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thai and cambodia
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thai and cambodia


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  • 1. Jan Rojthana Cross Cultural Issues ConflictCase Study March 2011 1 Thai and Cambodia Part 1: Introductionto the conflict. The Phra Viharn Temple is located on the Thailand-Cambodia border. It is known in Cambodia as Khao Phra Viharn. There has been a temple since the early 9th Century which is a place of Hindu worship it moved overto Buddhism during the centuries. The temple has been a source of conflict between Thailand and Cambodia for more than a hundred years. It seemed that a peaceful solution was arrived at in 1963 when Cambodia took 'official' possession and agreed to freedom of access by Thai citizens and agreeing that they could retain ownership of any removed artifacts. However, in 2008 the Temple was to be declared a World Heritage site with the agreement of Thailand and Cambodia but it did not go according to plan as Thailand backed out. Another redrawing of the border started an argument amongst Thai political parties. This current disagreement has led to a continuing heavy presence of troops from both sides of the border. Shooting, rockets, many deaths and wound are becoming all to frequent as is the war of words between the two countries. In this case, Thailand and Cambodia has conflicts of whose the Phra Viharn temple belongs to, which lead to the problem that who has the right to take the temple. It is true that the main part of the temple is on Cambodia side, but the path of the entrance of the temple is on the Thailand side. However, people from both side need to talk to agree with each other conflict even though there will be many problems after that.
  • 2. Jan Rojthana Cross Cultural Issues ConflictCase Study March 2011 2 Part 2: Causes of the Conflict. Students must use two ideas from our list of why does conflict happen? To explain the original causes of the conflict they are examining. Use specific information from research to support your analysis. Conflict is a necessity of life for people to learn and grow. It occurs when individuals fail to agree to disagree fairly simple complex. In this case, the conflict between Thailand and Cambodia is Nationalism and the miscommunication. Cambodia has presented Phra Viharn Temple to be the world heritage as the path of the temple. The first idea of how does the conflict happen is that Cambodia’s main rationale for helping Taksin is that the Thai justice system is unjust and not fair in which there is a recent Thai poll says that most Thais see that the Thai justice system that is going after Taksin is not fair. However, the government is reported that it will build Nationalism feelings in Thailand to shore up failing popularity, and the Thai support for a war with Cambodia is expected to be firm in which there are many opinions from the government that says that Cambodia’s helping Taksin is about weakening the Thais. Furthermore, People from Thailand and Cambodia have their own nationalism which makes them think that they are right to possess, causing a conflict that whose will the Phra Vihear belongs to? Due to that conflict, people start to gather together in their country to protest that , in Cambodia, Phra Viharn Temple belongs to them while, in Thailand, people want to make sure that it does not belong to anyone but both. Another idea of the cause of the occurrence of conflict is the miscommunication between two countries that it is important for both sides to have a talk to understand each other’s conflict and come up with a solution to solve it. Thai prime minister has tried so many times to talk with the Cambodian prime minister and every times are failed. This is because of the Cambodia refuses to talk and try to solve problem with Thailand and in the same time refuse to understand Thai’s problem. Therefore, those that are mentioned can lead to the escalation of conflictswhichmake the conflictsget worstby the time.
  • 3. Jan Rojthana Cross Cultural Issues ConflictCase Study March 2011 3 Part 3. Escalation of the Conflict. Students must use two ideas from our list of How / Why do conflicts "escalate"? to explain how this conflict has gotten worse over time. Students may want to include media examples in this section. There were the escalation of conflicts which cause the loss of Thai citizens which causes by border conflict between Thai and Cambodian. The first example of how or why does the conflicts escalates is when one side "Loses Face" or suffers a public embarrassment, it becomes more difficult to compromise. This is especially true when leaders feel they need to maintain backing of supporters. From the conflict, Cambodia has put the sign on the Watt Kaew as Kmer’s temple but in fact it is on Thailand side in which it is not clearly claimed as an overlapped area so Thai people ask to put down the sign. At last Cambodian agreed to put down but it takes long time for the argument. Another example of escalation of the conflict is the loss of life (or some other "offense") puts pressure on leadership to "win" and makes it difficult to compromise in which Cambodia started to fire into Thai territory during the night time which has hurt and kill many solders and several people. Furthermore, they have also destroyed the school in the Thai area as well. However, they have put on forcesat PhraViharn Temple side whichagainst the international regulation.
  • 4. Jan Rojthana Cross Cultural Issues ConflictCase Study March 2011 4 Part 4. Conclusion - Students must offer their ideas on what is going to need to happen in order for this conflict to end. This can include general comments based on our Conflict Resolution ideas discussed in class however, students also must include specific idea/proposals from their research. Students are also encouraged to include at least one example of someone working to try and reduce tension and/or solve the conflict. Cambodia proposed Thailand military left the area of Phra Viharn and each side pulled back its military by 10 km, but Thai rejected the move on basis of Cambodia has no right to suggest to Thai any military movements. Cambodia military personals have shown intentions on crossing into clearly defined Thai territories on several occasions, according to Thai military. Conflict usually occurs when there are differences within a person or between two or more people that touches them in a significant way. Therefore, if people agree to listen to other side and try to understand each other than the conflicts between there will not be such a big problem like this. For what happen between Thailand and Cambodia is that people from either side, Thailand and Cambodia, do not have a well communication to understand their conflict in which it can create the misunderstanding of things in which it can lead to a big problem in the future such as loss of people because people from each side might agree that they do not do anything wrong so that it is not their faults.
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