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  1. 1. “There are people who exist in this world not like entities but like the speckles or spots on something.” – Nikolai Gogol TUESDAY, MARCH 4, 2008 PAGE 5 ‘Semi-Pro’ hit- or-miss comedy Ferrell advertised as star in latest film, fails to outshine equally talented ensemble Thomas Maluck MOVIE REVIEWER Courtesy of MCT Campus quot;Semi-Proquot; Dr. Ruth, a.k.a. sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer, is back Courtesy of MCT Campus ★★★ out of ✩✩✩✩✩ with an updated edition of “Sex for Dummies.” Will Ferrell steps into some short shorts for his role as Will Ferrell has been in the funny business long enough ABA basketball player Jackie Moon in “Semi-Pro.” to polarize audiences. He blows up every profession he parodies like a balloon and lets his movies def late them, from news anchors (“Anchorman”) to NASCAR drivers (“Talladega Nights”). With “Semi-Pro,” Ferrell A partial list of the scene-stealers includes Will A rnett, Rob Corddry, Tim Meadows, A ndy Richter and Matt Walsh. Their scenes will generate as many Sex doctor targets a pre-NBA American Basketball Association in college-oriented T-shirts as any involving Ferrell. The the ‘70s. Cue the funky soundtrack, jive talk and retro fashions. His bumbling showman character Jackie Moon is advertised as the main character, but in actuality the comedy is passed between over a dozen comedians on the ensemble team. combination would be genius if not for the sketch-comedy and dramatic legs of the movie tripping each other. The funny parts occur on sets that could have been used for “Saturday Night Live” skits, which means the visits USC Moon owns the Tropics, an ABA team based in Flint, laughs are delivered in a line of small bites, compared to Dr. Ruth Westheimer comes to Russell House, the more elaborate or fantastical set-ups of Ferrell’s past Michigan, that he bought with the money from being a works. Harrelson’s subplot lends the movie heart, but not answers questions, gives tips on how to ‘do it’ one-hit wonder on the radio. When the ABA and NBA enough in its limited run time. Andre Benjamin’s “Black announce a merger, the Tropics’ only chance for survival Sarah Bartoletta Coffee” character deserves more screen time instead, but as a team lies in proving they can win enough games THE DAILY GAMECOCK it feels tacked on due to underexposure. and fill enough seats to be taken seriously. Moon invents What do three stars say? Two or less would condemn Dr. Ruth Westheimer will be in the Russell House Ballroom plenty of giggle-worthy gimmicks, from a tropical half- a comedy, and four or more would mean it was a gut- today at 8 p.m. to talk about sex. time dance to wrestling a bear, but how will the Tropics buster—three looks like a “meh” by comparison. Bad For over 25 years, Dr. Ruth has been defying all social win games? comedies are often funnier as self-torture than one that is norms with her self-titled show and many books. She is known Training the team falls to Monix (Woody Harrelson), a only “kind of” funny. predominately for her all-around bluntness as well as for her championship benchwarmer from the Celtics. Harrelson’s Make no mistake: “Semi-Pro” would be as strong a jokes and good advice. half of the story is dramatic, as he tries to reclaim some comedy as past Ferrell movies, except it’s not his to own. Dr. Ruth now an 80-year-old psychosexual therapist, began of his lost glory from years past, as well as the heart of his He’s happy to let his name draw an audience, but the to lead the way in media psychology with a short 15-minute former lover (Maura Tierney). He and Ferrell take turns movie (like the Tropics) scores based on team effort. segment that aired at midnight in 1980 on WYNY-FM (NBC) leading the movie as dark-comedy coach and light-hearted in New York. It then graduated to an hour-long show where mascot, respectively, with cameos from across the humor Comments on this story? E-mail sagcketc@mailbox.sc.edu people would call in to Dr. Ruth, as she became