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December INKY Connections Newsletter -

  1. 1. INKY CONNECTION 1 INKY CONNECTION ISSUE THEME IS: GOALS DECEMBER 2009 ___________ __ PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE By Kathy Petty, CMT, AHDI-F Wow, I can’t believe 2009 is almost over and this is my last President’s Message to you! I trust each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It has been an interesting year to say the least. I do want to take this opportunity to thank all of the INKY members who have helped throughout the year. Without each of you, INKY would not exist. I am delighted to report that our Fall Symposium was held and was a success – not necessarily a monetary success, but we did have several new faces in the crowd, as well as some old familiar faces. Our goal for this symposium was not to make money but rather to get more people in the door so we could spread the word about what is going on with INKY and AHDI, and to that end I think we were very successful. I am hopeful that in 2010, more of you will volunteer in some way, be it on a committee, making a phone call, sending emails, etc. Every little detail is so helpful and so appreciated. Lastly, I want to thank you for making my job as 2009 President an easy one. My wish for each of you is a lovely holiday season and a happy and healthy New Year! Kathy Petty, CMT, AHDI-F 2009 INKY-AHDI President INSIDE THIS ISSUE E D U C A T I O N C O R N E R … . . 2 N E W S F R O M A H D I … . . 3 H O U S E O F D E L E G A T E S M E E T I N G U P D A T E F R O M A C E … 3 N A T I O N A L N E W S … … 8 L O C A L N E W S … . . 1 3 G O A L S T H E M E . . . . 1 4 C A L E N D A R O F E V E N T S … . . 1 8 T R E A S U R E R ’ S R E P O R T … . . 1 8 B O A R D M E M B E R S … … 2 0 C R O S S W O R D P U Z Z L E … . . 2 1
  2. 2. INKY CONNECTION 2 NEW FDA DRUG APPROVALS Permission Granted From UpCal D Calcium citrate with Vitamin D powder for treatment or prevention of calicum deficiency. Dosage Information dietary supplement powder, taken by mouth. Source: T W Y N S T A IN G R E D I E N T S : AM L O D I P I N E B E S Y L A T E ; T E L M I S A R T A N 5 M G / 4 0 M G ; O R A L T A B L E T MA N U F A C T U R E R : B O E HR ING E R ING E L HE IM T R E A T M E N T O F H Y P E R T E N S I O N AP P R O V E D : 1 0 / 2 0 0 9 Approved 11/13/09: Lysteda WASHINGTON - Federal health officials have approved a new drug as the first non-hormonal treatment for heavy menstrual bleeding. The Food and Drug Administration says Lysteda tablets reduce bleeding by acting on a protein that helps blood clot. The drug is made by Newport, Ky.-based Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals. Istodax: romidepsin Manufacturer: Gloucester Pharamceuticals Approved: 11/05/2009 Treatment of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) in patients who have received at least one prior systemic therapy (1). Route: Intravenous NEW FDA DEVICE APPROVALS Permission Granted From FDA EzPAP� A positive airway pressure system usedto treat atelectasis and provide lung expansion therapy in cases where incentivespirometry alone is not sufficient.ManufacturerSmiths MedicalSourcesmiths- RELIEVA BALLOONSINUPLASTY SYSTEM A catheter-based system usedto unblock sinusesand restore VIDAS fPSA rt Assay - P080008 Product Name: VIDAS fPSA rt Assay PMA Applicant: Biomerieux Inc. Address: 595 Anglum Road Hazelwood, MO Approval Date: 10/8/09 Approval Letter: P080008a.pdf Approved: 10/08/2009 CONSERVE® Plus Total ResurfacingHip System - P030042 Product Name: CONSERVE® Plus Total Resurfacing Hip System PMA Applicant: Wright Medical Technology Address: 5677 Airline Road, Arlington, Tennessee 38002 Approval Date: November 3, 2009 Approval Letter: cs/pdf3/P030042a.pdf Approved: 11/03/2009 EDUCATION CORNER
  3. 3. INKY CONNECTION 3 AHDI Announces Newly Elected Leaders AHDI is proud to announce these newly elected directors, who will serve from 2010- 2012: Sherry Doggett Brett McCutcheon, CMT, AHDI-F Lisa Johnson Williams, CMT, AHDI-F We are also happy to announce the Speaker- elect for the House of Delegates Chad Sines, AHDI-F Thanks to all who voted and congratulations to the winners! AHDI-Professional Programs Coordinator—Job Opening Due to personal reasons, Sue Krajewski, CMT, AHDI-F, will be leaving AHDI’s Professional Programs Department at the end of this month. AHDI would like to acknowledge and thank Sue for her outstanding contributions to the association as a staff member and looks forward to continuing to partner with Sue as a volunteer on association initiatives. To that end, AHDI is looking for a qualified candidate to fill the position of Professional Programs Coordinator. Qualified, credentialed candidates can download the Professional Programs Coordinator Job Description and forward resume and qualifications to Lea Sims, CMT, AHDI-F ( ‘Latest news from AHDI” AHDI House of Delegates Meeting, Wednesday October 28, 2009, 7 pm Brenda Hurley, CMT, AHDI-F, opened the meeting. The Nominating Committee has reported chapters experiencing difficulties getting volunteers to fill officers’ positions. Chad Sines of the Bylaws Committee provided model universal bylaws for chapters. These were compiled in an effort to remove the burden from each component having to update their bylaws each year. Now the chapter will also have a Policies and Procedures document which a model was also provided for us to customize. Susan Lucci, CMT, AHDI-F, summarized AHDI’s activities over the past year. She spoke about visiting the AMA to discuss the Health Story Project and the progress made with the Member