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Presentation flashmobs (2)

  1. 1. FLASH MOBS
  2. 2. What are Flash Mobs?Group of people who mobilize on short notice to perform acollective action
  3. 3. Typesrandom acts of dance in a shopping mall, marriage proposals to supportingcampaigns through dance in front of the houses of parliament
  4. 4. Political Flash MobsPolitical activists have led to political change and actions insupport of campaigns (e.g. The Arab spring)Flash mobs usually lack a central power controlling themovements and actions
  5. 5. How?Bulk text messaging platforms such as TXTMob andFrontlineSMSFirst used by protesters at the U.S. Republican andDemocratic National Conventions in 2004The key to a smart mob lies in its lightning-fast executionand mass distribution.
  6. 6. Flash celebrations
  7. 7. Why?FunMarketing (Companies/NGOs)Flash robbery
  8. 8. Experience for the participantsExperience for the publicGathering against lonelinessFunWidespread forms: Freeze – dance – sing
  9. 9. Marketing - companiesExperience for the consumerEmotional link to the brandPossibility to use viral and trendy toolsSell a product or a service
  10. 10. Marketing - NGOsExperience for the potential donator/activistEmotional link to the organisationBecome well-knownPossibility to use viral or trendy toolsEncourage donations and self-consciousness
  11. 11. Flash robberySide effect of flash mobsTakes advantage of alarge number of people tocommit an outlaw act
  12. 12. OrganisationGenerally formed through social media web sites(Facebook, Twitter…) as well as by email and text-messagingParticipants are told when and where to meetBecause participants almost always use mobiledevices meeting places and times can changealmost instantlyKey to the flash mob idea because surprise is part ofthe goal.
  13. 13. 1. Christmas Food Court Flash mobShares: 790,789Views: 32,953,1692. Flash Mob Black Eyed PeasShares: 245,034Views: 10,150,9383. The T-Mobile DanceShares: 176,318Views: 32,096,096And is then again being shared on Social Media PlatformSharing
  14. 14. Why are they so popular?o People become the show and the audienceo Fast, cheapo Feeling to do something disruptiveo Internet component, yet allows you to see the virtual community made literal andphysicalo High potential to go viral
  15. 15. ViralityMany peopleHigh emotional contentInternet phenomenaEasy to shareEven better with a celebrity
  16. 16. How to make the world dance20,000 people for a "Gangnam Style" flashmob held opposite the Eiffel TowerAlerted on social media by the record labelUniversal MercuryWhole event was over in 15 minutes
  17. 17. “The internet has literally come to life”Communications technologies empowerpeopleMilitary efficiency + complete anonymity +rapid communicationNotion of serious organisation for thepurpose of something so potentially idioticadds to the fun, as does the massive amountof media attention that these events attract
  18. 18. What’s next?Thrives of this idea of a happening having happened, despite nothing actually having happenLive installation?Smart crowd?Silent disco?Flash song?or simplya production?
  19. 19. Next big thing: Harlem Shake?Went viral in Feb 201312,000 versions had beenuploaded, gaining over 44 millionviewsAs of February 15, about 40,000Harlem Shake videos had beenuploaded, totaling 175 million viewsBaauers single reached #1 on theiTunes America chart
  20. 20. “The simultaneous and the instantaneous world”“There is no sequence. There is no logic”- McLuhanConcept loses its validity with a certain crowd, but perhaps gains a new one.
  21. 21. How much was the movement a creation of themedia?How can we use these digital media so that they help us become empoweredparticipants rather than passive consumers?