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Educators bus tour: connecting schools and small museums
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Educators bus tour: connecting schools and small museums


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Tells of a Gold Coast initiative that connected teachers with their local museums, to learn about possibilities for history excursions that align with the Australian National History Curriculum.

Tells of a Gold Coast initiative that connected teachers with their local museums, to learn about possibilities for history excursions that align with the Australian National History Curriculum.

Published in: Education, Sports

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  • 1. Educators Bus Tour:Attracting teachers (and schools) to localmuseumsA presentation delivered at the Museums Australia National Conference May 17, 2013Regional Remote & Community Museum DayJanis Hanley B.Com, GCPAPrincipal Consultant, VisionDesign Pty Ltd
  • 2. Janis Hanley ◆ Educators Bus Tour ◆ 2About this presentation• This presentation describes ‘The Educators Bus Tour’- an innovative approach taken, on behalf of GoldCoast City Council, to consult heritage stakeholders.• The consultation succeeded in bringing togetherteachers and local museums to collaborate on howlocal museums can meet the needs of the newnational curriculum.• The author makes no apologies for the gratuitoususe of images of Gold Coast heritage throughout thispresentation!• This project was the conceived and implemented for Gold Coast CityCouncil by Janis Hanley, Principal Consultant. VisionDesign Pty Ltd, aconsultancy company specialising in Policy, Strategy and HeritagePrograms
  • 3. The BeginningHeritage awareness is extrachallenging on the Gold Coast.Most people don’t relateheritage with the city andconsider ‘Gold Coast Heritage‘an oxymoron. Even thecontemporary heritage isdisappearing rapidly beforebeing properly recognised.Some of Gold Coast’s early’shigh-rises are alreadyscheduled for demolition -victims of concrete cancer(highlighted in the inset photo)The main photo shows 1970‘sIlluka - boarded up and onbuilding ‘death row’. The 88story Q1 is in the background -a haunting reminder of thechanging face of land use in thetourist cityPhoto © Janis Hanley 2013
  • 4. Janis Hanley ◆ Educators Bus Tour ◆ 4Nov 2011: Planning the Stakeholder Consultation on RaisingAwareness of Gold Coast’s HeritageSchool education about local heritageseen as keyNational History curriculum was kickingoff in 2013Wanted an an innovative way toengage teachers in the conversationMany places on the recentlyestablished Local Heritage Register hadimportant stories to tell of Gold Coast’s(and Australia’s) historyLocal museums important part of thestory - and needed capacity building.Could the consultation itself be acatalyst for change?Kinkabool, built in 1959 in the heart of SurfersParadise, was the first high-rise on the GoldCoast and is the first high-rise to be listed onthe Queensland Heritage Register.Photo©JanisHanley2012
  • 5. The PreparationIn the foreground is the old Cablestation - built 1902 in Southport asAustralia’s main communication linkwith the rest of the world. Touted as‘red all the way’ back when red meantpart of the British Empire. The onlyother international cable line wasDarwin, with then ‘suspect’ links on itspath through non British countries.The Nerang River and Surfers Paradiseare in the background.Cable station now houses the MusicSchool for The Southport School.Photo © Janis Hanley 2012
  • 6. Janis Hanley ◆ Educators Bus Tour ◆ 6Feb 2012: The National History Curriculum for museums workshopTo prepare the museums with knowledge ofwhat’s in the National History CurriculumOne day free workshop for local museumsHosted by a local school - The SouthportSchoolThe program included the followingspeakers:Qld Museum Museum Development OfficerTeacher, Education Qld (formerly seconded to QldMuseum re the new history curriculum)Librarian, The Southport SchoolLibrarian from council’s Local Studies Library.The Southport School’s archivist was also presentand handled all the logistics / catering for the dayEach museum brought along a mystery object for theparticipants to test out their ‘Inquiry’ skillsThe Southport School memorial room -where the curriculum workshop was heldThe Southport School boarding houseThe initial stage was getting the local museums up to speed with thenew national history curriculum - the themes for each year levels, andthe inquiry approaches to teaching. The 12 Gold Coast museums andhistoric associations were invited to a one day workshop. It was opento all museum volunteers to attend.Photo © Janis Hanley 2012Photo©JanisHanley2012
  • 7. The Bus Tour
  • 8. Janis Hanley ◆ Educators Bus Tour ◆ 8Organisation for the Educators Bus TourScheduled the day for a student free dayFliers sent to 160 schools on the Gold CoastEmailed the principalSent two letters: The principal and co-ordinator of Studies of Society andEnvironment (SOSE).Made phone calls - got best success asking forthe librarian.Used in-house contacts and their networks(best results)Teachers would earn 6 ProfessionalDevelopment hours for attending the bus tourScheduled in five museum visits + Local StudiesLibrary (8.30 - 3.30)Designed two surveys:Individual survey to be completed at eachmuseumOne overall surveyGold Coast Hinterland Heritage Museum Inc.Excellent collection of artefacts from the timbergetting and pioneering days, as well as the originalNerang Railway Station built in the 1880s.Photo©JanisHanley201232 teachers32 teachersregisteredregistered
  • 9. Janis Hanley ◆ Educators Bus Tour ◆ 9The Educators Bus Tour DayLiterally started with a bang with flag raising ceremony and firing party.Over 150 kilometers were travelled during the dayTeachers generously filled out survey forms and gave feedbackPrizes along the way - guessing the ‘Mystery Object’ at each museumStatement most often heard: ‘We had no idea these places were here’Griffith Uni Education Lecturer: ‘Council should run this every year’Flag raising and firing party,Mudgeeraba Light Horse Museum Inc houses an excellent collection of Light Horse and World War 1 artefacts,World War 2 maps and Objects of National Servicemen.
