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Blogger slideshow


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  • 1. How did you use new media technologies in the Construction, Research, Planning and Evaluation stages?  
  • 2. Introduction:
    • The following presentation will present to the audience of the new technologies that were used throughout the process of making our music video
  • 3. Blogger:
    • Blogger is the website that issued all our progress throughout the making of the music video
    • It is also part of the coursework that we have to use in order to show the examiners of our progress
  • 4.
    • was used in order for us to actually get our music
    • Made contact with the band as this was needed for us to get permission to use F.I.J’s song
    • Great way to make music video’s without getting in big trouble with bands that are copyright protected
  • 5. Camera’s & Recorder
    • Used to produce the whole of the music video
    • Camera used for still shots and pictures to upload to my blog to show the progress of the music video coming along
    • Video recorder was in HD meaning the video would be produced in high definition
  • 6. Final Cut Express:
    • Final Cut Express was the editing software that we used to edit/crop and make our music video to a good standard
    • Was introduced to us at the start of the year as a new editing software
    • Being a new technology, we had to get to grips with it and learn how to use the product, hence us practicing by filming the ‘Talent Factor’
    • Most important part of the music video process
  • 7. Youtube:
    • Youtube was where we got most of our idea’s from as we watched videos that had been produced by other major popular singers/bands, to take pointer’s from to fit into our own music video
    • Helped with our target audience (Audience feedback that was placed on the website)
    • Uploaded our own video onto the website, which resulted in it being watched by many viewers and provided us with audience feedback
  • 8. Google:
    • Helped significantly with the assistance of our digipak, advertisement and many other elements.
    • Helped to us to get the template for our digipak in which we later developed on
    • Search engine to find out information on our bands information and other bands
    • Used the image tab for pictures to place onto our blog posts
  • 9. Livetype:
    • Another element that allows us to add the titles and wording to our video’s
    • Not used to our greatest advantage
    • Experimented with it but didn’t seem to work
  • 10. Social Networking:
    • Provided the greatest feedback on our music video.
    • Music video was published on the following:
    • Facebook
    • Bebo
    • Myspace
    • Twitter
  • 11. Wordle:
    • Used to express a colourful picture showing the most frequently used words in a piece of text
    • Published on the blog a couple of times throughout the process
  • 12. Adobe Photoshop:
    • Used in order to produce both digipak and magazine advertisement
    • Used as an editing software for pictures , resulting in effects being produced on pictures and edits being made to images for the user’s benefit
  • 13. Slideshare:
    • Used to show an audience a presentation from a powerpoint document, for example this one
  • 14. In Conclusion:
    • In conclusion, throughout the process of our music video, we have used many, many technologies in order to make this all happen