Benefits Grid. An additional initiative AHDI worked on was the SRT curriculum and that is now complete. AHDI has retained the services of a lobbying firm, DeweySquare Group. Peter Preziosi, CEO, spoke about the impact of the HITECH Act and its requirements on our field and how AHDI and MTIA are collaborating to develop a compliance manual. The very exciting news Mr. Preziosi delivered was that of a digital highway creating a network system to link up MTSOs to share uniformly coded records to create an exchange of documents created by Verizon Business & ICSA Labs—a company who has experience in Ciberspace Security since 1991. This currently involves 7 MTSOs who report 60,000 records, 2.5 billion records archived on their platforms, 375,000 unique physicians’ services, 2500 unique hospitals, and 2400 clinics—bringing together this infrastructure to push out standardization in a rapid fire way. AHDI Board will travel to these areas for meetings: Charlotte, NC, in January 2010; Advocacy in March 2010 in DC; and Austin for the Annual Convention. Bethany Twist reported that the Power of 10 Campaign has collected $4055 with part of those funds from components around the country! Linda Brady, new Director of Membership, reported there will be new restructuring of the membership categories and using Personify for members to more easily upgrade. Look for updates in membership information in January 2010. END….LuAnn Guilfoyle, CMT-Delegate
  4. 4. INKY CONNECTION 4 AHDI and MTIA Co-sponsors in Best Practices in Electronic Health Records Event Join us February 3-5, 2010, in Boston, MA, for a gathering of healthcare professionals, providers, hospitals, healthcare systems, and state and federal health departments. This strategic business forum will highlight strategies for EMR Adopting and Use within Healthcare Organizations. This conference will show attendees how to overcome the challenges of implementing an EMR system, offer best practices in integration, streamline clinical processes, establish training guidelines for staff and personnel, and how to benchmark your success of the EMR system. To learn more or to register for this event, visit Active Communications International. Posted by Lea Sims at 3:58 PM Labels: AHDI, EHR, EMR, MTIA Thursday, November 19, 2009 New Exam Preparation Product from AHDI! AHDI Flash Cards are designed to prov ide the student, new graduate, and/or seasoned MT with quick, high-impact study tools f or skill building and exam preparation. Take this handy conv enient pack of easy -to-use f lash cards with y ou when y ou trav el, hav e a long wait in a doctor’s of f ice or kids’ soccer practice, or simply with making the most of that 10 minutes between appointments or on a break. Each set of f lashcards cov ers a content area on the AHDI exam blueprint and is designed to put that core knowledge right at y our f ingertips. This set of medicolegal f lash cards will test y our knowledge and understanding of a broad range of medicolegal concepts and terms associated with the healthcare deliv ery and the documentation sector, including such topics as HIPAA, document types, document formats, the legal record, malpractice, DNRs, and much more. Order y our Flash Cards today ! Posted by Coleen Fisher at 3:28 PM Labels: AHDI, MTIA Thursday, November 12, 2009 AHDI and MTIA Score an Advocacy Success Last week, AHDI and MTIA members proved yet again that grassroots membership involvement is key to the success of our advocacy efforts. Members’ calls, emails, and faxes to their Representatives helped defeat an amendment that would have eliminated from the Small Business Financing and Investment Act of 2009 (H.R. 3854) loans for which our members would be eligible and could use to purchase health information technologies. The amendment was withdrawn, and the bill passed in the House of Representatives and now moves to the Senate. This success demonstrated not only the value of membership participation in advocacy, but also the value of working with the Dewey Square Group (DSG). DSG alerted us to the amendment, helped us craft our official statement to legislators, and coordinated delivery of that statement to every member of the House of Representatives. Thank you for your continued support of our associations’ advocacy efforts and stay tuned for future developments concerning the bill. Posted by Lea Sims at 6:30 PM Labels: Advocacy, AHDI, Dewey Square Group, HIT, HR 3854, MTIA ‘Latest news from AHDI”
  5. 5. INKY CONNECTION 5 Thursday, November 12, 2009 Medical Transcription Industry Celebrates Health IT Week Washington, DC, November 3, 2009 – As health information managers and professionals across the country celebrate the health information & technology industry this week, the Association for Health Care Documentation Integrity (AHDI) and the Medical Transcription Industry Association (MTIA) announced their support for a healthcare reform package that improves electronic health records (EHRs) as well as patient safety. Read the full press release on the AHDI and MTIA websites. Posted by Lea Sims at 6:27 PM Labels: AHDI, EHR, EHR adoption, healthcare reform, HIT Week, MTIA Thursday, September 17, 2009 Speech Recognition Editing Online Course—NEW! When used in conjunction with properly trained medical transcription editors, speech recognition technology (SRT) has proven its worth by lowering healthcare costs and providing faster turn-around times. The technology serves as a bridge to the electronic health record by offering a familiar and efficient method of data entry to the medical community. The need for qualified SRT editors is expected to