known. business. The show proved to be successful, and from there the doctor became available in all sorts of ways: books, television, newspapers, a Web site and even games all around the world. Freezepop enthusiastic about new album Listeners are encouraged to ask questions in order to get the information they are looking for. In return, Dr. Ruth will inform you of all you need to know as respectfully as one can. The presentation, “Sexually Speaking with Dr. Ruth Westheimer,” is anticipated to be informative, interesting and Indie band connects to audience eventful. All are free to ask questions, sit back and just take in the information or come by after the show and purchase all with ‘80s-tinged synth-pop’ CD you need to know in her book, “Sex for Dummies.” The event is free to USC students, faculty and staff, and no tickets are Len Righi required. Be ready to “ask Dr. Ruth.” MCT Campus When Liz Enthusiasm was asked to Comments on this story? E-mail sagcketc@mailbox.sc.edu join Freezepop in 1999, she was cool to the idea, and a bit suspicious. “I had never been in a serious band,” said the singer-lyricist born Popcorn’s cost helps keep Jussi Gamache from her home in Boston. “I wondered, `Why is this movie ticket prices down guy getting in touch with me? I’m a graphic designer, not a musician.’ “ “This guy” was Kasson C r o ok e r, Fr e e z e p o p p r o d u c e r - Cinema lovers pay vocalist-programmer The Duke of Pannekoenen, and he was part of a fair charge for night fairly well-k nown Boston alt-rock Courtesy of MCT Campus trio called Splashdown. Boston synth-pop band Freezepop, from left, The Other Sean T. Drinkwater, out at theater A nd though Enthusiasm, a 1994 Liz Enthusiasm and The Duke of Pannekoeken, releases new album. Boston University grad, was “happy” Lisa M. Krieger doing graphic design for her alma MCT Campus mater’s alumni publicat ion while “Science G en ius Girl”); “Da nce confections of M (“Pop Muzik”), working on a master’s degree (which Da nce Revolut ion U LT R A M I X Lipps Inc. (“Funkytown”) and The S A N JO SE , C a l i f . — she got in 20 0 0), she event ually 3” ( “ S t a k e o u t ” ) ; “ R o c k B a n d ” Buggles (“Video K illed the Radio W hat’s a mov ie w it hout signed on with the Duke’s electro- (“Brainpower,” “Super-Sprøde”); Star”). popcorn? pop outfit. “Guitar Hero” (“Get Ready 2 Rokk”) E nt hu sia sm den ie s Freez epop According to a new What helped Enthusiasm overcome and “Guitar Hero II” (“Less Talk intended to echo those `80s synth acts. economic analysis, it would her standoffishness? More Rokk”). And for the lyrics, “I was thinking, be a lot more expensive. First, she found out that Crooker’s No w Fr e e z e p o p i s t r y i n g t o `What do I write a song about now? As one price goes up, the call was arranged by her roommate, connect to a wider audience with a Where do I go from here?’ I’ve always other comes down. So rather Sea n T. Dr i n k water, Freez epop new album of catchy, `80s-tinged struggled with [writing]. I’m not one than cursing the cost of your s y nt hesizer player-prog ra m mer- synth-pop, “Future Future Future of those super-prolific people. I was next bag of buttered popcorn, Diane Bondareff / Associated Press v o c a l i s t T h e O t h e r S e a n T. Perfect,” which was released on Sept. poking fun at the fact that most of our Drinkwater. 25 on a label, Cordless, distributed by songs are not about heavy subjects.” take comfort in the fact that Actor Steve Zahn uses his it subsid izes you r t icket credit card to buy popcorn. “He and The Duke k new each Rykodisc. Maybe hef t isn’t Ent husiasm’s — and helps fill seats, say other from the Boston music scene,” “ S o f a r, v ide o g a me s a re t he strong suit. But the synth-pulsed researchers at the University said Enthusiasm. “He answered the main way people hear of us,” says “Less Talk More Rok k ” and t he money through admission of California-Santa Cruz and phone when Duke was trying to reach Enthusiasm. “But we’ve gone way revved-up “Brainpower” are surely tickets or he can make