Treatment of Heptatitis B with Jammi's Livercure


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Treatment of Heptatitis B with Jammi's Livercure

  1. 1. Treatment of Hepatitis B with Jammi’s LivercureTM
  2. 2. The Hepatitis B Virus • The Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is the causative organism for Hepatitis B I look pretty but I am really bad for you • It is prevalent all across the globe with Africa and Asia recording the highest number of infections
  3. 3. Consequences of HBV infection It is a serious and common infection of the liver HBV infection Persistent HBV infection leads to liver disease, cirrhosis and sometimes even cancer of the liver
  4. 4. How is HBV spread? Heterosexual Sex Sharing Infected Needles Homosexual Sex Receipt of Infected Blood Mother to Child Infected Needle Injury Spread through infected blood / body fluids or from infected mother to child
  5. 5. No treatment for HepB in Allopathy • Is a viral disease and as such Antibiotics are of no use • Steroids cannot be used because they can lead to persistent infection • Therapeutic Effectiveness of Interferon is NOT unknown • Haemodialysis, exchange transfusions, crossperfusion, and Antibody therapy do not affect favourably the course of hepatitis B.
  6. 6. Jammi’s Livercure – Ayurvedic Cure • While Allopathy has no cures for Liver diseases, Ayurveda has an excellent track record for curing Liver problems. • Ayurveda functions on improving the overall system and NOT just a particular site of action - the effects are long lasting. • Unlike Allopathy, Ayurveda is more often a combination of various active ingredients with all of them acting together (synergistically) to produce the desirous results. • Authentic Ayurvedic medicines are formulated in such a way that the various ingredients not only act synergestically, but also offset negative effects of each other if at all any are present.
  7. 7. Jammi’s Livercure – A Potent Liver Protective • Carbon Tetrachloride (CCl4) is one of the most potent Liver toxins known to man and can eventually cause liver cancer due to prolonged exposure. Jammi’s Livercure protects Rat Liver from any ill-effects during exposure to CCl4 Normal Liver Normal Liver + Normal Liver + Jammi’s Livercure CCl4 Normal Liver + CCl4 + Livercure
  8. 8. Jammi’s Livercure’s Strong Antioxidant Activity • What is an antioxidant ? – It is a substance that prevents cell damage. • Jammi’s Livercure has strong antioxidant activity as shown by two different methods. • Both these sets of data are indicative of how Jammi’s Livercure protects liver cells from damage. Antioxidant Activity of Jammi’s Livercure The graph shows that as you increase the amount of Jammi’s Livercure in the experiment, so does the antioxidant activity
  9. 9. Jammi’s Livercure protects against HepB • In studies done at IITDelhi, Jammi’s Livercure was shown to clear the HepB virus in vitro (i.e. in experiments done on cells in the lab • HepB Surface Antigen (sAg) is a protein that is found on the surface of the virus. Presence of sAg means that the virus is present in abundance in the system. • HepB e Antigen (eAg) is a protein that is found in the virus when it is in a highly infective state. Presence of e Antigen means that the individual is infective. Clearance of HepB sAg by Jammi’s Livercure 0.8 0.6 0.4 0.2 0 Clearance of HepB eAg by Jammi’s Livercure
  10. 10. Summary • The antioxidant studies show the Jammi’s Livercure can ensure optimum functioning of the liver and hence act as an excellent liver detoxifier. • Studies conducted in IIT Delhi have shown that Jammi’s Livercure leads to a decrease in both HbsAg and HbeAg from the cells. • Even concentrations as low as 40ug/ml is sufficient to clear the viral antigens
  11. 11. Jammi’s Livercure • At present there is no allopathic drug available for the management of Viral hepatitis. • Steroids have been used in the past. It gives only a symptomatic relief. Does not cure. There has always been incidence of relapse. • Jammi’s Livercure can be a natural choice to enhance recovery with no side effects • This has been formulated for all age groups and genders.
  12. 12. Jammi’s Livercure • This has the power of 18 time tested ingredients. • Ingredients like Bringhraj and Kalmegh help to stimulate the bile flow from the liver and improve liver function. • Punarnavadi Mandura bhasma helps in regeneration of liver cells, protects and tones the liver. • Zinc calx (Jasada Bhasma) is useful in hepato-biliary disorders and has astringent and diuretic properties • Jammi’s Livercure bears the testimony for curing several lakhs of patients and is a natural choice for most liver diseases, specifically Hepatitis B.