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Ngatuhoa 2009
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Ngatuhoa 2009


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school camp nz bush abseiling obstacle course flying fox

school camp nz bush abseiling obstacle course flying fox

Published in: Education, Business, Sports
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  • 1. Ngatuhoa 2009 Room 12’s exciting adventures
  • 2. Alicia
    • Zooming down the Flying Fox felt incredible. The wind whistling past my face the sun against my back. Suddenly I realised it was time to throw down the rope. I ran back up the hill with the flying fox I went back in line awaiting for more.
  • 3. Ella
    • Doing the Bivouc was really fun but it was really cramped inside.
    • The floor [ leaf litter] was really damp.
  • 4. Jarod
    • Ducking diving sprinting sliding Jack Luke and I were trying to find the clues
    • whizzing through the air I planted myself on two feet. It felt like I started an earthquake.
  • 5. Sam
    • Gripping the disgusting dirty rope made my hands turn from white to brown to black.
    • I did not want to take a another step on the nerve racking cliff.
  • 6. Callum
    • The fresh sent of the air tickled the tip of my nose just seconds
    • Before I was holding onto the slippery sweetie rope of abseiling
  • 7. Keegan
    • I walk in to the men's cabin and my face jumps from the smell of the men's smelly odour um yuk
  • 8. Gracie
    • A delicious chunk of chocolite chip cookie got stuck in my tooth .I tred to get it out then I felt something jump down my throat.
  • 9. Jack Revington
    • Whizzing through the air my hair flicks back like a bleached MOWHAWK!!!!!!!!
    • flying fox
  • 10. Travis
    • I was scared when I did the slide I was going fast down the slide
    • Kayak slide
  • 11. Harrison
    • I was sick at Ngatuhoa but I was able to go to Wairimino and I had a lot of fun!!
  • 12. Aleysha
    • I was shaking with embarrassment as I shrugged to get over the pole, with almost everyone staring at me lying on the slippery pole. Thinking about nothing but getting over the pole I got over with a little help.
  • 13. Leith
    • Ahh! I knicked the freezing hard water as I zoomed to the other dirt pitch.
  • 14. Helena
    • Heart pounding barely able to breath. Brown rocks sitting in front of me and bush below me about to fall.
  • 15. James
    • Hi I’m Jim and just watch me fly suckers.
    • Wahoo and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.
  • 16. Sami
    • help! Help! L don’t want to land in the water its cold.
    • Don’t worry well have a hot drink after this yummy!
  • 17. Luke McGlone
    • That water was freezing cold. The water up my mouth & nostrils, it did not taste very nice!!!
  • 18. Vicky
    • My lips taste like a lollypop and I love it!!!
    • Hmmm……I wonder if this rope will break and will I land feet first or face first? Its quiet comfy here accept for when I move because the wedgie really hurts!!!
  • 19. Sean Come on guys this is so easy your so weak.
  • 20. Holly
    • As she passed through the other girls cabbon , her face lifts up and her nose crinkles as she smells the other girls smelly feet.
  • 21. Shanaya
    • No im not letting go you cant make me
  • 22. Lucy
    • Touching the freezing cold water and going to the dark land.
    • Not a single piece of colour there.
  • 23. Jack Domett
    • Lying down on rubber
    • tube trying to kick as
    • fast as a jet steam .
  • 24. Mairead
    • Gripping the I flew down into the glittering ice cold water. SPLASH!
  • 25. Caitlin
    • Commentator ~ she's soaring through the air like a lighting bolt
    • Caitlin ~ whooooooooo
    I was feeling so good
  • 26. Sharnelle
    • The hot coco slowly poured into my mouth trying not to burn my tongue Sami and I getting ready for the swimming hole.
  • 27. Sophie
    • Gripping the greasy rope with fright running down my body not daring to take another step on the rocky cliff.
  • 28. Tia
    • When I was in the water my friend said it’s cold it was vicky said it.
  • 29. Luke Fasching It was really hard to follow the map, but we had the confidence to do it.