increase in correlation with the growing healthcare demands of an aging population. In partnership with TRSi and 3M, and with the contributions of a volunteer workgroup comprised of SRT developers, MT managers and supervisors, educators and practicing medical transcription professionals from around the country, the Associati on for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) has developed the first of its kind speech recognition editing course which will: * Assist the practicing MT to confidently make the transition from standard transcription production worker to successful SRT knowledge-based worker. * Provide medical transcription schools and programs an option to broaden their curriculum. * Offer employers an excellent training opportunity for their workforce. Click here for more information and to enroll in the next open session. Posted by Lea Sims at 8:38 AM Labels: 3M, AHDI, MTIA, SRT, SRT editing course, TRSi ‘Latest news from AHDI”
  6. 6. INKY CONNECTION 6 An Open Letter to Healthcare Documentation Professionals On behalf of AHDI What does the future hold for medical transcriptionists, medical editors, and the healthcare documentation profession? Quite honestly, that depends on us. It depends on our knowledge and understanding of the ever‐changingtechnologiclandscapeof the healthcare industryandourabilitytoadaptto these changes.It depends on our preparedness for emerging technologies and capacity to use standardized vocabularies that will form the basis of uniformly structured and coded documents. Frankly, it depends on our profession staying focused on evolvingourcraft,becomingmore visible on the healthcare team as the “go‐to” experts in clinical documentation, and workingtogethertoprepare ourselvesforfuture rolesinthe healthcare industry. We may be unable to directly control the evolution of the healthcare industry and its enabling technologies, but we can ensure our future by adapting to it. The purpose of thisletteristwo‐fold.First,we wanttopromote AHDIprioritiesandhow theyrequire involvementby the profession.Theseprioritiesaddressthe changinghealthcare landscape in positioning our profession not only to remainrelevantbutalsoto be considered a value‐add service to patient care delivery. Secondly, whether you’re a memberof AHDIor not,we must all pull together at this defining moment in our profession’s history to help reset our directioninthese changingtimesratherthanwaitingtohave otherssetitfor us. We believe AHDI members and nonmembersalikeare partof the solution.You can support the future of your career and profession in many ways, along with the priorities of AHDI, and here are a few: Educateyourself.A solideducationalbackgroundsustainedbylong‐termcontinuingeducationisthe cornerstone of ourprofession.We are medical language specialists –andthat language isevolvingandmorphingexponentially along.The documentationsectorisalsobeingshapedbyhealthcare’sdesire formore standardizationandgreater informationspecificitywiththe adventof healthinformationexchangesandICD‐10arrivingin2013. A good knowledge base isessential.Logontothe AHDIwebsite andtake advantage of the manycontinuingeducation opportunitieswe have tooffer. Getcredentialed.Professional credentialingdemonstratescommitmenttolifelongeducationandisnecessaryto earnthe respectof those bothwithinandoutside of ourprofession.A professional credential demonstratesthatlike mosteveryotherprofessional onthe healthcare deliveryteam, youare committedtolife‐longlearningandhave takena competency‐basednationalexamtovalidate yourknowledge.We know thatwe are a critical contributorto patientsafety,butwithoutcredentialsthatsetusapart and distinguishouruniquebodyof knowledgeand contributionstothe patientcare team,our end‐userswill continue tobelieve thatanyone candothisjoband that our role can readilybe replacedbypoint‐and‐clicktechnologiesandspeechrecognitionengines. Useauthenticatedresearch tools. Many inour professiondonothave adequate resourcesforthe demanding jobswe hold.There are many resourcesavailableonline.Some are verygood,andsome are not reliable or trustworthy,soInternetsearchingisoftenagamble.The AHDI BenchmarkKnowledgeBase,withthe thirdedition Bookof Style embeddedintoit,isaone‐stop,web‐basedsolutiontothisproblemandrepresentsthe profession’s nextgenerationof authenticatedliterature todrive accuracy and qualityintothe healthcare documentinaquicker and more automatedway.Traditional booksare excellent,butyouneedtokeepthemup‐to‐date. ‘Latest news from AHDI”
  7. 7. INKY CONNECTION 7 Embracenew technology. The electronichealthcare recordiscoming,andinmanyplacesit isalreadyhere.Itis an importantandnecessarydevelopmentinhealthcare documentationandpatientsafety.We mustworktoward the goal of a National HealthInformationNetworkbecause suchanetworkof accessible,interoperable health informationisacritical componentof healthcare reform.Readthe EmergingTechnologiesFocusGroupFindingsand Conclusions –a comprehensive reportpreparedfromfocusgroupsconductedwithdocumentationprofessionalsand technologyvendors,andlearnwhattheybelieve are the challengesandopportunitiesthatlie aheadforthe field. Getinvolved.AHDIhas a Facebookpage – there isno cost,and youcan findoutmore about whatwe are doing insupportof hard‐workinghealthcare documentationprofessionals.We discusswhatishappeninginhealthcare and howstayingconnected,informed,andinvolvedcankeepusa stepaheadof changesas theydevelop.Checkusout here. Contributetothe Power of10 Campaign. AHDIislaunchingayear‐longcampaigntoraise $10 from 10,000 MTs by the endof 2010. Why? To supportthe association’sadvocacyeffortsinWashington,DC,where AHDIandMTIA are