NguyenTiffany Mahaffey<br />School of Allied Health913-588-5235<br />School of Medicine913-588-5268<br />General Info913-588-5283<br />Office of the Dean913-588-5268<br />Office of Admissions913-588-5283<br />Office of Student Affairs913-588-5261<br />Office of Financial Aid913-588-7203<br />School of Nursing913-588-1601<br />Office of Dean913-588-1601<br />Academic Affairs913-588-1640Continuing Nursing Education913-588-4488<br />Office of Student Affairs913-588-1619<br />Smith Mental Retardation Research Center913-588-5970<br />Social Work Department913-588-2160<br />Sports Medicine<br />Office913-588-7775Clinic913-588-7670Student Services<br />Office of the Dean913-588-7055<br />Student Financial Aid913-588-7055<br />Student Records & Registration913-588-6588<br />Student Resources913-588-6681<br />Counseling Services913-588-6587<br />Housing Office913-588-6580<br />Surgery Department – Including Subspecialties913-588-6101<br />ATLS913-588-5429Education913-588-3173Hand Rehabilitation Unit913-588-3128<br />Hand Surgery913-588-6134<br />Head Trauma913-588-6185<br />Immunotherapy913-588-6104<br />Laboratory, Neurosurgery913-588-7029<br />Laboratory, Orthopedic Surgery913-588-6149<br />Liver Transplant Program913-588-6183<br />Minor Surgery913-588-2133<br />Neurosurgery913-588-6117<br />Oncology Unit913-588-6189<br />Operating Rm913-588-2880<br />Orthopedic Surgery913-588-6100<br />Outpatient Clinic913-588-3116<br />Pediatric Dentistry913-588-2020<br />Pediatric Surgery913-588-7660<br />Plastic Surgery913-588-2000<br />Plastic Surgery Outpatient Ste913-588-2000<br />FAX913-588-2061<br />Sutherland Institute (Crainofacial/Cleft Prog Coor)913-588-2000<br />Sutherland Microsurgery Research Center913-588-2085<br />Trauma Service913-588-7230<br />Technology Transfer913-588-1495<br />Telecommunications & Networking, Office of913-588-4900<br />Customer Support913-588-7995Remote Access 913-588-4900<br />Paging913-588-2337Urology913-588-6146<br />University Relations913-588-5240<br />Vascular Surgery913-588-6109<br />Volunteer Services913-588-6528<br />PITTSBURG — 66762-0296<br />SE Kansas Area Health Education Center, Box 296620-235-4040<br />Director – Mary Beth Warren620-235-4040<br />FAX620-235-4041<br />Univ of ks, school of Medicine – wichita — 683<br />WICHITA — 67214-3199<br />1010 North Kansas316-293-2635<br />FAX316-293-2628<br />Academic & Student Affairs316-293-2603<br />Associate Dean – Garold Minns MD<br />Administrative Officer – Trish Felt<br />Administration316-293-2600<br />Dean – S Edwards Dismuke MD MSPH<br />Associate Dean – Academic & Student Affairs<br />Garold Minns MD316-293-2603<br />Associate Dean, Administration316-293-2676<br />Janice Arbuckle<br />Associate Dean, Faculty Development316-293-2600<br />Anne Walling MD<br />Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education316-293-2665<br />Frederic Chang MD<br />Associate Dean, Primary Care316-293-2607<br />Rick Kellerman MD<br />Associate Dean, Research316-293-2617<br />Craig Molgaard, PhD MPH316-293-2627<br />Associate Dean, Veterans Affairs316-651-3602<br />Kent Murray MD<br />Administrative & Financial Services316-293-2610<br />Associate Dean for Admin – Janice Arbuckle316-293-2676<br />Asst Controller – Tyann Orton316-293-2610<br />Alumni Association – Marianne Eyles316-293-2603<br />Anesthesiology316-268-6147<br />Chair – Wesley Helena MD<br />Bookstore316-293-2618<br />Manager – Cathy Carter<br />Dean’s Office316-293-2600<br />Dean – S Edwards Dismuke MD MSPH<br />Executive Asst – Annette Klaus316-293-2602<br />Facilities Management316-293-2625<br />Director – Brian Leabo<br />Faculty Development316-293-3476<br />Associate Dean – Anne Walling MD<br />Family & Community Medicine316-293-2607<br />Chair – Rick Kellerman MD<br />Administrative Officer – Debbie Bennett<br />Graduate Medical Education316-293-2665<br />Associate Dean – Frederic Chang MD<br />Director – Penny Vogelsang<br />Human Resources316-293-2615<br />Director – Lisa Brommer<br />Information Technology316-293-3400<br />Director – Thomas Knapp<br />Educational Technology316-293-2619<br />Manager – Melody Brownell PhD<br />Farha Medical Library316-293-2629<br />Manager – Teresa Coady<br />Network & Technology Support316-293-2605<br />Manager – Penni Smith<br />Telecom/AV Support316-293-2605<br />Manager – Vincent Marshall<br />Internal Medicine316-293-2650<br />Chair – Garold Minns MD<br />Administrative Officer – Jill Longstaff<br />KU Endowment Association316-293-2641<br />Director of Development – Lynn Loveland<br />Medical Services Administration316-293-2620<br />Director – Lorene Valentine316-293-3494<br />Obstetrics & Gynecology316-688-3182<br />Chair – Douglas Horbelt MD<br />Pathology316-268-5420<br />Chair – Joe Lin MD<br />Patient Care316-293-2622<br />Office Manager – Jamie Love316-293-2639<br />Pediatrics316-293-2631<br />Chair – Sechin Cho MD<br />Administrative Officer – Geri McFall<br />Postgraduate Education316-293-2636<br />Director – Jeanette Jeffers RN PhD<br />Preventive Medicine316-293-2627<br />Acting Chair – Craig Molgaard PhD MPH<br />MPH Program316-293-2606<br />Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences316-293-2669<br />Chair – Sheldon Preskorn MD<br />Administrative Officer – Janice McAdam<br />Radiology316-688-2900<br />Chair – David Brake MD<br />Research316-293-2617<br />Associate Dean – Craig Molgaard PhD MPH ,316-293-2627<br />Director – Wendy Yao316-293-2617<br />Rural Health Education & Services316-293-2649<br />Director – Lorene Valentine<br />Security316-293-2662<br />Supervisor – Daryl McWhirt316-293-2625<br />Surgery316-268-5990<br />Chair – Alex Ammar MD316-263-0296<br />University Relations316-293-2643<br />Director – Brenda Gray<br />Women’s Research Institute316-293-1880<br />Director of Research – Linda Frazier MD MPH<br />VETERANS’ AFFAIRS, COMMISSION ON — 694<br />See Commission on Veterans’ Affairs<br />VETERINARY EXAMINERS, KANSAS BD OF — 700<br />See Kansas Board of Veterinary Examiners<br />WATER OFFICE, KANSAS — 709<br />See Kansas Water Office<br />WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY — 715<br />WICHITA — 67260<br />1845 Fairmount<br />Dial Direct to all departments<br />For numbers not listed dial:316-978-3456<br />Information Line, University316-978-4636<br />Weather/Class Status & Activity Line (24 Hour)316-978-6633<br />Metropolitan Complex, Eugene M. Hughes,<br />5015 E. 29th St. N., 67220316-978-3456<br />SOUTH Campus, 200 W. Greenway, Derby 67037316-978-8000<br />WEST Campus, 3801 N Walker Ave, Maize, KS 67101316-978-6777<br />24 Hour Activity/Class Status/Inclement Weather Line316-978-6633<br />FREQUENTLY CALLED NUMBERS<br />Admissions, Gradutate316-978-3095<br />Admissions, International316-978-3232<br />Admissions, Undergraduate316-978-3085<br />Athletics Ticket Office316-978-3267<br />Book Store316-978-3490<br />Financial Aid316-978-3430<br />Fine Arts Box Office316-978-3233<br />Media/Journalist Inquiries (University Relations)316-978-3045<br />Registrar316-978-3055<br />Student Transcripts316-978-3057<br />GENERAL LISTINGS<br />Academic Affairs316-978-3010<br />FAX316-978-3227<br />Accountancy, School of316-978-3215<br />FAX316-978-3660<br />Administration & Finance, VP316-978-3030<br />FAX316-978-3151<br />Admissions, Graduate316-978-3232<br />Admissions, International316-978-3232<br />FAX316-978-3777<br />Admissions, Undergraduate316-978-3085<br />FAX316-978-3174<br />Advancement, University - Vice President316-978-3512<br />Advising Center, University316-978-3700<br />Advising – Business School316-978-3300<br />Advising - Education316-978-3290<br />Advising - Engineering316-978-3420<br />Advising – Fine Arts (call school of Art & Design, Music, or Performing Arts)<br />Advising – Health Professions316-978-3304<br />Advising Liberal Arts & Sciences316-978-3700<br />Aircraft Design & Manufacturing Research Center316-978-3412<br />Alumni Association316-978-3290<br />Anthropology316-978-3195<br />Anthropology Museum, Lowell D. Holmes316-978-3195<br />Art & Design316-978-3555<br />Athletics – Business Office/Facility Rental316-978-3251<br />Athletics – Shocker Athletic Scholarship Org. (SASO)316-978-7276<br />Athletics – Media Relations316-978-3265<br />Aviation Research, Ntional Institute for (NIAR)316-978-6427<br />Baseball316-978-3636<br />Basketball – Men’s316-978-3252<br />Basketball – Women’s316-978-3257<br />Biological Research Station & Natural History<br />Reservation (Viola)620-584-6626<br />Biological Sciences316-978-3111<br />Board of Trustees316-978-3040<br />Bookstore – Rhatigan Student Center316-978-3490<br />Bowling – Men’s/Women’s316-978-7655<br />Braeburn Golf Club316-978-4653<br />Brennan Hall316-978-3337<br />Business - Advising316-978-3203<br />Business Law316-978-3219<br />Business – Graduate Studies316-978-3230<br />Business, W Frank Barton School of316-978-3200<br />CAD/CAM Laboratory316-978-3283<br />Campus Life & University Relations316-978-3021<br />Career Services316-978-3435<br />Chemistry316-978-3120<br />Child Development Center316-978-3109<br />Communication, Elliott School of316-978-3185<br />Communications Sciences and Disorders316-978-3240<br />Community Support and Research, Center for (CCSR)316-978-3843<br />Computer Science316-978-3156<br />Computing Center316-978-3630<br />Conferences/Non-Credit Programs,<br />5015 E. 29th St. N., 67220316-978-6493<br />Continuing Education,<br />5015 E. 29th St. N., 67220316-978-6488<br />Controller316-978-3070<br />Cooperative Education and Work-Based Learning316-978-3688<br />Counseling, Educational, and School of Psychology<br />(CSEP)316-978-3326<br />Counseling & Testing Center316-978-3440<br />Credit Union, Campus316-978-3666<br />Criminal Justice316-978-7200<br />Curriculum & Instruction316-978-3322<br />Dance316-978-3530<br />Dental Hygiene 316-978-3614<br />Dental Hygiene Clinic316-978-3603<br />Dining Services, University316-978-3477<br />Disability Services316-978-3309<br />Economic Dev & Bus Research, Center for (CEDBR)316-978-3225<br />Economic Education, Center for316-978-7090<br />Economic Education, KS Council on316-978-5183<br />Economics316-978-3220<br />Education Advising Certification & Records316-978-3300<br />Education, College of - Dean316-978-3301<br />Elliott School of Communication316-978-3185<br />Energy Studies, Center for316-978-6340<br />Engineering, Aerospace316-978-3410<br />Engineering, College of316-978-3400<br />Engineering, Computer316-978-3415<br />Engineering, Electrical316-978-3415<br />Engineering, Industrial316-978-3425<br />Engineering, Manufacturing316-978-3425<br />Engineering, Mechanical316-978-3402<br />English316-978-3130<br />Entrepreneurship, Center for316-978-3000<br />Equal Employment Office316-978-6791<br />Ethnic Studies316-978-7000<br />Facilities Planning316-978-3030<br />Faimount Center for Math & Science316-978-3191<br />Fairmount Towers – Residence Hall316-978-3320<br />Finance, Real Estate & Decision Sciences (FREDS)316-978-3219<br />Financial Aid316 978-3430<br />Fine Arts, Box Office316-978-3233<br />Fine Arts Institute316-978-3581<br />Fien Arts, College of - Dean316-978-3389<br />Foundation316-978-3040<br />GEAR UP (See Kansas Kids@GEAR UP)316-978-7810<br />General Counsel316-978-6791<br />Geography316-978-3150<br />Geology316-978-3140<br />Gerontology316-978-7200<br />Golf – Men’s (Athletics)316-978-5545<br />Golf – Women’s (Athletics)316-978-5548<br />Golf Club, Braebum316-978-4653<br />Governmental Relations316-978-3001<br />Graduate School - Admissions316-978-3095<br />Graduate School - Dean316-978-3095<br />Hazardous Materials316-978-3347<br />Health Professions, College of - Dean316-978-3600<br />Health Professions - For Student Inquiries316-978-3600<br />Local Calls316-978-3304<br />Long Distance Calls800-340-7472<br />Health Professions – Instructional Services316-978-3608<br />Health Services Management and Community