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Bangalore patrol - teaser campaign - press coverage
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Bangalore patrol - teaser campaign - press coverage


Bangalore Patrol Coverage

Bangalore Patrol Coverage

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  • 2. A TIMES OF INDIA INITIATIVE MANAGED AND CONCEIVED BY JANAAGRAHA THE TIMES OF INDIA | BANGALORE | WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7, 2010 A unique initiative of The Times of India to monitor the performance of the corporators and hold them accountable to the people TOWARDS ABETTER LIFE TEAM TOI O WHY BANGALORE PATROL n Monday, Bangalore’s seven million resi- dents got to know the identity of the 198 corporators who will preside over their des- The Times of India sees its role as an tiny over the next five years. The BJP has activist member of society, not a won the mandate to deliver good gover- passive reporter of news.Our earlier nance to the citizens.campaigns like Lead India, Teach India and The successful holding of civic elec- tions, in one sense, was the culmination ofUnlock Bangalore have all tried to address a political process. In the other, it marksissues critical to our nation and cities we the beginning of a journey in which theserve. Bangalore Patrol is a vital, new corporators chosen by Bangaloreans get to work on delivering a better quality of lifecampaign in this series. It tries to address the for the people.central lacuna in the way our cities are To ensure that the BBMP poll makes amanaged; the absence of a monitoring difference to the city, to make sure thatsystem with the resulting lack of there’s accountability in the system, to sen- sitise coporators to the needs of Banga-accountability of our civic bodies. loreans, The Times of India is today launch- – Rahul Kansal | DIRECTOR, ing a unique initiative, Bangalore Patrol, THE TIMES OF INDIA BRAND managed and conceived by Janaagraha, an institution that works to improve people’sThe genesis of the idea is about five years quality of life in cities and towns. The primary aim of Bangalore Patrolold. Working in the civic space,we realised is to deliver a better quality of life, in a tan-that while budgets are presented at the city gible, measurable form to the people. Thelevel, not much information is available on campaign will present the corporators with concrete data on five important measuresthe quality of life at the ward level. We also that touch people’s lives on a daily basis:learnt that data on the quality of life at the water, health and sanitation, mobility pub-,ward level is largely anecdotal. The question lic amenities and environment. This willthen was how to measure in a systematic, be captured by the Ward Infrastructure and Services Assessment (WISA) Index devel-objective and scientific way the quality of life oped by Janaagraha. While electricity is will unleash the competitive spirits of the attempted in India by a non-governmental the data, mobilise opinion and put pres-at the ward level? Thats how we came up also a very critical measure, we haven’t in- citizens, corporators and administration agency In fact, it would be fair to say that . sure on the system: corporators, local gov-with the idea of assessing and rating each cluded it in this campaign due to certain leading to the overall betterment in the the kind of data Bangalore Patrol will pres- ernmental bodies to improve the quality technical issues. We might include that in quality of people’s lives. ent is perhaps not even available with the of life of the people of Bangalore.ward on a scale of 10 after collecting data on In the coming weeks, watch this space, the next phase of the campaign. A lot of thought, effort and hard work local governmental bodies. Even as youthe civic status of the ward. Bangalore Patrol will provide all stake- has gone into collating this information. read this, Janaagraha’s ground staff that as we bring you all the data that you need- The aim is to to improve the quality of holders with data for all the five measures To ensure that the data stands upto rigor- has fanned out across the city will be col- ed to know about your ward. The aim Ban- for each of the 198 wards of Bangalore in ous scrutiny Government of India’s bench- , lating data.The data collected under Ban- galore Patrol is to make the impact ofurban life from the grassroots, the smallest terms of say, availability of water, bus marks have been used to assess each of the galore Patrol will be taken to every citizen engagement high resulting in measur-political unit of the ward. stands, bus shelters, public toilets, drainage parameters. of Bangalore. ToI and Janaagraha will hold ableimprovements in the life of the Ramesh Ramanathan | CO-FOUNDER, etc. This in-built provision for comparison An exercise of this kind hasn’t ever been city wide events. The aim is to highlight people of Bangalore. JANAAGRAHA CONNECTING WITH MEASURES THAT MATTER THE CITY TEAM TOI amenities (parks, playgrounds and public toilets) and the environ- AND HOW...A total five parameters that matter ment. most to you as local residents; The ward-wise scores for each scores tracked on a scale of 0 to 10 of these parameters will be decid- TEAM TOI with a final score that will help you ed based on a detailed survey on a determine the quality of infra- total 28 indicators. “Research and he Times of India, Bangalore, has been interfacing structure and services that’s pro- vided to your ward by the local gov- ernment; ability to compare how your ward fares vis a vis a neigh- bouring one in concrete measures. In short, this is the new TOI-Janaa- accumulated experience in deal- ing with citizen issues in the past has helped us in arriving at these main parameters,” said Janaa- graha executives. Everything in your ward counts T with you, the citizen, in the improving public servic- es by launching several initiatives. We have regular- ly devoted space to ways and means of improving life in Bangalore as also leading campaigns on specific is- sues like traffic snarls and quality of roads. In all these exercises, we have got city planners, stakeholders and graha WISA (Ward Infrastructure on this index—right from the qual- citizens’ groups to engage in debates. and Services Assessement) initi- ity and exact quantity of water But Sunday, December 1, 2002, marked a unique atie to change the way you look at supplied to your house to the street- date with civic concern. We had an invited audience civic issues. A way to engage, mo- lights, roads and public transport of about 200 citizens’ representatives armed with loads bilise and put pressure on the sys- in your areas. (See box for the de- of grievances. We pit them against a dozen public tem to deliver quantifiable im- tails). More than 50 people have agency honchos and local corporators on a canopied provements to the quality of life in been already deployed to check on lawn. And give them the green signal to debate issues each and every ward of Bangalore. each of these parameters on of civic concern. That could have been recipe for dis- The ground survey has already ground for each and every ward. cord and uproar. On the contrary, the inaugural ses- started. It has been going on a war The human effort on the sion of Times Connect, an ini- footing for three months now. What ground is being supplemented tiative to bring citizens face to you will get soon are the reliable and authentic scores for the five with adequate technology and equipment like the GIS maps and Times face with the authorities, held in the cool environs of the Ko- main parameters that are being tracked on this unique WISA in- special water pressure monitors. The five categories will be assessed Connect, ramangala Club, saw a spirited dialogue — although vehement dex. under the following four aspects: and impassioned at times. Over The paramaers being mobility, Access, Quality, Reliability Launched the years, we organised about water, health & sanitation, public and Risks. half a dozen more such sessions Almost 8 in various localities in Banga- lore and one meeting in Mysore.WHAT WILL BE MEASURED? FIVE PARAMETERS AND 28 INDICATORS cleanliness of roads, % of road network Years Ago, What was strikingly evident was Bangalore’s growing civic with storm water drains, instances ofG WATER: Deals with municipal water supply G MOBILITY – Coverage of public injuries and deaths due to accidents flooding, access to public toilets and Was A consciousness and public en- gagement, induced by the un-G MOBILITY: Includes motorised (public and transport network, access to information, G WATER SUPPLY – % of quality of public toilets private) and non-motorised (pedestrian and bicycle) frequency, speed of travel, crowding in establishments with water connections, G PUBLIC AMENITIES – Distance to Blockbuster precedented expansion of the city in the last two decades. public transport, avg. cost of travel/km, continuity of supply (no. of hrs/day), transportG HEALTH & SANITATION: Includes sewerage, presence of footpaths with appropriate quality of water supplied and the avg. cost the closest park, sq.m. of park area per 1000 people, distance to the closest Initiative The citizens brought under scrutiny a wide range of com- width and surface condition, of dedicated per capita. playground, sq.m. of playground area per storm water drainage and solid waste management. bicycle lanes, streetlighting conditions, plaints: from piling up of G HEALTH & SANITATION – Access to 1000 peopleG ENVIRONMENT: Air pollution and green cover pedestrian safety at junctions, presence of garbage to rude official dispo- sewerage network, % of households with G ENVIRONMENT – No. of days when sition; traffic bottlenecks to en-G PUBLIC AMENITIES: includes parks, functional signals/ road markings, quality daily door-to-door garbage collection, air polluted beyond recommended limits croachment of public proper- playgrounds and public toilets. of road surface, speed of travel and presence of litter bins on street, and the % of green cover ty and overflowing sewage to non-availability of public trans- port. Encouraging the officials — accompanied by their sub- THE DELIVERABLES ordinates — to provide affir- mative replies and hand out promises with specific dead- lines was our reporting team. H ow do you measure quality of urban life in mean the infrastructure and services in that For sessions that spanned a systematic, objective and scientific way ward are good and if it gets a low score, it just over two hours, taking up so that it actually improves over time? The would mean infrastructure and services are the slew of complaints specif- Times-Janaagraha initiatives Ward Infra- bad, thus necessitating improvement in ically was next to impossible. structure and Services Assessment (WISA) quality of life.The score and the informa- But copies of hundreds of score/Index is one among many ways in tion on the quality of infrastructure and grievances were submitted to which this can be done. services on which the score is based can be the agencies concerned for re- WISA score/index is basically a numer- used by citizens of every ward to compare dressal. Thankfully, the assur- ical assessment and rating of the quality of their wards with other wards and see where ances came. “I’ll put my men on the job this afternoon”; life in each ward on a scale of 10. The score their ward needs to progress. Citizens can “The flyover should be ready in 10 months”; “We’ll at- will tell you whether the ward is doing well present this score to the authorities to ef- tend to that in three days flat...’’ in terms of good water supply mobility good , , fect change. They can act on the score and The debates weren’t without some show of inten- transport, good sanitation, good garbage data by persuading the BBMP or civic sity and sentiment. An Ejipura resident thought the collection and disposal, health and law and agency in question to introduce relevant condition of roads in his locality wasn’t any better order. For instance, if a ward scores 4 on 10 measures where they are needed most. Es- than that of war-torn Afghanistan. A corporator did- on water supply then citizens will want that , sentially the WISA score brings systemat- n’t agree to the demand that roadside hawkers block- to improve to 10 on 10 and can therefore seek ic localised information to citizens, em- ing traffic had to be evicted; he sought to know what measures from the local government body powering them with very specific action- became of the city corporation’s move to provide food to improve water supply conditions. This able data. courts in specific areas. The officials didn’t accept way the WISA score/index will help citi- Authorities, administrators, corporators every complaint with a ready smile and a prompt re- zens track the progress of their ward over can use the WISA index and information to ply They reminded the citizens too of their responsi- . time whether facilities, infrastructure and improve and fine tune civic initiatives. The bilities.All in all, Times Connect was an extension of services from water supply to transport of- WISA score is a good way of incentivising ToI’s proactivity It was indeed an effort to keep an ear . fered in the ward enable a comfortable life. authorities. A good score might mean recog- to the ground on the quality of life in our cities If a ward gets a high overall score it may nition for hardworking officials. and towns.
