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Bangalore patrol - main campaign - press coverage

  2. 2. THE TIMES OF INDIA, BANGALORE TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2010 STARTING TODAY, EVERY WEEK, WE WILL BRING THREE PAGES DEDICATED TO ANALYZING THE STATE OF BANGALORE’S INFRASTRUCTURE AND SERVICES. OVER THE NEXT FEW WEEKS. WE WILL TELL YOU WHICH ARE THE BEST WARDS IN THE CITY AND WHICH ARE THE WORST AND WHY THEY ARE SO. MOBILITY WATER SANITATION PUBLIC AMENITIES ENVIRONMENT CRIME SG H Te LI id S MIDDLING CIVIC SERVICES SYED ASIFGoI standards as benchmark Asha Rai | TNN IThe standards used in Bangalore Patrol are those of the f The Times of India had held a quiz in which Government of India. The it asked the seven million residents of Ban- source of the standards varies galore to name their best ward, there isnt from indicator to indicator, as the faintest doubt that the citys biggest news- often each indicator has a paper would have got to keep the prize. No- different department setting body would have guessed the right answer: the standards. Primary Ganesh Mandir. Or for that matter, the worst organizations for standards are ward: DoddaBidarakallu. Central Public Health and These surprise answers are just one small Environmental Engineering element of Bangalore Patrol, an ambitious, Organization (CPHEEO), Bureau one can even say audacious, attempt by the of Indian Standards (BIS), countrys largest English newspaper to meas- Ministry of Urban Development ure in quantifiable terms the quality of in- (MoUD), Indian Roads Congress frastructure and civic services that the lo- (IRC) and Town and Country cal government delivers to the citys resi- Planning Organization (TCPO). dents. However, some of these How often do you find your conversation standards are now up for littered with lines like, "the water supplysrevision. For example, the MoUD defines a case of flooding pathetic, the traffic is horrendous, and theas a situation where water is standing for 4 hours for a footpaths are such a mess?" More often thandepth of 6 inches or more. This precludes flash floods, and you care to know. But how bad or good ex-fast moving water that doesn’t drain. While this water is actly is it? With Bangalore Patrol people fi-not stagnant it is just as capable of causing damage. nally have an answer thats been arrived at TOI empirically For the first time in the coun- . try, an effort has been made to gather pri- mary data for five services that affect the cit- All the 198 wards of Bangalore have been mapped for delivery against these services on a score of 1 to 10 (in which one is the lowest and ten, the best). The highest scoring ward got a mark of 7.16 and the lowest, 3.19. That roughly means that the best ward in the city gets 70% marks, i.e. first class alright but not distinction while Bangalore scores poorly in sanitation standard as the lowest is fail class at just 30%. this garbage dumped on BVK Iyengar road testifies izens of a city: Mobility (roads & transport local governments, and a constabulary that related services), water, health & sanitation, What is the purpose of doing this discourages crime while also infusing study? What impact will it have? We,Crime data public amenities and environment. Only for at The Times of India, believe that this enough confidence in the people to walk up to the police station and register their com- `crime which shows how safe the city is, hasThe decision to include `Crime’ in this study resulted from secondary data been used. initiative will be transformational. plaint. a rhetorical but very serious Bangalore Patrol, is a path breaking ini- That, it will, over time: Very importantly it has to be borne in query raised by an eminent tiative of The Times of India which has mind that Bangalore Patrols scores do not person. “How late will you let been conceptualized and executed by Janaa- Mobilize the people of Bangalore to mean that Bangalore is a terrible place to your daughter stay out in the graha, the Bangalore based non-profit or- compare where they stand vis-a-vis other live in. Most obviously it isnt. Thats why evenings in your city?” ganization that works with people and gov- wards and demand