  • 10. Janis Hanley ◆ Educators Bus Tour ◆ 10What the surveys told usBest activities to include for school excursions?• The top three activities to include onschool history excursions were:Simulation /Historic Re-enactmentsMuseum visitsArchaeological digsAdditional ways for museums to engage students:•Online photo gallery•Worksheets•You-tube clips•Interactive displays and role plays / simulationOther activities that rated highly were:heritage walks and visits to natural historyplaces,the Local Studies Libraryvisits to Local Heritage Places.Other suggestions were:a cemetery walk,indigenous history tour,a four day excursions with different subjects“Krarawarree” Former WW2 Hospital ship: Sited at the GoldCoast Restoration Society and being lovingly restored (with helpfrom a year 9 student student participating in a special program).Photo © Janis Hanley 2012
  • 11. Janis Hanley ◆ Educators Bus Tour ◆ 11What the surveys told usBest ways to support teachers?The three best ways to support teachers:Excursion plansSchool visitsProvide information sessions to teachersThe following ways were also suggested:•information on ways to access resources•a heritage bus (that visited schools)•provision of lesson/unit plans and kits forschools•Council appointment of an education officerSurf World Gold Coast Inc. - Volunteer run museum open7 days a week. Situated opposite Currumbin WildlifeSanctuary (A Qld National Trust Property)Photo©JanisHanley2012
  • 12. Janis Hanley ◆ Educators Bus Tour ◆ 12In terms of cost for a museum visit, $5 seemed the mostacceptable, specially given the expense of transport.The common range for a whole day excursion was $20-$25(including $10 for bus)The following rated highly for activities that Council couldorganise for students:Heritage week/month activitiesSchool visits talksVirtual reality presentationsPublic archaeological digsOther: Demonstrations, Picnic in a museum grounds andschool archaeological digsWhat the surveys told usExcursion LogisticsCouncil Archaeological dig at site of a SugarMillPhoto©JanisHanley2012
  • 13. Janis Hanley ◆ Educators Bus Tour ◆ 13Most surveyed (80%) thought that a Gold CoastHistory network would be a good online forum /wiki that enabled upload forsharing resources. This could be coupled witha meeting once a term at one of the museums.Other networks that teachers use are: the HistoryTeachers Association and GEO NET for secondarygeography teachers on the Gold Coast.Limited interest in some sort of “Time travelers”club for students exploring Gold Coast geologicaland cultural history. An e-newsletter and websitewould be the best format.Teachers sources for resources include:Local Studies Library, GCCC Website, Aust. History TeachersAssoc., Gould Genealogy, museum sites, online, flyersdelivered to school, ACARA site and Scootle, QSA Alliance,other staff, Learning Place (Ed Qld Portal) and local museumwebsites.What the surveys told usLearning NetworksSix of the teachers who attendedwere interested in volunteering toassist in further work on localhistory education and 8 weremaybes.Gold Coast & Hinterland Historical SocietyInc. Eclectic collection includes Paula StaffordBikinis, Communications equipment fromCable Hut, Saw mill plant, Indigenous artefactsPhoto © Janis Hanley 2012
  • 14. Janis Hanley ◆ Educators Bus Tour ◆ 14Data was collected at eachmuseum on how well thecollection relates to thecurriculum themes for each yearlevelSurvey collected suggestions forexcursion activities specific toeach museumsA report was given to eachmuseum detailing commentsmadeWhat the surveys told usIndividual MuseumsGraph is indicative of the type of datacollected
  • 15. Janis Hanley ◆ Educators Bus Tour ◆ 15• Overall the message is to engage the students throughhands-on activities where they can directly experiencethings for themselves. Ideas included:Re-enactments & demonstrations:Hands on activities like: washing clothes, writing withpen and ink, tent pegging, working with tools, trying onuniforms & weaponsDVD of differences past and present, particularly thingsthat cant be done on sitePersonalised storiesFictionalised narratives to show a day/week/year of lifeTreasure hunts, quiz, activity sheetFocused activities where students report back to eachother.Museum guides/audio when not enough volunteersStudent museum membershipWhat the surveys told usSmall Museum Curriculum Potential - A SummaryUse of historic photos as a clever pieceof ‘way finding’ design along the SurfersParadise foreshore. These towers markthe streets and are colour coded sovisitors to the beach can easily seewhich is ‘their’ street.Photo © Janis Hanley 2012
  • 16. Janis Hanley ◆ Educators Bus Tour ◆ 16• Finally, some of the comments from the day:• ‘The tour was great: a brief taste of what is availableto enhance local history curricular Inquiries. So muchto follow-up, to create activities for students to dowhilst at the various museums - Im already planning! ‘• ‘We need to keep the momentum going and expandour awareness - and inform our staff members to takefull advantage of the opportunities offered here’What the surveys told usQuotesNot bad from a starting point of ‘we had no idea these places were here’!