  • 3. A TIMES OF INDIA INITIATIVE MANAGED AND CONCEIVED BY JANAAGRAHA THE TIMES OF INDIA | BANGALORE | THURSDAY, APRIL 8, 2010 A CATALYST FOR BETTER URBAN LIFE Bangalore Patrol in broad terms aims to improve Initiative brings out will be certified, formal WISA the quality of urban life from the grassroots, the small- scores that will be published and made public period- est political unit of the ward. In specific terms, the WISA ically, say every six months. It is a certified WISA score score/index will help people track the progress of their because it is based on systematic, objective assessment ward over time in terms of facilities, infrastructure and of scientifically and objectively generated data. The services available in the ward. If a ward scores 5 on 10 wikipedia model we understand requires greater ac- on water supply, then people will want that to improve curacy and so the citizen score will not be a certified to 8 or even 10 and will therefore seek measures from one until we achieve that accuracy But it enables some . the local government body to improve water supply con- sort of direct participation of the people in generating ditions. Each ward can compare itself with other wards an informal score. And as for their role in generating and see where it needs to progress depending on the the certified WISA score, people will give us informa- score it gets for infrastructure and services. WISA aims tion about their wards in addition to our independent to be a systematic metric by which people assess their examination of data on each ward. Such systematic col- wards and they can do many things with this - present lection of data from people means that people are in- this score or metric to the authorities to effect change, volved in the WISA generation. As for authorities, they and also working as community groups to improve their can be of great help in giving us access to data on wards areas. Ultimately we are looking at the transformation how wards have been performing. Infact we have had of each ward in the quality of life it offers to people , very good co-operation from authorities and theyve and thereby transformation in the quality of life in the been open to our idea of an assessment. They have overall city . shared information with us on civic status. In all WISA will be a participative venture of people and govern- How do you see the WISA score/Index changing Banga- ment. lore over time? The score will fundamentally help us understand the How will WISA index directly benefit citizens and author- gaps in the ward what is missing and what needs pri- ities on an overall level? ority Once citizens have the score and the correspon- . The WISA score/index is a mirror to each ward citi- Bangalore Patrol, a Times of India initiative is managed and conceived by Janaagraha. The initiative envisions an improvement in the quality of life for Bangalore’s citizens. How would one measure the quality of life? How would one understand quality of life itself? Janaagraha co-founder and civic strategist Ramesh Ramanathan explains the concept of quality of life in an urban setting, its attributes and how it can be measured and improved through an actionable index or programme called the Ward Infrastructure and Services Assessment (WISA). Ramesh explains how the Bangalore Patrol will be at the heart of urban Bangalore’s transformation. EXCERPTS FROM AN INTERVIEW TEAM TOI ding data in their hands, they can do many things with zens can look at the score and say what does my ward this - present this to the authorities and seek relevant look like, what needs to change in my ward and how What should we understand by quality of life in an urban allocations.. For example, if a certain ward has good much has my ward changed over time. It can be a very setting and how do we measure it? roads, but bad water supply, the score will help citizens useful ward report card that citizens can look into to Quality of life in an urban setting is the quality of in- as well as BBMP to focus on water supply Community . judge the quality of their life in their immediate vicin- frastructure and services that people enjoy and experi- groups and leaders can mobilise opinion and authori- ity the ward. Once you measure something, you can ence beginning from the bottom the ward. For instance ties to go in for targeted solutions to problems in a ward. manage it better. That classical principle of manage- do people enjoy good water supply, roads, good trans- We can also take the ward-level scores to get the over- ment applies to the ward measure your ward and you portation, good sanitation and garbage disposal? We all picture about quality of life in Bangalore and this can manage it better. Authorities, administrators, cor- measure the urban quality of life by measuring the qual- can then be compared with that of Chennai for instance, porators can use the WISA index and information to ity of these infrastructure and services. And we meas- thereby comparing quality of life not just across wards, improve and fine tune civic initiatives. The WISA score ure it by what we call the Ward Infrastructure and Ser- but across cities as well. is also a great incentive to authorities if a ward is do- vices Assessment (WISA). ing very well on many counts, water, roads, mobility, How will the Bangalore Patrol involve citizens and BBMP then it means the officials in that ward are doing a good How and why did the idea of Ward Infrastructure and Ser- civic authorities? job. A good score might mean recognition of the efforts vices Assessment (WISA) of measuring the civic progress As I said, once citizens have the score for a ward and of honest, hardworking officials. There are a lot many at the ward level come up? the related data, they can then act on the data they can people like that but they go unrecognised lost in the big The genesis of the idea is about five years old. Working persuade the BBMP or civic agency in question to in- system as they are. The score will bring them into the in the civic space,we realised that while budgets are pre- troduce relevant measures where they are needed most. public domain. WISA will incentivise officials, ad- sented at the city level, not much information is avail- Residents can compare the score of their ward with ministrators and corporators. able on the quality of life at the ward level. We also learnt scores of other wards and get to know what they lack that data on the quality of life at the ward level is large- and what they benefit from. Essentially the WISA score How would you describe the role of this entire initiative ly anecdotal. The question then was how to measure in brings systematic localised information to citizens, em- in transforming urban quality of life? a systematic, objective and scientific way the quality of powering them with very specific actionable data. The No one initiative can be a complete solution. In that life at the ward level? Thats how we came up with the data is no longer hearsay or anecdotal or incidental. Au- sense, Bangalore Patrol is a piece of a puzzle. We hope idea of assessing and rating each ward on a scale of 10 thorities on their part can embrace the idea of WISA, that it can be a catalyst of better urban life, first in Ban- after collecting data on the civic status (water, mobili- evaluate it and if they find that it is an honest, objec- galore and then other cities in India. ty/transport, sanitation, solid waste management) of tive assessment of the health of ward, they can then al- the ward using rigorous, objective methods. We decided locate resources accordingly . Will you be taking this initiative to other cities in due course? to give a score to each ward on a scale of 10 - what we We are planning to do so. We have now launched it in call the WISA Index after assessing its civic status. A Can there be a direct participation of the people in gener- Bangalore and will begin to extend the same to major ward might score 5, 6, 8 or even 9 on 10 depending on the ating the WISA index/score? Or even that of the authori- cities in the country. quality of infrastructure and service it is offering to cit- ties? izens. By the score, citizens will be easily able to make At this stage we have envisaged a Wikipedia like mod- Your thoughts on the Toi-Janaagraha alliance out where their ward stands in terms of facilities offered el for citizens who can give their own, personal scores While there is certainly need for a good and well de- and how the ward compares with other wards. WISA in for their wards. We will have a website from which they signed civic programme that measures the quality of simple terms is a score on a scale of 10 for the quality of can download forms and give their assessment of the life through good content/indicators, there is also the life in a ward. The score is an index, an objective meas- conditions in their wards based on the infrastructure vital need for distribution and outreach. We may have urement of the quality of life at the ward level. We have and services we have marked for assessment. This score the model to change quality of life but we have to touch worked systematically over the last three years and in can almost be a weekly citizen score on the status of the the people. The Times of India is not just the biggest very rigorous ways to arrive at the score/index. ward but this will be informal and based on the data media house, but a long-standing votary of better civic submitted by people. So their participation is direct in life. The Times commitment to the civic is one of the What is the vision of Bangalore Patrol? What is it aiming terms of generating personal, informal scores for their most enduring. In that sense, the partnership is an in- to achieve? specific neighbourhoods. But the WISA score that the evitable one.Bangalore Patrol gets a HUGE WELCOME TEAM TOI deliver, we monitor. We the citizens should remind the corporators that winning the election is only half the battle won. The realT he Times of India’s initiative managed and conceived by challenge begins now not only for them but for us too. Electing a Janaagraha Centre to monitor the coporators’ performance corporator is not enough, we have to make sure he fulfils his has met with an overwhelming response. From citizens to promises too. Thus, both of us have equally challenging roles to play. resident welfare associations (RWAs), the kudos came in Usha G Rao | TOIREADER thick and fast with hope expressed that it would positively impact the quality of life for the people of Bangalore. G I think it is a good initiative. TOI has been spearheading a lot of peopleinitiatives. We RWAs will definitely support it with all that we G Bangalore Patrol is a great initiative. I will be can. But, in this context, it requires a total involvement of all the happy to support it not just as an individual but civic authorities as well. Ultimately, they have the power to execute. also as part of the ABIDe team. We have the exact figures now. R K Misra | ABIDE (AGENDA FOR BENGALURU Brigadier Murthy | HSR SECTOR-2 RWA INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT) MEMBER G It is a good initiative. We welcome it. TOI and Janaagraha have G It’s a good initiative and it is perfectly timed. It comes at a been working on these issues at the grassroot level for quite time when we finally have a new council. In fact, we had sometime. I am confident that there will be absolute transparency benefited immensely from the previous Times Connect initiative and accountability in all the areas and all aspects of development as well. that happens in the city. The involvement of the two big organisations and people participation can enable a concrete vision Sumati Rao | MEMBER OF MALLESWARAM SWABHIMANA INITIATIVE for development. We as RWA members would like to co-operate and G It’s good and very motivating initiative that has been taken up involve ourselves in the development of the city. Likewise the new by TOI. We as RWAs are ready to support the initiative in every council should also involve the people at all levels. possible way. Such steps should be encouraged by all Pradeep Kumar Reddy | FEDERATION OF FRAZER TOWN RWAS Bangaloreans. G My God. It’s a fantastic initiative. WISA is a very good way to go N Mukund | CAF (CITIZEN’S ACTION FORUM) MEMBER ahead. Especially at a time when the government almost cheated us G It is truly laudable that TOI-Janagraha has launched Bangalore with continuous power cuts post the elections. The collaboration of Patrol. People should whole heartedly cooperate and join hands TOI and Janaagraha makes the WISA index more reliable, reachable with this new campaign. They should unite and form groups in and useful. There should be power parameter as well. The use of their wards and collectively monitor the working of BBMP. RWAs manpower and technology is laudable. We will also be have an important role to play. There has to be a mass talking to the our people and work out on ways movement, a revolution of sort, if we want to arrest further how we can also contribute to make such decay and deterioration of this once beautiful city. The slogan initiatives successful. for the public should be: Be on your toe and keep the corporator T Vidyadhar | MEMBER OF TRI-WARD FEDERATION OF on his. And a word of warning to the elected representatives: you ASSOCIATIONS IN RT NAGAR
