Apple i pod touch 8gb (4th generation)   black - current version
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Apple i pod touch 8gb (4th generation) black - current version






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Apple i pod touch 8gb (4th generation)   black - current version Apple i pod touch 8gb (4th generation) black - current version Document Transcript

  • Download this document if link is not clickableApple iPod touch 8GB (4th Generation) - Black -Current Version List Price : $199.00 Price : $184.99 Average Customer Rating 4.4 out of 5 Product Feature q It has 8 GB capacity for about 2,000 songs, 10,000 photos, or 10 hours of video q It has up to 40 hours of audio playback or 7 hours of video playback on a single charge q Support for AAC, Protected AAC (iTunes Store) and other audio formats, H.264, MPEG-4 q It has one-year limited warranty q iPod touch has 8 GB capacity for about 2,000 songs, 10,000 photos, or 10 hours of video. q Read moreProduct DescriptionThe worlds most popular portable gaming device is even more fun. Now available in black and white, iPodtouch includes iOS 5 with over 200 new features, like iMessage, Notification Center, and Twitter integration.Send free, unlimited text messages over Wi-Fi with iMessage. Record HD video and make FaceTime calls. Visitthe App Store to choose from over 500,000 apps. iPod touch also features iCloud, which stores your music,photos, apps, and moreÑand wirelessly pushes them to all your devices. Read moreProduct DescriptionThe worlds most popular portable gaming device is even more fun. Now available in black and white, iPodtouch includes iOS 5 with over 200 new features, like iMessage, Notification Center, and Twitter integration.Send free, unlimited text messages over Wi-Fi with iMessage. Record HD video and make FaceTime calls. Visitthe App Store to choose from over 500,000 apps. iPod touch also features iCloud, which stores your music,photos, apps, and moreÑand wirelessly pushes them to all your devices.
  • On the front of iPod touch is a built-in camera perfectfor making FaceTime video calls.FaceTime. Oh, I see what youre saying.Video calling on iPod touch means your friends can see what youre up to, when youre up to it. With a tap, youcan call someone on an iPhone, iPad 2, iPod touch, or Mac over Wi-Fi. And come face-to-face with even morefun.Tap for a more instant, instant message.Take "LOL" to the next level and actually see friends laughing. Or bring "XOXO" to life when you blow someonea kiss from miles away. FaceTime on iPod touch makes it possible. FaceTime works right out of the box--justenter your Apple ID and email address. Or create a new email account just for FaceTime. Using FaceTime is aseasy as it gets. Say you want to start a video call with your best friend over Wi-Fi. Just tap the FaceTime appand find her entry to start the call. An invitation pops up on her screen asking if she wants to join you. Whenshe accepts, FaceTime begins. Its all perfectly seamless. And it works in both portrait and landscape. See howmuch fun you can have.Two cameras make either side its fun side.iPod touch has two built-in cameras, one on the front above the display and one on the back. The front camerahas been tuned for FaceTime. It has just the right field of view and focal length to focus on your face at armslength. So it always presents you in the best possible light. Which is especially handy when youre talking tosomeone whos more than just a friend.The back camera. See and share.So your friend is sick with a cold and cant make it to the concert. You can share the encore with a FaceTimecall. As the band takes the stage and starts playing one of her all-time favorite songs, just tap a button. Andbefore the lead singer can belt out his first note, iPod touch switches to the back camera and to thesure-to-be-legendary performance. Another tap switches to the front camera and to you. Simple, fast, and fun.Camera with HD Video Recording. Ready, and action.The next great Internet meme could be yours. iPod touch and its HD video camera go with you everywhere, soyou can capture every "What the?" moment that comes your way.Trim a little off the ends. Or the middle.No need to wait until youre back at your computer to edit video. With basic editing built into iPod touch, youcan get right down to business. Just drag to select start and end points on a filmstrip. Keep only the parts of thevideo you want, and turn it into something you and your friends will watch again and again.
