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Cv eng 2014

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae PERSONAL INFORMATION Jan Van den Brande Vestinglaan 11, 2860 Sint-Katelijne-Waver (Belgium) +32 15 55 63 92 +32 468 205 490 Sex Male | Date of birth 11/08/1961 | Nationality Belgian PREFERRED JOB Quality- / Production- / Change Manager WORK EXPERIENCE January 2013–October 2013 Production Manager B.U. Power Transformers CG Power Systems Belgium, Mechelen (Belgium) Managing 3 departments: production, industrial engineering and maintenance: 6 direct and 120 indirect employees. Reorientation of the departments after a radical re-structuring, with focus on polyvalence, efficiency and productivity. February 2012–December 2012 Quality Manager B.U. Power Transformers CG Power Systems Belgium, Mechelen (Belgium) Managing the quality-department, 4 direct and 8 indirect employees from incoming goods control over process-control and test-bay till final control and final release of the transformers. Reorientation of the department from quality control to quality assurance. February 2010–January 2012 Quality Manager B.U. Distribution Transformers CG Power Systems Belgium, Mechelen (Belgium) Managing the quality-department, 9 direct and 9 indirect employees from incoming goods control over process-control and test-bay till final control and final release of the transformers. Reorganisation of the department into 4 cells: quality control, quality analysis, test-bay and quality audit. June 2007–January 2010 Industrial Engineering Manager B.U. Power Transformers CG Power Systems Belgium, Mechelen (Belgium) Managing a team of 3 process-/project-engineers. Analysis of production-processes on output and efficiency. Search for new and better working-methods, techniques, equipment, machines and lay-out. Proposition, implementation, follow-up and secure improvements to reduce trough-put times, production-costs and bringing quality, safety and ergonomics to a higher level. Organisation of method studies and analysis of working-stations. January 2004–May 2007 Quality Manager for Volkswagen at supplier Volkswagen Braunschweig, Braunschweig (Germany) Responsible for the quality within the Module-assembly (suspension) of VW Braunschweig in Beersel, from the reception of the incoming goods until the delivery in sequence and J.I.T. to the car-factory of VW Brussels. Execute/prepare Audits (VDA 6, ISO TS, Product and Process). Quality-objectives: tuning, follow-up and improvements. 16.1.14 © European Union, 2002-2013 | Page 1 / 4
  2. 2. Curriculum Vitae Jan Van den Brande Evaluation of technical product-changes. Watch over the quality-status of the incoming goods. Development/implementation of concepts in order to improve and guarantee the delivered goods. Take care of customer-complaints, customer-visits. Establish/follow-up of inspections. Representation of the plant-manager. September 2002–December 2003 Quality Project Engineer Volkswagen Brussel, Vorst (Belgium) Responsible for the non conformity follow-up and introduction of the VDS-Win system in the factory. Coordination of the trainings for the quality department. Team member for the quality department into different work-groups (testing-concepts, prototyping, trainings, manufacturing processes). July 2001–August 2002 Quality Engineer Volkswagen Brussel, Vorst (Belgium) Summary and analysis of external quality problems (customer-complaints, importers, inquiries, …) compare and associate with internal sources (Product-Audits, Test drives, …) and other VW-plants in order to give feedback to the production. Building of cross-functional teams to find solutions for the detected weaknesses. August 1999–June 2001 R&D Manager first line analysis Seat Centro Técnico, Martorell (Spain) Supervision of a team engineers (up to 8 persons during the start-up) in order to: - reduce the production- and quality-problems within the factory - analyse customer- and test drive remarks and propose improvement - reduce costs of production by simplification or change of materials Follow-up of novelties (model-changes, new options, …). In the name of the development department Seat (Technische Entwicklung) participate in meetings in the VW-factory (planning of production, technical changes, car-audits, suppliers, …) and give feedback to the T.E.. Assure the connection/communication between the developer (TE Seat Martorell) and the producer (Factory Volkswagen Brussels). October 1998–July 1999 International Personal Development Programm Seat, Martorell (Spain) By I.P.D. contract associated with the department vehicle optimization (O.V. Optimisación Vehiculos Fahrzeugoptimierung) in Spain. Objective: become familiar with the organisation and methods of the technical centre, in particular the O.V.-department, with the objective to manage an O.V.-department at Volkswagen Brussels for the models Toledo en Leon. September 1996–September 1998 Industrial Engineer Prototyping Volkswagen Brussel, Vorst (Belgium) Responsible for the bodywork of the Toledo (2nd generation). Study, planning and initiation of the necessary tools for the production of prototypes. Implementation of an FMEA (early detection of possible problems in the mass-production). Planning of the prototypes and PVS-cars (preproduction-cars) Problem-analysis and set-up of problem-sheets. Contacts with the development departments (Seat Spain). Description of the working methods in procedures ISO9002. November 1989–August 1996 16.1.14 Industrial Engineer Body Shop © European Union, 2002-2013 | Page 2 / 4
  3. 3. Curriculum Vitae Jan Van den Brande Volkswagen Brussel, Vorst (Belgium) Responsible for the model VW Passat (3th and 4th generation). Study, planning and commissioning of production lines, follow-up of product changes to assure the quality and conformity. Set-up and update of production descriptions and the genealogical tree of the model. Improvement of the production processes. Description of the working methods in procedures ISO9002. May 1988–October 1989 Industrial Engineer Body Shop Renault Belgique, Vilvoorde (Belgium) Preparation, follow-up and commissioning of the manual Jiggs of a new production line for the Clio. Collaboration with the Plant in Valladolid (Spain) due to identical production lines. May 1985–April 1988 Trainer Renault Belgique, Vilvoorde (Belgium) Investigation, preparation and realization of training in the subjects: automation, robotic programming, training by computer and computer applications. EDUCATION AND TRAINING September 1979–June 1984 Master in Industrial Engineering, Electronics Measurement and Control Technology 1984 (great honors) Stedelijke Industriële Hogeschool Antwerpen (IHAM), Antwerpen (Belgium) PERSONAL SKILLS Mother tongue(s) Dutch Other language(s) UNDERSTANDING SPEAKING WRITING Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production English B2 B2 B2 B2 B2 French B2 B2 B2 B2 B1 German B2 B2 B2 B2 B1 B2 B2 B2 B2 B1 Spanish Levels: A1/A2: Basic user - B1/B2: Independent user - C1/C2: Proficient user Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Communication skills ▪ teamplayer ▪ involvement ▪ give and receive feedback ▪ conflict handling ▪ lead meetings ▪ one-to-one conversations ▪ custumer minded(internal and external) Organisational / managerial skills ▪ leadershipandcoaching ▪ determine vision 16.1.14 © European Union, 2002-2013 | Page 3 / 4
  4. 4. Curriculum Vitae Jan Van den Brande ▪ follow-up system for actions ▪ planning on medium and long term ▪ introduce specific changes to improve results and performances Job-related skills ▪ take initiative ▪ full commitment ▪ quality minded ▪ take decisions ▪ flexible Computer skills ▪ Microsoft Office: Excel - Word - Power Point - Outlook ▪ SAP ▪ Lotus Notes ▪ Q-Pulse ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Opleidingen ▪ Management: Goto Management - Coaching & people management ▪ Safety: DuPont leadership in safety - Event tree analysis ▪ Quality: Juran - TQM - 8D - Six Sigma Green Belt ▪ Productivity: 5S - Value Stream Mapping - Lean Manufacturing ▪ Organisation:Priority management ▪ Financial: Fundamentals of Finance ▪ Various: Hay function classification -Customer minded acting 16.1.14 © European Union, 2002-2013 | Page 4 / 4