  • 4. THE TIMES OF INDIA, BANGALORE4 TIMES CITY MONDAY, MAY 3, 2010 WARDING THE WARD—6 Enthusiastic Second-Timer B Somashekhar, Who Was Also One B SOMASHEKHAR (BJP) SHAKHAMBARINAGAR, WARD NO. 179 Of The Contenders For The Mayoral Post, Is A 24/7 Corporator. His Immediate Priority: Laying Of Footpaths In The Entire Ward Meters are ticking to measure water supply Old area with few woes A T Subrahmanya | TNN He Is Keen On Providing All Possible I’M ACCESSIBLE Aarthi | TNN Bangalore: One of the core ob- jectives of Bangalore Patrol, an initiative of The Times of India, TOI Bangalore: This ward is among the managed and conceived by affluent and old residential areas of Comforts To Residents Of His Ward ALL THE TIME Janaagraha, is to find out the Bangalore. Shakhambarinagar, a Photos: Syed Asif What are your main observations state of water supply in Banga- new ward comprising Jayanagar 5th about your ward? lore. Given that the summer has Block and 8th Block and JP Nagar We have no major problem. There set in, in earnest and the water 1st Phase, has educated residents, are some minor issues and we situation in the city is rather pa- with almost an equal male and fe- want to iron out all of them in the thetic, this exercise couldn’t male population. BDA pockets which are well- have come at a better time. Some areas are exceptions to the developed, and provide all basic In an attempt to give Ban- rule, like the 350 houses in Rajara- amenities in the new revenue galoreans an accurate picture jeshwari slum. For B Somashekhar, layouts. of water supply in individual a second-term corporator from BJP , houses and wards, water pres- the responsibility is as huge as that What can residents of sure meters have been in- of a corporator from an area which Shakhambarinagar ward expect stalled and readings are being is lagging in basic amenities. from you? taken. The scores obtained will Somashekhar, who is enthusias- They can expect me to be go towards arriving at the tic about providing all comforts to accessible to them all the time. I Ward Infrastructure & Ser- the citizens of the area, was also a have distributed my number to vices Assessment (WISA) in- contender for the mayoral post. “We the residents and will be dex which will tell you about don’t have many problems, but there available to solve their problems the quantity and quality of in- are minor issues, including drink- all the time. frastructure in Bangalore. age distribution of 18,450 ing water problem at ITI Layout and What’s your main action plan and The target is to get the data litre/connection across the six other areas,’’ he says. how will you go about it? for all 198 wards by June first divisions of Bangalore Water He has already distributed near- We have a lot of plans for our week. But, interesting obser- Supply and Sewerage Board ly 3,000 copies of a unique calender, ward and under the guidance of vations surface within just a (BWSSB). But, how much wa- where each page of the 12-page cal- our MLA, I will soon have a month of active groundwork ter do we really get and with ender consists of numbers of all gov- proper action plan to tackle all with the water pressure mon- what pressure? Wondered why ernment departments. Each page of the major issues. As of now, itors installed at 10-11 wards a resident of Muneswaranagar the calender contains different there is a niggling traffic in the city, by measuring just pays just Rs 170-180 per month helpline numbers and his number. PROBLEM AREAS situation near Banashankari one house per ward for one for water while those in C V Ra- “If they don’t get any help, they could G Drinking water scarcity in few temple, and I will ensure the complete week. man Nagar, Ramamurthyna- contact me,’’ he says. Communica- areas construction of houses at the Sample this: The recent gar or even Banaswadi cough The target is to get the tion with residents is the most im- G Old sanitation lines slum. breach at Handihalla syphon out a whopping Rs 2,000 for the data for all 198 wards by portant thing for Somashekhar. He G Traffic chaos due to ongoing had the entire city in water cri- same amount of water? This June first week Vision for Shakhambarinagar ward has a register in which he documents Metro work sis for almost a week in April. initiative aims to get you the all the residents’ problems. Our ward is already a better But, Jayanagar and Rajajina- replies through the following: WARDS MEASURED ON Somashekhar had contested ward and I want to make it a gar were the only wards to get THIS WISA INDEX: against Congress and JD(S) candi- KNOWING HIM model ward in all senses. water! While houses in Rajaji- THE STANDARDS Banaswadi, Jayanagar, dates, but had won by a considerable B Somashekhar, 40, hails from JP nagar received water with low The benchmark for pressurized Kushalnagar, margin. After assuming charge, So- Nagar 2nd Phase. Has been an RESIDENTS SPEAK water supply is Kadugondanahalli, mashekhar’s first goal was to set up active BJP worker for more a The corporator should consult the 7 m head of wa- Konankunte, Kumaraswamy a helpline for property tax collection, decade now, and won the public before taking any decision ter supply pro- layout, Rajajinagar, as per the order. The helpline, situat- inch lines,’’ he says. corporation election on a BJP ticket and also allow the public to monitor vided on a 24x7 Muneshwara Nagar and ed in the ward office, aims to help cit- Rajarajeshwari slum, the only from Jayanagar old ward 58. This is the projects. There are some basis. (See Gottigere. izens wade through the complex pro- one in the ward, is getting a facelift his second term as corporator. specific issues: we don’t have a pressure, good old Jayanagar Box). But, very few Indian cedure of payment of property tax with the Slum Board building 350 proper playground in our locality, more or less got its regular wa- cities have a continuous (24 x WHAT’S MEASURED? and also the receipt of cash discount. houses for the slum-dwellers, and and the existing one is being used ter stock with an average 10-13 7) water supply system. In Kar- Municipal water supply for several functions, which needs with regard to: Laying of footpaths in the entire biometric cards were distributed a LET US KNOW to be stopped. metre head pressure (that’s rat- nataka, Hubli-Dharwad being ward has been his immediate prior- few days earlier. “With the im- ed as good). Many houses here the only ones. Unfortunately, Access - % of establishments ity “The old sanitation lines in ITI . provement of the slum, our ward Has the corporator of your ward — Mukund N | RESIDENT got regular water supply for water utilities in most Indian with water connections, Layout are old, 6-inch pipes, we will will become completely developed,’’ got down to brass tacks? Is he five days (April 21-28). At the cities, including Namma Ben- already in touch with Residents The major issue is property tax Reliability - Continuity of need to replace them with 9 or 12- says Somashekhar. other end, Banaswadi had no galuru provide intermittent supply (no. of hrs/day), Welfare Associations (RWAs) payment. But compared to our water for almost a week (April and limited number of hours and, in fact, got some grievances experience over the past two or Quality - Quality of water 14-22). The pipes more active of supply, as a means to man- supplied, A NEW IDEA FOR THE WARD redressed? If you or your RWA three years, this year, the process with peaking air pressure than age inadequate supply This de- . has spotted such active has been much more organized. Cost - Avg. cost per capita Our ward consists of mainly educated people who are looking for Sometimes, people at the centre water. A point to be noted is spite, a number of studies hav- something beyond civic amenities. So along with our Jayanagar MLA corporators, please give us the that, the readings are for a spe- ing demonstrated the negative help residents fill up the forms. I B N Vijayakumar, I am planning to have an e-library in our ward. It will have details. Team TOI will reach there cific period in time and cannot fallouts of designing and op- sponds to ability to supply to a think they should look at the usual books along with computers, and also serve as a BangaloreOne for a spot inspection and implementing online payment of be generalised. erating such a system. single storey building). kind of centre. coverage of the good work. This property tax, like in the case of Perhaps its time we dealt exercise will help recognize the income-tax, by assigning property with accurate answers and fig- RULEBOOK APRIL ACTION G Assembly hands-on corporators and, CONTACT Constituency: POPULATION hopefully, shame the laggards IDs. They could also increase the ures. Given the huge cost in- As per standards set by the Water pressure monitors (WPM) number of cash counters. WARD PROFILE curred on the water infra- Centre for Public Health & En- installed across the city from POINT Shakhambarinagar into action. — V Murali | RESIDENT structure in the city, it is crit- vironment Engineering, the April 14. 36 WPMs out of the to- Are you a resident of G Area: 1.85 sqkm ical to monitor this indicator continuity of water supply is tal 39 already deployed at vari- Shakhambarinagar 11,506 Write to us at: Our area is well-developed and we on a city-wide basis and move measured as - Average number ous wards to check the pressure G Localities: Jayanagar FEMALE ward? Have a mytimesmyvoice@timesgroup. don’t have many problems which MALE towards the benchmark. TOI- of hours of pressurized water of water flow in the pipeline 8th Block, Jayanagar com with ‘Warding The Ward’ others face. The corporator visits us problem? Voice it to 11,733 Janaagraha’s Bangalore Patrol supply per day. Water pressure every 5 minutes. Using this data, 5th Block, TMC mentioned in the subject line regularly to ask about our initiative does just that. should be equal to or more than one can measure the quantity your corporator: Layout, JP Nagar 1st problems. Footpath work is getting 2nd Floor, S&B Towers, 40/1, M G For long, we’ve been hear- a head of 7 meters at the fer- of water supplied per ward. Tar- done, which is appreciable. Call: 9845155479 / Phase, and Total: 23,239 Road, Bangalore 560001 ing about a total 900 MLD sup- rule point / meter point for the get: To get the real picture across 42068646. — Kannada Ramu | RESIDENT Shakambarinagar plied to our houses at an aver- connection (7 m head corre- the 198 wards by June 1st week.METRO DIGESTEye Hospital opens new A more stable life for copsunit in HSR Layout Tenure Fixed At 2 politicos meddle with trans- fers. When a new govern- 15th Year Remembrance DEATH DEATH ANNIVERSARYBangalore-based Devi Eye Hospitals opened itssecond unit in HSR Layout on Sunday. The hospital Years; Apex Court ment assumes power, the first thing it usually does is K PRASANNANwas inaugurated by actor-director RameshAravind. Also present on the occasion were Dr Devi Directive Led To transfer officers, particu- larly the police. 