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February 2010 X-ray Bulletin

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  • 1. Radiation Control, X-ray Unit Minnesota Department of Health 625 Robert Street North PO Box 64975 Protecting, Maintaining and Improving St. Paul, Minnesota 55164-0975 the Health of All Minnesotans Phone: 651.201.4545 Fax: 651.201.4606 Website: www.health.state.mn.us/xray FEBRUARY 2010 Email: health.xray@state.mn.usMDH X-ray Unit magnetsThe MDH X-ray Unit created magnets for all registered facilities to help facilitate communication between ourregistrants and MDH. Please write your facility registration number on the magnet, as we refer to this numberto answer your questions. If you do not receive your magnet by the end of this month, please give us a call.Late Fees enforced Rule 4732 updateIf your Annual Registration x-ray equipment fees are MDH is in the informal process of fine-tuning Rulepostmarked after the 1st, the late fee will be 4732, adopted in November of 2007. We are askingenforced. There will be no grace period, and for solicitations from the regulated community onpaperwork will be returned if a late fee is not areas of improvement that they would like to see.included. It is the facilities responsibility to notify Once comments are received, the formal rule makingMDH of any changes that might hinder the process will begin. Some areas that MDH is lookingregistration process: new address, new contact at, include: CR/DR quality control, CT/Boneperson, and change of ownership or equipment Density rules (draft copies online), removal of allstatus. It is also the facilities responsibility to know language pertaining to therapy (therapy will be rulewhen registration is due. If you know you should 4733 when adopted), and clarifying areas that havehave received your paperwork, but didn’t, then resulted in numerous calls from the regulatedplease contact us and we’ll send another packet. If community.you do not know when your annual registration isdue, please give us a call. Please send your comments by April 30 to: Kimberly Pappas Minnesota Department of Health Radiation Control, X-ray Unit Chapter 4732 is available at the Minnesota 625 Robert Street North Bookstore for $13.95 plus shipping and tax . P.O. Box 64975 Call 651.297.3000 or 1.800.657.3757 or order St. Paul, Minnesota 55164-0975online at www.comm.media.state.mn.us/bookstore/ bookstore.asp Limited Scope exam results We receive numerous phone calls from applicantsVisit our website who have taken the Limited Scope X-ray OperatorsPlease visit our website for all your radiation control exam, requesting their exam scores. We will noquestions about Quality Control, Service Providers, longer provide this information over the phone. WeX-ray Operators, registration forms and more at receive these reports from ARRT weekly. If youwww.health.state.mn.us/xray. New items include: have not received your score letter from us within X-ray recycling and disposal services two weeks of taking the exam, please give us a call. Mammography classes added Please allow two weeks for processing by ARRT X-ray operator classes updated and MDH before calling us. Thank you!
  • 2. FDA Initiative on Radiation Inspector’s CornerExposure From Medical ImagingThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration haveannounced an initiative to reduce unnecessary Lead Aprons and Digitalradiation exposure from three types of medical Lead Aprons are required to beimaging procedures: Computed Tomography (CT), worn any time an individual is involved in holdingNuclear Medicine Studies, and Fluoroscopy. These a patient during an x-ray examination. X-rays doprocedures are the greatest contributors to total not care whether your facility uses digital or film.radiation exposure within the U.S., and use doses X-rays come from the tube, not the receptor. Oncehigher than mammography, dental and standard x-rays interact with a target, they produce scatterx-rays (ie. chest x-ray). Like all medical procedures, radiation. Someone assisting on an exam would bethere is a risk associated with these exams. subject to radiation exposure. The lead apron isExposure to any kind of radiation can increase a designed to shield the human holder from bothperson’s lifetime cancer risk primary and secondary radiation. Lead integrity testing needs to be done at intervals not to exceedSome of the FDA’s initiatives involves working 24 months, to check for cracks/holes that wouldtogether with organizations to help patients get the compromise the safety of someone wearing it.right imaging exam, at the right time, with the right Portable X-Ray Fluorometers Used in Industryradiation dose. It will include the safe use of Portable x-ray fluorometers are industrial devicesmedical imaging devices, support informed clinical typically used to analyze objects for their metaldecision-making, and increase patient awareness of content.their own exposure. There are two kinds of industrial devices: one usesManufacturers will be required to incorporate radioactive material (e.g., cadmium-109) and theadditional safeguards into their machines and to other uses a battery-operated x-ray tube:provide appropriate training for practitioners.  The radioactive material based instruments areFor additional information, please visit http:// usually generally licensed and need not bewww.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/ registered with the Minnesota Department ofPressAnnouncements/UCM200085 Health, X-ray Unit. Radioactive materials staff currently does not inspect the safety program To receive bulletins by email, for these devices. please submit your request to  The tube-based instruments must be registered Kelly.Sabanjo@state.mn.us. with MDH X-ray Unit and the users must For past bulletins, visit our web- follow Rule Chapter 4732, contained mostly in site at www.health.state.mn.us/ rule part 1000. MDH inspects the registrant’s xray, click on Publications. safety program every four years.What defines a “new” facility? If you have questions about registering theseWhat is a NEW facility? devices, please contact Tim Donakowski at New construction, not registered with MDH 651-201-4521, or Kelly Sabanjo at 651-201-4568. A facility under new ownership A satellite office that has not been registered X-ray Unit magnets Just a reminder to please use the x-ray magnets weAny new information should be reported to MDH. sent to all facilities in January. When calling MDHPlease use the Change of Facility Information form with x-ray questions, we will ask for youravailable on our website to report changes. To registration number, which should be written byregister a new facility, fill out the Initial Registration you in the middle of the magnet. It also containsform. Both are available on our website at our web address, with answers to our frequentlywww.health.state.mn.us/xray, click on Registration asked questions. Thank you!Forms.