Abridged Customer Experience In Law Report

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  • 1. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE IN LAW YES MAYBE NOPotentio_White Paper_Final, Final_CMYK.indd 1 24/2/12 09:14:47
  • 2. Potentio_White Paper_Final, Final_CMYK.indd 2 24/2/12 09:14:47
  • 3. This document has been prepared by CXINLAW for the Sponsored, produced and released by CXINLAW Authors exclusive use of its customers. It contains valuable Jan Carpenter proprietary information belonging to CXINLAW. It 14 Greville Street Carl White should be made available only to those employees and High Holborn James Rose agents who require such access in order to learn from London EC1N 8SB Mridu Bhutani the material provided herein and who undertake not to disclose it to third parties without authorisation Tel: 020 3176 5443 With thanks and appreciation to: by CXINLAW and its customers. In the event that you Email: enquiries@cxinlaw.com are unwilling to assume this confidentiality obligation, Website: www.cxinlaw.com Stephen Mayson: please return this document and all copies in your For taking the time to write the foreword possession promptly to CXINLAW. Tom Goode: CXINLAW does not make any representation or For being our dedicated designer warranty in connection with this report, and hereby disclaims any and all representations and warranties, Jane Christian: express or implied, including, without limitation, the For taking the time to painstakingly proof read the report implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, design or use. This report and the analysis and/or recommendations provided herein are provided on an “as is” basis, and the member for whom this report was prepared assumes all risks as to suitability, use and potential errors arising from use or implementation. CXINLAW is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional services. This report should not be construed as professional advice on any particular set of facts or circumstances. Members requiring such services are asked to consult an appropriate professional. © 2012 CXINLAW CXINLAW powered by Potentio & Netlaw Media - Perfecting Customer Experience in Law FirmsPotentio_White Paper_Final, Final_CMYK.indd 3 29/6/12 13:04:51
  • 4. FOREWORD I welcome this CXINLAW report. No doubt some will be technical expertise, giving the right answer, and being “At a time of increasing pressure tempted to dismiss it as yet another ‘lawyer bashing’ efficient. These things are important – necessary, but survey. That would be a mistake. This report covers not sufficient. Quality is also judged by the nature and competition, this report a range of providers of legal services, by type of firm, and ease of the experience, as well as the utility of shows the stark reality that too size, and geography. It also explores both personal and the advice given. And these quality judgements begin business enquiries. Although there are variations, there to be formed right from the very first contact and many law firms are in fact their is a degree of consistency of findings across all of these impression. variables. The messages are therefore relevant and own competitors. They are important to all. effectively turning work away The overriding message from this report must be not But even if it is taken by some as just another lawyer- to give up on the content or quality of advice but to and into the arms of others, bashing report, it does rather beg the question, ‘Why is work much harder on the ‘customer experience’. This often without realising that there still scope for such findings?’ For a market that must be personal, and show empathy and sensitivity. prides itself on its quality and closeness to clients, why It’s vital to move in line with the client’s or enquirer’s they are doing so.” are the service failures and shortcomings described in pace and comfort. Scripting is risky: it might promote this report so consistently (and depressingly) identical consistency and thoroughness, but these benefits to to those reported in other surveys in the past 25 the firm come at the price of being perceived as robotic, The good news is that this report shows exactly what years? The messages from clients and enquirers are uncaring and thoughtless by those who use it. And needs to be worked on, and provides useful tips and not complicated or hard to understand, or difficult never make a client or enquirer feel like a nuisance or checklists to allow all readers to take stock of their to respond to. Could it be that firms do respond an interruption. own approach. The necessary responses are not about positively but then never truly embed the changes in acquiring expensive resources but rather changing their organisations and people? Is it that firms focus At a time of increasing pressure and competition, this attitudes and communication. on the wrong things (or at least not enough of the right report shows the stark reality that too many law firms things)? Whatever the reasons, it is clear that providers are in fact their own competitors. They are effectively Stephen Mayson are still losing touch with their potential market over turning work away and into the arms of others, often Professor of Strategy and Director time. without realising that they are doing so, and all because of the Legal Services Institute of their inability or unwillingness to invest some time Those who deliver legal services need to understand and effort in making clients and potential clients feel January 2012 and remember that ‘quality’ is not to be equated with wanted and valued. CXINLAW powered by Potentio & Netlaw Media - Perfecting Customer Experience in Law FirmsPotentio_White Paper_Final, Final_CMYK.indd 5 24/2/12 09:14:48
