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  • 1. My Saint Project
    • Come along and enjoy the tour about
    • Saint Timothy.
    Saint Timothy’s Church (America)
  • 2. Saint Timothy.
    • He was born AD17. Which means he was born 17 years after Christ.
    • He was born in Lystra in Asia Minor
    • His father was a Greek and his mother was Jewish
  • 3. Saint Timothy was converted to a Christian.
    • He was converted to Christianity because he heard Paul spreading the word of God.
    • Paul knew that Timothy would be good at spreading the word and he was right!!!!!!
    • He also was good at making other people take the right path to becoming a Christian.
  • 4. What he did.
    • He was a missionary.
    • He travelled with Paul to Asia Minor and Greece.
    • He stayed in Ephesus, and became the Bishop there.
    • Paul wrote letters to Timothy
    • He sometimes travelled alone and sometimes with Paul, spreading the word of God
  • 5. Where saint Timothy went
  • 6. When he died
    • Saint Timothy did not exactly die in the most pleasant way. He was stoned to death.
    • This happened because he told a crowd in Ephesus that they were wrong to worship Diana, a pagan god and should convert to Christianity
    • His feast Day is on January the
    • 24.
    • Here is a picture.
  • 7. What is special about Saint Timothy.
    • He was a great influence.
    • Saint Paul thought he was great at spreading the word of God.
    • So which means if he was here today he would be good to ask about God.
    • He died for what he believed in.
  • 8. What is Timothy Saint of?
    • He is saint of stomach disease and intestinal disorders. So if you have one of these problems pray to him.
  • 9. Bible References.
    • There are the letters that Paul wrote to him which are after 2 Thessalonians and before Titus. These are
  • 10. Thank you for watching
    • Hope you enjoyed. See you next time on Tim’s journey on power point.