better services from the citys population has swelled to seven Implication being that later a ernments to change the quality of urban life their elected representatives. million and thousands move into Bangalore girl is allowed to return in the in India. Make people hold their government and every month in search of a better life. night, the safer the All the 198 wards of Bangalore have been elected representatives accountable - not The main focus of this study is to em- neighbourhood is. However, mapped for delivery against these services rather unfamiliar names. One reason could for empty promises, but for measurable power Bangaloreans by putting in their collecting crime data in on a score of 1 to 10 (in which one is the low- simply be that with the renaming of most of change. hands data with which they can hold their Bangalore proved to be tougher est and ten, the best). The highest scoring the wards, parts of these old areas now fall The residents of even the better wards will government and elected representatives ac- than thought as the police was ward got a mark of 7.16 and the lowest, 3.19. under these wards sporting new names. Vas- demand a higher quality of delivery as countable and demand of them solutions to not willing to share data on That roughly means that the best ward in anth Nagar which ranks 5th overall has un- even the best is not good enough. their daily problems of water, roads, buses, station-wise break-up of crime. the city gets 70% marks, i.e. first class alright der it sections of Sadashivanagar, Sankey drainage etc.Hence, crime data was procured at a divisional level with but not distinction while the lowest is fail Raod and the Bangalore Palace area. Also, People might make decisions on where But the point this study makes is thatapproximations used to allocate crime data to specific class at just 30%. very few know that the posh MG Road area they live based on these scores. things can be better. That Bangalorewards. This is very surprising as the results comes under Shantala Nagar ( which inci- should not settle for second best. Banga- TOI stand on their head conventional wisdom dentally comes in at a poor 74) . Top ranking In the US, for example, the school dis- lore, that is invoked by US President Oba- about the city If you were to ask most Ban- . Ganesh Mandir is in Banashankari 2nd tricts, to a large extent determine where peo- ma in the same breath as Boston should- galoreans to name the posh areas, the ones stage, home to former prime minister Deve ple want to live. Those with good schools are nt be one where walking on footpaths is they think have the best civic amenities, they Gowda and family The second best ward Sri- . much sought after while those without, are at a risk to your ankles, where there is- would automatically name Sadashivanagar, ramandir is in Rajajingar. shunned. Bangalore Patrol, might over time, nt a single bicycle lane, where one-third Raj Mahal Vilas, Malleswaram, Basa- In trying to measure each of the param- have similar such consequence. Instead of have no access to public toilets, where al- vanagudi, Koramangala, Indiranagar, eters, Bangalore Patrol has used standards going by the hype, people might vote with most the whole city has no provision for Jayanagar etc. that would stand the test of scrutiny Hence . their feet for those areas which deliver qual- storm water drain. None of these actually figure in the top the measures are those prescribed by the gov- ity public services to the citizens, areas We need to change this, here and now for ten wards. Many who are the top 10 or 20 are ernment of Indias various agencies. which are seen to have proactive, responsive we deserve better. TEN BEST WARDS TEN WORST WARDS How the city fares NAME RANK SCORE* NAME RANK SCORE* GANESH MANDIR 1 7.16 DODDA BIDARAKALLU 198 3.19 1.5 SRIRAMAMANDIR 2 7.12 BEGUR 197 3.39 % J P NAGAR 3 7.04 GARUDACHAR PALYA 196 3.39 NAGAPURA 4 6.94 GOTTIGERE 195 3.61 30% Transport is improving in the city though the road surface is pathetic especially after rains. VASANTH NAGAR 5 6.92 HORAMAVU 194 3.76 68.5% BASAVESHWARA NAGAR 6 6.90 HONGASANDRA 193 3.77The study KAMAKSHIPALYA 7 6.88 HAGADUR 192 3.84The entire study took a period