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Cost Centers - University of Colorado at Boulder

  1. 1. University of Colorado at Boulder Cost Centers CULTURAL EVENTS BOARD The CUSG Cultural Events Board (CEB) is a student-run cost-center dedicated to promoting cultural awareness on the CU-Boulder campus through a wide variety of cultural programming. Yearly, CEB funds over thirty student groups' events that bring diverse perspectives to the CU community. In addition to student group sponsorship, the Board itself hosts several cultural speakers who educate CU-Boulder students and the community on cultural voids not readily available on campus. As a programming committee that includes members from a variety of cultural and political perspectives, CEB has complemented CU students' academic experience since 1974. 303-492-3227 ENVIRONMENTAL CENTER UMC Room 355 Established in 1970, the CU Environmental Center assists with the educational mission of the University by providing information on environmental issues to students, faculty, staff and the broader community. The Environmental Center gives students applied experience in interdisciplinary environmental problem solving. In addition, the Environmental Center assesses the environmental performance of the University and works with other parts of campus to improve CU’s environmental performance. The Center provides direct services to the University community, including the recycling program, the student bus pass and bike programs, and energy conservation and renewable energy programs. The Center engages in the community with the environmental justice and earth education programs along with educational events. 303-492-8308 GLBT RESOURCE CENTER Willard Hall Room 227 In March 1995, the GLBTRC formally opened its doors to the CU community. The GLBTRC is dedicated to education, advocacy, outreach, leadership development and support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and ally (LGBTQIA) issues. We provide educational trainings and workshops, conferences, major speakers, social activities, student group support, a resource library ,
  2. 2. computer lab, community space, scholarships, one-on-one support and much more! As of 2009, we tracked over 8,000 contacts provided by the GLBTRC services and events. We estimate our impact is much greater. Although the Center's focus is on LGBTQIA issues, we recognize the importance of advocating on behalf of other under-represented campus communities and the importance of addressing issues of injustice on the basis of race, class, gender, ability, age and other identities. 303-492-1377 OFF-CAMPUS STUDENT SERVICES UMC Room 313 The mission of Off-Campus Student Services is to educate students in life skills related to living off campus. We assist students in finding off-campus rentals through our on-line rental database (Ralphie’s List). This database contains listings for houses, apartments, rooms and roommates. OCSS also hosts housing fairs and off campus living presentations to assist students in finding an off-campus rental. OCSS helps students understand the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants. Our office offers free lease reviews and also answers general landlord/tenant questions from students. Through these services we educate students regarding the structure and operation of a landlord/tenant relationship – legal implications of a lease, initiating and maintaining a good relationship with landlords and how to protect a security deposit. 303-492-7053 PROGRAM COUNCIL UMC Room 401 The Program Council is not a cost center but a student-run organization that brings concerts, special events, and films to campus. Past events have included Dave Mathews/Tim Reynolds, Jimmy Fallon of Saturday Night Live, Creed, Smashing Pumpkins, String Cheese Incident, and many local bands. Program Council also operates a film series, which brings free sneak previews of unreleased movies to campus weekly. Volunteer and paid positions are available for all students wishing to learn more about the entertainment industry and participate in it. Production, marketing, event co-ordination, and security positions are available. Visit the Council in UMC, #401 or call. 303-492-7704 RECREATION CENTER The 215,000-square-foot Recreation Center offers a multitude of services including an ice hockey and skating rink, aerobics studio, climbing wall, indoor running track, swimming pool with diving well, handball, racquetball, and squash courts, two multi-use general gyms, fitness systems room with Cybex fitness equipment, and much more state of the art equipment and services. In addition, the Center sponsors several club sports and rents equipment for off-campus recreational needs. Current full fee paying
  3. 3. students are granted automatic membership to the Recreation Center. Being involved pays great dividends, as studies have found that those who participate in collegiate recreation programs have less stress, develop a sense of community, maintain a higher GPA, and maintain a higher level of fitness throughout their lives. 303-492-6051 SORCE UMC 227 F (Senior Dedication Lounge) The Student Outreach Retention Center for Equity (SORCE) has been a project of the University of Colorado Student Government (CUSG) specifically designed to provide a student initiated cost center that would reach out to under-represented students in order to create a positive, cohesive campus experience and serve as a bridge between the various student groups and resources on campus. SORCE seeks to foster a safe and positive environment for traditionally under-represented students who have historically had barriers to high education, including students of color, women, GLBTQ students, students with disabilities, first generation and non-traditional students. SORCE hopes to achieve this through peer mentorship programs, leadership opportunities, community building events, and high school outreach. 