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A comprehensive summary of Development Engagement activities around the Nokia Location Platform in 2012. Presented by Jan Nowak (Head of Developer Engagement & Tools) within Nokia Location & Commerce

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  • Nokia is not only that finish phone maker anymore. Our maps assets are getting great awareness, thanks to sponsored marketing from a company located in CupertinoSince 2008, when we bought Navteq, Location applications are a core DNA of every Nokia SmartphoneLast year (2011) we opened our assets with the Nokia Location Platform
  • The first level of awareness is coming from the classical customer segment due to great Applications showcasing the full potential of our Location assetsNokia Maps, a mobile application that gives people new ways to discover and explore the world around them, as well as enabling them to search for and navigate to addresses and places of interest; Nokia Maps HTML5 - a mobile web version providing access to Nokia’s rich mapping experience to owners of non-Nokia smartphones and tablets;maps.nokia.com, Nokia’s mapping offering on the web, enabling people to discover the world easy and comfortably with City Pages, heat maps, stunning 3D maps for more than 20 cities, a rich places directory, superior content from leading guides, and local insights from Nokia users. Nokia Drive, a dedicated in-car navigation application, equivalent to a fully-fledged PND, including voice-guided navigation in multiple languages for more than 100 countries, 2D and 3D map views, and day and night modes; Nokia Public Transport, a dedicated public transport application which provides public transportation routes for more than 231 cities worldwide on mobile, including time-table routing for over 70 of themNokia City Lens, Tracks and Pulse complete our Application suite with Augmented Reality, Outdoor and Social experiences.
  • With our apps in place we generated already interest in the developer space to actively engage THEIR customers with the assets they know and like.
  • We give them all the tools in their hand to not only creating hyper locale applications, but also enrich them with several services (places, directions, guidance, traffic, positioning) to allow for very location centric experience EVERYWHERE in the world.
  • Much like consumers, the competitive landscape is fierce, and we must show developers why they should build on our Platform
  • Beside classical engagement streams, such us Blogs and TV commercials we are also actively engage in Social Networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. But most of the momentum is usually created via direct engagement.Conferences and Bar Camps for examples are ideal great to praise your offerings, let the audience test and receive honest and direct feedback.
  • The Bar Camp idea was formed in 2005 in Palo Alto and since them rapidly growing all around the world. The WhereCamp is a location centric Bar Camp. happening in several major IT sites in Asia, America and Europe. Even though most the companies joining those events are more or less competitors (e.g. SF WhereCamp 04/2012 > Apple, Google, Nokia, …) it’s a very productive and creative atmosphere.Key elements of those sessions are:lighting talkscustomer showcasesAPI access, live demosThe nature of these sessions are informal, open, quirky, fun, engaging, high-energy. As you directly communicate to key influencers in the domain, this messaging gets directly tailored to the developer community.
  • Another great way of Evangelization are Hackathons The competitive situation creates engagement among developers. The intrinsic fun and passion which everyone of us has, when it comes to challenge with an equally equipped group of people, creates huge momentum. Winning prices is often just considered as a positive side effect, while promoting your own application drives excitement and really speaks to the nature of the developer audience.
  • While direct talks at events and competitions are great to attract developers, another important item of the engagement is knowledge management. The present way of learning is not anymore reading endless tutorials or API references. A training video, showcasing essential application creation scenarios is a beloved way to onboard developers and dramatically reduce time to market for them. Never underestimate the power of a visually appealing and astonishing webinar!
  • As already mentioned, Social Media is essential to support ongoing dialogue with the developer community. Another benefit is, that it allows for feedback, so we can better understand how developers are responding to our offering, and if necessary, address any issues.
  • Through a mix of online and offline engagement, we create a community of advocates to help deliver the best Where-enabled products to consumers.Whenever you use next time an application on your favorite device which comes on top of the Nokia Location Platform you can rely on the fact, that you have all the content in places to become a local everywhere in the world.
  • Jan nowak from global guessing to local knowing

    1. 1. From Global Guessing To Local KnowingLocation Based Services As The Core Of Every Worldwide CustomerEngagementJan Nowak (@HumanNexus)Head of Developer Tools &EngagementNokia Location & Commerce © 2012 Nokia | Company Confidential | October 2012
    2. 2. Nokia Location & Commerce bridge the VIRTUAL WORLD with the REAL WORLD THE CONTENT – creates a virtual index of the real world THE PLATFORM – makes the world computable THE APPS – provides a set of signature consumer experiences © 2012 Nokia | Company Confidential | October 2012
    3. 3. Amazing Everyday Experiences Nokia Public Nokia CityNokia Maps Nokia Drive Transport Lens Nokia Tracks Nokia Pulse © 2012 Nokia | Company Confidential | October 2012
    4. 4. A special kind of customers: Developers© 2012 Nokia | Company Confidential | October 2012
    5. 5. The Building Blocks CONTENT PLATFORM Maps Positions Places Directions Guidance Traffic Smart Data APPS ACROSS MULTIPLE SCREENS © 2012 Nokia | Company Confidential | October 2012
    6. 6. © 2012 Nokia | Company Confidential | October 2012
    7. 7. Spreading the word© 2012 Nokia | Company Confidential | October 2012
    8. 8. WhereCamp / BarCamp Events Showcases Live Demos Li ght i n g Ta l k s API Access © 2012 Nokia | Company Confidential | October 2012
    9. 9. © 2012 Nokia | Company Confidential | October 2012
    10. 10. © 2012 Nokia | Company Confidential | October 2012
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