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Franchise consultants on facebook


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  • 1. Presented by: Jamshaid (Jam) Hashmi
    WSI-VP Channel Development
    Follow me on
  • 2. Why do we do this?
    • Proud to introduce WSI’s Channel Development Team
    • 3. You may remember us from other hit webinars such as:
    • 4. ‘Linked in to get Candidates in’ & ‘Blogging for Brokers’
    • 5. Pleased to bring you our latest…
    • 6. ‘Franchise Consultants on Facebook’
    • 7. Help you help us do more business!
  • What you will learn
    • What’s a Facebook?
    • 8. Who’s on Facebook?
    • 9. Why use Facebook?
    • 10. Facebook Personal Profiles vs Fan Pages
    • 11. How to setup a Facebook Fan Page
    • 12. Basic & Custom
    • 13. Communication Best Practices on Facebook
    • 14. Facebook Ads
    • 15. Q & A
  • What’s a Facebook
    • A Social Networking Service that lets you connect with friends, co-workers, and others who share similar interests or have common backgrounds
    • 16. Surpassed email as the most frequently used tool online
  • Who’s on Facebook?
    Fastest Growing Demographics: Females 55+ years
    45% of Facebook’s audience is 26 years and older
  • 17. Facebook Numbers
  • 18.
  • 19. Why Use Facebook
    Companies are Leveraging Facebook for:
    Branding- Facebook can be a great resource for generating brand awareness, as it has become popular amongst various age demographics and can be a great interception point for building your relationship with you consumers and prospects.
    Customer Engagement - Using Facebook applications can be a great way for communicating promotions, contest and events. Again it is another interception point that can be leveraged to entice consumer engagement with your brand, your products or your service.
    Drive Web Traffic - Facebook can act as a portal point for driving traffic to your company website and other online properties.
  • 20. Why Use Facebook
    Reputation Management - Facebook can be a useful tool for seeing what users are saying about your company and brand. In addition your Facebook profile can now be indexed in the search results and as a result can provide another favorable listing in the organic search results of the engines.
    New Customer Acquisition - Facebook provides an opportunity to find consumers you may have not otherwise discovered.
    Lead Generation - Similar to the previous point is that Facebook can act as another potential lead generation tool that can be used to qualify leads. Reviewing potential prospects' profiles may help you build a relationship with your prospects and aid in the lead generation qualifying process.
    Client Retention - Provides another potential interception point to build a relationship with your customers.
  • 21. Profile vs Fan Page
    Facebook profiles are for people!
    Fan Pages are for businesses!
  • 22. Profile vs Fan Page
    People vs Business
    • Profiles are intended for people, not businesses. It’s actually against the Facebook terms to use a profile for a business. If the Facebook finds your profile set up like this, it’s possible they may delete the entire profile.
    • Your Facebook Fan Page can be a part of your Search Engine Optimization strategy. Why is that, you ask? It’s because Fan pages are indexed by search engines. Profiles are not!
  • Profile vs Fan Page
    Fans vs. Friends
    • Fan Pages can have an unlimited number of fans. Profiles can only have 5,000 friends. It only makes sense to choose the option that allows you to have more people for your business.
    One profile – many Fan Pages
    • You can have multiple fan pages, but only one personal profile. This is important for people who want to promote different businesses or groups.
  • Setup a Facebook Fan Page
    Create A Page:
    Input information, contact details, pictures, videos
    Invite Friends, Customers, Clients
    4.Create a Vanity URL:
    To Do This Visit:
    Note: must have 25 Fans to register
  • 23. Adding Applications
    • Linkedin Application
    • 24. Can be setup on your profile and your page
    • 25. Custom Facebook Tabs
    • 26.
  • Facebook Ads
    • How to Setup a Facebook Ad Campaign?
    • 27. Eg. WSI’s Investing in America Program
    • 28. 50% Discount on the Franchise Fee
    • 29. Target Young Entrepreneurs and Military Vets
  • About WSI
    Founded in 1995Franchising since 1997In over 80 countries1000+ Franchisees World-Wide#1 Technology & Internet Services Franchise in ‘Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 Listing’ for the last 10 consecutive yearsRecently in ‘Success Magazine’sTop 10 Franchisors We Love Listing’Many other Global Accreditations
    Toronto, Canada WSI - HQ
  • 30. About WSI
    White Collar BusinessB2BHigh ProfitabilityLeading Edge IndustryExplosive DemandLifestyle BusinessFlexibilityPrestige
  • 31.
  • 32. Questions?
    Free eBook Available if you fill out the Survey after the webinar!
    Jamshaid (Jam) Hashmi
    WSI - VP Channel Development
    Connect with me on Linkedin
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