workinghardto make sure you have a role inthe future of the EHR. Our lobbyingfirmalongwithour governmentrelationsstaff ismakingsure oursectoriswell representedinimportantmeetingsanddiscussionsbeing heldbyour nation’slegislatorsandpolicymakersonhealthcarereform, criteriaandstandardsforEHR systems,and workforce developmentinalliedhealth.AllPowerof 10 fundsgodirectlytothiseffort.Itwill take everyone of the “silent”tenthousandcontributingtheir“voice”throughsupportandparticipation.Findoutmore about Powerof 10. While everyonearoundusis decidingourfuture relevance inhealthcare, we mustcome together,asthe true experts in our field, and work collaboratively to develop valuable and meaningful technology‐enabled roles that assist in acceleratingEHRadoption,healthcare reform, and improved clinical and reimbursement decision support through accurate, timely, and complete healthcare documentation. We can work together, as practitioners, educators, QA experts,compliance officers,managers,teamleaders,andsupervisors to shape a future for our profession and that contributes to improving the U.S. healthcare delivery system. There are so many things you can do to build a better future for yourself. This letter outlines some of the many possibilities for positioning yourself to not only survive but thrive in the future of healthcare. Which ones will you choose? AssociationforHealthcare DocumentationIntegrity 2010 Board of Directors,VolunteerMembers,andStaff‐FB October 2009
  8. 8. INKY CONNECTION 8 Doctors' company createsvoice- based records system BY DAVID HOLTHAUS • DHOLTHAUS@ENQUIRER.COM • NOVEMBER 15, 2009 With renewedfocus on medical costs andefficiency, a young, physician- led company believes the time is right tomarket a high-techmedical records system it developedandhas been usingsince 2007. Link to full Article: ors++company+creates+voice-based+records+system VENTUREBEAT Livescribe launches anapp store for its Pulse smart penplatform 11/18/2009 Inspired by Apple, every hardware maker is creating an app stores these days. Today, Livescribeis launching a beta platform that allows developers to create apps for its Pulse smart pen. For entire article: store-for-its-pulse-smart-pen- platform/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campa ign=Feed%3A+Venturebeat+%28VentureBeat%29 (there’s an app for medical transcription) SANTA CRUZ, CA, Nov ember 14, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- VIVA Transcription, a leading prov ider in medical transcription serv ices, announced that, as of Nov ember 1, it has processed ov er one million documents f or its 450+ clients in the United States. "As a result of our longstanding commitment to prov iding the highest quality medical transcripts, VIVA is thrilled to hav e reached this signif icant milestone bef ore the end of the y ear, placing us in the top f iv e percent of medical transcription companies in the nation," stated Manuel Prado, President. Link to f ull article: rss/1000000-transcripts-and-growing-124726.php Deaconess Goes Electronic, Not Everyone Happy Posted: Nov 18, 2009 5:55 PM EST story by C ourtney Fischer EVANSVILLE - NEWS 25 is looking into a new programat Deaconess Hospital. It's been two and a half weeks since the hospital converted paper records to its electronic system. Not everyone is happy about the change. Workers contacted NEWS 25 in fear theirjobs will be eliminated. Could it happen and what doesthe change mean for you as a patient? When Dr. P atrick Fouts finishes seeing a patient he doesn't hand off notes to a transcriptionist, he goesright to a computer. Since Novemberfirst, DeaconessHospital has been electronic. Fouts talks out his notes, and the computer records it right to your chart. "T he systemis built so it decreasesmedical errors," Fouts says. But not everyone agrees the change is for the better. NEWS 25 was contacted by a medical transcriptionist who is worried her job is close to being cut . "We were never really told what EPIC really was--what the impact was going to be," she says. T he transcriptionist says she went from working 48 hours a week, to now barely working 40. "It's taking the work out fromunderme. I'm pretty sure administration and management had to know the impact this was going to have on the medical transcriptiondepartment--they had to." "A ny time you implement a new technology there's potential for it to be disruptive in certainareas," says James Porter withDeaconess Hospital. He's the man who overseesthe EPIC program. P orter sayssince it's been implemented, it's streamlined the way Deaconesshandles patients. Porter recognizes the fact transcriptionists could lose their jobs. "We won't stop needing transcriptionists--there are still things we'll need them to do, but many things are no longer necessary," says P orter. A Deaconess spokespersonsays EPIC increases patient safety. About 30 transcriptionists work at Deaconess---the spokesperson would not say if any positions will be cut in the near future. NATIONAL NEWS
  9. 9. INKY CONNECTION 9 CONGRATULATIONS TO Diana Albright, CMT and Patty Brown, CMT For successful completion of the CMT exam in the Fall 2009. TO Kathy Petty, CMT, AHDI-F For successful attainment of the Fellow designation (See acknowledgement letter on following page) TO Michelle Holden, CMT, as INKY’s newly elected Vice President For a 2-year term with the first year beginning in 2010 as VP and the second year in 2011 as President of INKY. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF THE ABOVE NAMED MEMBERS. WE ARE PROUD OF EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU AND SHARE IN YOUR JOY AND SUCCESS!!