of six and half months to HAMPI NAGAR 8 6.84 CHOWDESWARI 191 3.92complete starting January 2010.At Janaagraha, a team of 75 SUBRAMANYA NAGAR 9 6.81 SINGASANDRA 190 3.95people worked on the projectincluding the field team, the JAYANAGAR EAST 10 6.81 HEMMIGEPURA 189 3.97technology team and officemanagement. AC Nielsen study * Scores are on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highestwas done over two months. AC WARDS THAT HAVE SCORES OF ABOVE 7Nielsen collected quantitativedata on cost indicators (waterand transportation), flooding, FOR A DETAILED ASSESSMENT OF EACH WARD, LOG ON TO WARDS THAT HAVE SCORES BETWEEN 5 & 7and household collection ofgarbage. These data points are best collected directly from WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR BANGALORE? WARDS THAT HAVE SCORES BETWEEN 3 & 5citizens, which was the case here. They were then used tocompute scores for these indicators. (A) THE CM (B) THE MAYOR (C) BBMP COMMISSIONER (D) NONE MOST OF BANGALORE ENJOYS A LEVEL OF CIVICRadio Mirchi 98.3 FM MAIL US @ or SMS TOIBP <your option> to 58888 SERVICE THAT CAN BE DESCRIBED AS AVERAGE ONTUNE INTO RADIO MIRCHI FROM 7 AM - 11 AM TO DISCUSSAND DEBATE BANGALORE’S INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES NEXT TOPIC TOP 20 WARDS ON THURSDAY Also see page 4 for scores on water, sanitation, mobility, environment, public amenities & crime
  3. 3. 2 THE TIMES OF INDIA, BANGALORE TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2010 A DETAILED ANALYSIS OF THE QUALITY OF KEY CIVIC SERVICES LIKE WATER, MOBILITY, SANITATION, PUBLIC AMENITIES, ENVIRONMENT AND CRIME WILL EMPOWER THE CITIZENS OF BANGALORE BY PUTTING IN THEIR HANDS THE DATA REQUIRED TO DEMAND BETTER QUALITY OF SERVICE FROM THE CITY ADMINISTRATION. MOBILITY WATER SANITATION PUBLIC AMENITIES ENVIRONMENT CRIME TOI Asha Rai | TNN SG H Te LI id S W hat makes a city livable? What attracts people to one part of the city even as some other areas repel? Unfortunately, after six decades of independence it remains bijli, sadak and pani. Its the simple things of life; good water connectivity, regular and quality supply of power, decent roads,Water & Environment speedy, timely transport connections, nice parks and playgrounds to stroll and playBangalore may be thirsty for `more water, but it has good in, good air to breathe and of course, safe water pipeline coverage. Of neighbourhoods where people, especially the 198 wards, nearly 132 women, can move around without fear that wards have scored above 8 on define quality of life. 10 on this indicator. 11 wards Simple as they may seem, these serv- including `Kaveripura score ices are difficult to deliver on the ground. a perfect ten. But the irony is Bangalore Patrols study of the citys 198 that while most of the city wards reveals that shockingly, on several HIGH ON has access to a drinking parameters, substantial parts of the city water connection, almost two score zero implying pathetic quality in the lakh people dont have access delivery of the very basic of services. to water. Bangalore Patrol has studied six pa- While Bangalore is celebrated rameters: water, mobility (roads, trans- for its green cover, it is a port), sanitation, public amenities, envi- WATER cover that is under threat . ronment, and crime. Power, is the only im- Only 11% of Bangalore has portant service that has not been includ- access to good parks. A city ed in this study, mainly for technical rea- lauded for its gardens has 14 sons. Of those measured, the city has the wards where there isnt a highest score for water and the lowest forsingle patch of green. This includes a ward named after public amenities. Given the water woes ofthe citys founder, Kempegowda! However, hearteningly, the city, that Bangalore has the best scores23 wards have scored a perfect ten for close accessibility for this parameter is a pleasant parks. This is on account of the city having a very TOI good pipeline coverage. LOW ON PUBLIC AMENITIES Over the next few weeks, we will build a number of interactive elements into this campaign so that these scores dont become another bunch of numbers which have little impact on the ground. Bangalore Patrol is a new way to identify and change