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Working as student representative in Aalto University
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Working as student representative in Aalto University


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Koulutuskalvot Aalto-yliopiston

Koulutuskalvot Aalto-yliopiston

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Working as aStudent Representative Janne Peltola 2012-01-17
  • 2. Hot TheAYY Aalto Q &A Topics Work
  • 3. Hot TheAYY Aalto Q &A Topics Work
  • 4. AYY - Basics Education policy Social policy Student Sports International affairs Advocacy Housing Tutoring Rental services Healthcare Parties Community Services Activities FacilitiesAssociations & Clubs
  • 5. AYYPeopleEmmi Rönkkö Tuomas Haapala Joel Lehikoinen Maiju Seppälä Pauliina Ikäheimo Salla Seppälä OPN CHEM ELEC SCI ENG ECON ARTS
  • 6. AYY – Academic Affairs Goals Means• The students are happy • Direct meetings• World-class teaching • Statements• User-centric and developing • Working groups services • Student representatives• International aspects • Associations abound• Alumni as members of community
  • 7. AYY – Education Policy Goals Means• University admission reform • Working through SYL• Structural reform • Direct statements• University funding • Joint work with Aalto• Tuition fee trial • Meetings
  • 8. Hot TheAYY Aalto Q &A Topics Work
  • 9. The Aalto Project2007: We need an Innovation University2008: Large donation to endowment2009: AaltoES etc.2010: The university starts working2011: Focusing the strategy2012: Degree reform & Campus
  • 10. Aalto University Entre- Teaching & Develop- IT Library Alumni preneur- Space Career Research ment ship Support Aalto Aalto Aalto Aalto Aalto AaltoStudy Services ENG ELEC SCI CHEM ECON ARTSHRAccountingCommunication Degree Degree Degree Degree Degree Degree Programs Programs Programs Programs Programs ProgramsResearch SupportInternational
  • 11. University Regulations Foundation Code of Academic IntegrityGeneral Regulations By-Laws General Guideline on Credit Transfer University By-Laws By-Laws of the Committee of Academic AffairsTutkintosäännöt Aalto-yliopiston Tutkintosäännöt Aalto-yliopiston Tutkintosäännöt johtosääntö Aalto-yliopiston Tutkintosäännöt johtosääntö Aalto-yliopiston Tutkintosäännöt General Degree johtosääntö Aalto-yliopiston Regulations johtosääntö School johtosääntö By-Laws
  • 12. Strategy1. Reaching world-class status through cooperation2. A better world, a stronger Finland3. Technology, business and art & design4. Research, teaching, art & creativity cooperation5. Passion, freedom, courage, responsibility, high ethics6. Aalto ECON, ARTS, ELEC, ENG, CHEM, SCI
  • 13. Strategy (teaching)1. Improving Student/Teacher Ratio and Student Guidance2. Creating a Learning-Centred Culture and Teaching Methods3. Building Teaching and Academic Leadership4. Assessing the Quality of Teaching and Learning5. Merging Research, Art and Pedagogy in Academic Activities
  • 14. Hot TheAYY Aalto Q &A Topics Work
  • 15. Current Hot Topics1. Degree (Bachelors) reform2. Otaniemi 20133. Admissions reform4. Pedagogic development
  • 16. Thesis (10 op) Degree reformAdvancedcourses Electives (25 op)BasicsMajor (60 op) Minor (25 op)Programme-specific studies (60 op)Aalto-studies + mandatory (10 op)Basic studies (70 op)
  • 17. Otaniemi 2013Discussions, decisions, Construction Phase I readyproject plans competition I Constrution competition II Construction of phase II 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Architect Construction of phase I Construction competition I Architect competition II continues
  • 18. Admissions reform
  • 19. Pedagogicaldevelopment
  • 20. Hot TheAYY Aalto Q &A Topics Work
  • 21. Student Representatives• Are required by law• Appointed through a formal process• Work independently Staff Students• Get support from AYY• Are volunteers Professors
  • 22. Working in University Administration• Most of the work Discussions revolves around meetings Formal invitation• However, informal work produces the most Discussions results• Discussions, discussions, Meeting discussions… Reporting, discussions
  • 23. Meeting Structure1. Coming into order2. Points of Information3. Decisions4. Discussions5. End
  • 24. How a Meeting Runs• At the start, • Points of Information – Take stock of – Points of Information participants aren’t usually debated – Ensure legality • Decisions – Ensure quorum – A formal body may make – Appoint officers decisions which are – Confirm order of work either sent upwards or are implemented by civil servants • Discussions – Not formal decisions
  • 25. Making Decisions• Introduction• General Debate• Detailed Debate• Opposing Motions• Vote• Decision
  • 26. Public Powers• There are certain formal requirements to using public powers – Any decision to use public powers which doesn’t follow this procedure is null and void• The use of public powers must not result in personal gain or gain to organizations you govern or people close to you – If this might happen, you must disqualify yourself and not influence decision-making in any way.• All material related to decisions using public powers is always public
  • 27. Tips & Tricks• You can use a Point of Order to interrupt an irrelevant discussion or to propose a technical way forward. – A Point of Order passes the queue.• You are not obligated to make a decision which you feel is illegal. – You can leave a minority opinion to protect yourself from legal repercussions.• If a radical new proposition comes on the table or you’re unsure of something, feel free to call for a recess.• An item can be tabled until the next meeting. – A tabled item will be raised at the next meeting as-is.
  • 28. CommunicationFacebook Mailing lists IRC Other Group
  • 29. Achievement”There is no limit to what youcan achieve as long as you don’tcare who gets the glory.” - Jarno Lappalainen (?)
  • 30. Change ”The Soviet Union did not collapse due to economics, to single-party rule, to bureaucracy, to the arms race, to losing the technology race, but due to the fact that no one had to face the consequences of their actions.” - Mikhail Gorbachev
  • 31. Partnership“The TEE Panels were impressed by theAalto students’ motivation, talent,openness and honesty, and encouragedthem to take an active role, and, togetherwith the teachers, to create a learningcommunity with a passion for learning anddiscovery.” - Martti Raevaara
  • 32. Hot TheAYY Aalto Q &A Topics Work