  10. 10. INKY CONNECTION 10 KATHY PETTY INDUCTED INTO FELLOW STATUS I would proudly like to introduce our newest induction into Fellow status. Kathy Petty, CMT, AHDI-F Zionsville, IN Kathy is an MT who has been certified for five years and has been a member of AHDI since 2002. Kathy has volunteered on the INKY- AHDI's Membership Committee as well as serving as INKY-AHDI's President, President-Elect, and Alternate Delegate. Kathy has contributed articles and peer presentations, as well as leading credentialing study groups. Being a Fellow of AHDI is an acknowledgement of excellence and an honor which signifies that you have achieved a balance of successful activities in your professional and personal life that goes beyond every day transcription practice. Please join me in congratulating Kathy on her prestigious accomplishment! Cassie Uber Credentialing and Education Coordinator Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) Medical Transcription Industry Association (MTIA) 4230 Kiernan Ave., Ste, 130 Modesto, CA 95356 800-982-2182 x2456
  11. 11. INKY CONNECTION 11 AVAILABLE INKY POSITION—CANDIDATES NEEDED! AHDI LEGISLATIVE LIAISON AHDI LEGISLATIVE LIAISON PROGRAM By Kathy Petty, CMT For those of you who attended the INKY Fall Symposium in October, you heard the awesome, heartfelt presentation given by Mary Brinton, CMT regarding her experience at the Advocacy Summit this year. Mary was an awesome representative for INKY and we are so proud of her and of her efforts on our behalf. I am hopeful that Mary’s presentation also inspired you to become involved in advocacy. AHDI is launching a legislative liaison program. The goal is to identify an AHDI member in each state who would be willing to serve as a legislative liaison. The legislative liaisons would do the following:  Respond to occasionaladvocacy alerts calling on members to contact their legislators or governmentofficials about issues of interest to AHDI;  Ask other members at the local level to respond to advocacy alerts;  Serveas grassroots coordinators for theannualAHDI/MTIA AdvocacySummit, including promoting the Summit, coordinating letter writing, and acting as state delegation leaders during the Summit;  Organizeadvocacy activities at the state level; and  Shareinformation regarding advocacy opportunities and successes with AHDI’s national office. By implementing this program, AHDI will have a committed and reliable group of volunteers who can help share our organization’s advocacy messages year round. It will also facilitate the grassroots organizing necessary to make the Advocacy Summit a well-attended and impactful event. It will provide a two-way means of communication between organizational leadership and the membership base on advocacy issues and work. Lastly, it will help ensure the sustainability of AHDI advocacy program by establishing an infrastructure for the organization’s advocacy efforts. AHDI is asking that each state association appoint a legislative liaison and each regional association appoint a legislative liaison for each state within its region. This position is very important to our advocacy efforts at both the state and national level. If you are interested in this position, or know another member who is or would be well-suited for it, please contact me as soon as possible. You can reach me by email at or by telephone at 317- 733-0036.
  12. 12. INKY CONNECTION 12 Recertification Course Now Available for RMTs! The highly anticipated recertif ication process and course f or RMTs is complete, and we are ready to start recredentialing our RMTs. In partnership with OAK Horizons, Inc., AHDI has created a course prov ides targeted prof essional dev elopment in the core content areas required to maintain the RMT credential. The course includes 11 chapters, each with a concluding quiz. To pass the course and renew the RMT credential, participants must complete all 11 chapters and quizzes, and pass the f inal exam. This is great news f or CMTs, too! CMTs will receiv e 11 CECs toward y our CMT recertif ication upon successf ul completion of the course. The credits are broken down as f ollows: 2 CM, 3 MTT, 3 ML, 2 TW, and 1 PD. That’s nearly half the required credits f or a recredentialing cy cle. If you hav e questions or would like more detailed inf ormation about the recertif ication process f or the RMT credential, v isit the RMT Recredentialing webpage now. For those who are ready to sign up, y ou can either call the of f ice toll f ree at 800-982-2182 or use the link below. Register Now Cost: $100 RMT members $125 RMT nonmembers $100 CMT members $125 CMT nonmembers This email is sent to you by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity. Copyright © 2009 AHDI 4230 Kiernan Ave., Suite 130, Modesto, CA 95356-9322 If you do not wish to receive this email, please email
  13. 13. INKY CONNECTION 13 LOCAL NEWS INKY SYMPOSIUM & BUSINESS MEETING The 2009 Annual INKY Business Meeting was held on Saturday, October 24, 2009. Our turnout was 23 registered with 21 members attending. Kathy Petty, CMT, AHDI-F, President, gave the welcome address to the attendees and then I gave my presentation as delegate, “AHDI 31 Years Reaching Our Future Together.” I tried to touch on all of the initiatives and projects AHDI has ongoing and introduced this past year. I wanted to give members different options to get involved and also provided an update of the HOD meeting at ACE. Mary Brinton, CMT, provided an Advocacy Update and spoke about the Power of 10 Campaign. As INKY’s legislative liaison Mary attended the Advocacy Summit in DC and shared her experience with us. She stated there were 80+ attendees with 30+ states represented who made 100 hill visits and over 200 letters written. Those are impressive figures! Jill Duncan, BS, RT, of Northwest Radiology, spoke about “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About VR – Don’t Be Afraid To Ask.” Jill’s presentation enthralled the audience because she had the PowerScribe up on the screen for everyone to view and did a live demonstration in the differentmodes: dictator and transcriptionist/editor. Jill reminded us PowerScribe is a tool to make us more efficient, not designed to get rid of anyone. PowerScribe allows the dictator to make voice edits and it also allows customization of the program. It was very sophisticated, and