Population in Brazil
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Population in Brazil

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Includes population distribution analysis for Brazil

Includes population distribution analysis for Brazil

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  • Wow,never knew Brazil is such a diverse land!What does the term Amerindians refer to?Indians?BTW,could you elaborate more on the people who migrated from Asia?
    And yaa,it seems a school assignment or something!
    check my slideshow on population if interested..
    Also visit http://www.ameyawaghmare.wordpress.com
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  • Very Interesting , thanks for sharing
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  • Interesting pps. Thanks! Graham
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  • 1. We are the original Amerindians . We primarily live within the Amazon rainforest in the northern and western border regions of Brazil. People first came to Brazil from Africa 400 years ago as part of the slave trade. African slaves formed the Brazilian martial arts- dance Capoiera. People from Asia first came to Brazil in search of better living conditions. Brazil has the largest Japanese population outside Japan and most live in or around Sao Paulo. Many Europeans came to Brazil at the beginning of the 19 th century. Primarily people from Italy and Spain joined the Portuguese migrants. People of European origin live primarily in the south-eastern regions where it is nice and sunny People from Germany first came to Brazil in the 1880s. They were attracted to Brazil as the Government promised them large lands where they could raise their families. Where are Brazil’s people from? People from Portugal were the first Europeans to settle here. We set up modern Brazil and gave the country our language. c/w 14 th November 2006 Brazil’s Population Objective: To find out where Brazil’s people are from and where they live.
  • 2. Multi-cultural Brazil
    • Today you’ll find people in Brazil from every race on the Earth.
    • This has led to a vibrant culture in Brazil, making it a really exciting place, which is full of contrasts.
  • 3. Population Distribution Rio de Janeiro Sao Paulo Manaus Recife Brasilia Amazon River
    • Describe the population distribution of Brazil.
    • The population of Brazil is unevenly distributed. In the north west…
    • In the south east…
    • Us the following words in your description:
      • Sparsely populated
      • Densely populated
      • Crowded
      • Coastline
    • You van name the cities and the river Amazon in your description.
    • Also look at the key and use the numbers that relate to the colours on the map.
  • 4. The Amazon region Rio de Janeiro
  • 5. Population Distribution Factors Affecting Population Distribution in Brazil Decide which of the statements affect population density for each of the regions and fill in the table in your books. You can write down just the numbers. SOUTH EASTERN REGION NORTH WESTERN REGION
  • 6. GIMME 5!
    • You have a minute to think of 5 things you have learnt today. You can discuss quietly in pairs. Be ready to share your thoughts with us.