  • iPod touch features a second cameraon the back, which lets you shootamazing 720p HD video.Special guest star: iMovie.Youre on an epic road trip, and you want to create a video postcard of everything youve seen and done. Justuse the iMovie app--pick it up on the App Store for just $4.99. Built for Multi-Touch, iMovie lets you combine andedit video clips, give them that extra something with dynamic themes, add music and photos, and share yourfinished movies with the world.This is so going on YouTube.Maybe youre in the middle of texting a friend or browsing the web when you look up and suddenly seesomething that words just cant describe. Launch the camera and record on the fly. Then upload your HD moviedirectly to YouTube. Or select some video from the Camera Roll and attach it to a new email message, ready tosend. Posting to your Facebook page or blog is also just a tap away.Two cameras. Countless photo ops.A really cool piece of graffiti art. A cupcake too cute to eat. Your cat camouflaged by stuffed animals. If youwant to take a quick photo to post on Twitter, either camera on iPod touch can also capture stills. Use grid lines,pinch-to-zoom gestures, and single-tap exposure lock to compose the perfect shot. Then tap to tweet at will.Retina Display. Seeing is still not believing.Thanks to the Retina display, everything you see and do on iPod touch looks amazing. Thats because theRetina displays pixel density is so high your eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels. Which means imagesin games, movies, and photos pop off the screen. Text in books, web pages, and email is crisp at any size. Andeverything is sharper. No wonder its called "cutting edge."When iPod came on the scene yearsago, it was all about music--and it stillis. Enjoy your favorite tunes, whetherits on headphones or wirelessly overAirPlay.
  • More wow per inch.Behind the screen of iPod touch, theres some serious technology going on. By developing pixels a mere 78micrometers wide, Apple engineers were able to pack four times the number of pixels into the same size screenfound on earlier iPod touch models. This many pixels packed this close together--326 per inch--make graphicsand text look smooth and continuous at any size. Prepare to be glued to the screen.LED backlighting.The Retina display includes LED backlighting and an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts thebrightness of the screen for the best viewing and battery life possible. So you can focus on more importantthings. Like destroying aliens.AirPlay. Broadcast live to your HDTV and speakers.With AirPlay, you can wirelessly stream whats on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your HDTV and speakersvia Apple TV. Thats gonna go over big.Give your photos and video the big-screen treatment.You have great photos on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and some friends on your couch. Or youre in themiddle of an epic action scene that could use a little more screen. Tap the AirPlay icon on your iOS 5 devicefrom a specific app--Photos, Videos, or Safari, for example--and everything streams to your HDTV via yourApple TV.* Make sure both your device and Apple TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and the AirPlayicon appears automatically.DJ wirelessly.AirPlay isnt just for photos, movies, and apps. Its for your music, too. A song, an album, a favorite playlist--ifits on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can stream it to your home entertainment speakers via Apple TV.Because rocking out is always more fun in surround sound.Your speakers and AirPlay. Perfectly in tune.Conduct a symphony, chill with an indie band, or put on a rock concert--anywhere in the house. Connect anyspeaker you own to an AirPort Express. Or stream directly to AirPlay-enabled speakers from manufacturers likeDenon, Marantz, B&W, JBL, and iHome. Your iOS device automatically detects your speakers: Just tap the onesyou want to use. Since it all happens wirelessly, you have the freedom to cue the tunes from wherever youhappen to be sitting, standing, or dancing.Music. The DNA of iPod touch.Your workouts, your cram sessions, your commute, your late-night dance party of one, your ever-present needto drown out the noise around you. Its your music that keeps you going. And you know what respects that?iPod touch.Turn iPod touch on its side and glidethrough your music by album art withthe flick of your finger.
