Twitter vs-facebook-which-social-networking-site-is-best-for-your-business-infographic
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Twitter vs-facebook-which-social-networking-site-is-best-for-your-business-infographic


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Twitter vs Facebook: Which Social Networking Site is Best for Your Business.

50% of American adults are regular users of social networking sites. This is an extremely open market for businesses, both large and small to take advantage of. From the smallest of start ups, to the largest of corporations, all businesses should take advantage of the market by Facebook sharing and tweeting their latest updates and offers, keeping consumers updated and informed on their business’ latest activity.

In addition to this, the fastest growing demographic using social networks is between the ages of 36-49. Studies show that this demographic is the most likely to spend their money online, and possess the highest “spending power”.
User Demographic

Twitter includes a proportional split within the gender of users, with 48% of regular users being male, with 52% female users. Facebook has a higher proportion of female users, with 54% compared to 46% male users. Check out our blog post on 5 Quick Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement in 2014.

In addition to this, Twitter has a younger user base, whereas Facebook users tend to have a higher proportion of older users. One of the highest variations is within the 18-22 years old demographic, with an almost 10% higher ratio of young adults using Twitter rather than Facebook. Twitter users and Facebook users also seem to have a very similar levels of education, however Twitter has a higher ratio of well-to-do users, earning more than $75,000 which may partly be attributable to the higher celebrity usage rate.
Networking Power

It would seem that Facebook is the more powerful tool to network your brand, with 80% of daily users reporting that they use Facebook most to connect with their favorite brand, as compared to only 6% of Twitter users. Facebook users are also more likely to friend their favorite brand on Facebook than a Twitter user is to follow their favorite brand. Many Facebook users that do friend brands do it either for exclusive deals and offers or because they are current customers as compared to Twitter users. Facebook users also tend to be more likely to purchase something that they see on Facebook as compared to Twitter users.

However, Twitter’s real time news feed nature holds limitless possibilities for businesses to instantly deliver the latest information to their followers. Twitter is also fast growing, especially in the United States where Facebook usage has stagnated. Twitter also allows marketers to find followers and potential consumers within their niche, thereby creating positive networking and potential interest and allowing business owners to interact with potential clients.

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