3rd MayShetty, chairman, Narayana Hrudayalaya, Ashwini Setting Up Of PEB To reduce conflict and Your Fragrance lingers always. Thank youNachappa, athlete and Dr Balakrishna Shetty, confrontation, ruling partychairman, Devi Eye Hospitals. A day-long eye camp N D Shiva Kumar | TNN members lobby and get men for your grace.was also organized at HSR Club. of their choice posted to Omana, Manju, Sanju, Bangalore: The Police Es- their constituencies. Maya, Sujit, Harish, Neil, Aniket, ShivTalk on BIA: A talk will be delivered by BIA CEO, tablishment Board (PEB) hasMarcel Hungerbuehler on ‘Bangalore International come as good news to offi- SC OBSERVATIONAirport - Today & Tomorrow’. The programme will cers who are tired of being While dealing with a PIL,begin on Monday, 7 pm, at Rotary house of shuttled from city to city on the SC on September 22, 3rd Year Remembrancefriendship, Lavelle Road. political whims. The PEB’s BOARD’S FUNCTIONS 2006, had observed that po- G To decide on transfers, postings, ALPHONSE XAVIER influence is restricted not lice reforms had not beenBotanical society: The inaugural function of the only to officers of and below promotions and other service-related initiated, despite the rec- 03/05/2010Botanical Society will be held on Monday, 11 am, at the rank of DySP, it can rec- matters of officers of and below rank ommendations of severalthe Senate Hall, Jnana Bharathi Campus. 22961311 ommend postings and trans- panels, including the Na- You will always live in of DySP our Hearts and fers of officers of and above tional Police Commission. G To ensure that station house officer Memories, Guiding andPuttenahalli underpass in three months: The additional SPs. In these cas- The court issued six direc- Inspiring us at all times.deadline for the completion of the underpass at es, as per rules, the govern- in-charge of a police station, circle tions to state governments inspector and sub-divisional officers Wife, Children andPuttenahalli has been extended by three months. ment should give due weigh- for compliance, pending Relatives. Mob: 9448852267.State transport minister R Ashoka announced yet tage to the recommendation. have minimum tenure of two years framing of appropriate leg-another extension, while inaugurating the road A major apprehension G To make recommendations to islations. One was about set-stretch above this underpass. This road connects among officers was the un- ting up the PEB, headed by government regarding posting andPuttenahalli and Jayanagar. According to BBMP certainty of their tenure in the DG&IGP. OBITUARY transfer of officers of and above ranksources, contractors had sought an extension in a particular posting. There On February 19, 2009, thetheir reply to the final notice from the BBMP. are several instances of mul- of additional SPs DG&IGP sent a proposal for tiple transfers within a G Review functioning of police setting up the PEB. The gov- Wing Commander ALMANAC (3.5.2010) week. One of the PEB’s main G Consider representations from ernment issued sanction on A.R. HINDLEYMesha Masa 19 - Sri Vikriti Nama Samvatsara functions is to ensure that August 24, 2009. O.B.E., D.F.C., A.F.C., Obituary, Condolence, Cer- R.AF. (Retired) officers of rank of SP and above, – Uttarayana– Vasantha Ritu – Tithi: Adhika sub-inspectors, circle in- However, the board does- emony and In memoriam passed away messages will be published spectors and DySPs work regarding promotion, transfer or being n’t have the last word. The Vaishakha Krishna Panchami Hr:16-27 Nak: undisturbed for at least two subjected to illegal or irregular orders government can modify its peacefully on at a cost of Rs.505/- for five April 30th 2010. Mula Hr:5-36 Yoga: Siddha Hr:20-26. 18 Jumadu’lawwal. Kali Day 1866854 years, as directed by the G Authorize SPs and IGPs to transfer decision in exceptional cas- lines extra line Rs. 128/- Rahu Kalam: 7.30 am to 9 am Supreme Court (SC). Group C & D officials within their es, but only after recording Beloved Husband of (without photo) and Birthday of Dada Chellaram (Sindhi) The board’s role is sig- jurisdiction the reasons. Lylah, Father of Sons Rs.280/- per sq. cm (with nificant, considering how Christopher, Nicholas, photo). Messages accom- shiva.kumar@timesgroup.com — Daivajna K N Somayaji Anthony (Deceased) of panied with Death Certifi- Daughter Frances. cate should be sent to CIVIC PROBLEMS Times Classifieds (during Modify bus routes: The Big10 READER REPORTER: A BURNING MENACE Deeply mourned & Greatly missed. office hours) or to the Night initiative has done wonders for MY TIMES, MY VOICE Co-ordinator (after office people commuting to Electronic City. Memorial service will be hours till 9pm) at 40/1, Also, plenty of G2 buses ply on the Try rainwater held at St. Patrick’s M.G.Road, Bangalore - 560 Electronic City-Brigade Road route. Catholic Cemetary, Hosur 001. For details contact Ph : While these cater to commuters to harvesting Central Bangalore, the connectivity to Road, Monday, May 3rd During rain, parts of Bannerghatta North Bangalore remains poor. at 12 Noon. 25582527/25069571. Road look like a river in spate. Just Though there are B2 buses towards half-an-hour of downpour is enough. Peenya, they ply only on hourly basis. BBMP and IIMB (located on BG Road) Some G2 bus routes can be modified should join hands to harvest this into B2 to increase frequency. rainwater which will help the — Manju, Bangalore otherwise water-starved Garden City. WRITE TO US — Uma Kannan, Bangalore Write to (with photographs, if avail- Vacant plot turns dumpyard: A able): CIVIC PROBLEMS, The Editor, vacant plot on 16th Main, 1st Cross, II Floor, S&B Towers, 401, M G HAL Second Stage, has been used as a garbage dumpyard for the past 30 Road, Bangalore, 560001. E-mail: This is a regular sight at the civic amenity area of RBI Colony, Anandnagar. mytimesmyvoice@timesgroup.com, years. The plot provides a safe haven Heaps of garbage are burned very often. The fumes that engulf are turning with ‘Civic Problems: Bangalore’ as for mischief mongers to carry out anti- hazardous for the residents. Also, a transformer stands dangerously close social activities. Are the authorities the subject line. This column is ONLY to this site concerned listening? for complaints —Ganesh A, Anandnagar — Lilly Bhaskaran, Bangalore about civic problems
  • 5. THE TIMES OF INDIA, BANGALORE4 TIMES CITY MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010 Citizens alert, active who’s upset about many such stretches in his layout. A few like Gokul K suddenly ON-FIELD EXPERIENCES realizes that the main road they often use Work on the ground started from and abuse has no name or number to start scratch in December 2009, with ward with. “How do I go beyond this?’’ he asks. number 1. In May 2010, field associates volunteers on the job Mamta, another resident, is shocked started interacting and working with that footpaths blocked with beautiful gar- volunteers in some wards. Here’s what den spaces are actually encroachments. some of the field associates had to say “Who’s at fault?’’ she asks seeking answers. about their experiences: Well, simply put, it’s systemic failure. Byatarayanapura Pics: Syed Asif And these are just some of the prelimi- nary observations. All these field obser- There’s been a great response from the people. They are grasping it really fast and interested in doing Residents Are vations will be compiled along with data received from technical support and of- more. In fact, some are acting as catalysts; they are encouraging more ficial sources for the final WISA index — Longing For Change finally there will be answers to residents’ , questions along with reliable statistics. volunteers to join the field survey — Anjana Krishnan Aarthi R | TNN It seemed difficult initially, but collating data has been easy. I have completed 10Bangalore: The ward-level measuring ARE YOU INTERESTED? wards now. It’s nice working with Have a query? Want to know more or evenprocess is gaining momentum on the people. They are willing to work and work as volunteers on the ground for theground. An inspired and motivated bunch they’ve been very cooperative. I’ve had Bangalore Patrol initiative? Just drop aof people are out there on the streets keep- some memorable experiences collating mail at bangalore.patrol@timesgroup.coming vigil, trained to measure what’s on their data about D J Halli — Justin Ralphroads and even from their drying taps. a message to them (authorities),’’ she says, The Byatarayanapura ward is already happy that at least she could speak out and ON WISA JOB Starting two months ago was tough. We The first Ward Infrastructure Services began with no experience at all, and itteeming with 30 active volunteers with- give a grade in the hope of some change. was during election time. I have Assessment (WISA) scorecard for all 198in a week. Equipped with a GIS map, list Each ward has a GIS map that has been measured 14 wards. Regular water wards will be out in Juneof categories and a key of symbols, they divided into 15-16 grids; surveying each woes apart, at least four prominent G Field associates on the project: 12are on the ground, measuring road stan- involves 4 to 5 hours of ground work. Vol- area have no proper bus shelters ordards, spotting their namesake footpaths, unteers are well-prepared for that, work- G Ground surveyors: 24 route maps for a long time — Rajacounting street lights and even inspect- GETTING THE BASICS RIGHT: Residents of Byatarayanapura ward attend a training session ing along with Bangalore Patrol’s field G People volunteers: 30ing bus stops and buses that stop by in organized by the Janaagraha team. (Right) A garbage dumpyard in the same ward associates. The questions and animated It’s been interesting work. At G Target: Measuring 32 indicators in five Lingarajapuram, I saw a dilapidated bustheir area — from the regular ‘parisara discussions that follow add value to the categories across 198 wards — Mobility,vahinis’ to hi-tech Vayu Vajras. zens acutely aware of the civic mess in rious homemaker as she checks the WISA overall WISA index. shelter almost ready to fall anytime. Water, Sanitation, Environment, Public Yet, people continue to wait for their Bangalore Patrol, an initiative of The and around them. (Ward Infrastructure and Services As- “Where do you measure well-laid roads AmenitiesTimes of India, conceived and managed “Why is there no negative marking; sessment) list. She settles for a bold 0 in that get affected by overflowing drains bus under it, unaware of its conditionby Janaagraha, has suddenly made citi- what about the mud roads?’’ asks this cu- her assessment file. “This zero should send during rain?’’ asks Ramesh, a resident G I phase of assessment ends by June — R Charles No Abstruse Shlokas Or Shastras For This Swamiji. His Mission Is To Touch The Lives Of METRO DIGEST Ordinary People. He Toured For Years To Know The Pulse Of The People And Their Problems Bhavishyanidhi Adalat The Employees Provident Fund Organization will A man of action, a monk of the masses conduct Bhavishyanidhi Adalat on Monday at its regional office, 1st Stage, Peenya. The Adalat will redress grievances of EPF subscribers falling under the jurisdiction of Peenya, Bommasandra and Whitefield Chethan Shivakumar (K R Puram) offices. Contact: 23721377. N D Shiva Kumar | TNN education, food, health and family values were the priorities,’’ he says. Reporters Guild office-bearers elected: K V Prabhakar H e isn’t your typical monk. He doesn’t hide This zeal motivated him to set up over 475 ed- was elected president of Bangalore Reporters’ Guild on behind impregnable texts and arcane rit- ucational institutions in and outside Karnata- Sunday. It is a professional body consisting of reporters uals to seek his God. He lives among the ka, from primary level to specialized profes- from the print and electronic media. Other office-bearers teeming masses and touches their life in a mil- sional courses where over 1 lakh students study of the Guild are: vice-president K K Murthy, general lion ways. He advocates family values and tire- today More than 15,000 students have their meals . secretary B N Sridhar, joint secretary M Chandrashekar lessly strives to provide education, food and free at these institutions and a sizeable number and treasurer K M Shivaraju. Executive committee healthcare to people rather than preach com- study without paying. members are Lakshmiprasanna Babu, Kirthi Prasad, plex philosophy and teach meditation as many To encourage children of NRIs to know more Shivanna, S Shantharam and N S Subash Chandra. seers are prone to do. about Indian culture and values, Sri Balagan- Not surprisingly, he was honoured with the gadharanatha Swami has opened internation- ALMANAC (10.5.2010) Padma Bhushan this year, perhaps the only al schools with state-of-the-art facilities in Kar- Mesha Masa 26 - Sri Vikriti Nama Samvatsara – monk to have been thus decorated. Emotional nataka and in Delhi. “Of these, 85% cater to ru- Uttarayana – Vasantha Ritu – Tithi: Adhika bonding in the family is what he prefers over ral students, 15% to urban. The quality is the Vaishakha Krishna Ekadashi Hr:5-25 Nak: laksharchana (reciting the Lord’s name one same in both,’’ he explains. Uttara Bhadrapada Hr:23-43 Yoga: Vishkumbha lakh times). He would rather plant saplings His contribution to the health sector is phe- than spend time in penance. For the seer of one nomenal, from organizing free medical check- Hr:24-57. 25 Jumadu’lawwal. of Karnataka’s most influential religious in- up camps to setting up super-specialty hospitals. Rahu Kalam 07-30- 9 am — Daivajna K N Somayaji stitutions, the essence of life is parartha (for The 1,050-bed hospital at Balagangadharanatha the benefit of others). Nagar caters to the poor, where diagnosis, treat- Sri Balagangadharanatha Swami was born Gangadharaiah on January 18, 1945, at Banan- dur. He was the second son of Chikkalinge Gow- ment, medicine and diet are free of cost. “You can go to any hospital, be it in Delhi or Chennai, you’ll find doctors and nurses who have passed Gift to entice GP out from our institutions. It gives me great sat- voters recovered PUBLIC isfaction. I was told that of 400 Indian scientists at Nasa, 104 are from Karnataka. And of the 104, 90 are our alumni. The institutions have grown TIMES NEWS NETWORK SPACE Sri Balagangadharanatha Swami took over as the 71st spiritual head of Sri Adichunchanagiri Mahasamsthana Mutt in 1974, when he was just 30 to such heights,” he says proudly . The swamiji is involved in afforestation too; organizing relief work during natural disas- Chitradurga: A silver gift worth Rs 1,000, allegedly used to entice voters, was recovered from a dis- tributor at Bhimasamudra in the early hours of PRIVATE LIFE deep impact on him. When he was in PUC, his ters and building bonds with other faiths are a must for him. election day It was supposedly a ploy to garner votes . for BJP-sponsored candidates during the gram pan- KNOW MORE mother had to be admitted to Victoria Hospital. The mutt has 12 branches managed by 12 pon- chayat elections. da and Boramma’s six children. He was study- “I took care of her for years. Scenes at the hos- tiffs. There are foundations abroad, one at Flint Congress leader G S Manjunath, while talking ing science at the Government Arts and Science pital made me realize that life indeed is short. Sri Balagangadharanatha Swami Michigan, USA, another in Berlin, Germany. to reporters here on Sunday said the gift items were , College, Bangalore, when he read a newspaper The experience made me wonder how small PONTIFF OF SRI ADICHUNCHANAGIRI The mutt patronizes and supports many other from Gujarat. He added that the one recovered has advertisement for the post of pontiff at Sri things can disrupt life. This could have moti- MAHASAMSTHANA MUTT independent ashrams in Karnataka. Besides a photo of Mahatma Gandhi on it and resembles a Kshetra Adichunchanagiri, which had a histo- vated me to take up sanyas.’’ Another incident WHAT DOES HE DO? helping in construction of temples across the currency note. ry of 1,800 years. His parents were opposed to strengthened his decision — “I was caught in state, he has built a magnificent temple at Sri As pontiff of Sri Adichunchanagiri his choice, but Gangadharaiah was determined. rain at Lalbagh and took shelter under a tree Mahasamsthana Mutt, he propagates heritage Kshetra Adichunchanagiri for Rs 100 crore. with my bicycle. A huge branch collapsed be- and brotherhood among all sections of society, What is daily routine? “It’s not fixed. I pray THE TRIGGER cause of wind and rain, almost crushing me. I besides being actively involved in social service for some time and involve myself with affairs What prompted him to take sanyas? “I was a thought if I wasn’t lucky I would’ve turned into , of the mutt and its institutions. Earlier, I used FAVOURITE THINGS: quiet child and a normal student. I watched an abandoned corpse. This was when the mutt to travel and work for almost 24 hours. After my movies occasionally and played football. I was had advertised. I made up my mind and took a Belief - Service is God health failed, I have restricted my tours,’’ he into meditation and read the Mahabharatha, bus to Sri Kshetra Adichunchanagiri.’’ Favourite Game - Football says. Though, he still finds time to watch films, DEATH Ramayana and books on philosophy. I think it From 1968 to 1974, under Sri Ramanan- Food- Anything vegetarian cricket and football on television. ANNOUNCEMENTS was God’s will. Perhaps, I was destined to com- danatha Swami, he learnt the Vedas and other In recognition of his services, Bangalore Uni- plete the half-done work during my previous sacred texts. As per his tutor’s wishes, he took Message to people - Love is the language of God versity, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sci- birth,’’ the swamiji says. over as the 71st spiritual head of Sri Adichun- ences and an American university have con- He narrated a couple of instances that left a chanagiri Mahasamsthana Mutt in 1974, when “There’s no fixed time for pooja. Service is im- ferred doctorate on him. “I want to continue my he was just 30. And he hasn’t looked back since. portant and not tapassu,’’ he says. The swami- service as long as I live,’’ he sums up. Today, he’s one of the state’s most powerful re- ji is not particular about food: “I eat anything ligious personalities, especially among the dom- vegetarian. While on tour, I eat whatever peo- THE MUTT BENNY ANCHAN (01-09-1942 - 09-05-2010) inant Vokkaliga community . ple offer me.’’ Adichunchanagiri Mutt in Nagamangala taluk, Former Treasurer - CSI, He toured for years to know the pulse of the Mandya district, is believed to be the place Koramangala Church, SWAMI WITH A DIFFERENCE people and their problems. He realized educa- where Lord Shiva meditated. The presiding de- Joint Secretary - Basel Mission Unlike the typical pontiff, he doesn’t spend time tion was the only way to eradicate poverty and ity is Sri Gangadhareshwara and protecting Christian Association Cortege leaves residence at 10:15 am and Funeral at in pooja, meditation, preaching and rituals. ignorance. “I believe service is God. I realized deity Sri Kalabhairaveshwara. Hosur Road Cemetery Gate No: 1 at 11 am on 10.05.2010 Common people can’t digest complex shlokas and shastras. They have to be told simple things. From the Ramayana, a Grieving: Grace Anchan, person can learn about relationships, be it among brothers or couples. They should be told such stories, the moral of Kevin & Alina Anchan. Ph: +91 990 281 6401 which they can adopt in their lives. I believe life becomes meaningful only through emotional bonding. God’s language is love. If you have true love, it means you have conquered life SAD DEMISECIVIC PROBLEMS READER REPORTER: A DEATH TRAPMY TIMES, MY VOICEHere, water is 1st Death Anniversarycontaminated K.P JAYALAKSHMI, .Residents of M S Palya are facing Retd.Teacher (RCIS)severe water problems. Many waterpipes in the locality are broken and 29.03.1959 - 10.05.2009 You are and will alwaysthere are drainage pipes nearby. be missedThe water gets contaminated and SANJAY B.S. Sreekumaran P.K.despite repeated complaints no (BSNL),Thara Srikumaraction has been taken so far. & Seshanand P. Rao, We regret the untimelyInstead, the residents were asked to Thanu Srikumar, Brothers & Sisters demise of our belovedsit on a dharna in front of the SANJAY on Saturday thecouncillor’s house. Authorities 3rd Death Anniversary 8th May 2010 Obituary, Condolence, Ceremo-should take action immediately. ny and In memoriam messages — Md Asif Ahmed, Bangalore Cremation on 10th May will be published at a cost of 2010, at 12 noon K.M. RAMAIAH REDDY Rs.505/- for five lines extra lineProblem of plenty: Recently, seven 10.05.2007 Banashankari Electric Rs. 128/- (without photo) andnew bus shelters were put up on K R Crematiorium. Rs.280/- per sq. cm (with photo). Ever since you left us Messages accompanied withCircle. However, no BMTC bus ever anguished, along with Prof. Suresh Kumar B.P. Death Certificate should be senthalts at any of these stops. Now, an your memories, we have Suryakala to Times Classifieds (during of- fice hours) or to the Night Co-or- and All Family Memberseighth shelter is being built on the kept alive your vision &same route. Authorities should There is an open sewerage at the intersection of a footpath at 7th dinator (after office hours till M/s Sujay Advertising 9pm) at 40/1, M.G.Road, Banga- believes. We always seekimmediately stop this and make Main near Aishwarya Bakery, N S Palya, BTM 2nd Stage. Are the your blessing to give us courage to walk on Bangalore lore - 560 001. For details con- tact Ph : 25582527/25069571.sure the unused bus shelters are authorities waiting for someone to die before taking any action? the path you have shown us.shifted to some other locations. — Santosh, Bangalore -Sorrowing wife & children — K V Pathy, BangaloreSad state of buses: The condition of the WRITE TO US 7th Year RemembranceRajahamsa deluxe buses (KA09 F 4321) and (KA09 Write to (with photographs, if available): CIVIC SMT. JAYALAKSHMI MANICKAVALF 3547) on Ooty-Mysore route is pathetic. The PROBLEMS, The Editor, II Floor, S&Bnoise and wobbling throughout the journey stand 06.01.1953 to 10.05.2003 Towers, 401, M G Road,testimony to the state of the engine. Also, the Bangalore, 560001. E-mail: Year may Rollbuses look dirty. The drivers and conductors saidthey were forcefully put on duty in these buses. mytimesmyvoice@timesgroup.com, with Memories Never fade ‘Civic Problems: Bangalore’ as the sub- Body May PerishAuthorities concerned must take up the ject line. This column is ONLY for complaints Soul will Remainmatter on priority. Inserted by, — Sandeep Keshav Thamankar, Bangalore about civic problems Loving Husband : R. Manickavel.