the problem areas across each and every ward of Bangalore. That Bangalore lags badly in public amenities shouldnt surprise anybody. When you walk down the citys main street, M G Road, how many litterbins have you found? Do you know of any woman who has dared used a public toilet when out shopping? How many in the city have the luxury of taking their morning walk in a TOI neighbourhood garden? How many chil- Both in sanitation and crime the low- tions. In one of the poshest stretches in dren are forced to play cricket on the est score is zero, which means in parts of Bangalore, on Sankey Road, just round the streets rather than in their nearby public the city hygiene levels, garbage collection corner from the chief ministers official playground? How often do the street lights are unacceptably low and in some other residence, below the Windsor Manor Ho- in your area work? parts of Bangalore, crime rate unac- tel bridge, have you tried walking on the The ward-wise scores for each of the ceptably high. To those tracking the soar- footpath? Forget two, even one cant walk parameters have been decided based on a ing crime rate in the city, this shouldnt properly on the narrow ledge. But this detailed survey on a total 28 indicators. come as a surprise at all. area scores high on other parameters like Research and accumulated experience in The wide range in scores, especially in environment, pushing up its overall rank. dealing with citizen issues in the past has categories where some wards have scored Due to constraints of space, it is not helped Janaagraha in arriving at these the lowest possible `zero, is worrisome. A possible for us to analyse the scores for all main parameters. Everything in a ward wide range implies that the differences in the 198 wards individually on each of the A littered park best exemplifies the poor state of counts on this index, right from the qual- the quality of services citizens enjoy are parameters as we would have liked to or parks and sanitation in Bangalore ity and exact quantity of water supplied large which isnt a good thing. Lower range tackle each of the parameter in great to a house to the streetlights, roads and depth. All this information however will public transport in the areas. be available on the website. Quality of civic infrastructure and Over the next few weeks, we will buildRoads & Sanitation services is very poor in areas that have a number of interactive elements into thisThe quality of road surface in the city is rather pitiable. Not been freshly added to the city. Bangalore campaign so that these scores dont be- a single ward gets a went from Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike come another bunch of numbers which perfect score on this (BMP) to BBMP with it becoming `Bruhat, have little impact on the ground. Banga- indicator. Not all a few years ago. Most of the new areas of lore Patrol is a new way to identify and wards are safe for BBMP suffer from haphazard growth change the problem areas across each and pedestrians either. without any central planning. Hence, here every ward of Bangalore. We will mobi- Pedestrian safety at there are rarely any provisions for pub- lize the residents of different wards, the junctions is best in 63 lic amenities. Even water, on which the Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs), the wards while 77 wards city as a whole scores highly, the story, is corporators, the MLAs and hold town hall drop down the card altogether different in the newer areas. meetings to get peoples grievances ad- with a big zero. Of While there is piped water supply, it is suggests a consistency in the delivery im- dressed. A complaint management system course, there isnt a not from Cauvery river but from the bore plying quality differences to be low. As a will also be launched by Janaagraha so single bicycle lane in wells dug near-by! city grows, the range should narrow and that peoples individual complaints can be Bangalore. Public Environment scores highly in Banga- not rise. recorded and forwarded to the relevant au-transport coverage is extremely poor in the exterior wards, lore. Saved mainly by the huge lung spaces A few might be surprised on why some thorities.where