I especially liked the feature that it removes dead air space automatically. INKY MISSION STATEMENT We are dedicated to the progression of professionalism and education for medical transcriptionists. We are dedicated to educating and improving ourselves in our chosen profession by developing and utilizing our skills to the highest level throug h symposia, advocacy, and networking. Jennifer Shreve, CMT, gave a lively presentation on “Steps to Credentialing.” She explained the level 1 being RMT and level 2 being CMT. The exam was computerized in 2004. She explained the exams in depth and how to prepare. Jennifer then had an interactive session which was both fun and educational. She had sample questions and the audience members won prizes. She also provided handouts on test taking tips. Interesting stats were that 67% of CMTs pass the exam and 45% to 55% of RMTs pass. Kathy Petty, CMT, AHDI-F, called to order the business meeting and everyone participated in discussions about INKY joining a regional group. Jill McCarty, CMT, spoke to the group about current issues affecting the chapter. Jennifer Shreve, CMT, provided a treasurer’s update. We then had a lunch break with choice of pasta with vodka sauce or spaghetti and meatballs,salad,and cookies, and soft drinks. It was relaxing and delicious. Kathy Petty, CMT, AHDI-F, composed an exciting Spelling Bee for us that had medical and legal words with amazing graphics. I kept trying to guess what the word would be when the next image popped up. The time really went quickly in this hour. Cindy Thomas of InfraWare has participated at our symposiums many times in the past and always has something fresh to share. She spoke about, “How the HITECH ACT and EMR and Adoption Affect Transcription Business.” Cindy relayed how the HITECH Act provides $44,000 to each physician for the EMR. She explained the updated definition HIPAA has assigned to the business associate. Interesting tidbit was that right here in Carmel, Indiana, is one of the country’s best data centers as it is where 2 electric companies join and all servers are hooked to both. Ava Marie George, AHDI Board Partner, spoke on “EHRs and Future Roles.” Eva explained about the EHRs certification and the future roles we have in this new arena. Eva will also be attending the upcoming AHDI Regional Meeting in Madison, WI. Special thanks to all our vendors: Bytescribe,CareerStep, Executive Communications Systems, InfraWare, Jordan Essentials, Lia Sophia, M-TEC, Mary Kay, MedQuist, Oak Horizons, Pampered Chef, PartyLite, SpeedType, TranscriptionGear, Webmedx and special thanks to Northwest Radiology Network for also hosting us and providing such a great facility for us! Thanks to all who attended! LuAnn Guilfoyle, CMT
  14. 14. INKY CONNECTION 14 QUOTES ON GOALS My philosophy of life is that if we make up our mind what we are going to make of our lives, then work hard toward that goal, we never lose - somehow we win out Ronald Reagan Man is a goal seeking animal. His life only has meaning if he is reaching out and striving for his goals. Aristotle If you're bored with life -- you don't get up every morning with a burning desire to do things -- you don't have enough goals. Lou Holtz If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. Henry David Thoreau You measure the size of the accomplishment by the obstacles you had to overcome to reach your goals. Booker T. Washington By losing your goal, You have lost your way. Friedrich Nietzsche You have to know what you want to get. Gertrude Stein You've got to be very careful if you don't know where you are going, because you might not get there. Yogi Berra Take the pains required to become what you want to become, or you might end up becoming something you’d rather not be. That is also a daily discipline and worth considering. Donald Trump
  15. 15. INKY CONNECTION 15 GOAL SETTING FOR YOUR BUSY LIFE By Kathy Petty, CMT, AHDI-F How many times have you had that moment in your life, perhaps in the middle of a busyday, where you realized that you really wanted to accomplish something? It happens to me about once a day. However, more importantly, how many times have you – or I – actually accomplished that particular goal? For me, not so often…at least not as often as I would like. Through the course of a few seminars and some real life practice, I’ve come up with a method that works for me and maybe will work for you. As you read these routines, they will seem so simple and pretty basic, but I think that is why they work. What is a goal? A goal is something you want to achieve. There are short-term goals, such as cleaning off your desk by the end of the day, and there are long-term goals like saving up for a special vacation next year. When you set a goal, you need to remember what is important to you to accomplish and what your limitations are. Let’s get started setting a goal! Pick a goal but don’tpick a goal that is unattainable. This will only discourage you and nothing will be accomplished. Your goal should be realistic – don’texpect to have your desk cleared and organized in 5 minutes. You will also need to be flexible with your goal – if your goal is to have your desk cleared and organized by the end of the day, but you are interrupted by the boss fora big project, the goal is probably not going to be realized, but you have tomorrow. Don’t give up on the goal, just extend the deadline. Set a deadline. Again, this deadline needs to be reasonable and attainable. You would not expect to save enough money for a European vacation in two weeks. I don’tknow about everyone else, but that would not be a realistic goal for me unless perhaps I win the lottery! Whatever your goal, think of it in realistic terms when setting the deadline. Write it down! This sounded so silly the first time I heard it. Why do I need to write it down? I know I want to have my deskcleared and organized by the end of the day (or end of the week). I don’tneed to write it down to remember it. Well, you won’t believe how helpful it is to have that written statement staring me in the face all day long. I put a sticky note on my monitor where I see it most of the day. I might have a minute here or there throughout the day where I can go through some papers on my desk and file, shred, recycle or toss. Those little increments of time help achieve the goal.