money Stanford University. me. That was back in the days when beyond initial expectations.” worth 100 intellectual exercises. through concessions,” said Moviegoers aren’t being we didn’t have cell phones.” A nd, no doubt , it h a sn’t hu r t The former, sung in an inviting UCSC economist R icard gouged at concession stands, T ho u g h E nt hu s i a s m c l a i me d t hat Crooker is audio director at yet insistent coo, was inspired by a Gil. “If he wants to make the researchers conclude. “joining a band is something I never Harmonix, which makes “FreQuency” sweltering summer basement party money on the ticket, that R at her, t he h igh cost of aspired to,” she admitted, “I always and the “Guitar Hero” series. in Boston. may deter a lot of people snack s helps keep t icket had fun on stage in the [hobby] bands “We’ve been told by some people, O n “ Br a i np ower,” Fr e e z e p op from coming in. prices down, which allows I was in, especially a cheesy `60s- `You g uys don’t even play g uitar. sounds like The Donnas gone disco. “So instead he charges a more people to attend. style girl group that played original What are you doing in this game?” “We jokingly refer to it as our punk- higher total price on people The researchers’ analysis music.” said Enthusiasm. “I don’t know if we rock song,” says Enthusiasm. “It’s a who are willing to pay for — based on dat a f rom At fi rst, Freezepop was just “a fun really have a good answer to that. On true story. I did get drunk and say the whole movie experience,” thousands of showings at 43 little side project” that was run out of the fi rst [“Guitar Hero” soundtrack], that Brainpower would be a really said Gil, an ent husiast ic multiplex theaters in 30 cities the Duke’s Yamaha QY-70 battery- we added a guitar part to our song. funny name for a band!... It’s also a consumer of both movies in a five-year period — shows powered sequencer. “Then, we were Until they make a `Keyboard Hero’ cool thing to shout at shows.” and snacks. “And he’s able to why a couple of hours in the kinda like, `Let’s see what happens. game, we are limited in our options.” “Thought Balloon” is a decided charge a lower price for the dark with Daniel Day-Lewis Let’s do this and this and see how big A l t h o u g h s h e d o e s n’t w r i t e change of pace, a positively charming guy who can barely afford costs only twice as much as a we can grow,’” said Enthusiasm. music, Enthusiasm pens almost all t u ne about a tong ue-t ied si ngle it.” box of Milk Duds. Two self-released albums — 2000’s of the lyrics. “I tr y to keep them pining for another, while “Do You If mov ie popcorn were They say that some die- “Freezepop Forever” a nd 20 0 4’s lighthearted, but not overtly jokey. Like Boys?” is provocat ive in its free, Gil est imated, each hard film buffs will watch “ Fa nc y U lt r a-Fre s h” — help e d Then I give them to the boys and sexual ambiguity. ticket could cost at least 25 movies — and eat popcorn turn Freezepop into a major player they move things around and make “It’s a cover song,” said Enthusiasm percent more — boosting — no matter what the cost. in video-game soundtrack circles. things fit...We walk a line. We want it of “Boys.” “It was written by friends the price of a $10 show to But for many of us, the Since 2001, Freezepop’s music has to be fun, but not novelty music.” of ours in the Danish band Si Senor. $12.50. ticket price matters. We’ll been included on such hit music- Freezepop succeeds brilliant ly They have a guy singer, but the song At t hat pr ice, fam il ies skip the snacks, thank you. heav y games as “FreQuency” and on “Pop Music Is Not a Crime,” works with either gender.” might stay home with their “The theater owner has “Karaoke Revolution” (both used which calls to mind the infectious DVDs and Jiffy Pop. two choices. He can make