  • A work of album art.What a song does for your ears, Cover Flow on iPod touch does for your eyes and fingers. Turn iPod touch on itsside and glide through your music by album art with the flick of your finger. Tap an album cover to flip it overand display a track list. Tap again to start the music.From one great song comes an even greater playlist.Songs in your library get a newfound rhythm thanks to Genius. When youre listening to a track you love andwant to hear others that go great with it, let Genius take over. It finds complementary songs you own andmakes a Genius playlist for you. Listen to the playlist right away, save it for later, or even refresh it and give itanother go. Count on Genius to create a playlist you wouldnt have thought of yourself.A genius of a mix.Genius acts as your personal DJ. All you do is sync iPod touch to iTunes, and Genius automatically searchesyour library to find songs that sound great together. Then it creates multiple mixes youll love because itsentirely your music. Genius Mixes are like stations tuned precisely to your taste. Theyre a great way torediscover songs you havent heard in forever--and some you forgot you had.Shake it like you mean it.The next time youre listening to your tunes, turn on Shake to Shuffle, then give iPod touch a shake to shuffle toa different song in your music library. Its just another way iPod touch keeps your music feeling fresh.Its hard to be bored when you haveinstant access to over 500,000 apps,including the latest in gaming titles.If its entertaining, its on iTunes.Add songs and music videos to your iPod touch from iTunes on your computer. Or buy and download new musicon your iPod touch over Wi-Fi with the iTunes app. When you do, iCloud automatically downloads it to all yourdevices over Wi-Fi or 3G. So everything new appears everywhere--on your iPad, iPhone, Mac, or PC. You canalso browse your purchase history and choose specific songs or albums to download again at no additional cost.Sign up for iTunes Match and you can access all your other music from iCloud--including music youve importedfrom CDs or purchased somewhere other than iTunes. For just $24.99 a year.Games + Apps. What iPod touch was made for.Its hard to be bored when you have instant access to over 500,000 apps. Available in almost every category,theyre just a tap away at the App Store. And when it comes to games and entertainment titles--over 100,000and counting--no other platform comes close to iPod touch. Which probably explains why its the worlds mostpopular portable gaming device.iOS. The worlds most advanced mobile operating system.Running the show on every iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad is iOS. It lets you browse, read, and see everything justby touching the screen. It also includes all the fun, powerful, and innovative built-in apps you use every day,many times a day. And the latest version, iOS 5, is packed with over 200 exciting new features that will makeyou say, "Best. iPod. Ever." Here are a few of our favorite new features in iOS 5:
  • iOS 5 is packed with over 200 excitingnew features--such as iMessage,pictured above--that will make you say,"Best. iPod. Ever."q iMessage Now you can be all "I was allÉ" and "She was allÉ" all you want. Send unlimited text messages to any iOS 5 device free over Wi-Fi with iMessage.q Notification Center Youre about to beat the final boss. Nows not the time for an alert to get in the way. And it wont, thanks to Notification Center.q Game Center Get ready to rumble. Game Center lets you play against friends and people you dont know. And it recommends new games and new opponents.q Twitter Integration Twitter users rejoice. iOS 5 adds Twitter capabilities to Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube, and Maps, so you can tweet directly from them.q Reminders Forget much? Reminders can fix that for you. Create lists of things to do or remember, set a deadline, and Reminders sends you an alert.q Safari Web articles minus the ads. What bliss. Tap the Reader button in Safari and ads disappear. Add article links to Reading List and read them later.q Photos Photo Stream in iCloud stores all your latest photos and pushes them wirelessly to your other devices. So every pic is everywhere.q PC Free You can activate and set up your iPod touch wirelessly, right out of the box. Without the need for a Mac or PC.q Newsstand A magazine rack thats just for you. Thats the idea behind Newsstand. Find all your publications here and even subscribe to new ones.iCloud. Your content. On all your devices.Thanks to iCloud, your iPod touch has an even tighter bond with your Mac or PC (and your iPhone or iPad).iCloud stores your music, apps, games, latest photos, and more and makes them accessible on your otherdevices. And it keeps your email, contacts, and calendars up to date across them, too. Its all automatic.Theres no syncing required, no management required, no anything required. iCloud does the work for you.iTunes in the Cloud. Your music and TV shows. Wherever you want them.You never know when youll suddenly be in the mood to listen to a favorite song or rewatch that hilarioussitcom episode. With iCloud, you can have iTunes automatically download new music purchases to all your
