CMSJ students green initiatives


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CMSJ students green initiatives

  1. 1. Green Campus Student Environmental Group January 27, 2011 meetingPresent: Kristen Dwyer, Shalonda Smith, Whitney Kelley, Colleen McSwiggin, Bill LonnemanRegrets: Kristin George, Colton Chicketti, Maria Taske, Steve McCafferty, Kim Shibinski, Kevin Lawrence,Jennifer MorrisKristen discussed having our group affiliate as a student chapter of the US Green Building Council. Thiswould allow us to network with other student environmental/sustainability groups, provide internshippossibilities and connections to businesses, and give us access to materials and ideas. The USGBC is oneof the leading interdisciplinary organizations of its kind. Kristen will get us more info and we willconsider this possibility. Bill will look into how our group can become an official student organizationhere at MSJ.We are continuing to pursue various ideas for an energy conservation campaign, involving students andeducating the campus community. Bill suggested that we might focus our efforts by planning for anEarth Day event for Wednesday April 20. We could see about using the quad. This could be our kick-offfor many facets of the campaign: • Colleen and Whitney, with concerns about the infrastructure and energy usage, will investigate ways to get discounts and donations of CFLs and power strips. Maybe Captain Power (Strip) could make an appearance? • Shalonda will work with Kim on tours of the library Green Roof. She and Kim are also looking into the end-of-semester collection of items the students will be discarding; Colleen has some experience with this kind of thing at Xavier so she will help also. Earth Day would be a great time to blitz the campus with info on the collection and generate enthusiasm for it. • We could do our "dorm wars" recycling competition that week also (or maybe do it the week before and give out the prizes that day). Bill spoke with one of the RAs about recycling in the dorms. The student said that while all of the rooms have a recycling bin, many students use it for everything if they dont have a trash can (MSJ doesnt supply trash cans for their rooms). Perhaps getting trash cans for the dorm rooms would be something we could look into for next year. Steve and Colton can help organize this. • Bill will look into getting some (recycled plastic) Frisbees, an Earth flag, and reserving the quad. He will also look into getting the Zoo to bring some animals that day (the armadillo would be fun!). We have a Zoo member on our College Board, so she might be able to help. We should also let the on-campus childcare program know about this so that the children can enjoy it with us. • Kristin and Jennifer are looking into the double-sided copying concern; we could advertise and promote this if it is done by April 20. • As an aside, we could also advertise the new Academic minor in Sustainability Studies on this day; the new program will hopefully be approved by then. Kristen also had an idea about doing a recycled materials/glass art project; maybe make it into aframe for an outdoor bulletin board space or something that could be attached to a building wall. Itcould be a permanent art work and a place to post events and info about sustainability.Our next meeting will be on Thursday, February 24 at 11:30. Lets work on our various aspects andreport back then!