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Tenzing-Partners introductory presentation of the M&A service offer for the media & communication industries.

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Tenzing Partners M&A Media & Communication

  1. 1. transmission / succession / acquisition //
  2. 2. “The sherpas of the mighty Himalaya are amazingly strong and tough with an outstanding ability to perform effectively. Tenzing Sherpa and I both had substantial motivation and confidence and this drove us to our ultimate success on top of the world”. Sir Edmund Hillary, 2001
  3. 3. Our Mission We‘re M&A professionals specializing in matching companies willing to exit or to raise funds, and companies looking for an acquisition, investments or external growth. We help bringing companies closer ... transmission / succession / acquisition //
  4. 4. Our Core Business We address our client needs primarily in the following dimensions: • Focus on succession plan and company transmission. • Facilitate cross-border transactions using a strong international network. • Help shareholders of small and medium enterprises to grow or to exit. transmission / succession / acquisition //
  5. 5. Our Value Added (1) • We‘re a most efficient deal-maker, protecting the interest of our clients. • We offer a constant value maximization objectives: we accompany our customers along the life-cycle of the M&A transaction. • We offer a collaborative relationship with our customers: we articulate our working environment in a trusted and confidential way:. • We‘re unbiased and focused: our sole ’raison d'être’ is M&A, with no potential conflict of interests. • We offer further return perspectives for our customers by exploiting the benefits of a global network with partners in over 25 countries around the world. transmission / succession / acquisition //
  6. 6. Our Value Added (2) Our Offices Our Network transmission / succession / acquisition //
  7. 7. Our Methodology (1) Interim s e ess Management Tenzing roc P sion s cce Turnaround / Su Operational Partners / Management sion mis Network ans / Tr Implementation Coaching & n o isiti Change cqu A Management Evaluation HR Recruitment Discovery Tax Portfolio of Optimization Contacts Management consulting transmission / succession / acquisition //
  8. 8. Our Methodology (2) A 4 step-process in sequence with the transmission activity: • Discovery Phase: Understand the competitive landscape and the M&A context. • Evaluation Phase: Company valuation, benchmark against shareholder & market views. • Implementation Phase: Identify & analyze target companies, present a qualified shortlist. • Operational Phase: Synergy finding, value agreement, deal negotiation & eventually post-deal integration. We ensure efficiency maximization and cost-effective results. transmission / succession / acquisition //
  9. 9. Our Communication, Media & Publishing Practice (1) Why we focus on Communication, Media & Publishing: • Our in-depth knowledge and long term track record. • A broad in-house business experience: dedicated management & business consulting in the covered areas; focussed financial analysis; journalism/ pr/ investor relations management; media management. • A Local & Pan-European market knowledge. • Dedicated network. • Numerous projects & credentials as M&A match maker. transmission / succession / acquisition //
  10. 10. Our Communication, Media & Publishing Practice (2) Our tools in the Communication, Media & Publishing Practice: • A dedicated team: 1 practice leader, 1 partner, 1 financial analyst, 1 research specialist. • A unique database: financial investors (specialized investment funds) & identified potential industrial investors. • A well developed market watch & research program. • Dedicated recurrent communication tools with potential sellers & buyers. • A well-established network in several countries. transmission / succession / acquisition //
  11. 11. Some Recent Credentials (2008) • An innovative magazine & online publisher, active in several European markets. • A technical oriented magazine & online community, leader in its home market. • A creative-focused communication agency, leader in a niche market. • A major integrated communication agencies network with worldwide activities. • A middle-sized communication agencies network looking for international expansion. • Several private investors looking for investment opportunities. • Several specialized media investment funds. transmission / succession / acquisition //
  12. 12. Our Team (1) Carlo Schneider’s whole professional career has been dedicated to media and communication. Carlo has founded several companies in the last years. Currently, he’s a partner of 2 small advisory firms based in Luxembourg. Tailor-Made offers advisory services in strategy, idea design & marketing. Media Coat is specialized in critical & crises communication management. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Carlo worked as a management consultant and project manager for an Big 5 consulting firm as well as a financial analyst for an asset management company in Luxembourg, specialized in the local and international media companies. He started his career in journalism specialized in Economy, Finance and European affairs and still publishes features on a regular bases. Carlo is a former member of the Board of the Luxembourg competition authority (‘Conseil de la Concurrence’) as well as the author of a popular guide to business creation in Luxembourg (‘Devenir indépendant au Luxembourg’). He also serves as an independent Managerin numerous boards of Luxembourg based funds and companies. Carlo holds a master degree in Business law, is Certified European Financial Analyst (CEFA) and holds a degree in Marketing. transmission / succession / acquisition //
  13. 13. Our Team (2) Philippe Monchauzou has served as Vice President of Strategic Alliances at SAP, for the Europe Middle East and African region. In this position, he exploited and managed a number of inter-firm collaboration strategy, leading to create value for all parties involved. He joined SAP in 1995 as senior financial consultant and has held since then several management positions in project management and business development, especially in the field of Controlling, Balanced scorecard, analytical tools and Business Intelligence. Prior to joining SAP, Philippe spent 10 years at GSI, a software vendor, working as Financial Business consultant both in Europe (Paris base) and in the US (Pittsburgh, PA). Additionally, Philippe serves on several boards and in particular at Nom@d Consulting, an IT Services company,. He is also member of the board of the Association of Strategic Alliances Professionals Europe Ltd and co-founder of A.S.A.P. France. Philippe holds a BA in Accounting & Finance from Paris V, a degree in Computer sciences from Control Data Institute and a MBA from the TRIUM Global Executive program. transmission / succession / acquisition //
  14. 14. Our Team (3) Daniel Schneider. Since the mid-1990s, Daniel has founded several companies which he manages whilst a member of several Boards. Among the various ventures, Schneider Consulting is a small executive search and management consulting company for which he oversees a team of consultants. ICM, another of Daniel’s companies, is a wholesale distribution organization, importing and exporting a wide variety of products, including refrigeration units, hospital supplies and security systems. Also, Daniel serves on the board of Lewis Charles Securities, a London-based investment boutique / brokerage firm. In the past, Daniel worked as manager Investor Relations for Card Guard, a telemedicine company quoted on the Zurich exchange and was head of fixed income sales for Société Générale and CIBC London. Daniel holds an European University B.A., and a MBA from the TRIUM Global Executive program. transmission / succession / acquisition //
  15. 15. Contact Details Carlo Schneider, Practice Leader Daniel Schneider, Partner Philippe Monchauzou, Partner 119 av. Gaston Diderich L-1420 Luxembourg +352 691 60 10 30 cschneider@tenzing-partners.com www.tenzing-partners.com transmission / succession / acquisition //