  • devices the moment you tap Buy. You can also access past music and TV show purchases from any of yourdevices--wirelessly and without syncing.Photo Stream. Snap. And its everywhere.With Photo Stream, you can take a photo on one iOS device and it automatically appears on all your otherdevices, including your Mac or PC. Import new pictures to your computer from a digital camera, and iCloudsends copies over Wi-Fi to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can even view recent photos on yourbig-screen TV via Apple TV. Theres no syncing, no email attachments, no file transfers. Your pictures are justthere--on whichever device you happen to have handy.Buy a new book from the iBookstore,and iCloud makes sure it appearseverywhere--your iPhone, iPad, andiPod touch.Documents in the Cloud. Start here. Finish there.You can create amazing documents and presentations on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. And now withiCloud, you can keep your work up to date across all your iOS devices. You dont have to save your work ortransfer any files. Your documents--with all your latest edits--automatically appear everywhere. iCloud isalready built into Apple iOS apps like Keynote, Pages, and Numbers. It can also work with other iCloud-enabledapps. So you can do things like create a spreadsheet on your iPad and make edits to it on your iPhone. Or startsketching on your iPod touch and add the finishing touches on your iPad at home.Apps. All your apps. Always at hand.If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you have apps. And you probably download new ones all the time.iCloud lets you automatically download new app purchases to all your devices at once. So the app you need isalways right where you need it. If an app you bought previously isnt on one of your devices, not to worry. Youcan download it again from your purchase history--at no additional charge.iBooks. All your devices are on the same page.Buy a new book from the iBookstore, and iCloud makes sure it appears everywhere--your iPhone, iPad, and iPodtouch. So if you have to put it down, you can pick it back up on another device, in exactly the same place. Inaddition to the best seller youre glued to at the moment, the iBooks app keeps a list of titles youve readbefore. And just like with apps, you can download them again to any of your devices.Calendar, Mail, and Contacts. Up-to-date everything.iCloud stores all the stuff you cant live without--your contacts, calendars, and email--and keeps it up to dateacross all your devices. Say you delete an email, add a calendar event, or change some settings. iCloud makes
  • all your changes everywhere. Same with your notes, reminders, and Safari bookmarks.Backup. iCloud saves the day.iCloud backs up your iOS device daily over Wi-Fi when its connected to a power source. From your Camera Rolland messages to your device settings and ringtones, everything is backed up quickly and efficiently. And sinceiCloud is built into iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, you can restore your personal data on a new iOS device or oneyou already have without using a single cable. iCloud does it all for you over Wi-Fi.Find My Friends. Friend-spotting.For finding your way to the party, keeping track of family at a crowded amusement park, or getting picked upat the airport, Find My Friends is your app. You can give friends and family permission to see your whereabouts.And vice versa. When you dont want to be found, a single switch takes you off the grid. Simple as that.Find My iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac. Lost. And found.If checking all the usual spots hasnt turned up your missing iOS device, Find My iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, andMac can help.4 Just sign in at or use the Find My iPhone app on another device to locate yours on amap, display a message on its screen, remotely set a passcode lock, or initiate a remote wipe to delete yourdata.AirPrint. Wireless printing, right from your iPod touch.Late for a concert? Quickly print your tickets from your iPod touch. Stumble upon a list of cheat codes for theRPG youve been struggling with? Print it and share it with your friends. A few taps is all it takes to go fromonscreen to on paper.Hard copies made easy.AirPrint on iPod touch makes it simple to print your email, photos, web pages, and documents. Theres nosoftware to download, no drivers to install, and no cables to connect. With just a few taps on your iPod touch,you can go from viewing something onscreen to holding a printed copy. And because all the printing takesplace in the background, theres no waiting around. Instead, you can start printing and then go back to flickingthrough photos, browsing the web, or doing whatever you were doing before.True wireless printing."No cables required" means exactly that. AirPrint printing is 100 percent wireless. iPod touch automaticallylocates and connects to AirPrint-enabled printers on your wireless network. Whether youre on the other side ofthe house or on another floor from your printer--or youre walking from one room to the next--you can still printwhat you need, when you need it. In fact, its all so easy and fast that by the time you finish reading thissentence, you could have printed it from your iPod touch.What you see is what you print.If you can open it on your iPod touch, chances are you can print it with AirPrint. AirPrint works with Safari, Mail,Photos, PDFs in iBooks, and third-party apps with built-in printing. Print that hilarious photo of your frienddressed up as an 80s rock star. Running late for a movie? AirPrint lets you quickly print your tickets as youreheading out the door, so you wont have to miss the previews.
