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Sci-Fi on the Rock 8 Game Jam 2014
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Sci-Fi on the Rock 8 Game Jam 2014


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Game Jam, Sci-Fi on the Rock 8, College of the North Atlantic

Game Jam, Sci-Fi on the Rock 8, College of the North Atlantic

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  • 1. Sci- Fi on the Rock Game Developer’s Jam 2014 6:00 pm Friday, May 16th – 6:00 pm Sunday, May 18th, 2014 Two locations linked by video conference! • St. John’s, NL - CNA Prince Philip Drive room F305 • Stephenville, NL - CNA Fowlow room B22 Theme: Presentation At Sci-fi on the Rock 8 Sunday, May 25th, 11:00 am St. John’s, NL - Holiday Inn, Lucas Room Check this IGDA NL Facebook group for updates and to join the event.
  • 2. The theme for this event is:
  • 3. Game Jam Schedule Friday, May 16 at CNA (both Stephenville and St. John’s campuses) 6:00 pm – 12:00 midnight - Game Jam Saturday, May 17 at CNA 8:00 am – 12:00 midnight - Game Jam Sunday, May 18 at CNA 8:00 am – 6:00 pm - Game Jam Submit your game exe to Janice by the 6:00 pm deadline Clean up after the Game Jam Sunday, May 25 at Sci-Fi on the Rock 8 (St. John’s) 11:00 am - Game Jam Presentation – Lucas Room
  • 4. Please invite your friends and family to come see the presentation at Sci-Fi on the Rock! Presentation
  • 5. Presentation  Games will be presented to the conference crowd on Sunday at the convention  Teams will have a chance to show a brief live demo of their game  Note: if you can only make it to the game jam and not the presentation, that is OK.
  • 6. Presentation Details 
  • 7. Design  Keep designs family friendly (Everyone or Teen rating)  They are presented in public at conventions  It cannot be a pre-existing game in development, it should be made for this event
  • 8. The Game Preproduction Process  Preproduction can start as soon as the game jam theme is announced on May 2nd  Brainstorming ideas  Game Design Document  Concept art  Mechanics prototype
  • 9. The Game Production Process  Production of the game starts at the start of the 48 hour event  You are expected to wait until this time to start actual production  Art assets  Implementation  Testing  etc
  • 10. Original Content  The focus is on creating original assets such as art  Original audio is suggested, but royalty free audio may be used, please respect copyrights and licenses
  • 11. Conference Info
  • 12. How Do I Participate?  Join the IGDA Newfoundland Facebook group for details and updates on the event  Register for the event by attending the event in the Facebook group
  • 13. What Should I Bring  A laptop (or desktop computer and display) with game development software  Headphones  Graph paper, index cards  Pencils, markers, ruler  Snacks and beverages, please be neat and clean up after yourself
  • 14. Plan on taking breaks to eat, sleep, and shower  The Game Jam room will be closed from approximately midnight – 8:00 am  Tiredness often causes diminishing returns and bugs  When working in close quarters with a small, tight knit team, good personal hygiene is appreciated Tips
  • 15. Tips Emphasize meaningful game play (or fun) over polish  Focus on one concept  Make game play fun in the first 15 seconds  Include simple instructions in the title screen then move quickly into game play, or integrate a quick in-game tutorial rather than starting out with a long back story  Use audio to create mood and for efficient and effective in-game feed back
  • 16. Who Owns The Work?  You and your team mates retain rights and ownership of your own work  You are responsible for:  Using software licenses legally and appropriately for development  Creating original assets for your game and using assets such as royalty free audio clips according to their legal use agreements  Documenting and including all team mates in the credits
  • 17. Afterwards  The team can always decide to turn the game into an ongoing project and continue to polish the game beyond the jam
  • 18. Video from past events: Atlanti-con 1 Game Jam
  • 19. Video from past events: Sci-Fi on the Rock Game Jam
  • 20. Thanks! We look forward to an awesome event! Join the Facebook group IGDA Newfoundland And attend the event as planned in that group.