  • 5. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ‘Customer Experience in Law’ is an innovative report by recommendations for perfecting service delivery during experience to be essential, but a worrying number of law CXINLAW and the first of its kind within the UK legal sector. this initial point of contact. The report aims to be balanced firms and service providers are not putting it into practice This ground-breaking report was carried out to enable and constructive, whilst analysing and reporting on a which as a result, leads to a loss of valuable business. law firms and legal service providers to understand the number of identified key impressions. customer-focused business model of today’s demanding A positive customer experience can result in increased A simple question asked of the secret shoppers was “How market, whilst giving them the leading edge over their profitability and repeat business. likely are you to engage and recommend this legal service competitors. provider?”; A law firm’s ability to deliver a positive client experience In compiling the report, 100 calls were made to top, • Whilst 36% would seriously consider engaging with and sets it apart and serves to increase their clients spend, regional and hybrid-branded law firms using our ‘secret recommending the law firm or legal service provider; inspire loyalty and recommendations. To create a superior shopping’ approach and their service performance rated customer experience, in many cases, requires nothing objectively while making a detailed legal service enquiry. • 19% were undecided; more than a simple understanding of the client’s needs. Findings of the report demonstrates that the initial • A staggering 45% would actively not engage the During 2009, a similar study of over 860 corporate contact a potential client makes with a law firm or law firm or provider and would tell others not to executives revealed that companies that had increased legal service provider immediately differentiates it and engage them as well. Other key points revealed in the their investment in customer experience management directly impacts on the likelihood of subsequent business research include; during the previous three years doubled their referral and engagement. It has been shown that a client’s perception customer satisfaction rates (Strativity Group, 2009). of an organisation is built as a result of their interaction. • 33% of calls were dropped before they reached The study, conducted from June to November 2011, used the legal advisor and 44% did not reach the relevant In short, the client experience starts from the very first point ‘secret shopper’ techniques commonly found in the retail person. of contact and is a service journey which makes the client and other service sectors. feel happy, respected and cared for. Law firms and service • 72% of legal advisors scored zero or demonstrated providers need to actively address the issues uncovered in The results of the report are both startling and little ability to empathise, build rapport or deal with the report if they wish to attract, retain and grow their revealing; a real wake-up call to the legal sector. objections sensitively. business whilst staying ahead of the competition. The ‘Customer Experience in Law’ report defines a new and The aim of the report was to measure the ‘front-end’ The objective of every law firm is to attract, retain and grow insightful service approach and highlights the facts, experience of prospective clients calling a legal service client market share and business. Most, if not all law firms figures, recommendations and advice in order to assist law provider with a new enquiry and to identify practical and legal service providers would consider client service firms to achieve these goals. CXINLAW powered by Potentio & Netlaw Media - Perfecting Customer Experience in Law FirmsPotentio_White Paper_Final, Final_CMYK.indd 9 24/2/12 09:14:48
  • 6. KEY FINDINGS The positive intention behind this report is to provide the legal profession with insight about a new approach to service delivery, commonly known in other sectors as ‘customer experience’. In the pursuit of outstanding service we asked our Secret Shoppers: “WOULD YOU ENGAGE AND RECOMMEND THE FIRMS YOU CALLED?” YES MAYBE NO Please turn over for our key finding CXINLAW powered by Potentio & Netlaw Media - Perfecting Customer Experience in Law FirmsPotentio_White Paper_Final, Final_CMYK.indd 10 24/2/12 09:14:48
  • 7. KEY FINDINGS Top 10 stats: Yes Maybe No 36% 19% 45% 8% of firms and legal providers overall provided outstanding service 34% of secret shoppers would instruct or recommend Top 100 law firms 33% of Top 100 laws firm calls were ‘dropped’ before progressing to an advisor 42% would instruct or recommend firms for employment advice 58% of firms do not explain why callers should choose them The advisor had a wonderful The advisor spoke at breakneck None of secret shopper calls rated hybrid-branded use of tone that was reassuring and speed, used legal terminology and firms as outstanding confident without being arrogant or didn’t ask any questions at all . She bullish. She gave me time to explain made no attempt to find out about my 36% would instruct or recommend the firms for wills and showed great empathy personal circumstances advice 89% of firms on advising on business start up were dismissive of the enquiry 36% of firms were positively received by our shoppers who were likely to have instructed the legal 36% advisor they spoke with. Of this number, some of the shoppers would definitely instruct and recommend the firms they spoke with. 44% would instruct or recommend the firms for property leasehold advice 12% of secret shoppers would instruct and/or 19% of firms left our shoppers undecided about whether to proceed and they may have called other recommend the firms for business start up advice 19% firms to compare services. 45% of firms delivered a below average to poor service experience which led our shoppers to consider What is the business impact 45% not instructing these providers. Of this number, some of the shoppers would definitely not have of the statistics you can see instructed the firms and may have advised others not to. on the left? CXINLAW powered by Potentio & Netlaw Media - Perfecting Customer Experience in Law FirmsPotentio_White Paper_Final, Final_CMYK.indd 11 24/2/12 09:14:48
  • 8. Tel: 020 3176 5443 Fax: 020 3176 4206 Email: enquiries@cxinlaw.com Website: www.cxinlaw.com 14 Greville Street, High Holborn, London EC1N 8SBPotentio_White Paper_Final, Final_CMYK.indd 70 24/2/12 09:14:53