303-492-1371 STUDENT LEGAL SERVICES UMC Room 311 Student Legal Services provides legal counseling and, in some types of cases, representation in court to full time students on most civil and criminal matters. The program's attorneys also give educational presentations to various student groups on the legal rights and responsibilities of citizens. The mission of the service is to minimize the impact of legal problems on students' academic careers, to protect and defend students' legal rights, and to educate students about the legal system. Legal matters handled by the office include landlord/tenant, consumer, accident/injury, criminal, traffic tickets, divorce, wills, probate, bankruptcy, public benefits, and adoptions. Legal Services also acts as a resource for legal information for other campus agencies such as Off Campus Student Services. 303-492-6813 STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS FINANCE OFFICE UMC Room 231 The Student Organizations Finance Office is a University of Colorado Student Government service department and acts as an on-campus “bank” for student groups. All student-fee-funded groups or Independent Student Groups that use campus facilities for activities must maintain an account with the
  4. 4. office, which oversees more than 800 such accounts. The staff also assists groups with a variety of other organizational activities including programming, event planning, and accounting policy and procedure education. 303-492-6366 UNIVERSITY MEMORIAL CENTER UMC Room 305 Known as the campus “living room,” more than 14,000 people visit the UMC every day to grab a bite to eat, meet friends and classmates, enjoy free entertainment, catch some sun by the fountain, shop, study with wireless internet, run errands, or just hang out! With a wide variety of student services and student group offices in the building, the UMC is an exciting center for community interaction and activism. At the UMC, diversity is celebrated through food, dance, art, music, and the free exchange of ideas. 303-492-6161 UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO STUDENT GOVERNMENT PROPER UMC Room 125 The University of Colorado Student Government (CUSG) is responsible for an operating budget of approximately $36 million, making it one of the largest student governments in the nation. CUSG Proper provides oversight of the student government and consists of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. Besides creating policy and making budget decisions for CUSG's cost centers, CUSG Proper acts as an advocate for CU-Boulder students on many different levels: administrative, state, and federal. The CUSG Proper budget includes funding for the government office as well as public relations, elections, the Freshman Council, travel, and Homecoming. Additionally, the Student Group Funding Board (SGFB) and the Distinguished Speaker’s Board are financially overseen by CUSG Proper. 303-492-7473 VOLUNTEER RESOURCE CENTER UMC Room 344 Founded in 1965 by a small group of dedicated students, the mission of the Volunteer Resource Center is to strengthen campus and community relations through education, outreach and community service. Community service offers students direct experiential learning opportunities, which in turn enhance the academic experience, fill societal needs, and cultivate positive relations amongst students and the broader community. VRC provides online volunteer listings of over 300 volunteer programs, hosts volunteer fairs and community-need focused events each semester raising student awareness about volunteer opportunities available to them, as well as the societal issues that volunteers can address. VRC offers individual, group and class volunteer referral services to campus and community volunteer programs, Alternative Breaks volunteer trips, community service workshops and presentations, a first - year intern program and coordinates student-friendly service events to ensure that all students have the opportunity to positively impact their community through volunteer service.
  5. 5. 303-492-7632 WARDENBURG HEALTH CENTER Wardenburg Health Center is a convenient, comprehensive, on-campus health care facility, providing a wide range of primary care, mental health, and sports medicine services in addition to lab and radiology. In addition, health education, outreach, and illness prevention activities and programs are an important part of Wardenburg's mission to encourage health. The physicians employed at the Health Center are board certified, and Wardenburg is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care. Wardenburg is a service of CUSG and is governed by a Student Health Board. 303-492-5101 WOMEN’S RESOURCE CENTER UMC Room 416 The Women's Resource Center at the University of Colorado, Boulder, serves as a resource for the university community and an advocate for women of all backgrounds, races, classes, ages, sexual orientation, political and religious beliefs and abilities. We welcome and support people of all genders. The Center offers a variety of services and groups, in addition to referrals to campus and community resources. The WRC centralizes information on services, organizations, and events in a woman-friendly environment and works for gender equity and multiculturalism. The Center provides support and information, an extensive resource library accessible directly and over the World Wide Web, advocacy, and a comfortable and safe place to spend time. The Women's Resource Center also has peer groups for people with shared identities and interests, arranges interactive events, and publishes a newsletter each semester. In addition, the WRC provides a place for various student groups to meet and organize. Students use the Center to find a resource to help with a problem, read a book for fun or research, and network. The WRC is a great place to connect with various organizations, university services, and people committed to women's issues and multiculturalism as a whole. 303-492-5713; TTY: 303-735-0377