people have to walk more than a kilometer to get to Bangalore still has in the two big gardens areas which are seen as bad or a standard We at The Times of India have broughttheir bus stops. Availability of information on public (Lalbagh and Cubbon Park), the Banga- thought to be of low quality get decent to you many innovative and highly pop-transport such as route maps and timings is poor across lore Palace grounds, Indian Institute of scores. Thats because the norms are a bit ular initiatives that have made a differ-the city. Only K R Puram, K R Market and Chalavadipalya Science campus, the Race Course and the dated and need some serious upward re- ence to your life. Lead India Campaignscore above one for presence of litterbins on streets! huge army cantonment. Hence, as trees vision like the flooding norms (explained helped identify the potential leaders ofRemaining 195 wards have scored less than one with a are being cut on a daily basis to make way in the earlier page). For example, accord- the country. Teach India Campaign gotmajority of them at zero. When it comes to door-to-door for bigger roads and other infrastructure ing to government norms, footpaths in In- citizens involved with the task of teach-garbage collection, even Gandhinagar, the pilot ward that work, it is imperative that the citizens fight dia need to be a minimum of 1.2 m wide ing children. Bangalore Patrol takes theexperimented on zero-waste management scored only 7.73 to retain the much needed lung cover the (enough for two people to walk side by citizen-centric mandate that TOI has set city desperately needs. side), well paved and free of any obstruc- for itself forward.Public AmenitiesBangalore’s public amenities are in a poor state. No ward has a score of perfect PARAMETER TOP WARD SCORES* BOTTOM WARD SCORES* RANGE** ten on this measure. Attur stands out for MOBILITY J P PARK 6.66 DODDABIDARAKALLU 2.38 4.28 being the only ward to score a zero for cleanliness on roads. WATER SRIRAM MANDIR 9.81 BEGUR 1.43 8.38 Over 70 wards have a zero score on quality of its toilets. Another SANITATION KAMAKSHIPALYA 8.51 HORAMAVU 3.32 5.19 71 wards score below one on this indicator. PUBLIC AMENITIES NAGAPURA 5.54 BEGUR 0.00 5.54 The state of public playgrounds is equally pathetic. Only nine ENVIRONMENT ARAMANE NAGARA 8.35 GOTTIGERE 3.35 5.00 out of the 198 wards have a score above CRIME HEROHALLI 7.61 DODDABIDARAKALLU 0.00 7.61one on this indicator. The remaining 189 wards have,obviously, scored below one and of these at least 114 wardsscore an absolute zero * Scores are on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest & 10 is the highest | **Shows the wide difference in quality of service
  4. 4. 2 THE TIMES OF INDIA, BANGALORE THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2010 TODAY, WE BRING TO YOU THE BEST WARDS TO LIVE IN, IN BANGALORE. WARDS WHICH HAVE THE BEST CIVIC AMENITIES. THE LIST HAS SOLID MIDDLE-CLASS AREAS THAT HAVE QUIETLY CLIMBED THE LADDER TO EMERGE ON TOP, DISPLACING BETTER-KNOWN CITY AREAS. MOBILITY WATER SANITATION PUBLIC AMENITIES ENVIRONMENT CRIME SG H Te LI id S GODS SMILE ON OLD WARDS PICS : CHETAN SHIVAKUMAR Sunitha Rao R | TNNMayor’s ward at 93 ven a cursory look at the names that make E City Mayor S K Nataraj’s it to list of the Top 20 wards of Bangalore Sarakki ward ranks 93rd , reveals a simple truth: all of them fall un- whereas opposition party der areas which can be best described as leader (Congress) M Nagaraj’s old Bangalore. The city offers a clear cut ward bags the 16th place, division. The older, core areas of Banga- thanks to constant pleas and lore which have benefited from better plan- uproar in the council to get ning, resources and have long come under more borewells for his ward. the Bangalore Municipal Corporation fare Though there were protests far better than the new additions to the city. held by public in front of What’s of concern, however, is that there Cauvery Bhavan by residents of isn’t a single model ward in Bangalore, one Nandini Layout headed by their that scores a perfect ten. The best ward corporator, the ward scores scores a hum ho 70% marks. Another fact 24th rank in water and 6th that hits the eye as you run