Reconstruction, Part I
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Reconstruction, Part I



purposes of reconstruction, lincoln/johnson, radical republican plans

purposes of reconstruction, lincoln/johnson, radical republican plans



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Reconstruction, Part I Reconstruction, Part I Presentation Transcript

  • Reconstruction
  • Reconstruction 1865-1877
    • Re-building of the South after the Civil War
    • Process of re-admitting Confederate states back into the United States
  • Lincoln’s Plan
    • Pardon all Southerners who swear allegiance to the Union, except Confederate leaders and those accused of crimes against prisoners of war
  • Lincoln’s Plan
    • Once 10% of voting population did so, the States could form new governments and send representatives to Congress
  • Lincoln Assassinated
    • April 14, 1865
    • Lincoln is shot by John Wilkes Booth at Ford’s Theater
  • Lincoln Assassinated
    • Lincoln dies next day
    • Andrew Johnson assumes presidency
  • Andrew Johnson’s Plan
    • Same as Lincoln’s Plan
    • PLUS each former Confederate State had to ratify 13th Amendment
  • 13th Amendment - ends slavery December 1865
  • Congress and Pres. Johnson clash over Reconstruction Plans
  • Radical Republicans’ Plan
    • Leader Thaddeus Stevens
    • Believed the States did secede
    • Wanted to punish the Southern States for the rebellion
  • Radical Republicans’ Plan
    • Congress had the constitutional power to readmit the States not the President
    • Wanted all African Americans to be given full citizenship and voting rights
  • Southern Punishment
    • Military Reconstruction Act of 1867
      • Divided south into 5 military controlled districts
  • Southern Punishment
    • Freedmen’s Bureau - provided food, medicine, and education to freed Blacks
    • 14th Amendment
      • defined citizenship to include former slaves; banned discrimination
  • Impeachment
    • Congress passes the Tenure of Office Act to control Johnson.
    • He defies it and is impeached.
    • He falls one vote short of being removed from office.