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  1. 1. Jammi Pharmaceuticals Jammi’s LivercureTM – a Remedy for all Alcoholic Liver Disorders
  2. 2. Jammi Pharmaceuticals – The Legacy A 110 year old legacy nurtured by modern technology  Jammi Pharmaceuticals is an AyurTech company – forging together a natural alliance between the principles of Ayurveda and prevalent modern technologies.
  3. 3. Legacy…  All formulations are accurate interpretations of tenets found in Ayurvedic texts thereby obviating the need for doubt about their efficacy.  Jammi’s LivercureTM , the flagship brand has been in existence since the late 19th century.  Several lakhs of patients have benefitted from using Jammi’s products over the last century
  4. 4. The Jammi Advantage  The most important facet of Jammi’s range of products is the fact that all of Jammi’s medicines are applicable to the entire age spectrum and both genders  They are completely safe and have no side effects  The medicines have been in vogue for more than a century and have stood the test of time  Excellent processes and strict adherence to quality norms result in guaranteed efficacy
  5. 5. Importance of the Liver
  6. 6. Alcohol-Induced Liver Damage  Fatty liver - Fat deposition in the liver occurs in almost all heavy drinkers. This leads to impairment of liver function  Alcoholic Hepatitis – Inflammation of the liver due to excess drinking. Leads to Widespread inflammation and destruction of liver tissue.  Alcoholic Cirrhosis – This is the most dangerous and advanced form of liver disease. A cirrhotic liver is characterized by structural damage leads to severe functional impairment, which could lead to malfunction of other organs such as brain and kidneys.
  7. 7. How does Jammi’s Livercure help the Liver?  The judicious use of various ingredients that address liver dysfunction  Zinc oxides is very useful in hepato-biliary disorders apart from its use in various deficiency states  Triphala is an excellent remedy for various digestive ailments (a by-product of a poorly functioning liver)  Punarnavi (Trianthema decandra) helps in regenerating liver and kidney functions  Daruharidra (Berberis aristata) is an antiseptic and tones the liver and spleen
  8. 8.  Bhringaraj (Eclicpta alba) is a good chologogue (i.e.stimulates bile flow – which is required for digestion of fats) and digestant  Ayurvedic sources of iron and other rejuvenating ingredients like chitraka and dalchini are excellent anti- anaemic principles and are good for treating jaundice.  Gokshuradi Churna (prepared from Tribulus terrestris) is a urinary antiseptic and a diuretic along with its chologogue action  Livercure acts on the overall improvement of the liver along with stimulating the liver’s capacity to regenerate itself How does Jammi’s Livercure help the Liver?....2
  9. 9. Jammi’s Livercure – Complex Forte  The power of 18 time-tested active ingredients  Excellent for alcoholic cirrhosis, fatty liver and hepatitis  Counteracts hepatotoxic drugs  Perfect adjuvant in antibiotic therapy  Non-hormonal & Non-toxic  Regenerates Liver Cells Several thousands of cases of alcoholic fatty liver and alcoholic cirrhosis over the last 100 years have been treated successfully with Jammi’s Livercure
  10. 10. Effects of Livercure on Cirrhosis of the Liver  Dr. Coelho has used Jammi’s Livercure and shown that it is useful in the treatment of cirrhotic livers.
  11. 11. Cirrhosis & Jammi’s Livercure
  12. 12. Protection from CCl4 hepatotoxicity  39 male albino rats were used in this study (3 groups of 13) – Control, CCL4 & CCl4 + Livercure)  Liver function studies were conducted on all three groups by analyzing hexobarbitone sleeping time, BSP (Bromosulfpthalein) excretion test and histology studies of the liver tissue
  13. 13. Efficacy of Livercure in Rats Treated with CCl4  Livercure significantly reduced the prolongation of hexobarbitone sleeping time which is an index of microsomal enzyme activity of the liver.  Livercure improved the capacity of the damaged liver to excrete bromosulfthalein.  Livers of Rats treated with CCl4 showed marked centrolobular necrosis, surrounded by cells showing fatty change and hydropic degeneration
  14. 14. Livercure in the treatment of Viral Hepatitis Patient Id Nature of Illness Age Gender Location Treatment Start Date Liver Function Parameters before Jammi's Livercure Liver Function Parameters after Jammi's Livercure Status 1 Hepatitis C 62 Male Erode Dec-07 SGOT =87U/L SGOT =44U/L SGPT=93U/L SGPT =37.6U/L Hepatitis C RNA Count =98,00,000 Hepatitis C RNA Count =6,08,000 2 Hepatitis C 46 Female ludhiana Mar-08 SGOT =94U/L SGOT =34U/L SGPT=66U/L SGPT=41U/L Hepatitis C Index Value =12.67 Hepatitis C Index Value =7.37 3 Hepatitis B 30 Female Bangalore Oct-10 SGOT =168U/L SGOT =46U/L SGPT=198U/L SGPT=43U/L Hepatitis B RNA Count =6,40,00,000 Hepatitis B RNA Count =680,000 4 Hepatitis B and C 28 Male Chennai May-99 SGOT =1240U/L SGOT =32U/L SGPT=1460U/L SGPT=18U/L Hepatitis C Surface Antigen - Positive Hepatitis C Surface Antigen - Negative Hepatitis B Surface Antigen - Positive Hepatitis B Surface Antigen - Negative Patient showing continuous improvement Patient showing continuous improvement Patient showing continuous improvement Patient Cured of all Symptoms and Virus Cleared
  15. 15. Summary  Jammi’s Livercure is a well-established medicine and has been used by the Ayurvedic as well as the Allopathic medical community for more than a century.  Livercure is an excellent tool for treatment of cirrhotic conditions as well as fatty livers  Livercure has been optimally formulated for all age groups and genders  Recent successes in treating patients with Viral Hepatitis has shown that Livercure can ably substitute interferon treatment (which has very undesirable side-effects)  Livercure is not only therapeutically superior to all liver products in the market but is also an excellent wellness tool for preventing liver problems
  16. 16. “21st Century Ayurveda”  GMP-certification  Research on Mechanisms of Action of products in collaboration with University of Madras  QC done with state of the art methodologies  Export to African countries under strict QC norms  Packaging done with latest safety standards  
  17. 17. Stepping into the Future with ADVANCED AYURVEDA Jammi Pharmaceuticals Jammi Buildings, 121, Royappetah High Road, Mylapore, Chennai - 600004 Email :, Phone : 044-24991439, Fax : 044-2499 6614