through theplace in public amenities. Nandini layout surpasses number ranks is that the even among the Top 20,one ward Ganesh Mandir when it comes to public the scores vary dramatically across pa-amenities, as the latter comes in at number 45. rameters. This means that the top ranking wards do not score equally well on all civicWoes of the exterior services. For example, the number seven ranked Kamakshipalya is ranked a poor Though Bangalore is 113 in mobility (roads & transport) but is extending herself to the number one in sanitation in the city Vas- . outskirts of the city, the best areas to put down roots are in the core areas of the city, reveals the What has propelled Ganesh Mandir to the survey. That none of the wards from the exteriors of top of the charts? As per the Bangalore Bangalore urban Patrol survey, a high water (4th) and agglomeration have made it to Top 20 shows the lack of mobility (9th) rank have more than civic amenities among the newly added 110 villages. compensated for the not-so-great scores on The areas, which were sanitation (51st) and public amenities (45th). earlier not included withinBBMP limits are still suffering from poor civic amenities; Second-ranked Sriram Mandir’s the onlyright from poor roads to the water they are supplied with. one among the Top 20 to score ten out ofThough Bangaloreans across the city pay uniform propertytax, all are not privileged to get the best of services that ten for continuity of water supply. BBMP PARK IN GANESH MANDIRreminds one of the George Orwell who said, “All are equal,but some are more equal!” antha Nagar, ranked fifth overall, has very ramanagala. The pleasantly surprised res- (as per the ministry of urban development good ranking for environment (3) and pub- idents of Ganesh Mandir aren’t so startled norms) as a situation where water standsIISc’s green cover scores highly lic amenities (4) and pathetic ones for crime because they have been witness to the for four hours for a depth of 6 inches or Bangalore Patrol has (121) and mobility (109). Hence, all the top steady climb of their ward to the top. more. discovered that the garden city 20 wards have very good rankings on some Residents of Ganesh Mandir ward attrib- has its green treasure in standards and equally poor ones for a few ute the success largely to the efforts of their OLD AND BEST Aramane Nagar, which bags the others which show that the delivery of serv- former corporator, A H Basavaraju. It was Jayanagar East, which is one of the oldest first rank in Environment. But ice even for the best wards in Bangalore is during his term that the ward got eight residential areas in the city scores the 10th , environment score alone does erratic. parks. The indoor stadium and swimming rank. The locality, believed to be designed not make the ward score best The Bangalore Patrol study which assess pool that were sanctioned during his term by the maker of modern Karnataka, the as the ward suffers on account the civic amenities provided to citizens has are now on the verge of completion. Many former diwan of Mysore, Sir M Visves- of other civic amenities. It is its found ward number 165, Ganesh Mandir, of the ward’s older residents recall the time varaya, is one of the best planned layouts neighbouring ward in Banashankari second stage, coming in it had muddy roads leading even to former in Asia. Vasanthnagar that scores the at the top scoring 7.16 out of 10. The ward prime minister Deve Gowda’s house. Of tinuity of water supply Good water rank- .third place in environment score. Even among the top 20 that falls in the Padmanabh Nagar as- course, that’s history now. ing (3rd) and a decent ranking for public CLEAN AND CLEARwards, areas like, Mahalakshmipuram, Maruthi Mandir and sembly constituency is spread across 1.63 What has propelled Ganesh Mandir to the amenities (16th) has helped it leapfrog to When it comes to sanitation, it is Kamak-Nandini layout score 100th rank in green cover. km and houses educational institutions top of the charts? As per the Bangalore Pa- the second slot. shipalya in Rajajinagar constituency that like Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sci- trol survey, a high water (4th) and mobili- scores the