  • 6. THE TIMES OF INDIA, BANGALORE4 TIMES CITY MONDAY, MAY 17, 2010 WISA is wise and most SHORT CUT TO ADOPTION Some hospitals Aarthi R | TNN wanted, say city experts IN A NUTSHELL WISA STANDARDS selling babiesBangalore: It’s getting closer to D-day Action .is building up on ground. In the next few weeks,Bangalore Patrol, a The Times of India ini- PROFESSIONAL PATROLLING G Extensive literature review (which is very important for a project carried out on this for a pricetiative which is conceived and managed by Seethalakshmi S | TNNJanaagraha, will be out with its first civic scale and magnitude).scorecard for the all the 198 wards. While cit- G Post literature and indicator briefs. A lot of Bangalore: Couples waitingizens await for the Ward Infrastructure Ser- effort has been taken to draw the procedures for adoption have now foundvices Assessment (WISA) index with curiosi- for survey, sample size, sampling methods, an easier route to get theirty, civic experts who have examined the entire human resources required for survey, bundle of joy They book their .process, say this is what the city most wanted materials for survey, etc. request with a hospital whi-and are confident about the change WISA will G The formulas have been derived by referring ch, in turn, happily sells anunleash on the city . to high-standard publications, such as Indian abandoned child for a price. Road Congress (IRC), UK — Transport The Karnataka Child Pro- Research Board, American Association of tection Commission has State Highway and Transportation Officials been receiving complaints Often, it is the long (AASHTO), etc. about hospitals illegally sell- wait that drives ing children for adoption, G Similarly for water indicators, a lot of while the Adoption Coordi- would-be parents to research and technology is being used to nation Agency (ACA) has go around the rules derive the formulas and calculate the score. stopped getting children are also progressing with concreting surfaces from hospitals. thorities had floated an NGO and trees are left with no breathing space. Any The agency, which is the to place the children for adop-H L Shashidhara Dr S Ramadurai change can happen only when the entire com- official body for finally plac- tion. “During inquiry, they TAKING THE LEAD FOR A BETTER TOMORROW munity participates. This is possible only when ing children for adoption, confessed that mothers who there is transparency of what they really get has asked the government to preferred not to take low- H L Shashidhara, coordinator of trans- ing is ready for entire Bengaluru. The better of. Managing a ward becomes easier for the from the government in terms of civic infra- book hospitals for traffick- weight birth children or chil-portation planning, Bangalore City Connect our indexing, the more prepared we are to plan councilor as the complaints generated by pub- structure. Unless you monitor the levels, you ing if children are given dren born out of wedlock of-Foundation, first heard about WISA way back and react to the world we operate in.” lic can be immediately fixed based on the pri- cannot plan any action,” he observed. away without following pro- ten sold them to the hospitalin August 2008. “My first reaction was WOW! I His quick suggestions on how a common ority Devolution of funds from local govern- . Examining the various water indicators be- cedures and legalities as per for huge sums of money,”knew for sure, how valuable this project could man can use these indices and mobilize for bet- ment also becomes more efficient and would ing measured under the WISA index, he said: the Hindu Adoption and says Nina Nayak.be after completion for the growth of any city ,” ter civic conditions. reach the needy .” “This is the way to manage the system. Our Maintenance Act, 1956. Often, the long waitinghe says about his immediate reaction when asked “The WISA score is useful for both citizens Dr S Ramadurai, water quality and ground main problem so far is that we never had prop- “Not just that, fami- period — ranging from oneabout WISA. Then, he was teaching at a private and politicians. Based on the scores obtained water expert, also had similar observations to er data to what we had even 10 years back. At lies/parents who take chil- to two years before the en-engineering college. Moved by what he under- for each ward, any ‘active’ citizen or civic body make. A retired senior hydro-geologist from least now, we should be able to continue with dren directly from hospitals tire adoption process is overstood about WISA, he carried out a similar study can advocate this with the area representative Central Groundwater Board, he has for long whatever is available. It’s time to act now. We can be booked for kidnap- — is what forces parents towith his students for their final year project. to improve the services provided to them. They been unhappy about the conditions of both are already late.” The mobility measures also ping. Even if it is family take the short-cut. “But it is Till now, he has mainly reviewed indicators can compare their ward scores with neigh- surface water and ground water in the city. worry him. “There should be rigid control on adoption, it must be cleared dangerous to take away arelated to mobility and water and his quick bouring wards to rightfully solicit for ‘equity’ “There always seems to be a lack of direction. the quality of road laying. There should be by the Child Welfare Com- child without clearing the le-evaluation of the WISA index: “These indica- in services. For a politician, it will become a Now, BWSSB has an ultimatum for rain water someone to answer the questions and the stan- mittees. Every rule must be galities and due process. Iftors can become extremely decisive when scor- ready-reckoner about the ward he is incharge harvesting (RWH). But on the other side, we dards of work,” he says. followed,” says ACA chair- the parents discover that the person Aloma Lobo. child is HIV+, they will KCPC chairperson Nina dump it. It’s more difficult No sympathy for Sene, Metro to use carbon fibres Nayak has written to the health and women and child welfare departments to en- sure that hospitals compul- for the child in the later years... It’s time the govern- ment viewed all this seri- ously,” Aloma says. says Venkaiah Niadu TIMES NEWS NETWORK Bangalore: Bangalore Metro is all set go green with the use of carbon fibres for its coaches. sorily surrender abandoned children to adoption agen- cies. “We have been receiv- ing complaints about nurs- WHAT THE RULE BOOK SAYS As per guidelines of Central Adoption Research Agency TIMES NEWS NETWORK “We are planning to use carbon fibre elements ing homes and hospitals in- (CARA) and Supreme CourtBangalore: Even as chief minister B S Yed- Rs 25 lakh for KCP for Bangalore Metro. This is environment- friendly, less-weight and has more carrying ca- volved in illegally handing over new-born babies of un- order of 1999, as soon as an abandoned or destitute childdyurappa has declined to ban Pramod Mu- Bangalore: Students and faculty of pacity,” said B S Sudhir Chandra, director proj- wed mothers to couples is found by an agency/nurs-talik’s Sri Rama Sene (SRS), senior BJP leader Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath will now ects and planning — Bangalore Metro Rail Cor- wanting to adopt children.” ing home/hospital/police orM Venkaiah Naidu has said that in the last have a permanent place for exhibiting art poration (BMRC). A nursing home in Hanu- anyone else, a report shouldelections, Sene had negatively impacted the work. BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu laid the Speaking at a conference on the theme ‘Vi- manthnagar is said to have be lodged with the police sta-BJP with all the wrong publicity surround- foundation stone for the Artist Convention sion Bangalore 2020 - unfolding the business of demanded Rs 20,000 from a tion along with photo of theing it and some misinformation that went Block on the Parishath premises on Sunday. construction and building materials for the next registered agency to hand child. around. Naidu, who had sanctioned Rs 25 lakh for decade’, Chandra added that the carbon fibres over an abandoned baby Sho-. The deputy commis- Reacting to the the block, announced an additional Rs 25 would be used in coaches or in the external parts AN ECO-FRIENDLY MOVE ckingly when the agency vis- , sioner must be informed, sting operation in lakh from his MP fund. MP P C Mohan of the Metro Rail. “However, the planning is still ited the hospital, the child was who, in turn, must imme- which SRS leader sanctioned Rs 5 lakh and transport minister at a preliminary stage. This will be implement- Sudhir Chandra said common ticketing would missing and the hospital said diately inform the nearest Mutalik and his R Ashoka also announced Rs 5 lakh. TNN ed in the second phase. The details are yet to be be introduced. “We are working out the revenue it didn’t have any child. recognized adoption aides were alleged- worked out,” he said. sharing formula and are yet to finalize it,” he Again, last month, a hi- agency. The IGP should in- ly caught on cam- ernor should act as the state’s guardian and The BMRC also plans to harvest rainwater at said. tech hospital in Udupi had struct every police station era accepting mon- not get involved in political controversies. the stations. Rainwater accumulating on the Besides, battery buses will be deployed to car- kept 19 children for over a within his jurisdiction to ey to stage riots, “The governor should act as the guardian 25km stretch of elevated tracks of Metro Rail ry passengers to the metro stations. “Circular bus year. A week after they were undertake an inquiry im- Naidu told re- of the state and guide the government. He will be harvested. With the width of the tracks service would be introduced at every metro sta- questioned, all children had mediately for tracing the porters here on shouldn’t get involved in political contro- being 10 meters, BMRC is planning to tap at least tion. These buses will run within 3 to 4 kilometre left the hospital. On investi- parent of the child and theM Venkaiah Naidu Sunday that BJP versies. The governor cannot become a judge. 