Dev.316-978-3060<br />Heskett Center316-978-3082<br />High Performance Computing Center316-978-5306<br />History 316-978-3150<br />Honors Program316-978-3375<br />Housing & Residence Life316-978-3693<br />Hughes Metropolitan Complex, Eugene M.,<br />5015 E. 29th St. N., 67220316-978-3415<br />Hugo Wall School of Urban & Public Affairs316-978-7240<br />Human Resources316-978-3065<br />Information Center, University316-978-4636<br />Intensive English Language Center316-978-3232<br />Internships316-978-3688<br />Kansas Kids @ GEAR UP316-978-7810<br />Kids Training316-978-5398<br />Kinesiology & Sport Studies316-978-3340<br />KMUW FM 89 – Wichita Public Radio316-978-6789<br />KMUW On Air Studio Line316-978-6700<br />Lake Afton Public Observatory – 24 Hour Line316-978-7827<br />Lake Afton Public Observatory316-978-3191<br />Language & Literatures, modern & Classical (MCLL)316-978-3180<br />Liberal Arts & Sciences, Fairmount College of - Advising316-978-3700<br />Liberal Arts & Sciences, Fairmount College of - Dean316-978-3659<br />Library – 24-Hour Information Line316-978-3481<br />Library – Circulation/Fiens316-978-3582<br />Library – Patents/Trademark316-978-3622<br />Library – Reference Desk316-978-3584<br />Library – Special Collections316-978-3590<br />Library, Ablah316-978-3481<br />LINK, WSU316-978-5465<br />Management316-978-3214<br />Management Development, Center for (CMD)316-978-3118<br />Management Information Systems316-978-3219<br />Marketing & Entrepreneurship316-978-3367<br />Mathematics & Statistics316-978-3160<br />Media Resources Center 316-978-3575<br />Media/Journalist Inquires316-978-3045<br />Medical Technology316-978-3146<br />Metropolitan Complex, Eugene M. Hughes,<br />5015 E. 29th St. N., 67220316-978-3258<br />Multicultural Affairs, Office of316-978-3034<br />Music 316-978-3103<br />National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR)316-978-6427<br />North Central Association - Kansas316-684-3507<br />Nursing, School of316-978-3610<br />Nursing, School of – Toll Free Number800-516-0290<br />Observatory, Lake Afton Public316-978-3191<br />Opera/Musical Theatre316-978-6373<br />Performing Arts316-978-3360<br />Philosophy316-978-3125<br />Physical Plant316-978-3444<br />Physical Therapy316-978-3604<br />Physician Asst316-978-3011<br />Physics316-978-3190<br />Police Department, University316-978-3450<br />Political Science316-978-3165<br />Postal Services316-978-3550<br />President's Office316-978-3001<br />Printing Services316-978-3790<br />Project Discovery316-978-3127<br />Psychology316-978-3170<br />Psychology Clinic316-978-3212<br />Public Administration316-978-7240<br />Public Health Sciences316-978-3660<br />Purchasing316-978-3080<br />Real Estage316-978-3219<br />Records - Student316-978-3092<br />Recreation Center – Rhatigan Student Center316-978-3479<br />Registrar316-978-3055<br />Rehabililtation Engineering Research Center316-978-3415<br />Religion316-978-3108<br />Research Administration316-978-3285<br />Research, Institutional316-978-3015<br />Rhatigan Student Center - Director316-978-3487<br />Rhatigan Student Center - Reservations316-978-3475<br />Rowing – Men’s and Women’s316-978-5285<br />Rowing – Assistant Coach316-978-3465<br />SASO – Shocker Athletic Scholarship Organization316-978-2273<br />Scholarships316-978-3430<br />Small Business Development Center,<br />5015 E. 29th St. N., 67220316-978-3193<br />Social Work316-978-7250<br />Sociology316-978-3280<br />Softball 316-978-3260<br />South Campus, 200 W. Greenway, Derby, 67037316-978-8000<br />Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic,<br />5015 E. 29th St. N., 67220316-978-7264<br />Student Activities Office – Rhatigan Student Center316-978-3495<br />Student Government Association316-978-3480<br />Student Health Services316-978-3620<br />Student Leadership, Center for316-978-3022<br />Student Life316-978-3023<br />Student Records316-978-3092<br />Student Support Services316-978-3715<br />Student Union (See Rhatigan Student Center)<br />Sunflower, Student Newspaper316-978-3640<br />Telecommunications316-978-3535<br />Television – WSU Channel 13316-978-3575<br />Tennis – Men’s/Women’s (Athletics)316-978-3183<br />Theater, CAC316-978-4129<br />Theatre – Performing Arts316-978-3368<br />Tickets, Athletic Events316-978-3267<br />Tickets, Fine Arts316-978-3233<br />Track – Men’s/Women’s (Athletics)316-978-3269<br />Transcripts, Student316-978-3057<br />TRIO – Communications Upward Bound316-978-6731<br />TRIO – Disabililty Support Services316-978-5949<br />TRIO – Educational Opportunity Centers Prog.316-978-7800<br />TRIO – McNair Scholars Program.316-978-3139<br />TRIO – Student Support Services Program.316-978-3715<br />TRIO -Talent Search Program316-978-3127<br />TRIO – Upward Bound Math Science316-978-3316<br />TRIO – Upward Bound Wichita Pret316-978-3019<br />TRIO – Veterans Upward Bound.316-978-7800<br />Tuition & Fees, Student316-978-3333<br />Ulrich Museum of Art316-978-3664<br />Undergraduate Admissions316-978-3085<br />University Relations316-978-3045<br />Upward Bound Math/Science 316-978-3316<br />Upward Bound/Wichita Prep316-978-3019<br />Urgan & Public Affairs, Hugo Wall School of316-978-7240<br />Veterans Service, Ofice of316-978-3027<br />Veterans Upward Bound316-978-6742<br />Vice President for Campus Life & University Relations316-978-3021<br />Volleyball (Athletics)316-978-3362<br />West Campus, 3801 N Walker Ave, Maize, KS 67101316-978-6777<br />Wheatshocker Apartments – Residence Hall,<br />400 E. 17th St., 67208316-978-5000<br />Wichita Radio Reading Service 316-978-6600<br />Women's Studies316-978-3358<br />World Trade Council of Wichita316-978-3176<br />WICHITA Work Release Facility<br />See Winfield Correctional Facility – 712<br />WILDLIFE & PARKS, Kansas DEPARTMENT OF — 710<br />See Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks<br />WINFIELD CORRECTIONAL FACILITY — 712<br />WICHITA – 67202<br />Wichita Work Release Facility316-265-5211<br />401 South Emporia<br />FAX316-262-5936<br />Warden – Emmalee Conover620-221-6660 x202<br />Deputy Warden – Georgia Pursley316-265-5211 x222<br />Accounts Payable620-221-6660 x230<br />Business Manager620-221-6660 x211<br />Chaplain620-221-6660 x264<br />Chief of Security620-221-6660 x204<br />Compliance Manager620-221-6660 x288<br />Human Resource Manager620-221-6660 x201<br />Information Technology620-221-6660 x231<br />Inmate Accounting316-265-5211 x203<br />Enforcement, Apprehension, and Investigation Unit<br />Special Agent Supervisor 620-221-6660 x224<br />Special Agent620-221-6660 x241<br />Maintenance Supervisor316-265-5211 x224<br />Parole Coordinator316-265-5211<br />Records 316-265-5211 x201<br />WINFIELD — 67156-5500<br />1806 Pinecrest Circle620-221-6660<br />FAX620-221-9229<br />Warden – Emmalee Conover620-221-6660 x202<br />Deputy Warden – Julie Utt620-221-6660 x203<br />Warden’s Assistant620-221-6660 x200<br />Accounts Payable620-221-6660 x230<br />Aramark (Food Service)620-221-4026<br />Business Manager620-221-6660 x211<br />Captain’s Office 620-221-6660 x232<br />Chaplain620-221-6660 x264<br />Chief of Security620-221-6660 x204<br />Classification Administration620-221-6660 x209<br />Compliance Manager620-221-6660 x288<br />Correct Care Solutions (Medical)620-221-6660 x329<br />Greenbush (Education)620-221-6660 x238<br />Human Resource Manager620-221-6660 x201<br />Information Technology620-221-6660 x231<br />Enforcement, Apprehension, and Investigation Unit<br />Special Agent Supervisor620-221-6660 x224<br />Special Agent620-221-6660 x241<br />Medical620-221-6660 x303<br />Parole Coordinator620-221-6660 x227<br />Physical Plant Supervisor620-221-6660 x311<br />Assistant Physical Plant Supervisor620-221-6660 x306<br />Procurement/Supply620-221-6660 x312<br />Records620-221-6660 x219<br />Re-Entry Coordinator620-221-6660 x252<br />Staff Development620-221-6660 x336<br />Visitation620-221-6660 x278<br />