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How to Solve the Online Registration Challenge


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How often have you become frustrated filling out online registration forms? There is a better way. Janrain has compiled data on some of the most challenging aspects of online registration forms and simple solutions to improve the user experience…and conversion rates.

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How to Solve the Online Registration Challenge

  1. 1. RegistertheREGISTRATIONchal lenge of people may leave a 86% website when asked to create a new account. Registration Form Why? First Name* Lengthy Forms Last Name* Email Address* Find online registration forms 42% Re-enter Email Address* too long, or ask too Birth Date* many questions. Month Day Year Annoying, Meaningless Question* Password Fatigue Yes No Username* Password* Use at least two symbols (@%$&), three numbers and at least one upper (A) and lower (a) case letter, no real words WEAK not again… Re-enter password* I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions Next Give up 50% Dislikepasswordof creating a new the idea combination. password If they stay: X5 Trust is a problem Have more than 5 unique I am Abe Lincoln 60% passwords to remember. 88% admit they have lied on a form. but password1? password2? Argh… 60% would give more information if they knew how it would be used. 40% Use theat least once a month. feature “Forgot Password” In case the challenge still isn’t clear, 2 in 5 feel that… solving world peace would be easier scrubbing a toilet would be betterthan remembering all of their passwords than coming up with a new password While some password management tools have made things easier, they don’t resolve the registration challenge. e Wh at choic ? e have 77% prefer do w Social Login Social login occurs when consumers use an existing ID from a social network or email provider. 54% 54% These are the most popular. Facebook has, for the first time since Janrain has been reporting, exceeded 50% of the aggregate total of all social logins. 25% 35% Of social login traffic is generated by email providers like Google, Yahoo!, Windows Live and others. Twitter, used by 15% of American adults, is the network of choice for 10% broadcasting content.† 7% LinkedIn is the professional network of choice, with 61% of its members using it 2% ‡ as their primary professional network. 2% The Registration Challenge is ultimately overcome by removing existing barriers and offering website visitors an enhanced registration experience. This is an experience that gives them the freedom to choose their preferred identity provider. It eliminates new usernames and passwords, and offers you, the site owner, just as much value as your visitor. Sources: tm Janrain, Inc. data through 09/2012 Blue Research: Consumer Perceptions of Online Registration, 2012 Harris Interactive Poll: Americans Fatigued by Password Overload, August 2012 ‡Social Times “The LinkedIn Profile” †Pew Reports