50,000 cubic meters of rainwater a year. radius, thus reducing travel time from house to gation, the commission found inquiry must be completed would never ap- If there is something wrong, the judiciary Towards an integrated mass rapid transport, metro station to 15-20 minutes,” he said. that one of the hospital au- in one month.prove Sene’s methods and believed law would is there,” Naidu told reporters here, whiletake its own course. “The BJP and RSS have referring to governor H R Bhardwaj sum-nothing to do with the Rama Sene. We do notapprove of the methods used by SRS. We have moning ministers and holding a court-like inquiry . How to access METRO DIGEST Samiti on Saturday held a protest demanding back the land. “BBMP Four Jains take deekshano sympathy towards it,’’ he said. Naidu’s reaction against the governor council had approved the TIMES NEWS NETWORK HIV victims Meanwhile, prisons minister Umesh VKatti told TOI that he saw the footage and hassought information by the jail authorities. came as the latter came down heavily on Red- dy who questioned his constitutional au- thority to summon him and two other col- ICSE, ISC results remembered allocation of 5,066 feet land for Karaga Bhavan on October 29, 2005. Chief minister B S Bangalore: To be detached from the material world and focus on the spiritual upliftment of their TIMES NEWS NETWORK“The footage shows Prasad Attavar, Muta- leagues — G Karunakara Reddy and B Sri- International Candlelight Yeddyurappa had directed the souls, four women from the Jain community tooklik’s close aide, accepting money to stage ri- ramulu — on a petition filed by Congress Bangalore: ICSE and ISC results will be Memorial Day was observed by urban development and finance deeksha (a vow to renounce worldly pleasures andots. Report on the footage is expected to be MLC K C Kondaiah seeking their disqualifi- declared on May 19, 2010 at 3 pm. The re- HIV-affected persons at department to fasten the process lead a life of austerity) on Saturday .submitted in next three days. Action will be cation on grounds of holding office of prof- sults will be available through internet Nayandahalli, Mysore Road, on and provide land to us,” said Babu Manju Daga from Jaipur, Shilpa Srisrimaltaken based on the findings of the inquiry ,’’ it despite being ministers. or mobile phones. Sunday. The event was organized Aditya, member of the Samiti. from Shimoga, Shilpa Bagrecha from Koppal andKatti said. Early this week, the governor began pro- by Bangalore HIV and AIDS Preeti Kanunga from Hubli took the vows at 12.15 ceedings on the petition by summoning the ON SMS Forum, a coalition of over 40 civil Applications invited: Dharithree pm at Maratha Hostel under the banner of ShreeBJP LEADER BACKS REDDY Reddy brothers. However, Janardhana main- For viewing the ICSE ‘10 result: Enter society organizations, NGOs and Trust Residential School has Jain Ratna Hiteshi Shravak Sangh, Bangalore,Strongly backing infrastructure minister G tained that Bhardwaj was crossing his ju- your index number in the following way: community based organizations. invited application from parents under the guidance of Mahasati Sri GyanlatajiJanardhana Reddy, senior BJP leader M risdiction by summoning a minister and hold- If your index number is T/4331/009, then Candlelight memorial is observed of children above 10 years with Sadhviji and fellow sadhvis with the blessing ofVenkaiah Naidu on Sunday said that the gov- ing court-like inquiry . type: ICSE T4331009 For viewing the ISC to remember those who lost their mental retardation and multiple acharya Sri Heera Chandraji Maharaj Sahib. ‘10 result: Enter your index number in lives to HIV and to support those disabilities for admission to the the following way: If your index number living with HIV. school at Narasipura village,‘Hand over unclaimed bodies to BMC’ is B/8531/009, then type: ISC B8531009. Koratagere Road, Nelamangala Send SMS to 56388 or 52424 or 56263 or Water Adalat: BWSSB will hold taluk, Bangalore Rural district. 51818. Water Adalat for south 4 sub- 9743915961 TIMES NEWS NETWORK ed over to only four government medical division on Monday from 9.30 am colleges, that too after collecting Rs 10,000. WEBSITES FOR RESULTS to 11 am at the AEE’s office, MNK ALMANAC (17.5.2010)Bangalore: To put an end to the tussle be- In Bangalore, such bodies can be handed w w w. c i s c e . i n d i a r e s u l t s . c o m ; Park. Disputes of customers DEATH CHAUTHA- UTHAMNAtween private medical colleges for taking over to BMC only . www.cisce.ndtv.com; www.cisce.examre- coming under the jurisdiction of Vrishabha Masa 03 - Sri Vikriti ANNOUNCEMENTSunclaimed dead bodies involved in medico- Earlier, a former police inspector of Madi- sults.net; www.cisce.myschool.in.com MNK Park, Chamarajpet and Nama Samvatsara – Uttarayana – CHAUTHAlegal cases, city police commissioner, wala police station was dismissed along with All school principals have been given MountJoy service station limits Vasantha Ritu – Tithi: ShuddhaShankar Bidari, has directed cops to hand two other personnel, for selling a body to a personalized passwords to view their re- will be heard. 22945143 Vaishakha Shukla Chaturthi Hr:over such bodies only to Bangalore Medical private medical college. Bidari said the un- spective school results. The exams were 24-38 Nak: Ardra Hr: 23-19 Yoga:College. Quoting Sec 4 of the Mysore Anato- claimed bodies, which doesn’t require post- conducted in March 2010. As for CBSE and Karaga Samiti stage protest: Dhriti Hr: 13-38. 02 Jumadu’smy Act, 1957, Bidari said the unclaimed bod- mortem and were unclaimed, should be hand- CET, the dates are yet to be finalised though Agitated over the problem of land Sani. Kali Day 1866868ies, involved in medico-legal cases like un- ed over to the director, Bangalore Medical the officials have confirmed that it will acquisition on Pailvan Krishnappa Rahu Kalam: 7.30 am to 9 amnatural deaths and accidents, could be hand- College and Research Institute. come out this week. Road, Karaga Bhavan Horata — Daivajna K N Somayaji CIVIC PROBLEMS movement of vehicles, causing Puj. Srichand READER REPORTER: WASTAGE ALL THROUGH traffic jams. Also, driving on wrong Kishindas Bathija side has become a menace. On MY TIMES, MY VOICE Left for his heavenly abode on 15.05.2010. Diwan Madhav Rao Road, vehicles Ban parking on are being driven on right side, posing Chautha for both Ladies a threat to people visiting Krishna and Gents on 17.05.2010, roadside, foothpaths Rao Park. Police should take action 4.30pm - 5.00pm immediately. At Sindhi High School K.K. Road, Bangalore - 01. Vehicles are parked on both sides of — Vasudev K, Bangalore many city roads, affecting Deeply Mourned by Bindu S. Bathija movement of traffic. This even on ‘Award’ BBMP for shabby work: If Sandeep & Kanchan roads which were either no-parking there is any international award for Neeraj & Jiya zone or had space for only one-side shabby civic work, BBMP deserves it. Bathija Family parking. Multi-storeyed parking lots The 50-Feet Road in Relatives & Friends are only on paper. Wherever they Hanumanthnagar is in a mess (Parking at Bharat Seva Dal) have been constructed, the usage is particularly from Apex Bank stop to very less. Traffic police and BBMP Avalahalli BDA Park. It is a nightmare should put an end to this. Also, to drive on this road because of Obituary, Condolence, Ceremony and In memoriam mes- parking on footpaths and pavements potholes and incomplete civic work. sages will be published at a cost of Rs.505/- for five lines ex- should be dealt with severely. Also, vehicles are parked in a tra line Rs. 128/- (without photo) and Rs.280/- per sq. cm (with — G Padmanabhan, Bangalore haphazard manner making things photo). Messages accompanied with Death Certificate should worse. Authorities concerned should be sent to Times Classifieds (during office hours) or to the Green space a dumpyard: The park Night Co-ordinator (after office hours till 9pm) at 40/1, M.G.Road, Bangalore - 560 001. For details contact Ph : immediate action. 25582527/25069571. behind Karnataka Bank, near Gokul — A R Joshi, Bangalore flyover, is turning to be a dumpyard. WRITE TO US Debris of buildings and other things are dumped here everyday. Moreover, Write to (with photographs, if avail- this green place is also witnessing able): CIVIC PROBLEMS, The Editor, many illegal activities. Authorities II Floor, S&B Towers, 401, must take up the matter on priority. M G Road, — Rajesh Xevier, Bangalore Bangalore, 560001. E-mail: As many as six trees were cut to make way for a subway on Miller’s Road mytimesmyvoice@times- Wrong-side driving a menace: The near Basveshwara Circle. The door of the subway, however, is closed most underpass work at Tagore Circle in group.com, with ‘Civic Problems: Ban- of the time, preventing anyone from using it. To top it all, the subway is Basavanagudi has resulted in traffic galore’ as the subject line. This col- fully lighted up even when it is locked. chaos. Double-side parking on — Radha Bordia, Bangalore umn is ONLY for complaints nearby roads has resulted in slow about civic problems
