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Fun With Flickr
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Fun With Flickr


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A PowerPoint used to introduce new users (mostly librarians) to flickr

A PowerPoint used to introduce new users (mostly librarians) to flickr

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  • 1. Fun with Flickr Princeton Public Library November 2006
  • 2. What is Flickr?
    • a photo sharing web site
    • a web service suite
    • an online community
    • an example of Web 2.0
    • a way to discuss, organize, and locate photos for a variety of reasons
  • 3. Why Flickr is Fun (and useful too!)
    • Flickr provides the user the ability to easily:
    • comment on and discuss images
    • put them in subject specific groups
    • have discussion threads within those groups.
    • These features, and many others, makes Flickr
    • much more than simply photo sharing. It actually
    • helps deliver some of that 'promise of the
    • Internet' we’ve always wanted more of.
  • 4. Flickr vs. 1.0 Photo Sharing Sites
    • 1.0 Sites (Photobucket, PictureTrail, etc)
    • Upload photos to albums
    • Photos can only be found in those albums
    • No ability to search for photos
    • Contact friends and family to let them know photos are there
    • Communicate by email about the photos
    • Flickr – the 2.0 Way to Share Photos
    • Upload photos to a “stream”
    • Photos can be placed in to several sets or groups
    • The use of tags allows for easy searching
    • Photos can be shared via contacts and RSS
    • Communicate on Flickr about the photos
  • 5. What is Tagging?
    • Tags are keywords that describe a picture
    • There is no correct way to tag – it is a personal decision
    • Tags can help group photos together and also help others find similar photos
  • 6. What can we do with Flickr?
  • 7. Getting an account
    • Yahoo User IDs can be used on Flickr. If you use Yahoo for mail or other services, then you already have an account
    • Flickr accounts can also be set up directly on the site and you will be given a Yahoo ID (this means you can use other Yahoo features without a separate account)
  • 8. Tutorials
    • Getting to Know Flickr
    • How to: Flickr Intro
    • Tips for Flickr Beginners
  • 9. Uploading Photos
    • Basic versus Flickr uploadr
      • No downloading and installation required for basic photo uploading utility
      • Must download and install the uploadr tool
      • Basic does not resize images as you upload them (wastes your bandwidth or must resize first using Photoshop or another application)
      • uploadr allows drag and drop (basic option is menu-based browsing)
      • Maximum of 6 photos per upload in basic; unlimited photos with flickr uploader
  • 10.  
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  • 14. Make a Buddy Icon
    • Under the YOU menu, choose “Your Profile”
    • Select “Your Buddy Icon” from the menu in the upper right-hand corner
    • Must be 48x48 pixels
    • Flickr will help you create an image that size or you can use one that is already this size
    • Images can come from your computer, the Internet or be on your flickr account.
  • 15.  
  • 16. Set a License
    • Under the YOU menu choose “your account”
    • Select Photo Licensing from the menu of options
    • Read the list of licensing options
    • Select a default under Creative Commons (it can be changed later or on a per photo basis)
  • 17. Joining Groups
    • Under the Groups menu, choose browse or search for groups.
      • If you browse, you will look for broad categories that interest you and narrow it from there to more specific groups
      • If you search, you can use keywords to define interests that you have and find groups that suit you
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  • 24. Flickr Toys
    • Create posters, magazine covers, “trading cards” and other fun items
    • Manage Photo Pools
    • Find “top photos”
    • Create gifts
      • Calendars
      • Mosaics
    • Find favorites
    • And much more