mixx CRO 2013 - RIJEČ - Facebook zastava


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Agencija - RIJEČ d.o.o. (PP digital)
Brand - Ožujsko
Kampanja - Facebook zastava

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mixx CRO 2013 - RIJEČ - Facebook zastava

  1. 1. Facebook Flag Project2012 Euro Cup project by „Ozujsko” beerMedia: Facebook, viral, online banners, PR, guerrila, event, ATLVideo about the project (2,31 min):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qzt51JqKEk&feature=plcp
  2. 2. National team football fans joined FB app tocreate large flag with their profile photos....virtual flag and virtual community came tolife during Euro Cup.
  3. 3. Thousands of users / fans join the FBapp – all could leave a support messageto the football teamBest support messages were awardedwith game tickets.Users can customize their personal flag,choos the number of squares, use it forwallpaper, T-shirt..The sponzor of the project, „Ozujsko” isofficial Football team sponzor – therefore,players and team visuals were used in theapp.Fans create their personal flags, share toother friends, choose friends for theflag..Many used the image for their FBtimeline photo during the Cup.The platform. Facebook app.
  4. 4. Online promotion, PR, viral/ creation of community, buzz, viral effectAds on media websites –wallpaperAds on media websites – otherIAB formatsFacebook ADS campaignFloating banners PR articles on media websites Facebook posts on brand FB page (100k fans)www.facebook.com/#!/zujajezakonMedia video coverage – team coachMr. Bilic calls fans to join the flag.
  5. 5. Viral push and personal content: users used the application tocreate custom flags from their selected friends base - shared itonline, post it on wall, printed and T-shirts and for office posters..
  6. 6. Online promotion, PR, viral / uploadingfans from city squares – shown inrealtime on big digital screens.Photos and comments were used for FBcontent and published on brand pageand brand websitewww.facebook.com/#!/zujajezakonFans were activated during coffiebreaks to upload their FB profile photoslive from laptop to big screen (wi-ficonnected) in real time
  7. 7. Online promotion, PR, viral / presentingthe Flag day before the Cup on main citysquare’s skyscraper.The process of putting the Flag down the biggest building on the main square during the „coffierush hour”, at 12:00 AM on Saturday. The next day, Croatian team will play their first match..Fascinated 10 year old fan.Not yet on Facebook :-(Even non football faces find itcool..The event created great social content that was publishedLIVE online www.facebook.com/#!/zujajezakonMedia coverage, including video onwww.24sata.hr .
  8. 8. The Game Day. When it all culminated.15.000 fans are at the stadium already. On the Flag. Everything ready for kick off...Media websites published content before the game. „The Flag is ready” post was most liked post on the brand FBpage ever (1.283 likes in 3 hours)
  9. 9. The Game Day. When it all culminated.Flag was raised by fans during the national anthem and in halftime Fans from stadium uploaded UGC videos on Youtube.
  10. 10. 15.000 fans on flagResults &Standings 33% + fans on> 10.000 likes on postsWord of mouth effect„Hey, I am on that flag...!“Brand Engagement - switch from hard core beer drinkingfootball fans to people that like football, share positive emotionsvia social platforms..Fans on the flag split by gender Favourite brand growth on Young adultsduring 45 days of activation (from 90.000 to 120.000)
  11. 11. Behind theScenes..Working on the app math.. Way too many squares.. Printing the faces..Sewing the faces.. Fans helping carry fans (on flag). Security checking for bombsand „suspicious faces”Looking for friendly facesIt’s big... Before the game.. The brave face..