  • 17. Janis Hanley ◆ Educators Bus Tour ◆ 17What’s happened since?Council did not continue this work further.Museums started to pick up the ball - withlimited resources.All Saints Anglican College was approachedby the author to run some pilot excursionprograms with local museums.Janis worked with the museums and theschools to develop excursion days for themuseum that would align with the historycurriculum.Funding was successfully applied forthrough the Regional Arts DevelopmentFund.Larger than life sculpture in theBroadwater Parklands at Southport. It is apopular place for tourists to snap photos -Tourism heritage?Photo © Janis Hanley 2013
  • 18. The First Museum Excursion Programs- some snapshots
  • 19. Janis Hanley ◆ Educators Bus Tour ◆ 19Mar 2013: Mudgeeraba - Year 2 - The Past In the Present‘William Duncan and the Timber Getting Story’• Excursion Plan Included:Visit to the Mudgeeraba Hinterland HeritageMuseum - focusing on life and times ofWilliam Duncan and the timber story ... andHot damper!)Visit to Mudgeeraba VillageWelcome by the CouncillorLooking at photo kits at theMudgeeraba Library (Former CouncilChamber built in 1914)Treasure hunt through MudgeerabavillagePre and post excursion resources for theschool including:William Duncan narrativeTimeline of Mudgeeraba historyPowerpoint of the historic buildings ofMudgeerabaStudents on the treasure huntStudents on the treasure hunt
  • 20. Janis Hanley ◆ Educators Bus Tour ◆ 20Mudgeeraba Light Horse Museum - Year 3 -‘Commemorations’• Visit to the Light Horse MuseumIncluded:“Where’s Woody’ a search forsymbols of the ANZACs”Hands on Group ActivitiesHow to raise the flagCare of a war horseWorld War 1 WeaponsHonouring War heroes with poppiesFlag raising ceremony with firing partyHorseback tent peggingdemonstration• Pre and post excursion resources forthe school including:Woody the Waler narrativeLight Horse hero e-bookThe Cook’s StorySymbols of the Light HorseANZACS e-book
  • 21. Janis Hanley ◆ Educators Bus Tour ◆ 21Mudgeeraba Light Horse Museum - Year 3 -‘Commemorations’
  • 22. Janis Hanley ◆ Educators Bus Tour ◆ 22RecognitionNational Trust Qld Governor’s Silver Award 2012:‘Educators Bus Tour’ to Gold Coast City Council andVisionDesign Pty LtdMedia Coverage of Light Horse Museum Pilot - two keyelements:Karen Andrews MP press release (She attended thepilot run)It was a week before ANZAC DayCoverage included:Channel nine local newsChannel nine Today show Saturday (nationally)Cover of the Sun NewspaperTwo page spread Gold Coast Bulletin NewspaperRecognition is always helpful. The Educators Bus Tour itselfwas recognised by Queensland’s National Trust, then therewas excellent media coverage of the first pilot program - that’sgood for everyone!
  • 23. Janis Hanley ◆ Educators Bus Tour ◆ 23Gold Coast Bulletin Education Section Tuesday 23rd April 2013The Mudgeeraba Light Horse Museum inc. wasvery grateful for the coverage given by localmedia.
  • 24. Janis Hanley ◆ Educators Bus Tour ◆ 24And this is just the start of this work ....More projects are in the pipeline.Thank-you for listening/reading• Further information:web:• Janis’s contact details:email: @just2write