  • 7. TIMES CITY THE TIMES OF INDIA, BANGALORE | MONDAY, MAY 24, 2010 INDIGENOUSLY-BUILT LIGHT COMBAT COPTER EARLY MORNING RIDE ON BIKE FROM NANDI HILLS MAKES MAIDEN FLIGHT AT HAL AIRPORT | 3 PROVES FATAL TO 23-YR-OLD BBM STUDENT | 3 Soon, civic redressals FOOD FOR YOUR SOULwill be just a click away Every Sunday Rs 1.50 per copy To book your copy SMS STREE to 58888 OR WRITE TO US ATOnline Complaint Management System To Be In Place crm.bangalore@timesgroup.com or call on 080-39898090 Timings: Mon to Sat (10 am to 6 pm) WISA BULLETIN OR ASK YOUR LOCAL VENDOR G The first Ward Infrastructure Services Assessment (WISA) scorecard of Bangalore Patrol A platform to relive will be out in June G Target: Measuring 32 their good old days TIMES NEWS NETWORK indicators along five categories TIMES NEWS NETWORK across 198 wards. The main ON A SPIRITUAL SOJOURN: The statue is sculpted out of a single block of granite and isBangalore: Get prepared for an e- transported to Gujarat in a special vehicle with 140 wheels Bangalore: This is the place to age with grace. categories include mobility,revolution in civic life. You will not The fourth Coffee Chavadi Centre for seniorhave to run around or make repeat- water, sanitation, environment citizens was inaugurated on Sunday at Ba-ed calls for the fused streetlights,potholed roads, fallen trees or dam-aged electric poles in your area. Just & public amenities G Till date, 19,800 interviews have been completed by A C Bahubali statue begins nashankari 3rd Stage. Set up at a dance hall near Parampara Art and Culture Centre, this chavadi centre will its journey to Gujaratcome online, write about it and get Nielson across all the 198 wards be the meeting point for at least 50-60 agedit fixed by the concerned agency . and retired citizens wanting to mingle with Finally, India’s IT capital can G Ground data and survey work for Bangalore Patrol is also on the crowd. The centre will be open from 4 pmboast of a holistic public complaint for 160 wards complete. This the rise. Have a query? Want to to 6 pm on all days. The place will serve as amanagement system, one that inte- includes data collection for four know more, or even work as TIMES NEWS NETWORK lage of Sihor taluk, Bhavnagar district, Gu- platform for senior citizens to revive their in-grates complaining civilians, act- categories. The water meter volunteers for Bangalore jarat, on a hill where Digambar Jain saint terests on various subjects that will inspireing civic agencies and the ruling data is complete for 60 wards Patrol? Just drop in a mail at: Bangalore: This 41-foot tall statue weighing Pujya Kanji Swamiji had preached the prin- them to lead a self-sustained and successfulgovernment online. 400 tonnes is perhaps one of the world’s largest ciples of Jainism over a period of 45 years. life. The centre will also celebrate birthdays G People-volunteer database bangalore.patrol@timesgroup.com The Times of India’s Bangalore statues of Bahubali. Made in Bangalore, the The idol is being transported on a special ve- and organize small tours.Patrol, conceived and managed by statue is now on its way to Gujarat, where it hicle with 140 wheels in 45 days. Dignity Foundation targets to set up atJanaagraha, is working on an on- will be installed. From sculpting his first crude idol of Lord least 20 such centres with total 20,000 mem-line complaint management sys- Sculpted out of a single block of 400-tonne Ganesha 30 years ago to this mammoth 41- bers by December this year. Similar centrestem where people can log in, lo- granite, from Koira near Devanahalli, by foot Bahubali idol in 14 months, it has been have been also set up at Cox Town, Hebbalcate their area, file their com- renowned artist Ashok Gudigar and his 10- an eventful journey for Ashok Gudigar, a and Magadi Road. The next centre is likely toplaint and submit it online. These member team, the statue has a height of 41 gold medalist and national award winner come up at Jayanagar.complaints will then be directed feet, width of 14 feet and thickness of 6.5 feet. sculptor who hails from a family of sculp- “It will be a space to relive all their oldto the concerned authority. The It took them 14 months to complete the stat- tors in Sagar, Shimoga. days. This is one of many services for the sen-agencies will also have an option mented in many developed coun- cies on reporting and receiving is- ue. The search for the right stone and sculp- “It’s my masterpiece. We’ve worked hard ior citizens. This, considering the fact that lo-to log in and update the complaint tries, including the UK and the US. sues across the various neighbour- tor began two years ago. After an exhaustive for it and it will remain in memory forever,” gistics is the main problem for the aged,” Dig-status online. UK’s http://www.fixmystreet.com hood communities. search, it was decided that the stone and the said the 40-year-old artist. Ashok has sculpt- nity Foundation director N B Jaiprakash said. The idea is based on common is already doing it for many years This facility will be made avail- scultptor have to be from Karnataka only since , ed 4-5 big statues till date, including a 38-foot The new centre was inaugurated by B Ra-man’s experiences and careful stud- now. So is the http://www.seeclick- able online on the WISA portal, a a similar stone and style of sculpture were tall statue of Lord Hanuman at Haridwar machandra Upadhya, president of Kar-ies of the various success models fix.com in US that equips the com- month after the first report card for not available elsewhere, the officials said. four years ago and another 28-foot idol for a nataka Pradesh Hotels’ and Restaurants As-that have been adopted and imple- mon man and the governing agen- all the 198 wards is out. The idol will be installed at Songadh vil- temple in Chennai. sociation. 41511307. TOI STATE HONOURS FARMER A farmer’s family was taken out in a procession on a Spiritual experience on Buddha Poornima chariot pulled by TIMES NEWS NETWORK during this annual In most of the Bud- spiritual scientists from different chief minister event. The celebrations dhist countries, vil- parts of India such as guruji Kr- B S Yeddyurappa, Bangalore: It’s time for medita- were started by Fa-Hien, lages, roads, streets, ishnananda, H R Nagendra, Yogi ministers and mutt tion and spiritual involvement a scholar from China. temples and houses are Ashwini, Newton, D R chiefs at the organic with Buddha Poornima nearing. This year, Buddha adorned with colourful Karthikeyanji and others will farmers’ convention Times Foundation is bringing to Poornima falls on May lanterns and other dec- present their work and findings at Kudalasangama in you special events to mark the oc- 27. In Sri Lanka, it is orations. Meditation during the event that will be held Bagalkot on Sunday. casion from May 24 to 27. known as Wesak festival done on this day is be- from 10 am to 5 pm everyday from The honour went to Buddha Poornima, which falls and in India, it is Buddha lieved to be effective. May 24 to 27. Details can be had Hanumanthappa on the full moon night in the Jayanti. Like all other Times Foundation, from 9448177563 and 43432525 or Karagi and month of Vaisakha (either in Buddhist festivals, it is in association with www.pyramidvalley .org Ratnavva family April or May), commemorates the observed according to the lunar Pyramid Valley and Dhyan Foun- Special dhyan will be held on (inset) from birth anniversary of Lord Bud- year. Vaisaka Poornima is cele- dation, will conduct a number of Buddha Poornima, in the presence Katenahalli in dha, founder of Buddhism, who brated especially in Boddha Gaya, following events on the eve of of Yogi Ashwini, on May 27 at 6.30 Byadagi taluk of gave to this world the precious gift Lumbini and Kushinara as they are Buddha Poornima. The First Na- pm at the Indian Institute of World Haveri district for of ‘Anapanasati Meditation’, the the holy places connected with Lord tional Congress of Spiritual Sci- Culture, Wadia Hall 6, BP Wadia their dedication to simplest breath meditation tech- Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and entists (NCSS) will be held at the Road, opposite M N Krishna Rao the organic nique. Pilgrims from all over the the Parinirvana. Sarnath, the capi- Pyramid Valley International Park, Basavanagudi. For registra- farming country visit Buddhist temples to tal of Buddhism, too celebrates campus, along with the Buddha tions, call 9739804355, 9945770439 or meditate and interact spiritually Vaisaka Purnima in a grand way . Poornima celebrations. Several log on to ww.dhyanfoundation.com. Md Asad METRO DIGEST Health camps A free dental check-up camp will be held from Monday to May 29 between 9 am and 2 pm at P D Hinduja Sindhi Hospital, Sampangiramnagar. Senior citizens may avail 25% concession on full dentures and children 20% on dental procedures. 22237117 G A free eye and dental check-up for schoolchildren from Monday to May 29 from 10 am to 1 pm by Sai Jyothi Dental Clinic, #11, Ulsoor Tank Road, opposite Ulsoor lake. 9845215615 Award for BMTC: Bangalore Metropolitan ANOTHER FEATHER IN HER CAP: Infosys Transport Corporation has bagged the chief Foundation chairperson Sudha Murty is minister’s Ratna Award for best practices, bestowed with the Basavashree Award excellence in performance and being by transport minister R Ashoka in pioneer in many activities. The award was Bangalore on Sunday received by Syed Zameer, MD, BMTC from the CM on May 17. WEATHER Water Adalat: The BWSSB will conduct Water Adalat for consumers of JP Nagar Max: 32.40 C; Min: 21.60 C Rainfall: 3.6 mm 1st Phase and 6th Phase on Monday at the Humidity: 51% AEE’s office, South-5, Kottanur Dinne. Sunset (Monday): 6.40 pm 22945230 Sunrise (Tuesday): 5.53 am Moonrise (Monday): 3.23 pm Get rebate on electricity bills: Bescom Moonset (Monday): 02.36 am has requested all its Forecast: Partly cloudy sky. Rain/thundershowers customers to avail would occur in some areas. Maximum temperature the facility of rebate will be around 330 C. in electricity bills (upto Rs 50 maximum ALMANAC (24.5.2010) per month) by installing the solar Vrishabha Masa 10 - Sri Vikriti Nama water heaters in their Samvatsara – Uttarayana – Vasantha domestic Ritu – Tithi: Shuddha Vaishakha Shukla installations at the Ekadashi Hr:9-47 Nak: Hasta Hr:13-57 earliest. The Yoga: Siddhi Hr:15-26. 09 Jumadu’s customers who seek to avail of this rebate Sani. Kali Day 1866875 Mohini have to submit an application at their Ekadashi respective sub-divisions along with the copy of the bill for having purchased and Rahu Kalam: 7.30 am to 9 am installed solar water heaters. — Daivajna K N Somayaji ponnappa48@dataone.in Last date extended: The last date for payment of examination fee and submission of examination application forms for II and IV semester PG, including MCA and MBA, has been extended till May 28 (with a fine of Rs 500), a Bangalore University press release said. TNN