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The Millennials Are Coming!
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The Millennials Are Coming!


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A presentation on recruiting/retaining Millennials for a subgroup of SHRM Memphis. The video referenced is first minute of \'Generation We\' from You Tube.

A presentation on recruiting/retaining Millennials for a subgroup of SHRM Memphis. The video referenced is first minute of \'Generation We\' from You Tube.

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  • 1. The Millennials Are Coming! Jimmy Johnson and Jana Markowitz Small Planet Works, Inc.
  • 2. The Millennial Test Do you know what a Millenial would say? Question 1 You wear flip-flops to: A) The beach B) The pool C) The shower D) The White House 2
  • 3. The Millennial Test Question 2 You completed a small assignment correctly and on-time. You should get: A) Your paycheck B) An atta-boy/atta-girl from the boss C) An extra day of vacation D) Recognition and substantial monetary award at the next business unit meeting 3
  • 4. The Millennial Test Question 3 When you want to see if friends can join you for dinner out, you: A) Pick up the phone and call them B) IM them C) Text them D) Post an invitation on their “Wall” 4
  • 5. The Millennial Test Question 4 Email is: A) The best way to communicate with co-workers B) An annoying waste of time when you’re trying to work C) A great way to communicate with friends and family who live far away D) Only for “Old People” and frankly not much better than “snail-mail” 5
  • 6. Generations in the Workforce
  • 7. Generational Groups in the Workforce • 1925-1945 – Traditionalists • 1946-1964 – Baby Boomers • 1965-1981 – Generation “X” • 1982-2002 – Generation “Y” (Millennials) 7
  • 8. The “WE” Generation Watch Video GenerationWE The Movement Begins... YouTube at blinkx.flv
  • 9. Generational Differences Traditionalists Baby Boomers Generation “X” Generation “Y” 1925-1945 1946-1964 1965-1981 1982-2002 Work Style By the book; “How” is as Get it done; Whatever it Take fastest route to Work to deadlines and important as what gets takes (Including nights results; Protocol is goals – not necessarily to done and weekends) secondary schedules Authority / Leadership Command and Control; Respect for power and Egalitarian; Rules are Value freedom and Rarely question authority accomplishment flexible; collaboration is autonomy; Less inclined important to pursue leadership positions Communication Formal yet personal; Somewhat formal through Casual, direct, and Fast, casual, direct, and hi- Through proper Channels structured network; mix of electronic; sometimes tech; Eager to please electronic and face-to-face skeptical Recognition / Reward Personal Public acknowledgement A balance of fair Individual and public acknowledgement and and career advancement compensation and ample praise (exposure); satisfaction for work well time off Opportunities for done broadening skills Work/Family Work and family should Work comes first Value work/life balance Value blending personal be kept separate life into work Loyalty To the ORGANIZATION To the importance and To individual career goals To the people involved meaning of work; To the with the project function or profession Technology Complex and challenging; Necessary for progress Practical tools for getting What else is there? “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix and achievement things done it.” Source: VISIONPOINT from an article by Jenna M. Aker 2009 Buildings magazine 9
  • 10. Recruiting Gen Y 10
  • 11. Recruiting Millennials Parents Parents Parents 11
  • 12. Engaging and Retaining Gen Y 12
  • 13. Millennial Motivators • Balance • On the leading edge • Make contributions immediately • Stability 13
  • 14. Millennials – The Numbers According to a global PwC study published in 2009: • 61% of CEOs say their organization has challenges recruiting and integrating younger employees • 98% of recent college graduate respondents said that working with strong coaches and mentors is important to their personal development • 80% of respondents want to work internationally • 85% are members of social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn 14
  • 15. Millennials – The Numbers According to a global PwC study published in 2009: • 88% will seek employers with corporate social responsibility (CSR) values that reflect their own • 86% would consider leaving an employer whose CSR values no longer reflect their own • 75% expect to have between 2 and 5 employers in their lifetime • 66% would embrace the provision of personal services – such as housing, food and health appointments – by their employer, blurring the line between work and home 15
  • 16. Examples of Perks Solar Panel Array on Google’s HQ Building
  • 17. Examples of Perks Free in-house cafeteria with gourmet food
  • 18. Examples of Perks Relaxation area, exercise equipment, pool tables and video games --- and you can bring your dog to work
  • 19. Examples of Perks And just for fun – there are slides available to go between floors if you prefer them to stairs, an elevator or fire station poles
  • 20. Engaging and Retaining Millennials Millennials want: • inclusion in the decision-making process • challenging work assignments that make an impact on the business • training and professional development opportunities – including mentors and coaches • benefits and perks that match their life-stage • supervisors who give ample feedback, recognition and support to them • rapid progression “up the ladder” Source: MetLife “Engaging the 21st Century Multi Generational Workforce” 20
  • 21. Retaining all Generations 21
  • 22. The Five A’s 1. Accepting your “mutual rightness” 2. Acknowledging your interdependency 3. Appreciating what you have in common 4. Assuming responsibility for making your relationships better 5. Adopting “The Platinum Rule”
  • 23. Small Planet Works Thank You! For more information please contact: Jana Markowitz Jimmy Johnson 901-682-0830 901-521-1129