  • Game Center on iPod touch lets youadd more players to your gamingnetwork.Works with AirPrint-enabled printers.Many AirPrint-enabled printers are available. Just visit the Apple Online Store and find one thats right for you.Built-in apps. Fun from the get-go.iPod touch gives you serious game. But there are so many other things you can do with it that are just asentertaining. Make a FaceTime call to your best friend. Shoot HD video of your favorite band. Take and postplenty of planking photos. Check out your go-to celebrity gossip blogs. All this and you can check email, watcha movie, listen to music, and more. Impressed? Thats just how iPod touch rolls.Messages with iMessageYour two-thumb typing skills are about to be put to some serious use. Say h-e-l-l-o to iMessage, the new textmessaging service for all iOS 5 users. Its free over Wi-Fi, so you can say as much as you want, and then saymore. iMessage also lets you send a picture, share a video, or text a location. This is definitely going to havepeople talking.FaceTimeFaceTime on iPod touch lets you hang out, catch up, and goof off with friends when you cant be there in person.With just a tap, your iPod touch can make a FaceTime call to someone elses iPod touch, iPad 2, iPhone, or Macover Wi-Fi.1 Witness a prank in action. Or watch your friend on the other side of the country crack up at yourstories from last night. All you need to get started is an Apple ID and an email account. You can choose anemail account you already have or, if you prefer, set up a new one. Youll never see fun the same way again.Game CenterGame Center on iPod touch lets you add more players to your gaming network. Invite friends to join. Thentotally dominate them. See how your score ranks against your friends and other players of each game.Compare achievements. Put together a select group of friends to play with or have Game Center suggest somenew friends based on the games you play. You can even choose to go up against people you dont know in amultiplayer game. So get in the game. And get your friends in it, too.Camera with HD Video Recording"You should have seen it!" is a thing of the past. Because with iPod touch, youll always have a great HD videocamera with you. So when your dog does that thing where he sounds like hes talking, youre ready to captureit in all its glory. In high-definition 720p video. You can record video in low-light settings, thanks to the
  • advanced backside illumination sensor. You can even edit and create your own mini blockbuster right on iPodtouch using the iMovie app--with Apple-designed themes, titles, and transitions. Its available on the App Storefor $4.99.App StoreTap App Store and youll find over 500,000 apps--including over 100,000 game and entertainment titles. Withmore added every day. Thanks to iCloud, new apps you buy on your iPod touch automatically download to youriPad or iPhone. There are apps for anything and everything--from giving videos you shoot a vintage feel toletting you take on the role of a cunning secret agent. You can download them fast. Many of them are free. Andall of them make your iPod touch that much more cant-live-without-able.Music + iTunesWith iPod touch, you dont just play your music. You hear it, and see it, in entirely different ways. Let Geniuscreate a mix or a playlist for you automatically with music you already own and love. Flick through albums inCover Flow. Or give iPod touch a shake to shuffle your songs. Craving some new music? iTunes is only a tapaway. Browse millions of songs you can buy and download right on the spot. And thanks to iCloud, yourpurchases automatically download over Wi-Fi to your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC, too.VideosYour favorite movies and TV shows are now playing