  16. 16. INKY CONNECTION 16 Continued from previous page…. Keep it visible. Much like the sticky note on my monitor, when I have a goal of saving for a vacation, I have created a “GoalBoard” at home. I have the goal written at the top along with things I want to do while on vacation – take the kids to the beach, visit Paula Deen’s restaurant again, etc. For the particular vacation I’m saving for now – Savannah – I have pictures of past trips posted to remind me of how much I love it there and want to go again. Having this visual reminder is a great way to keep you motivated for those long-term goals that may not be fresh in your mind on a daily basis. Visualize it. I call it day dreaming because it is fun for me, but visualizing myself walking around downtown Savannah, admiring the architecture of the homes and walking through the park squares keeps me motivated. It keeps me motivated to put that extra $20 in my vacation fund when I’d rather go get a manicure! Positive statements. I don’trecommend doing this aloud in public…someone may think you need to be locked away, but I do have a little mantra each day reinforcing my goals and my positive attitude to reach them. Each night before I go to bed, I have a little routine and part of that routine is reciting my positive statements out loud with no one but my cat as witness. “I will save enough money for a fabulous vacation in Savannah” is but one of my statements. This even reminds me that I may not have snuck that extra $20 into my vacation fund that day and motivates me to do it before I go to bed. Thank goodness for online banking transfers! Share it. I don’tknow about you, but sometimes a goal can be personal – lose that extra 10 pounds, stop smoking, earn the CMT credential. Goals of this nature are often not achieved because you don’t feel accountable to anyone. I remember when I was planning on taking my CMT exam, I didn’t want anyone to know in case I didn’t pass the exam. But, I realized that if no one knew, maybe I wouldn’t even take the exam…after all, no one was expecting to hear whether I passed orfailed. So, I told a few people that I had scheduled the exam. I knew at that point, that I really had to study as they would be expecting to hear my final result. Granted, if I failed the exam, I would have to admit it, but I only told people I trusted and who understood the process. Luckily for me I did pass the exam and was truly blessed by my good friends who supported me. I hope you can take away something from this article and set some goals for yourself. Perhaps not all of the tips will help you, but I’m sure at least one will. Happy goal setting! By Kathy Petty, CMT, AHDI-F
  17. 17. INKY CONNECTION 17 Goal Setting—Should I Set Goals? I believe goals help us to live happy and fulfilled lives. Our lives lack purpose without goals. Yet I have some friends who detest goals as they look at them as a guarantee to failure. If you tend to lean towards that line of thinking, possibly I can change your mind. I think it depends on your “attitude” or how you view the goals to begin with. If you set rigid, unrealistic goals, I would agree that you are setting yourself up for a crash. But, if you follow a few basic guidelines, generally, I think people who have goals lead more satisfying lives than their counterparts who never set any at all. First off, I don’t try to initiate “goal setting.” The goal usually presents itself to me as something obvious. For me, my goals have usually been things I have really wanted to accomplish, and then I figured out what I needed to do to make them materialize. I never sit down and try to compile a list of items to complete. When a goal is something you have a strong desire for, that passion makes it easier to achieve it. I can share one occurrence of this for me about 14 years ago when I decided I no longer wanted to be employed doing secretarial work. I was unsure what else I could do but knew I enjoyed transcribing referral letters for an ophthalmologist when a neighbor who was his receptionist would bring home tapes. After I transcribed these referral letters for awhile for extra cash, I realized it suited all of the job attributes I truly liked: working independently, research, and some detective work figuring out the diagnoses of patients in the reports. I thought this could possibly be my second career. This became my new goal: To change from a secretarial career to medical transcription. I then took the necessary steps to enroll in a community college as at that time there were no “AHDI approved schools”. I graduated in 2 years and was working as a transcriptionist having accomplished my goal. If I had thought about that goal initially in a different way and said to myself I would need to go to school for 2 years, study, and then possibly get a job in a new profession, I probably would have given up. But, instead the goal presented itself to me as something I felt almost compelled to pursue. I knew I wanted to switch careers and learn more about medical transcription from my experience with the ophthalmologist (or at least I thought I did), and I saw enrolling in school as enjoyable and not a chore. I never viewed anystep of the way as a burden or something to check off my list; therefore, I nevergave up. I enjoyed the entire process of going to school, all of the classes, and truly got the most out of it. Going to school in my mid 30’s also helped me appreciate this as being a rare chance, and I did not want to blow it. I cannot emphasize enough that I think all of our goals should be like that. Something you truly are dedicated to accomplishing. It should be something that inspires you to continue to the next step. I feel strongly we should not get hung up on deadlines. Yes, you cannot set a “pie in the sky” goal