best and tops the list. Kamak- ences (KIMS) and BNM College. Its home ty (9th) rank has more than compensated NO FLOODING HERE shipalya which houses areas such as BEML to folk singer Shimoga Subanna and noted for the not so great scores on sanitation Ganesh Mandir ward, Dr Raj Kumar ward, Layout, West of Chord Road I Stage, Kannada writer N S Lakshminarayana (51st) and public amenities (45). Second Sriramamandir, Jayanagara east, JP Na- Meenakshi Nagar, Cauvery Nagar, KHB Bhatta. ranking Sriram Mandir ward in Rajajina- gar, Radhakrishna temple ward, Subra- Colony AK Colony Ashtagrama, Karekallu , , That Ganesh Mandir has emerged as the gar —which lost the top slot with the slen- manya Nagar and Nagapura wards have has fabulous scores for indicators like ac- best ward in Bangalore is a surprise only derest of margins — is the only ward among scored ten out of ten in flooding, implying cess to sewerage network, coverage of to those who live in Sadashivanagar or Ko- the top 20 that scores ten out of ten for con- zero flooding. The survey defines flooding storm water drains, cleanliness on roads. TOP BANGALORE’S TOP TWENTY WARDS ARE SPREAD ACROSS THE CITY AND NOT CONCENTRATED WARD 20 WARD IN CERTAIN POCKETS WHICH INDICATES ALL-ROUND DEVELOPMENT OF THE CITY WARD WARD MOBILITY WATER SANITATION PUBLIC AMENITIES ENVIRONMENT CRIME NO. NAME RANK SCORE* RANK RANK RANK RANK RANK RANK 165 GANESH MANDIR 1 7.16 9 4 51 45 26 49 108 SRIRAMAMANDIR 2 7.12 42 3 35 16 49 60 177 J P NAGAR 3 7.04 1 3 1 15 75 114 67 NAGAPURA 4 6.94 17 47 5 1 14 103 93 VASANTH NAGAR 5 6.92 109 2 98 4 3 121 * Scores are on a scale of 1 to 20, where 1 is the lowest and 20 is the highest 100 BASAVESHWARA NAGAR 6 6.90 16 21 45 26 26 25Grandma enjoys a good outing with her grandson 101 KAMAKSHIPALYA 7 6.88 113 22 1 27 26 16on a good footpath in Ganesh Mandir. 133 HAMPI NAGAR 8 6.84 25 23 21 40 26 45 66 SUBRAMANYA NAGAR 9 6.81 51 9 40 29 26 98 Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM 170 JAYANAGAR EAST 10 6.81 30 6 28 67 75 123 68 MAHALAKSHIMPURAM 11 6.72 88 11 10 7 100 108 ON TUNE INTO RADIO MIRCHI FROM 7 AM - 11 AM TO DISCUSS AND DEBATE BANGALORE’S INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES 18 RADHAKRISHNA TEMPLE 12 6.70 6 40 13 68 49 28 104 GOVINDARAJA NAGAR 13 6.69 68 42 23 3 26 17 107 SHIVANAGARA 14 6.66 5 28 85 63 14 90 FOR A DETAILED ASSESSMENT OF EACH WARD, 126 MARUTHI MANDIR 15 6.63 70 7 83 73 100 6 LOG ON TO 43 NANDINI LAYOUT 16 6.63 48 24 54 6 100 88 YOUR DECISION TO LIVE IN AN 124 HOSAHALLI 17 6.62 117 10 9 55 75 50 AREA IS INFLUENCED BY 144 SIDDAPURA 18 6.61 114 5 41 61 49 131 106 DR. RAJ KUMAR 19 6.58 22 39 50 38 75 11 (A) TRANSPORT (B) WATER 125 MARENAHALLI 20 6.57 103 34 12 24 75 2 (C) COST (D) SAFETY MAIL US @ It is encouraging to know that our ward is the Mine is the only ward where no flooding takes place when It is an encouraging survey report. But as a best. This is largely due to the co operation we Bangalore witnesses heavy downpour. It’s because of the corporator I look up to the works taken up at the or receive from officials of different departments. extensive de-silting of drains that we have been carrying Hanumanthnagar ward. The officials working in SMS TOIBP <your option> to 58888 VOICES When ever we find a problem, we approach the out. But there’s much that needs to be improved in my ward. The this ward are very co operative and they address the public officials with evidence and urge them to fix the sewerage lines were laid about thirty years ago, they must be grievances immediately. At present this ward is number problem immediately. However, there are certain issues changed. Shortly, sewerage pipeline replacement work will be NEXT TOPIC WORST 20 that need to be tackled. We want our parks to be like initiated at Saraswathi Layout and Binni Layout. Also, garbage is another issue in my ward. one, but I want make this true even after six months. It is a huge responsibility to maintain the status quo of civic mini Lalbaghs.” amenities in the ward.” WARDS ON SATURDAY N K SREEKANTAIAH | PRESIDENT, BANASHANKARI SECOND STAGE, GANESH MANDIR RESIDENTS’ WELFARE ASSOCIATION N SHAKUNTHALA CORPORATOR, MARENAHALLI L GOVINDARAJU CORPORATOR, GANESH MANDIR WARD