  2. 2. 6 The Daily Gamecock ● TUESDAY, MARCH 4, 2008 the scene Inside the Box ◆ By Marlowe Leverette / The Daily Gamecock USC PhD ◆ By Jorge Chan ON BY SEVEN, SAY WHEN, CORSICA 8 p.m., $5 over 21, $8 under 21 New Brookland Tavern, 122 State St. Whiteboard ◆ By Bobby Sutton / The Daily Gamecock Today: New Brookland Tavern, 122 State St. VERSEWORKS OPEN MIC NITE SE XUA LLY SPE A K ING WITH DR. RUTH POETRY SHOW WESTHEIMER 8:30 p.m., Free 8 p.m., Free with USC ID Art Bar, 1211 Park St. Russell House Ballroom PERSEPOLIS LISA PEGHER 6 and 8 p.m., $5.50 GUEST ARTIST PERCUSSION RECITAL Nickelodeon Theatre, 937 Main St. 7:30 p.m., Free USC School of Music, 813 Assembly St. ACOUSTIC CAFÉ 9:30 p.m., Free HOROSCOPES ON BY SEVEN, SAY WHEN, CORSICA 8 p.m., $5 over 21, $8 under 21 Russell House Starbucks A r ie s You r f r iends a re L e o Yo u d o n’t a l w a y s hurts to have a carefully always eager to provide h ave to b e t he leader. constructed plan. This is support and good advice. Sometimes you can relax especially true if you’re on They’re so eager, it may a nd let someb od y el se a limited budget. Pretend 3/4/08 be hard to maintain any take care of you. This is y o u a r e i f y o u a r e n’t . privacy. Be patient with one of t hose occasions. Capricorn Pay attention t hem; t hey mea n wel l. Virgo You’re exceptionally to what you’re doing on a Taurus There’s something brilliant now in a shopping spree. By using you’ve always wanted to work place set t i ng. your brains and staying do, but you were afraid There’s more coming in cool, you’ll get more for t o t r y. P u t i n y o u r ever y moment, because your money. And you’ll get application again. It’s still people like what you do. less that you don’t need. tough, but now possible. Libra They say when you Aquarius You’re especially ACROSS G e m i n i Yo u ’r e r e a l l y do wh at you love , t he c h a r m i n g n o w, a n d 1 Pluck tempted to jump the fence money will follow. In this b r i l l i a n t b y a n y o n e ’s 5 Periods and take off for greener case, doing what you love standards. Celebrate by 9 Garlic-basil sauce past u res. Do get out could lead to a raise in your getting yourself something 14 Gernreich of a nd enjoy t he scener y. status. It’s a double win. you’ve a lway s wa nted. Don’t burn any bridges. Scorpio Everybody’s got P i s c e s You’re doi ng a fashion Cancer You’re g row ing an opinion, and you get lot of t hink ing in your 15 Book before i mp at ie nt r e g a rd i n g a to hear them all. Listen private time. Don’t have Nehemiah fi nancial matter, but that p a t i e n t l y, b u t d o n’t it turn into worries. Help 16 Effective use won’t help. Go over the let t hem decide how you rself get mot ivated 17 Aid in a felony numbers carefully, even t o s p e nd y ou r mone y. to do something 18 To __ a phrase if there are lots of them. Sagit t arius It never you’ve b e e n re s i s t i n g. 19 Yearned 20 Howie Mandel's choice? 23 Fencing sword 24 Some antibodies 28 Nice guy, he's not 31 China location 33 quot;To be or __ to bequot; 3/4/08 34 Nice goodbye 35 Signaled DOWN Solutions from 3/3/08 1 2 3 4 36 Raison d'__ 1 Alum 37 Doris Day's choice? 2 Local yokel 40 Engendered 3 Brainchild 41 Final Four org. 4 Real estate paper 42 Of punishment 5 Court judgment 43 quot;__ the ramparts...quot; 6 Allotrope of oxygen 44 Track shape 7 Small combo 45 Almost not 8 Novelist George 46 Conductor 9 Juicy tropical fruit for 3/3/08 Toscanini 10 Bad deeds 48 1976-80 11 __ Antonio Wimbledon champion 12 Equal score 49 Halloweener's 13 On its last legs choice? 21 Poppy product 36 Undying 52 If all __ fails... 55 Sticking stuff 22 Slur over 38 Closing stanza: var. 53 Lamenter's 58 Sibilant sound 25 Mean 39 Separate comment 59 Vocalist Fitzgerald 26 Typical 44 Solar-system 54 Like a 60 Higher one of two 27 Hard like metal mobile drumhead 61 Cosmetics 28 Cash of Panama 45 Hold your __! 55 Set down ingredient 29 Worshiper 47 Pronounce 56 Learn like a 62 Biblical twin 30 Shunt 48 Human chest monkey 63 Inclined to weep 31 Of the ear 50 Confab 57 Hot tub 64 Hanks and Brokaw 32 Actress Ward 51 Metric weight, Concert of Worship - March 22 briefly 65 Bird abode 35 Zany Imogene Resurrection Celebration - March 23 2005 Song and New Artist of the Year w w w.northsidebaptist.org