with no end date in sight. If you are truly enjoying the necessary steps towards reaching the goal, it should not matter as much when you finally achieve it. We should enjoy the daily process of working towards the goals just as much as the final outcome. Otherwise, you could finally achieve your goal and say, “Well I am here, but I hated the last 2 years of my life.” Then you may feel that it was not worth it at all which could prove it is time to regroup. A goal should truly be the thing that brings you hope and provides determination. In closing I would like to add, I think it is veryimportant to live each day passionately and with a purpose. Goals should be tools for us to move forward and to help us experience our dreams. Again, I don’t think we should stress over how much time it will take to fulfill our goals because that time will pass by whether we are working towards something or not. For me, the true reward is always taking the trip, not arriving at the destination! By LuAnn Guilfoyle, CMT
  18. 18. INKY CONNECTION 18 ANOUNCEMENTS The theme for our next newsletter (March issue) is: a “BALANCED LIFESTYLE.” Please send your thoughts on this topic to It can range from one paragraph to one page for inclusion in our next issue. Thank you. ATTENTION INKY MEMBERS….!!! BRAND NEW INKY WEBSITE! INKY has a new, updated website. You can access this through the AHDI website or by simply typing the URL in your browser. This is YOUR website...please send items for posting or ideas for updates to Kathy Petty at INKY CONNECTION DISTRIBUTION CHANGE: Beginning with the next issue, March 2010, our newsletter will be posted to the website as it always has been but not distributed via email. This change is due to some members having difficulty downloading attachments and requesting less emails. Please be sure to check the website for our INKY Connection. The newsletter publication schedule is: March, June, September, and December at the first of the month. If you would like to include any information at all, please email it to me no later than the 15th of the prior month. CALENDAR OF EVENTS EventCalendar--What's Happening With AHDI 87/Default.aspx December 2009 8 Duncanville, Texas GDC-ahdi, General meeting, Olive Garden 12 Dallas, Texas GDC-ahdi, General meeting, Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, SE conference room TREASURER’S REPORT Balance in checking account as of Nov. 1, 2009: $2,182.74 Fall Symposium: Income: $ 563.00 Expenses: Gift Cards/Misc. $ 311.78 Food: 617.05 Travel: 301.86 $1,230.69 Net Loss: ($ 667.69) The net loss is mostly due in part to the low fee charged for this symposium. This was done in hopes of attracting more participants now and in the future. We were also very fortunate to be able to approve funds so an AHDI representative could be at our symposium. Respectfully submitted, Jennifer Shreve, CMT INKY AHDI Treasurer
  19. 19. INKY CONNECTION 19 Donate to the Power of 10 Campaign Ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand who remain silent. Napoleon Bonaparte Donateto the Power of 10 Campaign What is the Power of 10 Campaign? AHDI is launching a year-long campaign to raise $10 from 10,000 MTs by 2010. Why? To support the association's advocacy efforts in Washington, DC, where AHDI and MTIA are working hard to make sure YOU have a role in the future of the EHR. Our lobbying firm, along with our government relations staff, is making sure our sector is well represented in important meetings and discussions being held by our nation's legislators and policymakers on healthcare reform, criteria and standards for EHR systems, and workforce development in allied health. All Power of 10 funds go directly to this effort. Why should I donate to the Power of 10? First and foremost, it takes considerable resources to lobby effectively on behalf of an industry, so all donations help to get us to our goal. Beyond that, AHDI wants to make sure every MT feels connected to and part of this effort, since it is going to take more than just contributions and sponsorships from big businesses to secure our future role in healthcare. It will take every one of the "silent" ten thousand contributing their "voice" through support and participation. How do I contribute? You can make your donation to the Power of 10 campaign by turning in a donation envelope with your contribution or mailing it to the AHDI office (4230 Kiernan Avenue, Suite 130, Modesto CA 95356). Please be advised that contributions to the Power of 10 campaign are not tax deductible. As of 10/28/2009- Bethany Twist reported that the Power of 10 Campaign has collected $4055 with part of those funds from components around the country! Please contribute to your future.
  20. 20. INKY CONNECTION 20 INKY WEBSITE It contains our contact information, upcomingevents, newsletter, and a linkto AAMT/AHDI. FOLLOW INKY TOFACEBOOK… AAMT/AHDI WEBSITE: This website includes events, webinars, resume posting, networking, and professional development, amongothers. Also, please remember to keep your personal information updatedon that site. Just sign in, go to account information, and v iew or update your personal profile. You can also access JAAMT and Plexus past issues.  HELPFUL WEBSITES AMERICAN NEUROLOGICAL ASSOCIATION Check Out Neurology Resources/Neuroscience Links y/epidemiology/en/index.html Atlas Neurology INKY OFFICERS AND BOARD MEMBERS Diana Albright, CMT 2009 Secretary Patty Brown, CMT 2009 Immediate Past President LuAnn Guilfoyle, CMT 2009 Delegate Jill McCarty, CMT 2009 Vice President/Pres Elect Kathy Petty, CMT, AHDI-F 2009 President Jennifer Shreve, CMT 2009 Treasurer/Alternate Delegate COMMUNICATIONS Mary Brinton, CMT Legislative Liaison/Advocacy Summit Kathy Petty, CMT, AHDI-F Website Manager LuAnn Guilfoyle, CMT Newsletter Editor