on a subway train or plane near you. Because you can buyor rent movies and purchase your favorite TV shows right on iPod touch. Shop the iTunes Store and choosefrom thousands of must-see titles.MailWhether you have one email address or five, iPod touch lets you manage it all. View and open attachments.Format text. Drag to rearrange names in address fields. Add or delete mailbox folders. Search the body ofmessages. And with iCloud, you get a free email account that stays up to date on your iOS 5 devices and Macor PC.Tap App Store and youll find over500,000 apps--including over 100,000game and entertainment titles.SafariSafari on iPod touch now includes Reader, a handy feature that removes annoying ads so you can read articleswithout distractions. Want to read a story but dont have time? Add it to Reading List and read it later. iCloudkeeps your Reading List updated across all your devices, in case you want to check out the story on your Macor iPad instead.
  • PhotosSo many hilarious, unforgettable, I-cant-believe-you-just-did-that moments are in the photo library on your iPodtouch. And new features in iOS 5 give you more control over the photos you take. Crop, rotate, enhance, andremove red-eye right on iPod touch. Even organize your photos in albums. With Photo Stream in iCloud, all thephotos you shoot on iPod touch automatically appear on your other devices.MapsMaps on iPod touch shows you where you are and how to get to where you want to be. Or maybe youre cravingsomething sweet. Type what youre looking for--"ice cream," for example--and see whats nearby.RemindersA new feature called Reminders makes iPod touch seem like a sticky note come to life. Create a list forwhatever you dont want to forget--homework assignments to finish, chores to do, concert tickets to buy. Set adeadline and Reminders will send you a notification to keep you on track.YouTubeFrom tweens with incredible vocal skills to bizarre-but-real TV commercials, YouTube is a video wonderland.And with the YouTube app on iPod touch, you can keep yourself entertained for hours on end.Nike + iPodGet the most out of your workouts with the Nike + iPod Sensor (sold separately) and iPod touch. The sensorslips into your Nike+ shoe and wirelessly transmits data about your workout to your iPod touch. The Nike+ appeven works with cardio equipment in many fitness centers.Voice MemosIf you have something to say, say it. Voice Memos on iPod touch will record it. Whether its a lecture oncovalent bonds or your friends goofy made-up song, you can keep it for posterity. Trim your memos on iPodtouch, then sync them to iTunes to use in your podcast or share.Find My iPod touchYou know your iPod touch is here somewhere because you had it like 10 minutes ago. Dont freak out. Find MyiPod touch was made for situations like this. When you first get your iPod touch, set up Find My iPod touch.Then if you misplace it, you can find its approximate location on a map. Display a message or play a sound tohelp you find it. You can even remotely wipe it clean of your personal information, if you need to.More Built-in AppsKeep all your news and magazine apps in Newsstand. Write about anything and everything in Notes. Do quickmath with Calculator. Check the weather. And watch your investments with Stocks.Whats in the BoxiPod touch (8GB, Black), Earphones, Dock Connector to USB Cable, Quick Start GuideRead moreYou May Also LikeClear Screen Protector for Apple iPod Touch 4 (4th Generation)Gummy Cover - Transparent Clear/Solid Black (S Shape) for Apple iPod Touch 4GAmazonBasics Silicone Case with Tread for iPod touch 4th Gen (Black)
  • OtterBox Defender Series Hybrid Case for iPod touch 4th Generation (Blue/White)USB Travel Kit with Car Charger, Travel Adapter & Cable for Apple iPod