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Curriculum vitae
Curriculum vitae
Curriculum vitae
Curriculum vitae
Curriculum vitae
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Curriculum vitae


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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  • 1. Curriculum vitae Roaa Salah Jamjoom P.o Box: 7350 Jeddah 21462 KSA Tel: 96626941712 Mobile: 966558766699 Fax: 96626940033 E-mail:
  • 2. Personal Data: Name : Roaa Salah Jamjoom Gender : Female Date ofBirth: 20th of November 1979 Nationality: Saudi Marital status:Single Objectives: To acquire a position in Paediatric Emergency medicine and get back to KAUH and Launch an optimal Pediatric emergency medicine department surving the community of jeddah . Education: - Bachelor degree in medical and surgical sciences(MBBS) June 2004 King AbdulAziz University Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Grade: 75 % (very Good-B) - High school graduate from Dar al Hanan schools in Jeddah Grade: 95 % (excellent) - Canadian council exam sept 2007 Experiences: Four Years residancy program in Pediatrics at King AbdulAziz University Hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia . Courses, Lectures and Symposia: - General lectures in all medical specialties, total of 53 lectures Accredited 53 C.M.Es (2001) by SGH. - Paediatric psychiatry symposium “Childhood maltreatment” held By SGH In 2001, Jeddah. - Advances in cardiac electro physiology and arrhythmias management held By KFAFH 2002. - Radiology for non-radiologist course held by KAAU in 2002 accredited 6 C.M.Es. - International symposium on Paediatric gastrology 2002 held in KFSH & RC in Riyadh accredited 17 C.M.Es. - Paediatrics update symposium held by King Abdulaziz hospital Jeddah 2003 Accredited 11 C.M.Es.
  • 3. - Multidisciplinary Breast Care Symposium help by King Fahad general Hospital in Jeddah 2003 accredited 9 C.M.Es. - Neurological Emergencies review course held By KAAUH 2004 Accredited 7 C.M.Es. - Pulmonology for non-pulmonologist course help by KKNGH 2004 Jeddah. - Paediatric malnutrition symposia held by MCH 2005 Jeddah. - Evidence Based Medicine workshop that was held in KAAUH 2005 Jeddah. -Pediatric emergency medicine symposium is NGH in Riyadh 2007. -problem based learning facilitator course 2007 -Evidence based medicine workshop in Jeddah 2008. publications and researches: 1- Neural tube defect incidence in KAUH .Published in Saudi J Kidney Dis Transpl. 2009 Jan;20(1):102-5 2- case series regarding an assosiation between Growth hormone deficiency and RTA (In writing) Activities: Academic: - Problem based learning facilitator (nov 2007),Teaching 2nd and 3rd Year Medical students different modules . - Involved in the clinical bed side teaching and evaluation of the sixth year medical students when they Rotate in our department. Non Academic : - Resident of the Year 2009. - Chief Resident (2008-2009) - Deputy Chief resident (2007-2008) Interests and plans: I have major interests in: 1- Health care administration, I intend to obtain a degree in it. Extracurricular Interests and skills: - Interested in Literature (mainly Arabic) - Interested in playing sports especially: Basketball, squash,diving
  • 4. And horseback riding. - Languages: 1- Arabic 2- English (fluent). - Computer skills: can use it comfortably. Recommendation letters: Attached to the file. References: 1- Jameela A. Kari, MB ChB, CABP, MD, CCST, FRCPCH, FRCP (UK) Professor of Paediatrics & Consultant paediatric nephrologist Vise chief of paediatric depatrment King AbdulAziz University Hospital P O Box 13042 Jeddah 21943 Saudi Arabia Mobile: 966505677904 Fax: 996 266846403/ 966 26408353 Email 2- Dr.Noora Alkhathlan M.D Paediatric intensivist, PICU director Paediatric department King Abdulaziz University Hospital P.O Box 80215 Jeddah 21589 KSA Mobile: 966504653199 Email : 3- Dr.Nawaf Al-Dajani,FRCPC,FAAP Consultant paeediatrician, Neonatologist and infectious Disease spacialist Deputy Program Director Pediatric department King Abdulaziz University Hospital Mobile: 966555800752 Email:
  • 5. 4-Dr.AbdulMoein Al Agha, Assistant Professor, Consultant paediatrician and Paediatric Endocrinologist. King Abdulaziz University Hospital (paediatric department). P.o.Box 80215 Jeddah 21589 KSA. Tel&Fax +96626408306 Mobile +966505590459 E-Mail