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DEX Innovation Centre at a glance
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DEX Innovation Centre at a glance


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A Czech, private research centre settled in Liberec city is mainly focusing on applied research in ICT sector, technology transfer and fund raising for research and innovation activities.

A Czech, private research centre settled in Liberec city is mainly focusing on applied research in ICT sector, technology transfer and fund raising for research and innovation activities.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. organisation´s profile
  • 2. DEX IC at a glance • Private non-profit research centre, located in the city of Liberec in Czech Republic • Main focus: • applied research in ICT • multidisciplinary focus • utilization and delivery of market-driven innovations and inventions reflecting the customer needs Experience in the development and coordination of the transnational cooperation projects in R&D
  • 3. Our fields of expertise Smart and integrated transport Applied ICT in 3 main industries: - Smart and integrated transport - Energy effeciency - Health and well being - Broadband infrastructure - Internet security In order to use full potential of ICT, virtual accessibility as well as security of data transmission must be ensured. Internet security Energy Efficiency ICT Broadband infrastructu re Health and wellbeing
  • 4. PPP4Broadband initiative DEX IC team is tackling with the broadband deployment in exluded areas of South East european region using Public-Private partnership concept. The aim is to realize 3 pilot investments in Greece, Romania and Macedonia (FYROM).
  • 5. What we do? The activities of DEX IC can be generally divided into 3 pillars: 1st pillar 2nd pillar 3rd pillar • Cross-sectorial research and innovation activities • Technology transfer and innovation leading to creation of intellectual property • Fund raising for research and innovation activities
  • 6. 1) applied ICT in smart and integrated transport 3 key specializations
  • 7. Smart and integrated transport DEX IC is developing new concepts in areas of smart and integrated transport and e-mobility for better mobility, less congestion, more safety and security with a substantial reduction of traffic congestion. DEX IC is well aware of the importance and the potential in e-mobility and smart and integrated transport
  • 8. Applied ICT in automotive industry • DEX IC developed AUTOCLUSTERS initiative resulting in research project Fast in Charge that has been implemented under the FP7 and its main objective is to foster the democratisation of electric vehicles (EV) in the urban environment by developing an easier charging solution for ease the EV use by the large public • Objective will be achieved by developing a cost-effective modular infrastructure offering a global solution for EV charging • The concept of Fast in Charge is to create a highly performing inductive solution enabling a 40 kW power transfer to the EV in 2 charging operational situations (Stationary and on-route)
  • 9. 2) applied ICT in energy efficiency 3 key specializations
  • 10. applied ICT in energy efficiency • Energy efficiency is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to combat climate change, clean the air we breathe, improve the competitiveness of our businesses including SMEs and reduce energy costs for consumers. 21st Century should lead to develop new, energy-efficient technologies while boosting the efficiency of current technologies on the market • Energy efficiency in the industrial processes allows to obtain the reduction of primary energy consumption to the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and to improve the strength on the market
  • 11. applied ICT in energy efficiency • Research team of DEX IC has been cooperating on the development of innovative SMART tool „LiCEA“ (Life Cycle based energy audit) that allows the discovery of numerous unexploited energy saving opportunities across SMEs in region of Central Europe • Simplified and innovative LiCEA software will be analyzing and evaluating energy flows within production processes without negatively influenced outputs
  • 12. 3) applied ICT in health and wellbeing 3 key specializations
  • 13. applied ICT in health • Health is central in people´s lives and should be the priority number 1. Despite incredible improvements in health in last decades, there are still a number of challenges worldwide. • Main Research and innovation focus of DEX IC relevant to the health is linked to its excellece in follosing fields of e-health / assistance ambient living: 1) Cross-industrial innovation, Technology Transfer, Commercialisation and Protection of IP, Prototyping, Certification, Market Deployment, Application of Consumer Cantered Design, Management of international projects 2) ICT – software: system integration, biological data processing and storing (i.e. LH7 standard) – part of so called Big Data, software architecture design 3) ICT – hardware: for research on this field the external infrastructure is used 4) Specific areas of interest: Intelligent System for Remote monitoring of Older Care Recipients at home, Integrated Care using ICT (health, social), personalized medicine applications, preventive medicine
  • 14. applied ICT e-WatchDog in health initiative eWatchDog is an open and flexible solution designed to guide Older Care Recipients in home care and provide information for their family relatives or national emergency services based on measured data from biosensors interpreted for selected diseases: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and heart failures Solution is designed for future integration of additional biosensors and additional diseases
  • 15. Our main partners INDUSTRIAL PARTNERS RESEARCH PARTNERS • • • • • • • • • • T-mobile Czech Republic a.s. Siemens Romania Automotive cluster West Slovakia Automotive cluster of Slovenia Medical Valley EMN e.V N Erlanger, Germany Bayern Innovativ, Germany National Cluster Association, Czech Republic Clusterland Upper Austria HOSPITALS • • • Antwerp University Hospital, Belgium Cork University Hospital, Ireland Colentina Clinical Hospital, Romania • • • • • CETEMMSA Technological Centre, Spain Fraunhofer Institute for Degital Media Technology, Germany FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences, Austria Czech University of Life Sciences, Czech Republic Technical University of Gabrovo, Bulgaria Slovak University of Tehnology in Bratislava Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany
  • 16. Thank you for your Attention