Financial Education: Living without Limits by Jane Frankland
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Financial Education: Living without Limits by Jane Frankland


You have the power to chase your dreams, to follow your heart and to live without limits so you can reach your full potential. And, it has never been easier to do in business than it is now. In this presentation I share my story of building a 7-figure business within 2 years, of recovering a million dollar business and then discuss why it's vital to get a handle on the relationship you have with money so you don't lose it all. I'll be touching on Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of human needs, the world of technology, especially social networking and spirituality.
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  • They suffer from depression, illness and addictions; have low self esteem and feel insecure.
  • Breakdowns and depression
  • Alcoholism
  • Obesity, anorexia and bulimia
  • Substance abuse
  • : old systems and ways of doing business are broken and falling apart.
  • You control the money and not the other way around

Financial Education: Living without Limits by Jane Frankland Financial Education: Living without Limits by Jane Frankland Presentation Transcript

  • Living without Limits: Financial Educationhello@jane-frankland.comCopyright Jane Frankland, 2013
  • Passion Before PaycheckYOU have the power to change the world. To live without limits… To follow your heart … To chase your passion … AND to experience the rewards!
  • Remember…
  • Agenda Share my story so you may learn from my lessons. Talk to you about following your passion. Why it’s easier for you to do than ever RIGHT NOWas business changes.
  • FamilyValues
  • “Do what you Love”
  • Change your Life!
  • TheTrade
  • Family
  • Lamb to the Slaughter House
  • Turning Point
  • Eish…Hakuna Matata!
  • TheWake Up Call
  • TheVoice in my Head
  • Business is Changing You might have noticed! There’s an awakening going on. We’re leading the way; we’re on the cutting edge. Two things are happening: World driven on purpose instead of money Advancements in technology to support this
  • The ‘Bling Bling’World ofTodayA world suffering from illness – unable to cope
  • Money Makes theWorld Go Round Every day we’re bombarded with messages that tellus that the good life is obtained through the goodslife – MATERIALISATION. We’ve been conditioned to think that by makinglots of money we can spend it on goods that willmake us happy, loved and respected. Commercialization and consumerism reach deepinto our psyches encouraging us to strive for highersalaries and own more ‘stuff.’
  • AtWhat Price? This comes at a high price of our wellbeing. Research has shown that the more people valuematerialistic aspirations and goals the moreunhappy they are.
  • Mental Illness
  • Drinking Dependency
  • Eating Disorders
  • DrugAbuse
  •  Holding these values alsoaffects our socialrelationships – more peopleare single and more familyunits are breaking down. The more we’re exposed tomedia the more weprioritize materialisticvalues.
  • We Can Heal theWorldA Backlash against Money, Status and Image
  • AWorld Driven by PurposeThe Old Way Business seek transactions. Controlling – my agenda; closed –task driven, selective – focused andselfish. A job is NOT for life anymore. There are NO guarantees. Employees are undervalued and overworked. Sickness and disease is increasing.The New Way Business seeks to make a difference/socialconsciousness. Open – relationship driven; random –finding the gaps and it’s supportive –being human. Employees are saying no to compromise. They’re choosing lifestyle over money. They want more control and to live moreauthentic lives. They’re seeking new ways and they’recreating opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurship Never been greater than it is today, especiallyamongst women. Dalai Lama said, “The world will be saved by theWestern Woman.” So if you’re a woman, this is your time! This is a time to rise up and contribute.
  • One Drop in the Ocean“We ourselves feel that what we are doingis just a drop in the ocean. But theocean would be less becauseof that missing drop.”- Mother Teresa
  • The Enabler isTechnology The Internet has changed everything. Mobile technology has enabled us to do businessglobally AND with ease. We’re connected. We’re educated- about anything – at anytime.
  • TheWorld of Social AND the most significant CHANGE that’s affectingbusiness right now is SOCIAL. We FOLLOW, LIKE, LINK and SUBSCRIBE AND makefriends. We network, we connect, we share, we contributeand we support. Business is more transparent, agile and AUTHENTICthan EVER.
  • Spirituality While technology is the engine in this physicalworld, it’s spirituality and moralprinciples that are the steering wheel thatguide them.
  • Maslow’sTheory Inverted1943 Abraham Maslow wrotehis famous paper on thehierarchy of human needs.
  • Imagine… In a world that’s disconnected, we’re seeking tobelong and build communities. So what if: Self-actualization became the most basic need fornot just the individual, but the community? People were to put things like morality and lack ofprejudice first? Would esteem, love, safety, and evenfood become much easier to obtain? We promoted intrinsic values instead and builtfriendships and community?
  • Love is all you Need
  • ForwardThinking Brands GetThis They’re living on purpose: Barclay’s Antony Jenkins, “we don’t sell loans, wegrow companies.” He’s motivated to treatcustomers with ‘respect.’ Avaya, “we don’t sell video conferencing, weprotect collaboration.” Zappos, “we sell happiness.” This is a shift from transaction to PURPOSE.
  • Where to StartChanging your Relationship to Money
  • Let Money Enter your Life What do you love spending money on? What do you wildly resent paying for? What do you consider luxurious? When, where and how are you cheap? When, where and how are you generous?
  • Money: More is More“You are theeconomist of whatmatters to you.”– Danielle LaPorte.
  • What do you Need Money for? What you want money for – ‘stuff’ to own or ‘stuff’ toexperience? When you establish your purpose for money you havea rudder to help guide your purchases, investments,donations, savings etc. You also motivate yourself toget what you want. N.B. You can only establish the purpose of moneywhen you get CLEAR on your DESIRED LIFE. Yourdesired life is driven by how you want to feel.
  • Let Money FollowThinking My purpose for money was to get a farm. Itprovided financial stability so I’d be free to do whatI loved (design), which would make me happy. Thatpurpose drove my actions – to build a successfulcompany. Money enables so many of our wants to bemanifested. The clearer you are on your wants, thefreer you are from the mindsets and social systemsthat inspire greed and limited thinking. Let the money follow the thinking.
  • Get Emotional about Money How do you feel about: Your debt? Your income? Your savings? Anyone who owes you money? When you pay for experiences and outings? When you pay for groceries? When you shop for gifts? When you shop for clothes? When you shop for art, collectables or home décor?
  •  If negative emotions show up, convert them to positive.e.g. heavy or burdened becomes grateful or opportune. Chose 1 positive feeling and 1 action for: How you spend your money How you save your money How you give your money How you receive your money How you manage your money If you want to feel gratitude around money, what can you dowhen spending money to feel gratitude?
  • Money: Enough is Plenty“Money is only a tool. Itwill take you whereveryou wish, but it will notreplace you as thedriver.”– Ayn Rand
  • What’s the Answer?
  • What if… What if I told you things could be different? What if I told you there were no failures? What if I told you there were ONLY guarantees ofsuccess? What would you do then?
  • Live a Life without LimitsJane Franklandhello@jane-frankland.com